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SQL Career Path - Step By Step Microsoft SQL Server Career Guide

Do you love exploring data? Want to build your full-time career around Microsoft SQL Server Database Technology? Are you constantly searching how learning SQL Server systems can add to your career or more specifically…

  1. What’s the demand for the SQL career? Does SQL career path/role provide you great stability?
  2. Which companies are looking for Microsoft SQL Server professionals?
  3. Is it easy to learn & make a career in SQL? What particular educational background do you need to pursue an SQL career?
  4. Which Microsoft SQL Server role should I go for --- SQL Server Developer, SQL Server DBA, MSBI Developer, or Power BI Developer?
  5. Is it easy to get jobs under the MS SQL Server database platform?
  6. Should I go for SQL Server Certification, if yes, which one should I aim for?
  7. I am working in a different technology, I would like to know how to change my career in SQL?

If you are stuck with these questions, we have answers to all of them. Microsoft SQL Server is the best database management system you can ever explore for a thriving career perspective. The field is equally inviting for college pass outs to working professionals, belonging to any IT to Non-IT suit.

The SQL Career path can add greatly to your ultimate ambitions & earning goals:


Business Intelligence Market

The Business Intelligence market is expected to touch $22.8 billion by the next two years. Says Who? Gartner.


World’s Popular

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the top 3 world’s popular database management systems. Says Who? Statista.


Highest Market

Microsoft SQL Server has the highest market share - 20.79%.



A 20% increase in demand for SQL skills is expected by 2022. Predicts who? Analysts at JanBask Training

Microsoft --- “Be What’s Next”

Microsoft’s History, Present & Beyond

Who coined Microsoft?

Do you know?

  • Microsoft was coined on April 4, 1975, in New Mexico by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque.
  • Around the mid-1980s, the company started dominance over the OS market with MS-DOS & followed by MS Windows.
  • In Gartner’s magic quadrant, Tableau is shown as a leader in business intelligence and analytics.
  • SQL Server (relational database management system) released its initial SQL Server 1.0 on April 24, 1989.
  • The latest SQL Server version is SQL Server 2019, which was released on 4th November 2019.

Microsoft’s all-time-Acquisitions

Do you know?

  • Microsoft has acquired 225 companies till now (out of which 107 are US-based).
  • LinkedIn is Microsoft’s biggest acquisition, which happened in 2016 at a bid of $26.2 billion (it gave them access to 500 million LinkedIn users).
  • Forethought.Inc was Microsoft’s first-ever acquisition on July 30th, 1987, which was later renamed as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft’s customers

Do you know?

  • Microsoft’s SQL Server Customers, 44% are in the US, 7% in the UK, and 5% in India.
  • Out of all customers of MS SQL Server, 36% are small scale companies, 44% are medium scale, and 21% are large scale companies. (SQL Servers are leveraged by companies of all sizes).
  • Customers of MS SQL Server are from different industries: Computer software (which is the highest of all), hardware, IT, Healthcare, Finance, education, retail, management consulting, Telecom, Marketing/Advertising.
  • The brands like Accenture, Stack Overflow, Intuit, MIT, Stack Overflow keep MS SQL Server in their tech stack.

Locations where Microsoft’s Offices are located globally

Do you know?

  • Microsoft’s corporate headquarter known as “The Microsoft Campus” is located in Redmond, Washington, US.
  • Microsoft has offices in around 149 locations & 93 countries.

Microsoft work culture - What it’s like to work in Microsoft?

Microsoft’s work culture is defined as hardworking & balanced under the ownership of Satya Nadela. The employees at Microsoft campus say the company gives a great work-life balance.

Microsoft & its Biggest Achievements

Microsoft’s products are a huge success because they have been able to meet the current technological needs, business opportunities & market demands. Here are some of the powerful products of Microsoft’s that has been raising bars for others:

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How much revenue does Microsoft earn?

For Financial Year 2020, Microsoft earned revenue of 143 billion U.S. dollars (which is quite a record for the company).

Can you work with Microsoft too?

  • Yes, you can work with Microsoft too if you have proven skills for the applied role via a formal training & are determined to learn & apply your caliber to the fullest.
  • The Microsoft interview isn’t a hard nut to crack if you have an impressive portfolio by your hand. There are generally 4-5 interview rounds, each examining your --- problem-solving, designing, analytical, coding & testing skills to the core.
SQL Career Path

SQL Server Careers/Job Trends & Opportunities - Globally!

#1 Industries Leveraging SQL Server Technology the Most

  • The SQL Server technology is leveraged by industries - Computer Software, Hardware, IT, Healthcare, Financial Services, retail, educational institutions, insurance, construction, etc.
  • Out of all these industries, IT & Computer Software has the highest opportunities for a Career in SQL Developer Role.

44% Top Countries Exploring the SQL Server Database Technology the most

  • SQL Server Technology has widespread customers with job opportunities in top countries like the US, UK, Canada, India, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, etc.
  • 44% of SQL Server customers are situated in the US, while 5% are in India & 7% in the UK.

36% SQL Server Database Technology Leveraged by Business Types

Out of total SQL Server Customers:

  • 36% are small companies.
  • 44% are medium-sized companies.
  • And 21% are large scale companies.
SQL Server Career Path

MS SQL Career --- Which SQL Server Role is right for me?

Here are the 4 types of SQL Server Roles --- From which you can pick your desired one!

MS SQL Server Developer

If you are interested in designing database tables & structures, writing SQL queries to integrate 3rd party apps, creating stored procedure & query plans & troubleshooting performance holdups --- You can become an MS SQL Server Developer.

Microsoft SQL BI Developer

If you are interested in Developing & Designing Business Intelligence solutions, representing the analysis & reports of any given information, and creating & executing queries on data requests --- You can Make a Career in SQL Developer profile!


If you are open to configuring, implementing, and maintaining SQL database server system, performance monitoring, troubleshooting & data backup --- You can become MS SQL Server DBA.

MS Power BI Developer

If you are interested in developing visual reports, KPI scoreboards, dashboards, analysis services reporting models, connecting data resources, importing & transporting data for BI --- You can opt for the SQL DBA career path.

Microsoft SQL Career Path

MS SQL Career Path is For Everyone --- All Non-Techs to Technical Experts!

To pursue SQL Career Opportunities:

If you don’t believe, we have enrolled aspirants from different IT to non-IT educational backgrounds & job fields, and with our effective learning delivery & their dedication, we were able to equip them with the complete SQL Server skills & proficiency in 6-8 weeks of training time.

  • You can acquire skills around basic SQL, database systems, or RDBMS (relational database management systems). Don’t worry even if you don’t have such basic knowledge, you can easily learn them during your SQL Server Training’s beginner level module.
  • You can belong to any technical to non-technical educational background.
  • You can be any corporate professional to a non-corporate or self-employed professional 😊.
  • If you belong to the IT field that would be a bonus, but even if you don’t, there’s nothing to worry about. Learning SQL Server Database technology is no rocket science --- with few weeks of formal training, dedication & self-study you will be a well-learned professional in no time.
Microsoft SQL Career Path

MS SQL Server Career Path - Are SQL Professionals Paid That Well?

“The average salary of a software engineer at Microsoft is $122,000 per year (based on compiled salaries on LinkedIn).”

Check out the annual average SQL Careers Salaries in 4 major countries:

USA flag USA flag
India flag India flag

Here are a Few Tips on How You Can Target Heavy Paychecks Right from the Entry-level

Possess accurate skills & knowledge

The aspirants who absorb & reflect perfect knowledge & skills about the SQL Server during the interview, get high chances of earning well.

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Relocate to Different Cities

Different countries have different pay scales. Some pay high compared to others. You can relocate to major countries like the US, UK, India, Canada to earn great from initial levels.

Expand your Network

Keep on expanding your professional network & reach. The more professionals you are surrounded by, the more this will help you spot some lucrative SQL Career opportunities.

Keep on Learning & Practising

Soon after you are done with your SQL Server Training, keep on practicing your skills, and learn new things to sound relevant to the recruiters.

Focus on Communication & personality skills

Companies love hiring employees who exude great communication & confidence. Work on grooming your personality as it will support in convincing you for more.

Don’t lose hope!

In the end, keep the self-belief always up. Know your capabilities & talent, work hard, stay confident & the right opportunity the way you want will follow!

MS SQL Career Path

SQL Server Certifications ---- Why You Must Achieve Them?

After completing the SQL Server Training, Don’t forget the SQL Server Developer, MS SQL BI Developer, Power BI Developer, and SQL Server DBA Certifications!

What are SQL Server Certifications?

  • Microsoft SQL Server Certifications are the benchmarks that validate your skills/knowledge around SQL Server Use for the corporates.
  • With certifications, recruiters' identity that you have been truly tested by the highest authorities of Microsoft & are deemed fit for real-time Developer & DBA roles in any entity.

Why must you own SQL Server Certifications?

Writing MS SQL Certifications helps you with:

  • Getting a great boost during interview calls & screening.
  • Huge recognition over SQL Server professionals who aren’t certified.
  • Experiencing great preference during the negotiation round for the desired package.

Remember! SQL Server Certifications won’t guarantee you a job, it will give you an edge. But to ace the job, you must work on strengthening your skills, resume, & certification, along with huge confidence.

What MS SQL Server do you must qualify for?

  • Microsoft Database FundamentalsMCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development
  • Developing SQL Databases
  • MCSA: SQL Server 2012/2014
  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014
  • Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases
  • Designing Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Serve
  • Implementing Data Models and Reports with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI
  • MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development
  • MCSA: BI Reporting
SQL Server Careers

SQL Career Path --- Here’s How to Start SQL Server Careers?

You can own the SQL Server Careers in Just these 6 simple steps!

Step - 1 Pull Basic Research Around SQL Server Database Technology

Do a complete research on SQL Server technology to know:

  • How is it the right fit for you to learn & make a lifelong career with?
  • What all components & job profiles it covers?
  • IHow easily can you learn it & grow as its expert/professional?
  • How practical is this technology to make a long-haul career?
  • What salary package & increment opportunities it visibly offers?

Have answers to all these questions before you finally say “yes” to this SQL career.

Step - 2 Do a quick career counseling

Read: How to Use Alter, Drop, Rename, Aggregate Function in SQL Server?
  • For more clarity on thoughts, talk to someone from the IT field or more specifically someone who is working around SQL Server technology already -- to understand how much of a great career it is to be in.
  • If you don’t have anyone around to give you SQL Career advice, you can talk to JanBask Training’s Experts Counselors; who will guide you end to end about why you should make a career in this technology & how you can start. Get that quick SQL Career Advice Now!

Step - 3 Decide what career you want to take up

After dug-deep research & consultation, don’t wait to decide. Decide what you want to pursue. Don’t hold up to 6 months to years to decide the right time to start.

The right time is now, start early to start reaping results early!

Step - 4 Get Quick MS SQL Server Training

To enter the Microsoft SQL world, having the right skills is a must. There is no better way than joining a professional SQL Server Training platform.

A Formal SQL Server Training will:

  • Give you real-time knowledge of SQL Server job roles & responsibilities.
  • Help you prepare for the SQL Server Certifications.
  • And become fully prepared for SQL Server opportunities.

“You are a Training away to seed your long-haul career with Microsoft SQL Server Database Technology”.

Step - 5 Grab the SQL Server Certifications Like a pro

“SQL Server Certifications are an important benchmark”. Prepare for them during the training, qualify them, and give your CV a quick boost during the recruitment process”.

  • SQL Server Certifications are the best addition that validates your skills & knowledge by the highest authorities and gives you great push during the hiring process.
  • Do you know, even some companies find certifications to be a mandatory thing (So, why risk it?)

Step - 6 Expand your network & start applying for the jobs

  • Expand your professional network with SQL Server & Power BI professionals for knowledge-sharing, get some SQL career advice, and attract some SQL career opportunities.
  • Always practice whatever you have learned & as well as explore innovations around SQL Server database technology.
  • Start applying for internships, projects & jobs to start your amazing career in SQL.

SQL Server Careers

Career in SQL Gives you Great Flexibility - To Move to Other Profiles!

Worried if you take up a career in SQL Developer or DBA path, you might get stuck in the same field forever? What if we tell you, you won’t? That’s a relief right.

At any point, if you feel monotonous or uninspired in this field, you can easily move or upskill for other data-concentric technologies like Data Analytics, Data Science, or Business Analysis (with little upskilling & determination).

You even won’t have to start your career from scratch. The SQL Server technology introduces you with wholesome knowledge around database development, management, and analytics that would be easily applied in other data-related skills or technology too.

So start your Career in SQL Server Today with great agility & scope to expand in the future!

SQL Server Careers

Most Asked Questions About SQL Career Path over the Internet --- By You All!

#1. Why make a career in SQL Server?

SQL career is promising for individuals who are looking to work within data concentric organizations with a great pay scale. If you have a passion to develop business intelligence solutions for managing enterprise data, you can easily find prolific SQL career opportunities in top IT companies. Not sure if you are the right fit for SQL career opportunities? Get our quick SQL Career advice & free demo classes!

#2. Is SQL Server Technology easy to learn?

At first, SQL Server Database technology may seem overwhelming to learn, but with the right training, resources & dedication & core, you can manage to hone it within 6-8 weeks. Don’t worry even if you hold no basic knowledge around SQL language & database management systems, SQL Server Training can prepare you with the basics of everything first. If you aren’t sure about this technology, get quick yet comprehensive SQL career advice from advice!

#3.When should I go for the Microsoft MS SQL DBA career path?

You can opt for the SQL DBA career path when you are interested in designing, implementing, and maintaining, securing, SQL Server databases for the corporate campuses. And making quick availability of relevant data to end-users & customers without delay.

#4. What are the average SQL careers salaries?

For MS SQL Server Developer profile, you can earn an average salary between $90,837-$122, 641, for SQL Server BI developer, you can earn between $93,067-$124,101, for Power BI Developer, you can earn between $95,000 - $125,000, and for SQL Server DBA, you can get $89,000-$113,000 annually.

Closing Thoughts on MS SQL Server Career Path!

MS SQL Server is a desirable career in terms of pay, job satisfaction, learning, growth & whatever else conditions you often look for. And with this database management tool’s crazy demand (today & in years to come) in data-concentric entities, you won’t have to be worried about your MS SQL Server career growth. With this complete MS SQL Server Career Path or guide, we hope we helped you find answers to your endless queries regarding:

  • Why MS SQL Server career path? “Or how is career in SQL Server good?”
  • How is the MS SQL career in 2020 or beyond?
  • What SQL Server roles or profiles to choose & how?
  • What is the demand for SQL Server roles like?
  • What is the average pay for a career in SQL developer or Admin?
  • Why are MS SQl certifications so much in demand?
  • How to start a career in SQL Server field?

Don’t remain undecided about the exciting SQL Server career opportunities. If we have left some of your doubts still unanswered, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below. Or if you are interested in more detailed MS SQL Server career advice, how about scheduling your free MS SQL career counseling with us?

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