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Explore The Top Computer Science Degree Jobs & How To Get The One


How does Alexa work? Isn't social networking part of our lives?

How do you shop with so much ease and security online?

How does the entire banking system function seamlessly and has brought every service to our fingertips?

How do those Netflix movie recommendations work?

Welcome to the world of computer science!

Everything around us that has simplified our lives is a result of computer science and the sharp brains that make it happen. So, if you want to learn life-changing skills, aspire to work with the top IT companies, come up with solutions that make an impact, don’t want a 9 to 6 life, but want to work remotely, travel the world, and lastly have some big cheques deposited in your bank account, get a computer science degree jobs.

Even the data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics certifies the fact that a computer science degree is in much demand, and Computer & Information Technology (IT) jobs to grow 12% by 2028, and so will the requirement for certified professionals.

Keep on reading and we’ll walk you through the most critical topics like:

  • What advantages does a computer science degree hold?
  • What jobs can you get with a computer science degree (jobs you should apply in 2022) 
  • How to get the best computer science jobs or computer science degree jobs.

Be A Part Of The Change With Computer Science Degree

One degree that makes so much of a stir and shows tremendous job opportunities is “Computer science.” Any guesses what makes it so valuable? Here are the key benefits of a computer science degree, and trust us reading this section will boost up your morale to take up a computer science degree in no time.

Benefits Of Computer Science Degree

#1. Limitless Job Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports(BLS) says the computer and information technology field is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030, which is much faster compared to any other occupation. Also, About 3,200 comp sci major jobs are projected each year. Just imagine one degree that will get you in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds.

#2. Best Of The Best Paychecks

The data from BLS suggest the median pay for people with computer science degrees and having a computer science major jobs, earn around $126,830 per year and $60.97 per hour subject to experience, location, company, and certain other factors. 

As per payscale salary for computer science degree jobs and those working as software engineers earn around $61k -$118k, developer and programmer earn around $53k - 108k. 

There is no denying that with a computer science degree there is no dearth of the best job roles. You can work as a software developer, data scientist, data administrator, machine learning expert, security consultant, IT consultant, and some more lucrative computer science major jobs roles that are the highest paid jobs in the industry.

#3. Opportunity To Work With The Best Companies

You name a company, and they are looking for qualified professionals with a computer science background. Every job portal specifies jobs you can get with a computer science degree, and work for the best companies like Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Google, Amazon. 

Every industry be it research & development, social media companies, financial service providers, software companies, and even government entities computer science majors jobs.

#4. Freedom To Work From Anywhere With Computer Science Degree Jobs

Here come some more perks, the job roles that you can get with a computer science degree gives you the ease to work remotely. Instead, some of the companies offer project based work and pay for travel and accommodations as well. 

To answer what you can do with a computer science degree, you have the opportunity to travel to multiple countries, work with diverse teams, and even get paid some big bucks.

#5. You Learn The Best Skill With A Computer Science Degree

Computer science majors, along with some advanced IT certifications, get you skills that are the most in-demand. 

  • Excellent math skills, computer, and tech knowledge.
  • Ability to analyze problems and come up with the right course of action. 
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Decode a large amount of information. 
  • Data analysis, coding, programming, artificial intelligence, software development, and cyber security are skills you can get through an advanced certification. But for these advanced certifications, a background in computer science is an added advantage. 

A computer science degree undoubtedly will put you ahead in the race of getting the best job. So keep reading to learn about the best jobs with computer science degree. 

What Jobs Can You Get With A Computer Science Degree?

Best Jobs You Can Get With A Computer Science Degree

Best Jobs

Computer science gets you the best of technical and non-technical skills which are highly valued in the industry. The increasing job opportunities in the field has opened up multiple job roles for freshers especially. Here what can you do with a computer science degree?

#1. Get The Most-In-Demand - A Software Engineer Job

Job Role - If you have the passion for learning new technologies, work with the best programming languages like Python, Java, C++, write codes to let computer applications function smoothly, and work on keeping bugs in check then software engineer is the career path for you, and it's one of the best computer science degree jobs.

Every IT company especially is looking out for the best and certified software engineer. Along with a computer science degree consider taking up a certification course in advanced programming languages to strengthen your job application.

Salary - In the United States, the average salary for a software engineer with considerable experience is $115,006 annually, and a cash bonus of $4,000, as per data on Also, if you are a fresher, the salary starts from approx $107,000, which is quite competitive. Benefits like stock options, visa sponsorship, relocation assistance, health, 401(K) and much more come along. Hope this answers what jobs can i get with a computer science degree.

Current Opportunities - There are almost 70,000 jobs available on Glassdoor for software engineers. Apply @glassdoor

#2. Get The Most Fascinating Job Role -  Be A Mobile App Developer 

Job Role - Smartphone technology is never fading off and so are the users. This means an ever increasing demand for mobile app developers who can create innovative and engaging apps for the customer base. 

As one of the best computer science degree jobs, to apply for a mobile app development role experience in programming languages, certification in ios and android mobile app development and a creative mind is just right for starting your career as a mobile app developer.

Salary - As per, The average salary for an application developer is $80,567 per year in the United States and a $4,325 cash bonus per year. In addition, perks like Tuition reimbursement, 401(K), health saving, paid time off add to the overall sweetness.

Current Opportunities - More than 8000 jobs are available on glassdoor for a mobile app developer.

#3. Machine Learning Engineer Is What Every Company Is Looking For

Job Role - To get the best computer science degree jobs, starting your career in machine learning is a great decision. Solid machine learning skills that you may get with a certification course in ML, will get you your dream job. 

As a machine learning engineer, you are responsible for building and running an ML system that works just like human brains. You need strong algorithms skills, data interpretation, neural networks, and innovative thinking to work in the domain. 

Salary - As per, The average salary for a machine learning engineer is $141,063 per year in the United States.

Current Opportunities - There are 14000 plus jobs available on Glassdoor for qualified machine learning engineers.

#4. Stay Ahead - Be A Data Scientist

Job Role - A data scientist is a person who develops value from data. They work closely with the business team to draw meaningful insight out of unstructured data and help organizations make informed decisions. People in this position should be able to work on statistical analysis as well. It is one of the best computer science degree jobs, and a certification course in data science will add value to your resume.

Salary - According to, the average income for a data scientist in the United States is $113,821 per year, with benefits such as commuting support, referral program, stock options, and more.

Current Opportunities - On Glassdoor, there are 10000+ jobs available for data scientists in the US.

#5. Do Great Work - Be An IT Consultant

Job Role - An It consultant job role is defining the scope of the engagement and determining project requirements and goals. They work closely with technical teams to guarantee that solutions are delivered on time. 

Salary - According to, the typical income for an IT analyst in the United States is $69,788 per year, with a $4,000 cash bonus and other benefits such as a health savings account, and more.

Current Opportunities - There are 5000 plus available in the US for qualified IT consultants on Glassdoor.

#6. Make A Remarkable Future - Be A Cyber Security Professional

Job Role - One of the best computer science degree jobs, cyber security professionals are responsible for setting up and using identity and access management systems, along with user access controls. To spot unusual activity, keep an eye on network and application performance is part of their job role. They conduct regular audits to ensure that security procedures are in compliance. 

Consider taking up a certification course in cyber security as many organizations ask for it.

Salary - According to, the typical annual income for an IT security professional in the United States is $55,012, with a $5,000 cash bonus.

Current Opportunities - On Glassdoor, there are 18000 plus cyber security jobs available for you to apply for.

#7. Build Your Dreams - Make A Career As A QA Tester

Job Role - A quality assurance (QA) tester, also known as a software tester or software test engineer, creates test plans to evaluate new and current software, debug code, and improve the usability of software system addition, as. A QA tester collaborates with the development team to ensure that high-quality software is produced. An advanced certification in QA automation testing will speed up your journey.

Salary - According to, the typical income for a quality assurance tester in the United States is $52,146 per year, with a $2,500 cash incentive.

Current Opportunities - More than 6000 jobs available for QA testers in the US that you may apply on Glassdoor.

#8. Build Your Dream Career - Aim To Be A Database Administrator

Job Role - As a critical computer science degree jobs, database administrators are responsible for designing and deploying databases based on the information available and perspectives of end-users. They allow data to be distributed to the relevant user in a timely manner.

Salary - According to, the typical compensation for a database administrator in the United States is $87,935 per year.

Current Opportunities - Almost 3000+ jobs are vacant for database administrators in the US, available on Glassdoor.

#9. Be On Cloud Nine - Aspire To Be A Cloud Computing Engineer

Job Role - You can't miss the best computer science degree jobs of a cloud engineer. Developing and executing regulations for the usage of cloud services, managing requests for new technology, establishing a secure cloud environment, and guaranteeing proper service availability, are the primary duties of a cloud computing engineer.

Along with a computer science degree take up a certification course in cloud computing to sharpen up your skills.

Salary - According to, the typical income for a cloud engineer in the United States is $118,275 per year with a $10,000 cash incentive.

Current Opportunities - More than 43000 jobs are available on Glassdoor for cloud-computing engineers.

#10. Begin With A Career Other Will Envy - Aim To Be A Full-Stack Developer

Job Role - A full-stack developer's job includes creating comprehensive web applications that include the frontend, backend, and database administration. They are well-versed in all aspects of development and work with a variety of tools and frameworks.

Salary - According to, the average income for a full-stack developer in the United States is $106,683 per year with a $4,100 cash bonus.

Current Opportunities - Almost 8000+ jobs are available for full-stack developers in the US on Glassdoor.

These are the top and most well-paid job roles a computer science degree can get you. However with the increasing scope of computer science the competition is also immense. You need to prepare really well to get these challenging job roles. 

Hope you have the answer to “what can i do with a computer science degree”.

Move onto our next section that will guide you the winning tips for getting the best computer science degree jobs.

How To Get The Best Computer Science Degree Jobs

Tips To Get The Best Computer Science Job

Best Computer Science Job

Get A Credible Certification

To get the best comp sci major jobs, get a certification in hand along with a computer science degree as it certifies your skills, qualifies you for more advanced employment and enhances your earning potential. Some of the note-worthy certifications you may consider taking up are:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect 
  • AWS Certified Developer 
  • Azure Solution Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Salesforce App Builder
  • Microsoft SQL Server Masters
  • Robotics Process Automation

 Focus On Your Resume To Get High-Paying Computer Science Degree Jobs

  • Your aims for working with an employer should be the focus of your professional summary or objective in the resume.
  • Include job experience, internships, projects that are relevant to the position you are applying for. 
  • Add essential skills like C++, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, SQL and any other programming language you are familiar with. 
  • Include all of your educational accomplishments. 
  • Mention soft skills as well, try defining them with your internship like you have excellent communication skills and how these traits added value to your internship and the associated outcome.
  • Add certifications in your resume as that will differentiate you from the rest.

To learn more about how to write a perfect resume read this interesting blog - Technical Skills and Resume Writing Tips | JanBask Training

Find An Entry-Level Job To Get Industry Experience

Begin looking for a job in your domain once you have the basic skill-sets and a computer science degree. Look for internships, volunteer roles, and entry-level jobs that match your area of interest. 

When you apply, make sure you have a well-written resume and cover letter that explains why you want to work for the organization and what you can bring to the table.

Check out some internship and entry level jobs:

Focus On Lifelong Learning 

The world of computer science is not static, it's fast-paced, agile, and innovative. Na dis for someone who has the curiosity to do and learn something new. To be successful in the field keep sharpening your skills, learn about new technologies, what the tech gurus are saying, be aware of innovation and how it is impacting the society. 

Formal degree programs are only the tip of the iceberg; to be an expert in this industry constantly acquire new information. Some great resources to mention are:

Prepare Well For The Interview To Get The Best Computer Science Degree Jobs

Read the job description carefully, understand what the recruiter is looking for and prepare accordingly for your technical and behavioral rounds. Here is a good read for some common interview questions that will help you prepare well.

This is not the end, but the beginning of a journey that demands commitments and will surely get you a shining future. On that note, here is all that we have learnt

Conclusion on best computer science degree jobs

Computer science can transform not just your career but the society overall. Everything around us that makes our life better and easier is empowered by computer science, and to get such a powerful degree is commendable. 

Every organization relies on data, software, artificial intelligence and so the demand for computer science degree holders along with credible certification is on a rise. 

To get the best computer science degree jobs like machine learning, software engineer, data scientist, cloud computing, QA tester, database administrator; enroll today for a certification course, get hands-on working experience, and there is no looking back.

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Do you have a computer science degree in hand, share your future aspirations with us.

If looking to enroll for the computer science degree, and need the best guidance we are here to help you. Just write in the comment box below. If you find this article helpful enough to guide you with the right job and preparing tips don’t forget to like and share.


What Can You Do With A Computer Science Degree?

With a computer science degree you can apply for the best advanced certifications like certification courses in artificial intelligence, data science, salesforce, programming, machine learning and much more.

Also you can apply for the the best computer science degree jobs like:

  • Cloud computing
  • Software engineering
  • machine learning engineer
  • Database administration
  • Full stack developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • IT consultant
  • Data scientist
  • Cyber security professional
  • QA tester
What Jobs Can I Get With A Computer Science Degree

There is no dearth of job opportunities with a computer science degree. To name the best ones are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Software engineering
  • machine learning engineer
  • Database administration
  • Full stack developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • IT consultant
  • Data scientist
  • Cyber security professional
  • QA tester

Along with these you can also apply for the role of a Technical writer, Salesforce developer, artificial intelligence engineer, and many more.

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