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15 Highest Paying Tech Jobs You Need To Start Applying For This 2020


Technical jobs are in high demand, it is predicted that by 2027, there will be an addition of more than 5 million jobs in information technology (IT), globally. There are certain fields that are in high demand and promise a great career run for individuals who want job longevity with high-paying remuneration. So if you are someone who has been endlessly looking for top highest paying tech jobs around the globe, the following article will give you brief insights to the highest paying tech jobs 2020 list. It doesn’t matter, if you are a beginner who is looking for the highest paying entry level tech jobs or any sound professional working in the industry for near about decade, everyone can take a deep glance at these job opportunities to get an answer to their query “what are the highest paying tech jobs” and to surge ahead timely in their career journey.

After researching and compiling the lists from job portals and official survey reports, we have jotted down the following 15 high paying tech jobs without degree requirements. Know, prepare and apply for the highest paying entry level tech jobs to that of advanced level - for creating an edge in the super-competitive job marketplace, before everyone.

15 Highest Paying Tech Jobs 2020 and Beyond

Let’s move ahead to find out high paying tech jobs without degree or highest paying entry level tech jobs:

1. Data Scientists

First, in the list of high paying tech jobs without a degree, we have Data Scientists. Data scientists are the trending talk of the town for the data-driven organizations. A data scientist is someone who is actionable and intuitive to draw big value from the structured or unstructured big data - to ultimately help businesses improve their customer relationships, profit margins and increase quickness in their valuable decision making.

A lot of data is produced per minute, which makes it obvious for the need to have a team of data scientists around in every data-centric organization. In a general sense, a data scientist must know to:

  • Code in languages like Python, SAS, R and other analytical tools.
  • Analyze the problem statements of businesses and bring related solutions to these problems.
  • Create data models.
  • Understand machine learning algorithms.

What is the Salary package offered to Data Scientists?

As per Glassdoor, the average basic pay of data scientists is $113,000 per year.

2. Salesforce Developer

Salesforce developers are the intuitive beings who have tight understanding & exposure to Salesforce architecture and very well understands the relationship between objects to suggest & deliver effective Salesforce solutions to the businesses, based on their requirements. They are responsible to formulate AppExchange solutions based on the requirements shared by the IT clients. These salesforce developers are required to work in coordination with the business analysts & architects to gather requirements from them for coding. 

A Salesforce developer’s common role:

  • They are responsible to analyze the business processes & their pain-point to deliver them the custom CRM solutions. 
  • To collaborate with the key team members who could help with dictating the company’s requirements and based on them build a powerful, scalable & custom CRM software. 
  • To conduct a round of testings to monitor the created application’s functionality & stability while in use

What is the salary package offered to Salesforce Developers

The average salary of a salesforce developer is $125,000per year.

3. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineer (Bringing coordination across teams) is someone who collates the development and operations teams to smoothen the collaboration process. DevOps engineers work along with the IT developers to bring in close and improved coordination among the testing functions, development, and operations by automating and mainstreaming the integration and deployment processes based tasks.

This is what DevOps engineer particularly do:

  • To collaborate with the systems developers, software developers & other integral staff members to ensure smooth code releases.
  • To get past the barriers or limitations that exist inside the software development, testing, and operations teams.
  • To keep existing networks in mind while designing, planning or testing. 

 What salary package a DevOps engineer gets?

The average salary of a DevOps engineer is $99,604 per year.

4. Cloud Architect

“To create a cloud strategy and manage adaptation process”

A cloud architect is someone who makes cloud strategy and cloud architecture and works towards the implementation and deployment of it. To ensure that application architecture and deployment processes are carried properly in the cloud environment.

A cloud architect needs to plan and deploy the organization’s cloud computing strategy along with the following few add ons:

  • Strong knowledge of Azure and AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • In-depth understanding of cloud application architecture
  • Good communication skills

What salary package does Cloud Architects get?

The average salary of the cloud architect is somewhere around $118,000 per year.

5. Data Security Analyst

A data or cybersecurity analyst is someone who understands the computer and network security, inclusive of:

  • Network protocols
  • Encryption technologies
  • Firewall administration

For this kind of job role, it is recommended to possess great communication skills, problem-solving skills, and additional knowledge on insights of security and government regulations. 

What salary package does Data security analysts get?

The average salary data security analysts get is $129,000 per year.

6. QA Engineer

A QA engineer is someone who is responsible to conduct a series of automated tests to ensure and maintain the product’s actual quality. They design and conduct tests, debug the faulty errors and take corrective steps to ensure that the product prepared is glitches or error-free and is sound for dispatch. They are also responsible to review & match to the QA metrics designed & discussed in the planning stages of the product engineering process.

Responsibilities of QA testing engineer in precise are:

  • To carefully review the technical design spec & documents to express & share valuable feedback.
  • To develop automated, comprehensive and well-organized test cases & plans for implementation.
  • To plan, conduct and align the quality testing activities or procedures.

What salary package does a QA engineer take?

The average salary of a QA engineer is somewhere around $76,919 per year.

7. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain is one of the disruptive technologies that’s shaping solutions to help organizations meet robust security against external & unseen threats and will continue to be listed as the highest paying tech jobs 2020 and for years to come.

Talking about Blockchain engineer, his role in a broader sense is to develop, deploy and maintain the architecture and development solutions by making extensive use of blockchain technology. The blockchain engineer are in repaid demand ever since organizations can’t risk it at data breaches, thus, to apply for this job role, you need to host the following skills:

  • Should be a host of solid programming skills
  • Must have in-depth exposure to Ethereum, R3, Ripple, and bitcoin
  • Distilled understanding of crypto libraries, security protocol stacks and more…

How much salary package a Blockchain developer draws?

An average yearly salary package of Blockchain developer stands at $1,30,000.

8. AI or Artificial Intelligence Engineer

AI Engineer has an obligation to understand the business problems and further to identify & apply the most suited cognitive computing technologies to treat problems.

They are overall responsible to develop, manage and oversee the AI-related solutions initiatives inside any organization. An AI engineer has an indispensable requirement to know statistics and mathematics. Here are the few skills they particularly need to address:

  • Strong ability to do programming and knowledge in languages like Python, R & Torch
  • Must have vast knowledge related to AI components and technologies like - Neural networks, Deep learning, machine learning, etc.
  • What salary package does an AI Engineer get?

The average salary package of an AI Engineer is $119,000 per year.

9. Business Analysts

Business Analyst’s typical job role consists of conducting market analyses to understand competition & market behavior, to analyze product lines & financial goals of an organization. They are responsible to build & control the data quality metrics to ensure the business's data & reporting needs. Additionally, they are required to identify the problems and wave of new opportunities to help organizations meet their end-goals. They are also required for strong collaboration with the IT team & the finance teams to discuss, plan and build the workable strategies & plans that could help in optimizing the organization’s cost sheet and could improve the tasks associated with the internal & external reporting.

These are the few skills or knowledge a Business Analyst needs to address:

  • Must have strong communication, analytical and time management skills.
  • Must have great relationship building & team collaboration skills.
  • Must have skills to use & implement the modern-day business analysis tool.
  • They must have problem-solving skills along with critical thinking or ability.
  • Must have an understanding of conceptual technical processes or tools or technologies. 
  • Must have an understanding of different types of methodologies adopted during the software development lifecycle or processes.

How much salary does a Business Analyst get?

A business analyst makes an average salary of $78,881 per year.

10. Full-stack Developer

A full-stack developer is someone who is efficient in both front-end and back-end development. He is responsible for creating APIs using the MEAN stack technologies, to ensure that each application they create is responsive to use and accompanies the highest market standards. While also, they need to ensure that the codes are intact with integrity and are well-rounded with utmost data security.

These are full-stack developer’s specific job roles:

  • To develop the front-end architecture of a website
  • To design elements for user interactions on web pages
  • To create a database and servers for rich functionality
  • To ensure cross-platform supported produces
  • To build responsible, scalable and highly intuitive applications

What salary package do Full-stack developers get?

The average salary package of a full-stack developer is $110,000 per year.

11. Mobile Application Developer

There is no way when you ask “what are the highest paying tech jobs” and you won’t get “mobile app developer” in the list. Just look at the rising demand for phone users and businesses’ presence on mobile platforms to serve their customers in every corner. 

The mobile developers are required to create compelling, highly-functional and scalable apps for custom needs on popular platforms like iOS, Android or more. They need to have coding experience with:

  • The mobile development languages
  • The leading mobile frameworks 
  • Also, must have knowledge of dealing with web development technologies. 

What salary package does mobile app developers get?

The average salary of mobile app developers is $146,500 per year.

12. SQL Developers

SQL developers are responsible to develop the MS-SQL queries & procedures. To design stable, performance-oriented and reliable database solutions for an organization's custom needs. They broadly develop, optimize & implement the stored procedures & functions with the help of T-SQL, and also analyze or monitor the existing SQL queries for the scope of performance improvement. 

What salary package does a SQL developer get?

The average salary of a site reliability engineer is $72,282 per year.

13. Systems Engineer

Systems engineers are responsibleThe system engineer is another exciting job role that is one of the high paying tech jobs without degree requirement. 


  • Monitor and maintain the system infrastructure (hardware & software) of different organizations.
  • Whenever a system fails or crashes, they are responsible for either disconfigure or debug the failed systems.
  • They must have knowledge of the hardware and software development cycle.
  • Must have exceptional communication skills.
  • Must know how to translate or simplify the technical terms or processes to the non-technical users of an entity.

What salary packages a systems engineer gets?

The average salary of the systems engineers is $106,000 per year.

14. Machine Learning Experts

Machine learning experts are in the highest demand and claim to be one of the high paying tech jobs without a degree. 

What is machine learning? Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI), where the system learns to improve and treat itself without wanting to have any programming. So if it's automated, what do machine learning experts do? Machine learning experts create these smart & automated self-learning systems for different setups to prevent them from major glitches.

What are the key skills required to become a machine learning expert?

  • They must have the ability to translate complex data into non-complex or non-technical terms for better decision making.
  • Must know how to program in R/Python.
  • Must have knowledge of using statistical components
  • Must have strong oral communication skills
  • Must have exceptional written communication skills as the job role requires the continuous formation of progress reports, presentation reports, or some other data representing elements.

What salary package does machine learning experts get?

The average salary of machine learning experts is $162,087 per year.

15. Database Manager

Every data-driven organization has some sort of database to operate. There comes the role of database managers to manage these simplified to complex databases for bringing a more clear picture to make fuller use of tThe database manager need arises mostly in the large scale enterprises with voluminous data handling, thus, to survive and make a great hese databases.

presence in such organizations, they need to have strong verbal communication skills and remarkable leadership qualities as well as some ability to develop strategic plans.

What salary package does the database manager get?

The average salary of a database manager is $133,500 per year. 

Important Takeaway! 

Note that these discussed IT job roles packages are a mere median calculation. These figures are an estimate to help you understand what are the highest paying tech jobs in the global IT market. However, the salaries are extended based on the experience, skills and training certificate (depending on each company) you possess. These were a few highest paying tech jobs 2020-based that you can easily secure by taking the technical/IT courses certification training with JanBask Training to step up on a highly flourishing career to attain financial stability in no time.


So this was it, folks. We hope the above article has helped you find out the answer to your question  “what are the highest paying tech jobs?” or more specifically “what are the highest paying entry level tech jobs?”. We just walked parallel to 15 highest paying tech jobs that are dominating the global job marketplace and are outright beneficial to seek financial stability and job longevity. 

Anyone can be a part of these highest paying tech jobs 2020-based, by determining their interest towards one technology or job role and taking the certification training from us to become a certified IT professional. Your preferred job role - our experts curated online study course & material to help you excel in any field. Let’s help you make the most of the leading IT job opportunities!

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