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CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer Certification Exam Practice Tests

If you are looking for any resource that can help you in exam preparation for CCA 175 exam then you are at right place. Today, we in this post, we would discuss the details of CCA175 exam. If you want to get your dream job in IT, then this certification is for you. There are several online resources that can help you in grabbing the job through this certification. CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer Certification Exam

CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer Certification Exam

  • How the Certification Will Help You in Your Career?
  • Details of Various Exam Modules
  • Question Format for the Exam
  • Tips for the Exam

So, let us discuss all the points in detail:

1). How the Certification Will Help You in Your Career?

A certification can help you in proving your skills and can be a value-addition in your skill set. You can get the proper skill set recognition and land you with many client’s projects. CA certification can provide you with the below listed five benefits:

A). To Gain Competitive Advantage

The certification can differentiate you from the competitors of your field. It helps you in demonstrating your understanding and commitment to your profession. When you prepare for this certification, you may know the today’s technical market and the current market trends and requirements as well.

B). Can Execute Project with Increased Efficiency

Through professional CCA175 certification, you can prove your skills. The knowledge and experience that you will get from the specialized certification can provide you with the up-to-date and relevant knowledge of technical tools, moreover, it can guide you for project execution and help in managing all aspects that are related to your project.

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C). Increase Your Earning Potential

The efforts and time, spent on earning the certification can surely increase your earning potential and as a result, you can earn more income. Apart from the above-listed benefits CCA175 certification also provides other benefits like

D). Cloudera Brand Credential

Cloudera is the most known and recognized company in the Hadoop Ecosystem. The certification provides standard credentials for the recruiter’s assessment.

F). Hands-on Experience with New Cloudera Exam Format

Cloudera certification exam format keeps on revising. By giving this exam you can even revise and practice for the revised exam pattern and know the new exam pattern. 

2). Detail of Various CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer Exam Modules

In Cloudera exam there are mainly three modules for this certification exam that are listed below:

A). Module 1- Data Ingest 

Data ingest are the skills to transfer data between your clusters and external systems, Below-listed skills are included in this category:

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  • Data Import from MySQL database to HDFS using Sqoop
  • Data Export to MySQL from HDFS using Sqoop
  • To change file format or delimiter of data during import through Sqoop
  • Data ingest in real-time or near-real-time into HDFS using Flume
  • To load in and out from HDFS through Hadoop File System Commands

B). Module 2-Transform, Stage, Store

This includes the process or format to convert data values to any given format to store in HDFS, the data is stored in any new data format or new data values. For this Scala and Python-like scripting languages are used to write the scripts. Below-listed skills are expected for this profile:

  • To load RDD data from HDFS so that it can be used in Spark
  • To write the result back to HDFS from RDD through Spark
  • To read and write a file of variety of formats
  • To perform standard extract, load and transform or ETL processes on data

C). Module 3: Data Analysis 

Use of Spark SQL to interact with metastore programmatically by using DDL or data definition language commands, so that they can be used by Hive or Impala is discussed in this module. Below-listed steps are included for this purpose:

  • Read or write tables in Hive metastore in each schema
  • Extract Avro schema from datafile set through Avro tools
  • Create a table in Hive metastore through Avro file format and any external schema file
  • Improve the performance of the query by creating partitioning tables in Hive metastore
  • Evolve an Avro schema by modifying JSON files

3). Question Format for the CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer Exam

Each question of the CCA exam would comprise of solving a scenario where for some cases Impala may be used and for other Hive can be used. Coding skills are also checked in this exam. In order to prepare for the exam and speed up the development time you should try to attempt test templates that contains a skeleton of the solutions, and in these templates, the candidates have to fill the missing functional codes and missing lines. The exam templates are either written in Scala or in Python, but both the languages are not being used for them.

You as a candidate do not have to use the template, instead may have to solve a scenario using any language of your preference. Here it should be made clear that coding from scratch may take sometimes more than the allocated time. Tips for the CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer Exam 

4). Tips for the CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer Exam 

Let’s see some of the exam preparation tips for the aspirants:

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  • Exam Preparation: For CCA175 exam you should practice the code from the link that is provided by and go through all of the Spark Professional training modules for exam preparation.
  • Total Questions: In the real exam, there are usually 10 questions, and the main topics that are covered in the exam are Sqoop, hive, Scala and Pyspark including Avro tools that are used to extract schema.
  • Code Snippets: For Scala and Payspark code snippets are provided that you may have to edit as per asked questions.
  • Editor: As gedit and nano editors are not available, so you will have to use vi editor to edit code snippets. So, practice using vi editor if you have not used it so far.
  • Flume: Very few questions are from flume
  • Level of Difficulty: If you have complete knowledge or have practised properly then you will find the exam quite easy. Questions are logical and can even be answered only in the first attempt.
  • Hive: Candidate must have basic knowledge of Hive
  • Spark: You should know how to use transform functions to get desired output like by using the concepts of filtering, sorting and ranking.
  • Avro-Tool: Is to get the schema of the Avro file, this topic is covered in Simulator in a well-organized manner.
  • Time Management: This is one of the most important and required skills. To practice time you can take the help of CCA175 exam simulator where you practice and test your time management skill either one or two weeks ago of your scheduled exam.
  • Datasets: Exam data sets are quite larger, so it takes 2 to 5 minutes for execution. Just be ready for that.
  • Questions Attempt: Try to attempt at least 9 questions out of given 10, so that you can achieve more than 70% marks.

Wrapping –It –Up

Several exam dumps are available for CCA 175 exam, you can choose any one of them and clear the exam in a timely manner. Here we have listed all the exam essentials that you can follow before heading for the exam.

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