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Power BI Developer Salary: How Much Does a Power BI Developer Make in 2021?


The world is driven by data. Whatever we do online creates data, statistically speaking, everyday, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data–so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years: 2020, 2019. So, naturally, it has led to a huge surge in the demand of professionals that can extract meaningful insights from it and help businesses make sound decisions and streamline their processes. It is predicted that by 2026, data science and analytics would be giving more than 11 million jobs.

So if you’re someone who is looking forward to landing a lucrative career option that also sparks your creativity, then Power BI Developer is your calling.

A Power BI Developer salary at an entry-level is somewhere $70,050 going up to $88,000 a year and experienced Power BI Developer salary is as high as $134,000 with an average of $114,298 in a year.

Intrigued much?

In this blog, we will discuss:

  • Who’s a Power BI Developer? The required skills, roles and responsibilities he needs to possess and perform
  • What is the salary of Power BI developer?
  • What are the companies across the world that pay BI developer salary handsomely?
  • Does Power BI Developer have a future? 

All this and more so that we can help you decide whether you should pursue a career as a Power BI Developer or not.

But First, Who’s a Power BI Developer?

Power BI is a business intelligence tool offered by Microsoft that lets you visualize and share insights. It converts massive, raw data into meaningful, actionable information to help organizations make data driven decisions.

So naturally, a Power BI Developer is someone who has knowledge of the BI system and is responsible for administering BI tools. He is someone who transforms raw data into meaningful insights via interactive, visually appealing and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

Some of the Roles and Responsibilities he or she performs are:

  • Developing visual reports, dashboards and KPI scorecards using Power BI desktop.
  • Proficient in making DAX queries in Power BI desktop with expertise in using advance level calculations on the data set.
  • Able to develop tabular and multidimensional models that are compatible with warehouse standards.
  • Adept in understanding the business requirements and developing, publishing and scheduling Power BI reports as per the business needs.
  • Should have knowledge and experience in prototyping, designing, and requirement analysis as he is responsible for design methodology and project documentation.
  • Able to integrate Power BI reports into other applications using embedded analytics like Power BI service (SaaS), or by API automation. Also, one must be experienced in developing custom visuals for Power BI.
  • Connecting to data sources, importing data and transforming data for Business Intelligence.

Let’s Know Factors that Influence Your Salary of Power BI Developer

Landing a job of your dream or getting a promotion to secure your future is something we all look forward to in our lives. The education, the training and certifications, the hustle, and the hard work pays off when we are promoted in our jobs or get the salary we want. However, at times we realize despite working hard or gaining enough experience we’re still being paid less or not what we should be getting. There are a lot of factors that dictate where you will be landing on the pay scale.

So here are 6 factors that affect your BI developer salary that will help you in understanding what employers look at when hiring new employees and what you need to do in order to achieve the promotion or high paycheck to propel your career growth: 

1. Your Level of Desired Skill Sets

Apart from your educational degree and experience, there is a certain set of skills that is required by job recruiters in a Power BI Developer. Not just technical skills pertaining to your roles and responsibilities as a Power BI Developer. You also need to work on improving your soft skills such as great interpersonal skills or strong communication skills. 

2. Your Specific Training & Certifications

Certifications or training are a way to display to the potential employers that you’re committed to boosting your career and are up to date. If you don’t possess them it might negatively set you at the lower end of the pay range. As a trained professional you not only proven to be an expert in a field but the more training you have, the less training and supervising your employer will have to do, saving him cost. So it’s a win-win for both. 

3. Your Poor Job Interview Skills 

This is a factor most professionals don't pay enough attention to as they are more focused on getting training or obtaining IT certifications. However, there’s no point in being a highly qualified professional when you don’t know how to display them in the right manner, over resumes, and during job interviews. Hone your skills or reach out to consultancies that prepare you for your next job interview and armor you with job-ready skills. This one small remedy can get up your chances of getting the right job with an attractive salary.

4. Your Negotiation Skills

It is recommended that you should be aware of what is the marketing trend of salary for Power BI Developer you deserve by keeping an eye on marketing trends. But you should never be rude while negotiating the salary part and make sure you're reasonable when asking for the salary and be ready to walk out if your demands are not heard or respected. 

5. The Location of Where You Work

Surprisingly, location plays a factor too in deciding your salary for Power BI Developer. As in a company located in a large city with high costs of living means you get paid accordingly to have a comfortable lifestyle. Similarly, if you work for a company located in an area with a low or average cost of living, your salary is set accordingly. 

6. Your Company Size & Type

Every company has its own salary range and parameters like scale purpose, & investment & which is why they have different salary allocations. But it’s no rocket science that the bigger the company, the bigger will be its operations & customer base and the wider your pay scale range. As they might need Power BI Developers to convert and analyze the massive data for meaningful decision making.

Looking for ways to make yourself ready for the Power BI Developer job? We can help!

Which Top IT Giants are hiring Power BI Developers and How much a Power BI Developer’s Salary is?

Like discussed, your salary depends on a lot of factors starting from the kind of skills you possess to the location your work is at. Even your job interview skills influence your salary. However, with experience, expertise, and proper personality development as well as training and certificate you begin to perform your role with higher efficiency. Eventually getting the Power BI Developer salary you wish for and deserve rightfully. Here are four factors that will help you how much salary will you get:

Top 7 Companies that are looking for Power BI Developers

Top 7 Companies that are looking for Power BI Developers

  • Anchorage Consultants LLC Avg Salary: $133,983
  • Next Generation Recruitment & Staffing Agency Avg Salary: $130,000
  • Technical Connections Avg Salary: $113,309
  • SAP Avg Salary: $155,374
  • Tata Consultancy Services Avg Salary: ₹5,51,650
  • Anthem Avg Salary: $107,022
  • Amazon Avg Salary: $106,853

Power BI Developer Salary: Based on Experience

  • An entry-level Power BI Developer with less than 1-year of experience can expect to earn an average salary of $61,445. 
  • An early career Power BI Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average salary of $70,806.
  • A Senior Power BI Developer salary with 5-9 years of experience is nearly $87,036.
  • Similarly, a senior Power BI Developer salary who has 10-19 years of experience can demand an average salary of $99,063.

Power BI Developer Salary: Based on Employer

As a Power BI Developer, your salary will also be dependent on where you are working with or who is your employer. The companies that pay quite well enough is Anchorage Consultants LLC is paying a Power BI Developer close to $130,000 while big giants like SAP or Amazon are shelling out amounts such as $155,374 and $106,853 respectively.

Power BI Developer Salary: Based on Skill-set

There is a difference in salaries in terms of skill set. A Senior Power BI developer's salary will obviously be higher than an entry-level Power BI developer's salary. Additionally, there are additional skills and roles related to Power BI Developer that also makes a difference in your pay scale. For instance, a Data Analyst earns something around $62k while Power BI Developer can earn $75k. Meanwhile, a Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst demands nearly $78k while a Senior Data Analyst can ask for over $80k on average.

Power BI Developer Salary: Based on Location

Where you work as in the location or the area also plays a vital role in influencing your salary as a Power BI developer. Across the globe, one can see a huge variation in the Salaries based on the location, as there are hundreds of factors that play a role in deciding the living standard, salary, or even demand of a particular skill set at a location. 

Let us talk about some of the major locations across the world which are the top favourites of most people.


Average Salary


$74,855 a year


₹293,544 a year


£47,013 a year 


AU$114,395 per year


CA$107,057 per year

Power BI Developer Job Status based on Top Job Portals

Before you decide to pursue any career, we’re always worried about the career prospect of the job, is it easily available or not. And in order to give you the right insight, let us quickly have a look at the real-time numbers in terms of available jobs as a Power BI developer from some of the top Job Portals from the US, India, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

Top Job Portals

There are over 19,000 jobs available for Power BI Developers in the US

BI Developers in the US

1700+ vacancies are available for the role of Power BI Developer in Canada

Over 11,595 Power BI Developers vacancies are open in India

There are 1,025 jobs available for Power BI Developers in Australia

 BI Developers in Australia

More than 5,800 vacancies are available for the role of Power BI Developers in the UK

Salaries of Jobs related to Power BI Developers

As a Power BI Developer, you not only present data via reports and visualizations but there are roles as well that you need to perform. It can be as a data analyst who extracts meaningful information from raw data or maintains business intelligence solutions as a BI Analyst. So, here we’re presenting a few job profiles that you can use based on your interest, skills, or experience that are related to the Power BI Developer job profile: 

  • Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Average Salary: $69k
  • Data Analyst Average Salary: $62k
  • Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Average Salary: $78k
  • Senior Data Analyst Average Salary: $80k
  • Senior Business Analyst Average Salary: $76k
  • Reporting Analyst Average Salary: $61k

So what are you waiting for? Go get this mind-boggling but lucrative job opportunity!


Power BI tool has made managing, collecting and analyzing raw data quite easier and quicker. So naturally being able to manage, analyze, maintain and develop business intelligence solutions is surely going to take you to places.

We hope now you’ve got a bigger picture of the career possibilities and prospects of this job profile and how it is here to stay. Especially when more and more businesses are realizing the importance of data analytics, we’ll continue to see the rise in this field.

If you’ve any doubt or want to know more about the career prospect of this tool or its certification path. We’re listening!

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    I’ve just done my graduation in Maths, do you think I can pursue a career in Power BI?

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    Omar Moore

    That was a very informative salary blog. I am past my Tableau training & am applying for the jobs, didn’t know whether I was offered fair & square or not, after reading it, I guess the compensation is quite decent for starters.

  • O

    Omar Moore

    That was a very informative salary blog. I am past my Tableau training & am applying for the jobs, didn’t know whether I was offered fair & square or not, after reading it, I guess the compensation is quite decent for starters.

  • P

    Paxton Harris

    What is the placement scope of Tableau in the USA? I am quite determined to move there actually. Do they allow external talent? And what about certifications, do they prefer certified candidates only!

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