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AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary: Details, Skills, & Factors (2024)


What does a cloud practitioner do when they are so much in demand? What is AWS Cloud Practitioner? If you have been intrigued by these questions even a bit, then you are at the right place as we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary.

AWS cloud initiatives are tossing up at high speed, and top companies are on a hiring overdrive to support those efforts. Moreover, with the establishment of more and more new organizations adopting cloud services, there’s a massive uptick in the demand for cloud skills. This has led to the rising demand for the hiring of certified AWS cloud computing professionals to achieve finesse. For this, you can easily enroll yourself in our AWS certification course which aims at making you ready for the industry-specific job role. In case you desire to lead a successful career in cloud computing,  you can easily get the opportunity to gain AWS cloud architecture expertise with Cloud Computing Certification Courses and become an invaluable asset for your organization.

AWS Cloud Practitioner is a great place to start your journey. So, without wasting anymore let's why you should opt to be an AWS Cloud practitioner.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner?

An AWS Cloud Practitioner helps as a starting guide in the big world of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This job is made for people who want to know the basics of the AWS Cloud system. A person in this role understands the important services and features of AWS. They have the skills to explain how AWS services can help and what they can do, which makes them important in deciding how a business should use cloud tech. This job is usually the first step toward deeper expertise within the AWS environment.


What Does a Cloud Practitioner Do?

An AWS cloud practitioner has multiple roles and responsibilities. They need to know about technology and business at the same time. These experts are in charge of checking out cloud solutions, knowing how much money it affects, and finding the right AWS services for various situations. Their know-how is very important in helping choose what to do with AWS Cloud setup. The people who work with clouds also have a big job in making sure they follow the rules for building well. This helps create safe and efficient cloud spaces.

Why is AWS Cloud certification Important?

The foremost important thing you should understand before heading to AWS Cloud Practitioner salary is that AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is one of the most popular and fundamental certifications of all. It is because AWS commands a lead with about 32% market share among the major cloud services in recent times. It is considered to be one of the world’s biggest brands, like Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, and BBC, which depend on it to fuel their top projects efficiently. 

Why is AWS Cloud Practioner Certification Important?

Therefore, having an AWS certification on your resume can help you get a step ahead to landing a dream job in the top companies. Even if you’re working in a technical role that requires other cloud platforms such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or IBM Watson, learning AWS could help you widen your job prospects. Attaining AWS cloud practitioner certification is considered to be one of the ideal certifications for this purpose.

Secondly, an AWS cloud practitioner certificate not only boosts your knowledge about AWS's certain products but also enhances your knowledge about cloud computing and the cloud market on the whole. This certification is meant to help even non-tech people who can gain a clear understanding of basic to advanced cloud computing concepts, which makes it a perfect starting point for beginners. Also, choose the AWS certification course that suits you best for you by reading this blog.

Skills Required to Become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


To become a cloud architect practitioner you must know a mix of business, technical and people skills.
On the business front, you must have:

  • Understanding how software and hardware systems will help you bring business visions to life
  • Get an insight into end-user's issues and their work processes, and turn them into solutions that enhance efficiency 
  • Have a grab on the technical features of any project so they can build a persuasive case for a buy-in
  • Learn to know how to rectify scalability issues 
  • Know to handle integration challenges with third-party programs 

Learn AWS in the right way through this tutorial on AWS Developer and related knowledge

AWS Solution Architect Training and Certification

  • Detailed Coverage
  • Best-in-class Content
  • Prepared by Industry leaders
  • Latest Technology Covered

AWS Cloud Practitioner Technical Skills

Further, in terms of technical skills, AWS cloud practitioner prerequisites include:

  • Administering the architecting and disposition of applications within AWS platforms 
  • Evolving plans for the adoption of cloud computing solutions
  • You should know how to manage and monitor cloud platforms
  • You must know how to design and build applications on the cloud
  • Gain knowledge of C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript, including BASH scripting
  • You should have a better understanding of data security and compliance laws
  • You should know all the networking and security skills
  • You should be familiar with Linux OS, wherein you should know how to accomplish Unix commands and perform containerization with Docker
  • Learn how to work and you should know tools that are used in the AWS environment, like Ansible, Chef, Docker, and Jenkins, among other tools necessary for application building and deployment. 
  • Being professional, you should know how to handle complex project management using tools like Jira.

Going for an AWS cloud practitioner course can help you build the required skills that are mentioned above and become job-ready.

Besides, being a cloud practitioner architect must also be an expert:

  • Peculiarity and a learning mindset
  • Management skills
  • The ability to articulate communication with nontechnical coworkers and cloud experts
  • You should know the ability to make clear decisions

Learn more about AWS cloud practitioners through our blogs and resources at JanBask Training and get registered for free.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary (2024 Updated)

Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner comes with some massive rewards in terms of salary and perks. It not only positions you for a profitable role in cloud-adopting organizations but also opens the gateway for you to move to more stimulating technical roles with a bigger pay scale. All in all, you can expect your IT Career Path to take a leap!

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Based on Location

1. AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in the US

Starting jobs usually pay about $89,643 annually on average. For top roles that seniors take on, it can increase up to $142,772. People who are more experienced and have certificates in AWS cloud can make around $160,000 to $180,000 yearly.

2. AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in the UK

For people starting in their jobs, the pay usually is 21% less than those who are midway through their careers. People working in the middle of their career earn about 4% less than those at the end. Professionals in the last part of their career make 9% more money than those in middle-career. An AWS Solution Architect's Professional salary is usually around £57,171 every year. People who are AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners usually earn about £61,018 yearly.

3. AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in India

On average, a person with an AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate in India can expect to make ₹12,97,000 to ₹14,16,000 every year. For jobs at the beginning level, the pay starts from about ₹1.9 lakhs to ₹6.5 lakhs a year. For people with 1 year or less of experience, the average salary is ₹3.6 lakhs each year.

4. AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in Australia

In Australia, the normal pay for AWS Certified Cloud Experts differs greatly. Different sources show that a salary can be from AU$ 56,200 to AU$ 350,000 or more each year. An average yearly pay is around AU$113,932 to AU$160,000.

AWS Solution Architect Training and Certification

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If you are wondering about other AWS professionals’ salaries, here is the AWS Solutions Architect Salary guide, check it out to compare the earning potential in both profiles better.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Based on Education

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary varies significantly based on educational background.

  • Individuals with a Bachelor of Engineering or Technology (BE/BTech) can expect an average salary of around $85,569. 
  • Those with a Master of Technology (MTech) or Master of Science (MS) degree see a higher average, around $160,000 and $165,000 respectively. 
  • Postgraduates (PG) can command even higher salaries, averaging around $170,000. This data underscores the value of advanced education in the field of cloud computing and AWS services.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Based on Certification

1. Foundational Level: The Starting Point

Starting, AWS has the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. It's made as a simple introduction to AWS. This certification is great for people new to cloud technology or those with not much experience in IT. It gives a complete understanding of the AWS system and its setup without going too much into any certain field. In the US, an AWS Cloud practitioner's entry-level salary goes up to $85,866 on average. Amazon recommends this certification for somebody who wants to enter the world of the cloud.

2.Associate Level: The Joining Bridge in AWS

Going higher on the AWS certification, the associate level gives several choices for IT professionals who want to know more about AWS. The important certificate at this level is the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate, made for people who have experience using AWS tech, lots of IT work on-site, or knowledge about other cloud systems. Junior Cloud Practitioner salary also with this certification usually goes about $122,000 a year.

AWS also offers the AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification. This is good for people with backgrounds in development or programming languages. On average, they can earn around $111,000 per year. Another important certification you can grab at this level is the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate. It's good for people who have experience being system administrators. They can make an average of $117,000.

3. Professional Level: For the Seasoned AWS Experienced

For people who have gained some years of experience in the world of AWS, big-time job certifications are the next step. AWS offers two primary professional certifications: the AWS Professional Solution Architect Certificate and the AWS Professional DevOps Engineer Certificate. These certificates are meant for professionals with at least two years of experience in handling and running AWS systems and designs. 

These figures highlight the importance of certifications in advancing one's career and salary prospects in the AWS domain.

The professional AWS Certified Solutions Architect can make on average $142,000 a year. With the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional, you can get an average yearly pay of $130,000.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Based on Experience Level

Experience level is another critical factor affecting AWS Cloud Practitioner salary. As professionals gain more experience, their compensation increases accordingly. For example, a certified AWS cloud practitioner in the US can expect to earn between $160,000 and $180,000 per year with significant experience, according to PayScale. This trend is consistent across various countries, reflecting the high demand and value of experienced AWS Cloud Practitioners in the industry.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Based on Experience Level

AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary Based on Companies

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary also varies widely depending on the employer. Top tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook offer competitive salaries, often exceeding $140,000. For instance, Apple offers an average salary of $151,881, while Google offers around $140,000. Other notable companies like Accenture and Deloitte offer $154,307 and $130,452 respectively. These figures demonstrate the lucrative opportunities available at leading companies for skilled AWS Cloud Practitioners.


Average Salary



















Major Factors Affecting AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary

Here, we have mentioned some major factors why you could be making less AWS cloud practitioner salary than your expected salary. For more details, check out this blog on AWS developer salary which gives you a complete vision of the salary structure. Until then, let’s check how you can boost even your Junior cloud practitioner salary:

1. Work location

The demand and supply of a few professions like AWS architect and AWS practitioner vary in different places because of the cost of living in the city, hence the reason for this is why you earn less being an AWS practitioner. To get a higher pay scale, we would recommend you to move to locations such as the UK, USA, Canada, India, and Australia as there the demand is huge and you get better pay as compared to others. In fact, this is a highly demanding position, in which you can even dictate your working terms. For instance, you want to explore learning working from home, so go ahead and pitch this request to the recruiter. You never know they may agree to it!

2. AWS Cloud Practitioner Training & Certification

AWS cloud practitioner seems very easy, but it needs some necessary skills and certifications to validate your true knowledge in the eyes of recruiters. In case you fail to show the right skill set for the job, you might be hired for training, but it could be underpaid.

This is why it would be better to take time in hand and get the proper training at JanBask Training to become a certified AWS cloud practitioner certification. This will help you get a better package.

3. Experience level

In case you are a fresher, there is no way you can expect to start earning as a senior AWS Cloud Practitioner, having decades of experience. The more experience you have, the more your package enhances, down the line. However, if you work smartly, you can still expect a good AWS cloud practitioner entry level salary.

4. Company scale & type

Every organization has a different size, customer base, and resource needs, which is why they offer different AWS cloud practitioner salary for different levels. As, the bigger organization you desire to join, the bigger will be its allocation and vice versa.

5. Interview & Resume

AWS Cloud Practitioner interviews and resumes also highly define even your Junior Cloud Practitioner salary. Prepare your AWS interview by reading this blog on Top 70+ AWS interview Questions and answers. The better you can show your caliber through them, the better the AWS Cloud Practitioner salary you will be offered. Also, don't forget to build the perfect AWS resume by following this guide on “How to build an AWS resume with samples'' to get the right call.

Take Your Career on Cloud Nine With AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification!

Attaining an AWS cloud practitioner certification puts a stamp on your ability to design and deploy well-structured solutions on AWS. This gives companies who are seeking candidates more confidence in their skillset. Thus, it increases your employment opportunities.
The AWS Cloud Architect enables you to master the core skills required to design and deploy dynamically scalable, highly available, and reliable applications on AWS. Moreover, with every expert-led industry, you will get certain things that you should consider such as:

  • Grab the fundamentals of the AWS cloud platform for a better understanding
  • Acquire expertise in AWS terminologies, concepts, benefits, and deployment options to meet the business needs
  • You should have an understanding of AWS DMS (Database Migration Service)
  • You should know how the AWS Schema Conversion tool works, and the multiple types of AWS DMS;
  • You should know how to build, implement, and manage scalable and robust systems on AWS platform
  • You should know how to recognize the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, and security requirements
  • Enroll in our AWS community and forum for the latest and trending questions and explore more on AWS.

Moreover, with the successful completion of the AWS cloud practitioner course, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the current momentum and business perspective of the cloud to run your career for years to come. Also, practice what you have learned so with the AWS Quiz!

What jobs can you get with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner certification is the basic certification you need to enter the industry. However, just attaining a certificate does not mean that you would get a good AWS Cloud Practitioner entry level salary. For that, you require practical knowledge of how multiple AWS concepts are implemented in real-time problems. Hence, an AWS certification, along with practical exposure, would place you ahead of your competitors when it comes to getting hired by top MNCs.

Some of the renowned companies in India that hire candidates who hold various AWS cloud certifications are:

company logo

List of job roles you can get with the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification:


Top Industries Hiring AWS Cloud Practitioners

There is a huge demand for skilled individuals who have proficiency in AWS Cloud in various fields. In fact, this comes as one of the top paying tech jobs that you must not underestimate. Let's check out in brief how each industry applies the expertise of these cloud experts:

  • Technology and E-commerce: Major companies like Amazon and Google are the main examples of technology and internet shopping fields that depend greatly on cloud services. People who work in this industry can expect to earn between $140,000 and $151,881, reflecting the need for special skills and how these positions are in high demand.
  • Healthcare: AWS Cloud Practitioners have a lot of career scope in healthcare, which may initially seem difficult, but by going through the relevant certification courses, you can turn the tables around. These jobs are special because they deal with keeping data secure and taking care of patients well. The normal AWS Cloud Practitioner salary in this field can get to about $120,339.
  • Financial Services: The finance industry uses AWS for safe and strong cloud services. People with AWS cloud skills willing to break into the finance category can make on average $141,834 each year. 
  • Education: Workers who use AWS Cloud in the education world help make learning better by using technology. The usual pay for AWS professionals in the education sector is about $110,837.
  • Government: Government departments are starting to use AWS services for different day-to-day needs. Government jobs in AWS Cloud can start with pay of about $68,716.
  • Telecommunications: In this fast-changing arena, AWS Cloud Practitioners help in setting up and keeping robust cloud systems for telecommunications. For people who manage telecom companies and use AWS, the money they start with is around $100,000.
  • Hospitality and Travel: This business uses AWS to improve customer experiences and work efficiency, and its AWS managers earn around $75,192 each year.

Future of AWS Cloud Practitioner

AWS stays ahead in cloud computing, but it's now getting more competition and complication. Its portal has more than 200 services with different features and costs. This makes it hard for companies to choose the best ones or manage them well. It complicates things, making room for smart AWS workers who can handle the intricacies well.

In terms of market growth, Amazon Web Services has seen tremendous growth. In the first quarter of 2023 alone, it went up by about 16%. This increase shows a big demand in the market for AWS skills and services. So, fasten your seat belts, take up your AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification course, and get rolling with a good AWS Cloud Practitioner entry-level salary.

Important FAQs Related to AWS Cloud

Q1. How does the AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in India change with experience?

Ans: The AWS Cloud Practitioner Salary in India depends on the work exposure you are having. As, the higher work experience and knowledge you earn the higher the package you get.

Q2. How does AWS Architect's Salary in India change with experience?

Ans: The AWS architect's salary in India depends on the work exposure you are having. As, the higher work experience and knowledge you earn the higher the package you get.

Q3.  What does a solution architect focus on?

Ans: A solution architect focuses on identifying a certain technical need for a company and then building and managing a solution that reaches the company's requirements. A solution architect utilizes software and hardware to create new products, services or processes that streamline operations within an organization.

Q 4:. Why has AWS become popular?

Ans- AWS has become popular due to several features-

i) Security- AWS provides a secure and reliable platform.

ii) Flexibility- It allows users to select operating systems, languages, databases, and other services as per their requirements. 

iii) User Friendly- With the help of AWS, you can host your applications quickly and easily, whether it is an existing or new application.

iv) Cost-effective- You only pay for the computing power, storage, and other resources that you use, without any long-term investments.

Q 5: What is the objective of the AWS course?

Ans- The objective of our online AWS training is to provide you with an AWS Solutions Architect certification course online that gives experiences similar to offline classrooms and saves you from the struggles of traveling to the physical classes, incurring expenses, and spending energy & time. It will also give you a complete AWS discipline preparation by covering concepts, skills, and techniques that AWS certifications & job role demands. 

Q 6: What skills will I learn in this course?

Ans- Here are all that you will learn:

i) AWS Cloud Computing, AWS Architecture

ii) Identity Access Management & S3

iii) Amazon VPC, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

iv) Databases, Application Services, DynamoDB, Redshift

v) Configuration Management, Automation, AWS Route 53

vi) Networking, Monitoring, and Security Groups.

Q7. What jobs can you get with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

Ans- After completing our AWS certifications training online, you will achieve competent skills & knowledge, all ready to be utilized during the certification exam of AWS, smart & well-calculated ways to proceed & absorb in the lucrative AWS led job markets. An AWS Training Certification online for training completion, by a highly recognized name - JanBask Training - declaring a successful completion of your learning-filled AWS training online for beginners to professionals. Our training completion certification gives you a great boost during interview calls.

Q8. What job roles can I get after this course?

Ans - After completing this course, you can get any of these jobs-

i) AWS Cloud Architect

ii) AWS Solution Architect

iii) SysOps Administrator

iv) Cloud Developer

v) Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager.

Q9. How to maintain a growing career in AWS?

Ans- A growing career in AWS can be maintained by learning new innovations, upgrades in AWS techniques, by qualifying for multiple AWS Solution Architect certification exams. The more AWS Solution Architect certification exams you will take, the more job options you will have and by having effective and AWS skill-related discussions with the online communities to get more exposure to this AWS discipline in-depth.

Q10. How much do AWS Cloud Practitioners make?

Ans- The pay for AWS Cloud Practitioners can be very different depending on where they work, their experience, and the exact job they do. In the United States, normal salaries can be from $70,000 to $100,000 every year on average. But, this number can be higher in places where there's a great need for cloud skills or for experts in that field.

Q11. Is AWS Cloud Practitioner Worth It?

Yes, many people think that getting the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a good idea. It's a great starting point for those who are new to cloud computing and AWS. It helps to know the basics of AWS services and cloud ideas, which can be useful for many jobs in IT and making computers work on the cloud. Moreover, it can help you get to higher AWS certifications.


If you wish to take a competitive edge in the IT industry or define a flourishing direction to your career, AWS certification courses are the most credible option. It’s high-time to gain new expertise in AWS and take your career to the next level through enrolling in such courses. Even if you are working in a technical area other than cloud computing, this certification course helps you to widen your skills as it is an encompassing area. This certification course is also designed for non-technical people who want to explore their career in the I.T sector and excel in their job roles. So, it can be a perfect start for the beginners. 

Janbask Training provides an AWS certification course that enables you to master the core and fundamentals of AWS and gain expertise in its concepts. Moreover, if you want to skyrocket your career and outshine in this field, then you can go for JanBask’s AWS certification training courses today. As, we provide extensive course content, hands-on practice on assignments and projects, and 24/7 online support for you to crack the certification exams easily.

Feel FREE to share your experience of being a AWS Cloud Practitioner in the below comment section!

You can even get yourself enrolled for a free demo class.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and become a certified AWS cloud practitioner now!


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