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Top 23+ Performance Appraisal Questions And Answers


Performance appraisal plays a key role in nurturing and strengthening employee growth. It helps in performance improvement, identifying bottlenecks that impede workers from reaching their objectives, and spotting growth prospects for both businesses and employees. 

To ensure this activity brings maximum efficiency to both sides, the management must choose performance review questions carefully. Your job quality, consistency, and career aspirations are just a few of your performance areas explored in performance review examples. You may prepare more robust responses and establish specific goals for your next evaluation by being aware of the questions you might be asked during a performance review. Further, enrolling in online certification programs can help you gain a new skill set and stay updated on the current tech evolution.

In this post, we will explore the top 23+ performance review questions and answers and give tips on how to answer them. 

What is a Performance Appraisal?

Performance appraisal or review is a formula evaluation in which the management evaluates an employee’s job performance, finds strengths and weaknesses, provides feedback, and sets goals for future performance in a formal evaluation known as a performance review. Other names for the same thing are performance evaluations and appraisals. Before regular feedback performance management systems, many businesses conducted annual employee performance reviews.

However, many businesses are now doing quarterly, monthly, or even weekly reviews. Many companies have abandoned traditional performance reviews in favor of more informal management check-ins.

The Significance of Performance Appraisal or Reviews

Over time, more and more companies have identified the value of performance evaluations. When done appropriately, performance assessments help employees understand their strengths and how best to fit into the company's general goals, potential growth areas, and expectations.

Using the performance appraisal technique, they can recognize top performers, tackle difficult issues before they become out of control, communicate their expectations, encourage personal and professional development, and maximize employee engagement.

Hopefully, you are clear on the basics of performance review and its significance. In the next, we will explore the top performance review examples and questions.

23+ Performance Review Questions and Answers

To help you crack your upcoming performance review, we have listed below some of the most frequently asked performance review interview questions and answers. Check out the below responses to craft your appraisal review answers.

1. What has been your biggest success so far this year?

This is a performance appraisal question where you can highlight the value you provide to the organization. Describe how you outperformed your rivals and the company's expectations. Show examples where your performance helped the organization achieve objectives and advance using your effective communication and other best IT skills.

Avoid comparing yourself to your peers when responding to this question. Many organizations discourage it because it is a bad habit, and your management might retaliate. Therefore, use caution when responding to these kinds of performance appraisal questions.

2. What are your short- and long-term professional objectives?

You can set short- and long-term goals for yourself apart from those the boss has set for you. It will keep you driven towards achieving your professional goals. The correct way to respond to these kinds of performance appraisal questions is by listing your long-term and short-term objectives. For example, your immediate objective can be to get an IT certificate. Additionally, to achieve your long-term objective of working as an IT manager.

To perform in these types of performance review questions and answers, practice listing all your objectives to get support creating your long-term and short-term goals before the subsequent evaluations. You don't have to sift through several emails and documents to choose one.

3. Which aspect of your work do you like the most?

While dealing with these kinds of performance appraisal questions and answers, consider your response carefully because it could cost you a promotion or a favorable review. You cannot, for instance, remark how much you like coffee breaks or chit-chatting with your coworkers. Maybe something like “Learning new things makes me the happiest. Your chances of gaining promotion will increase if you continue to learn new topics because it will challenge you and highlight your long-term learning goal.

4. Which of your recent challenges has been the biggest for you?

This is a performance appraisal question your manager will ask to determine what needs to be improved. To answer this question appropriately, consider any work-related circumstances that posed difficulties in the preceding year. Think of your actions to resolve the challenge instead of the challenge itself. It will demonstrate your proactive problem-solving methods. 

5. What is your biggest strength/weakness?

When asked about both your strengths and weaknesses at the same time, begin by addressing your mistakes so that you will be able to end on a strong note. With skill, you can show your strength and weakness both. Try to include further background information and a concrete instance of how this feature has manifested as a strength or a weakness in your working life. Mention your efforts to tackle the particular problem while outlining the weakness. This is how you can pass through these performance appraisal questions and answers. 

6. Which aspect of the job have you found the most challenging and why? 

These kinds of performance appraisal questions and answers for employees can be used smartly to highlight any courses you plan to take to grow in your career. You may mention how the IT department's changing dynamics have challenged you. Given that you are unfamiliar with a coding language, you might have encountered issues due to these changes. It can imply that right now is the ideal time to acquire it. Or perhaps there was a lack of teamwork or some communication issues challenged you. It can indicate that you require a team-building exercise.

7. How could you have performed your job differently

While answering this performance appraisal question, you may begin by acknowledging a couple of the mistakes you made, but the future is important here. Mention five reasons for improving how you can improve your performance the following year for every two points regarding what went wrong. This positive approach during a performance evaluation is certain to be far more successful. 

8. What are your main driving force for working hard?

What do you think is your main driving force for working hard? This is the perfect example of performance appraisal questions and answers sample. Employers try to find your motives and perspective on your job and career motivations. To better engage people and arouse excitement and passion for their work, employees answer this question appropriately employees. Understanding one another's motivations can help employees feel more appreciated, which can assist build trust between employers and personnel.

9. Are you presently pursuing any career prospects with the business?

Employers frequently ask about your career goals, so they can determine whether you want to work for them permanently or look for a job elsewhere. Many businesses hire their senior workers internally, including managers and executives. Suppose your employer is informed that you want to grow to a manager or executive leader. In that case, they will help you create clear objectives and a plan of action to get there. Describe your aspirations for growth and how you plan to achieve them.

10. Where do you feel you could improve? 

One of these performance appraisal questions is focused on highlighting the areas where the employee can improve to support their continuous professional development is a crucial component of the assessment process. Instead of the employee seeing this input as criticism from the outside, it gives them a chance to identify this area for themselves by organizing it as a self-evaluation inquiry. 

11. What do you think? Do you possess everything required to complete your job? 

Your manager wants to know what drives you personally and whether you know how things operate and what is expected of you by asking you this question. Describe your position and the expectations for you. Show that you thoroughly understand the business and your position therein. You may apply your training or prior employment in a position that was a good fit for your previous employer.

12. What abilities do you consider to be desirable to an employer?

During the employee performance review process, employers could inquire about the unique abilities you believe provide value to the company. This performance appraisal questions and answers sample question enables them to discover your employment strengths. Think about your abilities that make you stand out from the crowd. Consider your strengths and how you use them daily.

13. How Can Management Support You at Work?

This is one of the key things managers should ask when conducting performance reviews or during the employee performance review because most employees have specific expectations of the management. For the essential actions to be done, managers must be aware of what their staff members anticipate. Since their opinions and feelings are taken into account, it gives voice to the workers who feel respected and appreciated, generating a more positive environment within the company.

14. What future plans do you have for this position?

Every employee has some sense of their long-term goals. The management must be aware of their goals and objectives. Recognize the employee's goals and objectives and how they hope to be attained. Together, management and the employee can investigate the possibilities for bringing such future aspirations to fruition.

15. How would you rate the organization's environment? 

The performance and productivity of an employee are significantly impacted by the workplace environment. In various performance review examples, writer Some people tend to flourish in particular environments. Inquiries about employee feedback can assist in determining what an employee needs in order to feel comfortable and provide

16. What aspects of your current position would you change?

Ans. Asking about the current position must be covered in your performance appraisal questions and answers sample. Make sure not to include any components of your current position that are also the main responsibilities when responding to this question. Keep your response brief and free of any negativity. 

17. Do you think the rest of the team and you get along well?

Being a team player is essential in most workplaces. Through this question, the interviewer seeks to comprehend the dynamics of the team and any effects they may have on the output.

You can use this response to show that you are a strong team player if you get along well with your coworkers. Suppose you genuinely believe that there is an issue, like a coworker with whom you don't get along. In that case, that could be hindering your productivity, try to bring it up courteously and diplomatically. When making a suggestion, be considerate, professional, and fair.

18. What changes do you want in your habits?

These kinds of performance appraisal questions and answers for employees allow them to think of their everyday activities and how they spend their time, including unconscious behaviors, and consider following the habits of a successful professional. 

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported in 2002 that 43% of daily actions are routines people perform when distracted by thoughts.

19. During the previous review period, did you achieve anything you're very proud of?

Sincerity is the best answer. Create a list of your successes in chronological order using the notes you have collected. You may cite an instance where you showed leadership qualities or good teamwork. State the objective for each success, the challenges you faced, and how you overcame them since problem-solving is a quality that employers value.

20. If you were a manager, what would you change?

You must be wise enough to avoid seeming resentful or accusatory while responding to these types of performance review questions and replies. Mention the manager's true accomplishments, then add a few jobs that you believe you might have handled differently. When responding to this question, avoid sounding arrogant or overconfident.

21. Which objectives did you not achieve and why?

There could be several causes for your inability to succeed, including the following:

Realizing they aren't your goals is the first step. Those goals may have been driven for you by your family, school, friends, boss, or coworkers, but you would rather concentrate on your personal objectives and interests. Other explanations include not giving yourself enough time to complete them, having too many goals, or lacking a strong support structure.

22. How do you evaluate your progress?

Hiring candidates who take responsibility for the caliber and volume of their work is the interviewer's first priority. But many things are used to gauge or assess an individual's development. Excellent markers of continuous progress are the desire to accomplish one's goals, interpersonal connections at work and eventually at home, soulfulness, and contentment felt inside by the individual.

23. Is there anything preventing you from producing your finest work?

This is your time to describe your ideal management style and the reasons why it will work for both you and the business. Your reaction can give insight into how you view yourself, how you view your accomplishments, and how analytical you are. Here, you can talk about a variety of things, such as enrolling in particular classes or training programs, resolving professional error, changing careers, etc.

24. What do you appreciate about your job?

It can seem strange to ask this in a performance assessment and listed in the performance appraisal questions and answers sample. Instead of asking you about your performance in the past year or your expectations for the future as is customary, this question forces you to reflect more deeply on your values and encourages you to consider your well-being in depth.

These were the top performance appraisal questions and answers for employees. They are designed to measure your performance. Think of joining the JanBask Training Community to learn from the industry leaders and grow in your career. 


The performance review questions and answers will help measure your workload, professional objectives, and job satisfaction. It may appear as though performance reviews are routine tasks. You shouldn't approach it that way, though. You will benefit more from it if you are more prepared for it. This is your chance to find out what needs work, get all your questions answered, and get advice on developing your career inside the company.

By giving you new skill sets to keep you current and showing your boss that you want to learn and progress in both your career and your organization, online certification programs can help you keep up with technological advances and ensure you're prepared for the appraisal season.

I hope the article on appraisal questions and performance review examples was helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the section below.


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