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How can Convergence Impact and Accelerate the DevOps Operations?

Today where the software has given a new way to do execute the business operations to the business owners, so as they have also become a differentiator to identify that which business is successful, due to use of a particular software. Either for a software or any other company business is seen and compared on the basis of the software, which they use to run their business, and the companies which are not able to recognize the use of new technologies then may face major risks in the future.

The software update process is quite challenging and involves a number of software development operations, which may also require proper alignment between business operations and development process. Broadly the full process involves following steps:

1. Modernization of software

2. Agile Development

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3. Application Customization

At the time of modernization the DevOps team may require the complete information of the infrastructure and resources, but you may not wish to stop the crucial process of your business to avail them to the DevOps team and at the same time you will definitely wish to provide the complete details of infrastructure to make their task easier.

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To make this task easier, the companies are taking the help of converged or hyper-converged infrastructure, with the help of which the companies can provide the DevOps completely functioning and dedicated information of the infrastructure, which is much faster as well as compared to the traditional infrastructure, where the networking, storage, management software and virtualization software servers were purchased separately and later they were integrated together. Even online devops certification can also provide the complete information about the process.

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In case of converged or hyper-converged infrastructure all the resources can be shared and pooled virtually without disturbing any of the business operations, they are self-served and scalable as well. With the help of which the members of the DevOps team can take the resources and put them back as well, after using them. At any point and stage of the development.

Use of converged and hyper-converged infrastructure makes the DevOps team operation fast and agile. Even they become freer to use any of the required resources at any time and you, being the business owner need not worry or compromise any of your business profits. Nowadays one more term is also associated with the DevOps team and that is composable infrastructure, in which the physical infrastructure becomes the modular building block and the hardware can be treated as a block of code. These building blocks can be used by workloads whenever they need it. Even the hardware of the infrastructure can be used programmatically, so there remains no restriction on using the hardware.

If we talk about the cost of the converged infrastructure, then it is quite lower than the cost of the traditional infrastructure model. The key benefits of the converged infrastructure include:

  • Efficient execution of IT Operations
  • Cost Saving in Infrastructure
  • Improved productivity of the application developer
  • Improved business productivity
  • Improved compliance and security

A converged and hyper-converged infrastructure can embrace an SDDC (Software-defined data center), in which the networking, storage, and computing resources are managed centrally, with the help of a unified platform. Even by implementing the less complex IT systems the companies are delivering the services to their customers expertly and timely. Modern IT systems, which they adopt must be easy to implement and provide agility to the business operations. The software-defined models can make the implementation easier and in converged and hyper-converged infrastructure the IT complexity is reduced due to virtualization of the resources. Increased automation and reduced complexity are implemented with the help of software-defined models, which makes the implementation easier for the DevOps team professionals.

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Either an IT or non-IT companies are providing the tremendous opportunity to the members of their DevOps teams through converged and hyper-converged infrastructure implementation. As the converged system is helping the IT teams to attain their critical operational goals by supporting and providing the agile development, modernizing the applications and strengthening the customized application development. Even they (DevOps team) have now no restriction and implementation while implementing the new technology for any company.

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