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DevOps Engineer Career Path and Future Scope


  DevOps is a concept or philosophy, according to which a collaborative tool is required to merge operations and development. A number of organizations or companies are adopting DevOps and this number is increasing day by day. Many companies are adopting DevOps as a mainstream strategic tool and therefore there are ample job opportunities for DevOps engineers. This blog post is all about the DevOps career path and the roadmap, scope of DevOps and the future of DevOps engineer. the technology can transform a person from single to multiple skill professionals. The DevOps engineer knows coding, testing, configuring and managing infrastructure, build and releases of the projects. As the profile is not confined to any single tool or technology so the DevOps engineer works in an integrated environment and automate various technologies.  

DevOps Engineer Career Path and Roadmap

The DevOps career path is improving day by day. The following stats prove this. Since the organizations using DevOps practices are functioning overwhelmingly, the demand for DevOps professionals or practitioners is also rising rapidly. As per indeed listings, the number of jobs for DevOps profile has increased by 75% from last year. Even a number of companies are considering DevOps as their desired skill for new hiring. Here is a quick DevOps roadmap for your preference on how to grow your career as a DevOps professional.

A). Learn a programming language

To become a DevOps programmer, you must know at least one programming language. It could be anyone like Python, JS, or Java, etc. If you don't know anything about basic programming fundamentals then you can join the Python training course or Java training course online and take the first step toward success.

B). Learn Operating Systems

DevOps professionals are responsible for knowing operating systems, hardware programs, etc. They must know about process management, concurrency, sockets, threads, virtualization, memory management, and more. Most of the DevOps projects are built in Linux. So, it would be great if you can learn Linux OS.

C). Learn using terminal or command line prompt

For a DevOps user, it is crucial having good knowledge of command-line prompt, especially if you are using Linux OS. You should know about the shell scripting, and various Linux commands that can be used during the project.

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D). Learn networking and security fundamentals

Today everything is connected worldwide where it becomes vital to learn networking and security fundamentals. To become a successful DevOps engineer, you must have the sound knowledge of DNS, OSI Model, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSL, TLS, etc.

E). Learn to set up DevOps

To become a DevOps engineer, you should know how to set up the DevOps environment to automate tasks. Also, A DevOps guy should know about different web servers like IIS, Apache Tomcat, or more.

F). Learn Infrastructure as a Code (IAAC)

It is important for a DevOps engineer to understand IT infrastructure and configuration management. You should also learn about containers and configuration management tools in Docker.

G). Learn using DevOps Tools

It is another very important point to consider for DevOps guys. to become a successful DevOps engineer, you should know DevOps tools and how to use or set up them. A range of DevOps tools could be Jenkins, Git, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Nagios, or more. DevOps Engineer Learning Path The above graph shows the hike of a DevOps engineer in the year 2017 and it also shows that the average salary of a DevOps engineer is up to 97,000 per month in India. The below graph shows the salary increment of DevOps engineers in California as per 

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DevOps Engineer Future Scope

  DevOps future scope changes rapidly and so as the professional must also be a quick learner. DevOps is the future technology and every company having software will surely work with the DevOps concept. Preferred skill for the DevOps professional is communication and collaboration. Due to competitive business advantages, DevOps has become a popular and leading technology. The organizations are even outperforming through DevOps technology. Such organizations even are performing great and the new tools are also evolving in the market. As a result of all of this, the demand for skilled, qualified and trained DevOps professionals is increasing. Looking at the scope of DevOps, it can be said that this technology will become one of the leading ones. It has encountered all new job roles and tools. A few of the popular and high in demand job roles for the DevOps professionals are:

There will not be a better time to start the career as a DevOps professional. Relevant certification and training can help you to take advantage of available opportunities. 

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Few Additional Words

In short, we can say that the future of DevOps professionals’ or DevOps career path is quite bright. When in this technological era software has become popular and an essential part of every organization, the profile of DevOps has become a popular profession. Moreover, the professionals are offered high salary packages due to deficiency of the skilled and qualified professionals in the market. The future of DeVOps engineer is also remarkable and the field is expected to grow immensely by 2022 or beyond. All the Best!

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