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List Of Over 60+ Fun Jobs That Pay Well & Tips On How to Get Them


Happy employees are productive employees.” Forbes published the results from one study that revealed happy employees are as much as 20% more productive in the workplace than unhappy employees.

It is essential to love your job and have a fun job that motivates you daily to improve yourselves. It not only results in the uplifting of the organization but also your personal growth. And we all know what they say about getting a fun job that pays well. It never feels like work, especially if it gives you six or seven monthly figures. But let’s face it, not all of us are wired to work until we enjoy the last oil drop in our machine. Still, we do because the stress of having an empty or light wallet at the end of the month surpasses our self-perseverance. 

Yes, some people love the pressure of their jobs, enjoy the high-octane working culture, and thrive in them (Who are these people?). But that’s okay if you are not one of those people. It’s alright to look out for fun jobs that pay well. Work does not have to be a tedious or nerve-wracking experience. We are constantly told that all are interesting jobs and demanding; if they weren’t, it would be like one of those low-stress but low-paying jobs, right? No, wrong! Certain online IT certification courses-related cool jobs also pay well, help you avoid the stress of job dissatisfaction, and help you start fun careers that pay well.

How do I find these most exciting, unique jobs that pay well, or where do I sign up for the easiest jobs that pay well without a degree?

This blog lists over 60+ of the most fun jobs worldwide that pay well with a stress-free working environment and a big fat check every month! We will also discuss the following:

  • What Are Fun Jobs? How To Choose These Interesting Jobs In The World That Pay Well?
  • What Is The Average Salary For Unique Jobs That Pay Well?
  • List Of Over 60+ Fun Jobs That Pay Well
  • How To Get Fun High Paying Jobs Without A Degree?
  • How To Get Unique Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree?

What Are Fun Jobs? How To Choose One For You?

Before we start discussing what are some of the fun, interesting jobs that pay well, we would first like to discuss what do we mean by “fun jobs”? It’s important to note that “fun job” is a very subjective concept, everyone has their own idea of fun based on what they need in a job and want from it. We already discussed how some people enjoy working in challenging, demanding jobs, while some look for a less stressful workplace environment. But still, fun jobs are essentially your way of making a living by indulging in doing work or a job that you like and keeps you well-paid. So how do you decide one for you, what are some factors that you should know before deciding that this is the job that appeals to you. Of course other than salary and work-life balance, there are other points to remember when you want to apply for any job. These are:

  • Ask yourself, what are certain tasks, duties or responsibilities that you most enjoy doing in college or your former workplace?
  • Are there any tasks that you do and make you feel like time flies by quickly?
  • Do you strongly feel about some values, causes or missions? 
  • Don’t forget to consider your best limits & capabilities, it helps you find a perfect balance in work and personal life.

So ask yourself these questions before you decide to apply for a job. However, having said that, it's okay if your answers are not related to work or align with your career growth. Not everything has to be about goals or numbers. You can still find a job that pays you well based on what you like to do as a hobby. For example, if you are quite passionate about tasting, analyzing a wide variety of food and have valuable opinions to share, you can be a food critic or a food taster.

60+ High Paying Fun Jobs That Pay Well: Your Dream List

It doesn’t matter if you want to enter hospitality, sports, technology, or another field; you can always find high-paying jobs without a degree. We’ve scouted multiple job portals and talked to experts that are in unique jobs that pay well and have put together a list of highest paying IT jobs. But remember that everyone has their idea of what makes a job “fun,” and this list excludes all fun careers that pay well in the world. But we are sure some of you will find your dream jobs that pay well. Your calling, so here’s the list:

1. Video Game Designers

Individuals who design the various aspects of a video game: content, rules, genres, and themes to ensure a smooth and user-friendly playing experience are called video game designers.

Fun Part: Not only do you have fun creating video game content, but you also enjoy the game when you test it for other users. Win-win!

Average Win-win Salary: $75,916 a year

2. Ethical Hacker

As a Certified Ethical Hacker, you infiltrate different computers and systems to uncover any vulnerabilities or breaches to avoid any sort of malware attack or cyber threats.

Fun Part: Do you get paid to hack systems? Well, yes, you do.

Average Base Salary: $100,00 per year

Here is a comprehensive guide post on How to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker!

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3. Master Sommelier

The job of a Master Sommelier is to purchase, collect and recommend wine collections to chefs, managers, or guests and supervise wine serving to pair up with the food menu. It surely lists as one of the fun jobs that pay well.

Fun Part: You can show your love for wine beyond drinking it.

Average Base Salary: falls between $47,561 and $76,152

4. Professional Video Game Player

As a video gamer, you play video games to participate in tournaments and competitions or for the audience’s entertainment. What more could you ask for? For all the gamers out there, here is your chance at careers that pay well along with having fun.

Fun Part: You get paid for video games.

Annually Salary: $94,566 a year

5. Social Media Manager

You are responsible for overseeing a company or organization’s social media platforms, creating content for every channel, and ensuring that it aligns with the brand’s voice, personality & goals. Going for a social media marketing manager career gives you one of the highest paying IT jobs. Enrolling in social media marketing training and certification course opens unlimited opportunities in the digital world.

Fun Part: You are getting paid for spending time on social media! Isn't it the definition of cool jobs that pay well?

Average Base Salary: $58,036 a year

6. Content Writer

As a content writer, you write marketing copies, guides, or blog posts on various industry-related topics and are responsible for proofreading content before publication. So if you are looking for careers that pay well, this might be your answer.

Fun Part: If you love to weave words out of thin air and also like to get paid for it.

Average Base Salary: $64,186 a year 

7. Graphic Designer

A graphic design job is suitable for you if you love playing with layouts. Besides, it is counted among the most cool jobs that pay well. Here, you create visual designs and elements regarding websites, advertising material, or marketing copies for print and digital collateral. 

Fun Part: Get paid to illustrate ideas and concepts as visually appealing as possible. Did someone say fun jobs? We heard Graphic Designer.

Average Base Salary: $50,374 a year

8. Digital Marketer

As a digital marketer, you are responsible for cementing a brand’s online presence through various digital marketing strategies, either focusing on social media or website development. That is why it tops the list of easy high paying jobs.

Fun Part: You play with social media platforms, tweak massive data, and get paid for it. 

Average Base Salary: Falls between $108,671 and $138,796.

Want to know more about this career option? Here is a complete guide to digital marketing career path and salary.

9. Vlogger/Blogger

Your job as a Vlogger or Blogger is to create, write and edit content (video) that can be promotional, inspirational, or informational on different social media platforms. Nowadays, working as a blogger is on trend, and people consider it one of the top fun high paying jobs. 

Fun Part: Pick a camera and record yourself speaking about everything and anything.

Average Base Salary: $48,953 a year

10. Personal Shopper

Your job as a Personal Shopper is to help your clients make the best purchasing decisions, process shopping orders, and check on deliveries and returns of purchased items. Everyone loves shopping, so this profession is among the best unique jobs that pay well. 

Fun Part: Shop on someone else’s money and make them look good!

Average Base Salary: $29,284 a year

11. Social Media Influencer

In this social world, social media influencer is on top of the list of fun jobs that pay a lot of money. This is an amalgamation of vlogging, content writing, and blogging to develop and execute influencer campaigns to connect a brand with its targeted audience. It is one of the easiest jobs that pay well.

Fun Part: Get paid for making people listen to you

Average Base Salary: $65,528 a year

12. Supercar Driving Instructor

As a Supercar Driving Instructor, you not only possess a thorough understanding of supercars but should be able to provide driving experience/instructions to customers professionally. Won't you agree it is one of the cool jobs that pay well?

Fun Part: Get paid for being into (Supercars) the likes of Ferraris, Bugattis, or Aston Martins.

Average Base Salary: falls between $51,165 and $61,819.

Also, if you wish to make a career in IT but are confused, you're not alone. Other people have self-doubts as well. Read our blog on 3 habits to overcome your self-doubts to join IT.

13. Web Designer & Developer

As a Web designer, you plan, develop and code different websites. You also look over the layout and the overall design of any site to create aesthetically appealing website templates or designs. If you are in search of good jobs that pay well, you can consider this as a career.

Fun Part: Use your technical skills and creativity and get rewarded. 

Average Base Salary [Web Designer]: $67,785 a year

Average Base Salary [Web Developer]: $82,268 a year

14. Dog Walker

You take care of pets by taking them on walks, engaging them in exercise and monitoring the pet’s behavior, and reporting or consulting in case of emergencies. This surpasses other fun high paying jobs.

Fun Part: It’s a perfect job for Dog lovers!

Average Base Salary: Falls between $26,887 and $41,081

15. Food Critic

We cannot miss Food Critic when you ask what are some easy high paying jobs without a degree are. A professional food critic evaluates & reviews the standard of a restaurant and its food quality and provides written copies to readers of magazines, newspapers, travel guides, or other websites. 

Fun Part: Get paid for having an excellent palate and an eye for detail.

Average Base Salary: $48,750 a year

16. Editor & Proofreader

As an Editor or Proofreader, you collaborate with other content writers to create and evaluate content for publications in print or online media. It is another option for the top fun jobs that make a lot of money.

Fun Part: You get to correct people now and then.

Average Base Salary [Proofreader]: Falls between $49,577 and $64,515.

Average Base Salary [Editor]: Falls between $65,107 and $85,494

17. Transcriptionist

One of the easiest jobs that pay well and is fun is a transcriptionist. As a professional Transcriptionist, you listen to recorded or live audio files or dictations and convert them by typing them into text format.

Fun Part: Get paid for having excellent typing speed & sharp ears.

Average Base Salary: $45,822 a year

18. Bed Tester

As a professional bed tester, you test different kinds of mattresses, pillows, bedding, and other sleep-related products to create an evaluative report on factors & elements that impact sleep. A bed tester is the most suitable option if you love sleeping and want to pursue similar fun jobs that pay well.

Fun Part: Get rewarded for sleeping through your day. 

Average Base Salary: Falls between $39,485 and $48,788

19. Photographer

You capture and edit visual content for multiple platforms and many industries. It can be in digital or print form. If you are passionate about photography, then it is one of the best careers that pay well.

Fun Part: Get paid and say “cheese.”

Average Base Salary: $70,949 a year.

Read our QA Tester’s Career Path blog for a rewarding career ahead.

20. Online Trainer

As an Online Trainer, you impart knowledge, guidance, instructions, tutorials, and other learning resources on the subject matter in your expertise. It can be a subject, language, activity, sports, or could be a lifestyle. Becoming an online trainer is one of the easiest jobs that pay well.

Fun Part: Best job for those who have a thing for engaging in lifelong learning.

Average Base Salary [Software Trainer]: $59,340 a year 

21. Island Keeper

What are other unique jobs that pay well? Island Keeper is a great career choice. In this job, you must tend to the cleanliness, safety, and maintenance of the structure you are hired to caretake. 

Fun Part: Do people get paid for working outdoors, like on an island? Yes, they do.

Average Base Salary: $33,073 a year

22. Food Taster

As the name suggests, you taste different foods and form an opinion on their various components, nutritional value, and taste or flavor. Apart from being a fun job, it is also listed in the list of fun careers that pay well. 

Fun Part: Get paid for eating a variety of food. 

Average Base Salary: $49,019 a year

23. Netflix Tagger

As a Netflix tagger, you watch content for the OTT platform and assign the video content designated information or “tags,” such as date, language, genre, cast, or crew details. In this busy world, this job allows you to watch shows while earning money. It can perfectly answer the question – What are fun jobs that pay well? 

Fun Part: You don’t only do Netflix and chill, but get paid for it.

Average Base Salary: R$39,067 a year

24. Data Scientists

Do you know what some interesting jobs that pay well? Becoming a successful data scientist is one of them. In this profession, you derive meaningful information from massive raw data acquired through multiple sources and build innovative business solutions.

Fun Part: Do you want to get paid for coding and identifying problems with code? We sure do.

Average Base Salary:  $124,568 a year.

Want to pursue a career in data science? Consider enrolling in a professional Data Science Online Certification Program!

25. Chief Listening Officer

A Chief listening officer is a good option in the list of fun jobs that pay a lot of money. As a Chief Listening Officer, you listen to the people in a company: from its employees, members, and customers to clients. You gauge how they feel about an organization and bridge any gaps in the communication chain.

Fun Part: Get rewarded for your excellent listening skills

Average Base Salary: $155,581 a year 

26. Animal Groomer

Professional animal groomers can find employment at a salon, a vet clinic, or their own private company. Most animals brought in for grooming are dogs, but occasionally you'll see a cat or an exotic species. Most pet groomers may anticipate working on 5 or more animals daily. Isnt it one of the most interesting jobs?

Fun Factor: Spending all day grooming lovely, fuzzy creatures.

Average Base Salary: $52,497 a year

27. Architect

Being an architect is one of the most enjoyable careers that pay well. But since architecture requires both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree, you'll need a solid educational foundation to succeed. To officially refer to yourself as an architect, you must also obtain certification by passing several tests. This is one of the fun careers that allow you to use your creativity and design talents.

Fun Factor: Designing homes, businesses, and other significant structures is enjoyable.

Average Base Salary: $140,000 a year

28. Art Director

The responsibility of directing the work of other designers and artists falls to the art director. Additionally, it is among the most fun jobs that pay well. Many businesses, including those in the media industries—television, cinema, newspapers, and museums allow applicants.

Fun Factor: Total control over a marketing or media campaign's visual elements and giving others instructions to bring that vision to life.

Average Base Salary: $94,161 

Additional Cash Compensation: $8,333

Total compensation: $102,494

29. Caterer

At events, from weddings to huge business parties, food is prepared, set up, and presented by caterers. It's a fantastic career option for fun jobs that pay well without a degree because you get to meet new people, go to places you otherwise wouldn't have access to, and try all kinds of tasty and unique meals. Someone needs to go home with all of that tasty food.

Fun Factor: Organizing events in intriguing locales and enjoying delectable foods and beverages adds to the fun factor.

Average Base Salary: $39,000 a year

30. Chef

You should concentrate on getting experience if you want a successful career as a chef. Gaining experience is the key to progressing in this position. To learn the ins and outs of the kitchen, start by shadowing other chefs, or try out new dishes by cooking for your friends.

A diploma is not required here, which makes this career option eligible among the fun and cool jobs that pay well without a degree.

Fun Factor: You're responsible for cooking those delectable delicacies that make patrons drool in anticipation at restaurants.

Average Base Salary:  $52,510 per year.

Do you need to figure out your career scope after your degree? Check out how to find a job after college.

 31. Chocolatier

The dream of becoming a chocolatier seemed to have come true. Except if you don't like chocolate, there is nothing about this profession that you wouldn't adore. You get to think of inventive methods to display and shape chocolate for the delight of others. If you have passion and earn the required skills and experience as a chocolatier, you may land one of the most cool jobs that pay well and have an excellent lifestyle.

Fun Factor: You get to prepare delectable chocolate delicacies and consume far too many samples. Not healthy, but definitely enjoyable for the taste buds.

Average Base Salary: $25,894 a year

32. Food Stylist

Food stylists, who work in the culinary arts, make sure that all the delicious foods you see in publications, commercials, and films look as appetizing as possible. It's similar to becoming a makeup artist; only you apply your talents to chicken nuggets, fruit, or other items. Still wondering about good paying careers?

Fun Factor: Your task is all about making food look nice. 

Average Base Salary: Falls between $64,961 and $80,472

33. Art therapist

Art therapy is what you get when you combine art with psychology. An art therapist can help people express their feelings via art by working in schools, psychiatric facilities, and veteran organizations after obtaining a master's degree. Since many jurisdictions need to recognize art therapy as a regulated practice, there are sadly few job openings in this industry but it makes good careers that pay well.

Fun Factor: Get the opportunity to work with art and psychology together. 

Average Base Salary: $47,482 a year

34. Music therapist

Similar to an art therapist, a music therapist typically works in mental health facilities, retirement homes, and schools to assist both children and adults in expressing themselves through music. Music therapists help children and adults express themselves through music in various settings—the ideal profession for someone who enjoys music and is searching fun high paying jobs.

Fun Factor: Get to spend time with music and help people through it. 

Average Base Salary: falls between $38,000 and $84,000 a year

Besides data science, many more career options in IT are in demand for various IT skills. Have a look at these top IT skills in demand

35. Lighting designer

Have you ever marveled at a concert's elaborate lighting display and wondered how you could land that position? Before advancing to professions in cities with high paying easy jobs options that are fun, lighting designers typically need stage-lighting experience at schools and in community theatre. If you're seeking lucrative careers, becoming a lighting designer is a great choice and is among the most fun jobs. 

Fun Factor: If you love light decoration, it is something that fascinates you. 

Average Base Salary: Falls between $46,111 and $69,491.

36. Stunt performer

Every action movie hero has a daring stunt double by their side. Stunt performers are paid a flat rate for the days they are required on set rather than being paid by the hour. According to the Screen Actors Guild, a stuntman or stuntwoman makes at least $52k annualy, while a stunt coordinator makes $58,806. It can be one of the fun careers that pay well for those who love engaging in action activities.

Fun Factor: This job allows you to engage in different stunts and activities. 

Average Base Salary [Stuntman]:  $39k-$71k

37. Brewmaster

Do you love trying different varieties of beers? Going for this profession can let you have one of the most fun jobs online. Brewmasters make beers, don't believe they get wasted every day even if they create a beer for a job. They must also test new recipes, clean the equipment, and travel on the weekends to events as part of their profession.

Fun Factor: Get to make and try different types of beers. 

Average Base Salary: $49,728 a year

38. Cruise director

The days on cruise ships are packed with events, including volleyball competitions, trivia contests, cooking lessons, bingo, storytime for youngsters, and happy hours for adults. A strong leader is required for all events to be planned and supervised. Here, you can become a cruise director and grab one of the most fun jobs that pay well.

Fun Factor: Become a part of a group enjoying different activities.

Average Base Salary: $63,705 a year

39. Wardrobe stylist

For fashion enthusiasts, selecting the ideal clothing for someone can be their perfect job. While independent personal stylists struggle to attract new clients in major cities, retail stores engage stylists to dress mannequins and create window displays. You need the experience to earn a high payout and work as a celebrity stylist. Definitely one of the cool jobs that pay well!

Fun Factor: Get to try different outfits and help people find the right one. 

Average Base Salary: $48,970 a year

40. Mystery shopper

Do you love shopping? And looking for fun jobs that pay well. Think of starting as a Mystery shopper. Like personal shoppers, mystery shoppers make purchases using other people's money, but in this case, the objective is to evaluate the store's cleanliness, customer service, and other factors.

Fun Factor: Enjoy shopping for different stuff without spending money

Average Base Salary: $33,150 a year

41. OTT Tagger

You're lucky if you've always wanted to be paid to watch shows. We have got one of the most fun high paying jobs for you. The massive streaming platforms employ workers to classify the movies and television episodes available online, adding relevant tags to enhance search functionality.

Fun Factor: Get paid for watching OTT shows. 

Average Base Salary: $101k a year.

42. Toy Designer

One of the most fun jobs that pay well available for someone with beautiful recollections of playing with their favorite toy as a youngster is becoming a toy designer. You'll have the opportunity to develop fascinating and pleasant toys for children of now and future generations (as well as some adults, maybe).

Fun Factor: Create exciting and attractive toys for kids

Average Base Salary: Falls between $67,317 and $85,632.

43. Statistician

Math is loved by many. If you fit this description and are open to earning an advanced degree, you should start a career as a statistician. With a salary of approximately $84,726 a year, you'll spend your whole day doing statistical analyses, gathering data, and drawing various findings. It can be one of good jobs that pay well for those who love playing with calculations and statistics. 

Fun Factor: Get to spend time with data, statistics, and calculations.

Average Base Salary: $84,726 a year

44. Astronomer

Another fun job that could excite you is - working as an astronomer! If you enjoy stargazing and have always been interested in the universe beyond our globe, this job is just right for you. After receiving your degree, you'll be able to observe, study, and analyze the universe. Additionally, you'll make about $122,187 yearly, which isn’t bad.

Fun Factor: Explore the universe and analyze beyond the globe

Average Base Salary: Falls between $118,897 and $139,409.

Our blog “How to choose the right career” will guide you through an incredible journey of knowledge and considerations.

45. Chauffeur

You might want to consider becoming a chauffeur if you like working with people and traveling. Compared to driving for rideshare, it is far more reliable. Additionally, you could be able to develop a relationship with a single passenger, which would make the work more satisfying than just the income.

Fun Factor: One of high paying easy jobs  with traveling and meeting new people

Average Base Salary: Falls between $32,875 and $45,395

46. Museum Curator

A career as a museum curator can be a great fit if you have a keen eye for art, antiquities, or historical artifacts. In most cases, you'll have to major in a relevant subject in college, such as art history or archaeology. Then, once you get a job, you might start making about $64,058 per year, making it among the top fun jobs that pay well. 

Fun Factor: Spend time with art and antiquities and learn about history. 

Average Base Salary: $64,821 a year

47. Interpreter

A career as an interpreter can be the ideal fit for you, apart from being one of the fun careers if you appreciate learning new languages and learning about other cultures. You'll make it possible for people who don't speak the same language to converse clearly, which is tremendously satisfying. Additionally, you can pursue a career path that interests you by specializing in areas like law or medicine while earning roughly $42,000 per year.

Fun Factor: Learn new languages and cultures. 

Average Base Salary: Falls between $29,000 and $60,000 a year 

48. Marine Biologist

Why not start a career as a marine biologist if you have a strong interest in marine life and are open to earning a Bachelor's degree? You'll get the opportunity to study, take care of, and learn about these species' behaviors, which may be both fascinating and rewarding. Additionally, you will be able to earn a respectable salary of around $85,426 per year while having a fun career. 

Fun Factor: Explore marine life. 

Average Base Salary: $85,426 a year

49. Detective

Do you enjoy being sneaky, piecing together hints, and looking for fun jobs that pay well?  Think of being a detective. While a detective's profession is exciting and necessitates good problem-solving skills, the stakes are not usually as high as in TV crime dramas. Detectives' dedication to justice pays off because their salaries can reach six figures.

Fun Factor: Challenge your problem-solving skills

Average Base Salary: $36,076 a year

50. Magician

Here's another option in this fun job list that pays well. It even allows you to fulfill a childhood fantasy. You can keep people guessing and exercise your creative muscles by being a professional magician. American magicians who dazzle and motivate audiences of all ages can earn over $216,052 annually.

Fun Factor: Live your dream job if you love magic. 

Average Base Salary: $216,052 a year

51. Concert Promoter

Promoters of concerts are relatively recent professions. Music aficionados generally handle a lot of the behind-the-scenes duties, as well as planning and creating musical performances. The obligation is excellent, and the reward enormous because it's all the stuff that has to happen to pull off a flawless, fantastic concert.

Fun Factor: Work with music and light to organize a concert.

Average Base Salary: $35,876 a year.

A List Of Some More Fun Jobs That Pay Well

52. Speech-Language Pathologists

They are healthcare professionals who help with speech and communication with swallowing disorders. They are the ones who assess, diagnose, and provide therapy to improve speech and language skills. They work in different settings, including schools, hospitals, and private practices. 

Fun factor: Have the rewarding job of helping people and witnessing remarkable transformations in their clients’ abilities.

The average Salary is between $62,340 and $117,706 a year

53. Human Resources Managers

Play a paramount role in organizations, overlooking employee recruitment, training, and management. They guarantee compliance with employment laws, develop HR policies, and manage employee relations. 

Fun factor: The HR managers play a pivotal role in any organization by shaping the workplace culture and ensuring the employees have a positive, productive environment.

Average Salary: Falls between $102,581 and $130,335 a year

54. Park Rangers

Park Rangers work in state or national parks, forests, and recreational areas, securing the safety and fun of the visitors. They are liable for delivering knowledge, safeguarding and fending natural resources, and upholding educational programs when required. 

Fun factor: They can enjoy their days outdoors with nature and share their love for the environment with others, turning it into a fulfilling experience.

Average Salary: Falls between $22,000 and $72,000 a year

55. Event Planners

The event planner’s main task is to coordinate and organize various events, from weddings and business meetings to festivals and conferences. They are in full charge of handling logistics, budget, etc, and make sure everything runs smoothly without any hindrance. This comes under their prime responsibility.

Fun factor: It can be an exciting and dynamic career, offering the opportunity to create memorable memories for the clients and attendees, making it a fun and creative career.

Average Salary is $54,156 a year

56. Dental Hygienists

They work along with dentists to deliver preventive dental care. They are accountable for cleaning teeth, taking X-rays, and enlightening patients on oral hygiene best practices. 

Fun factor: They are satisfied with promoting good oral health and often enjoy flexible working schedules, making it an easy and rewarding profession. 

The average Salary is $90,951 a year

 57. Illustrator

The iIllustrator’s main objective is to create appealing visual content for various media, such as television, books, magazines, and social media, and multiple other digital platforms. They utilize their creativity and artistic skills to convey messages in a beautiful visual way.

Fun factor: It is a cool and creative job that pays well because the illustrators turn their passion for art into a profession. 

Average Salary: $70,904 a year

58. Virtual Assistant

It is an interesting job for anyone who loves remote opportunities. Virtual assistants remotely deliver administrative help and assistance to clients and businesses. They manage jobs like email management, scheduling, data entry, etc.

Fun factor: They often enjoy the flexibility of working from home or anywhere in the world, making it a convenient and adaptable job.

Average Salary: $39,281 a year

59. Voice Actor

These professionals use their voices to bring characters to life with their amazing talent. They work in various sectors like commercials, audiobooks, and more. They often work in recording studios and need to create different voices and tones for the specific needs of characters.

Fun factor: It is a unique and interesting profession where they get to use their vocal talents, making it a fun job with potential for high earnings. 

Average Salary: $45,913 a year

60. Online Advertising Marketer

This is a job for people interested in the Online world. Online advertising marketers develop and execute digital advertising campaigns to promote products and services. They analyze the target audience, optimize strategies, and track the efficacy of online advertising campaigns. They are at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.

Fun factor: They leverage technology and creativity to reach and engage with audiences, making it a dynamic and well paying career. 

Average Salary: $63,240 a year

61. Product Reviewer 

As product reviewers, they have the delightful task of testing and reviewing a variety of products, from newly launched gadgets to any and every kind of product, and then sharing their honest opinions through written or video reviews.

Fun factor: These fun jobs that pay well offer flexibility to work independently. A fun fact about this job role is that you get early access to new products and experience them before they hit the market.

Average Salary: $57,204 per year

Now that you've discovered the most fun jobs in every field, find out which fun jobs offer the highest pay! Before we move further, look at this Ultimate Guide to List Technical Skills On Resume.

Tips To Get High Paying Fun Jobs Without A Degree or Experience!

So, now you know some fun jobs that pay well. But while some of them require you to have some level of degree or experience, not many of them ask you for them. So, yes, you could earn 5 or 6 figures annually without a degree or experience. How? Well, follow these quick tips to know how you can also get a cool job that pays well at the same time refer to these top high paying jobs without a degree could actually earn in 5 or 6 figures annually without a degree or experience. How? Well, follow these quick tips to know how you can also get a cool job that pays well:

1. Utilize the Experience You Already Have

It’s not like you don’t have any experience in a fun job that pays well. You must have learned something or been part of a course, club or even a project that could instil in you the skills or qualities that can get you a job after college or school. For instance, you might not have studied Art in college but you know how to use Adobe or know your ways around the Stencil on iPad, right? So use that for your Illustrator portfolio and create something amazing.

2. Upgrade Your Skills For Higher Pay

If you miss out on the senior-level position because of having no experience, then don’t worry, you can always start working your way up from the bottom. Additionally, the list has many roles that require you to have some IT skills, IT certifications, or training and are fun jobs that pay well. All you have to do is upskill your current skills before applying for a job. If you want to be a Data Scientist, you need to learn data science skills, so enroll in data science courses to enhance your chances of getting high paying fun jobs.

Data Science Training - Using R and Python

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3. It’s Time for Networking

Attend workshops, seminars, community, or any professional development programs to widen your network. Networking not only helps you to meet like-minded people but also to learn from the experts in your field. Additionally, networking also creates opportunities for you to get involved in activities or events that open the door for future career growth prospects. Take advantage of being surrounded by people with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the area or subject you want to excel in. You don’t know; you might get inspired to add on to your current knowledge bank to put more soft or technical skills on your resume!

4. Become Your Own Boss

If nothing else works and you are still hunting to get high paying fun jobs, then you can always be your own boss! Meaning, either you can work as a freelancer or start your own business. There are plenty of options for you to choose from cool jobs that pay well, such as Blogger, Photographer, Illustrator, or even Social Media influencer. But whatever route you want to opt for, be careful about how and where you are investing, whether it’s your time, money, or efforts. Your job needs to be something that interests you, and you are good at it, something that you see yourself doing for fun and pays you well. Half-hearted attempts to own a business or be a freelancer will be a waste of time, effort, and money.

When you are preparing for your career, think of joining the JanBask Training Community, where you can learn from industry experts and get their advice.


Don’t we all enjoy doing a job that is fun and pays us well without us having to throw away the work-life balance? While it will be awesome to get any of the above-mentioned fun jobs that pay well, we would recommend you really go for the job that you really have a passion for. After all, no job, whether it's a high-paying or low-paying job, stress-free or stressful job, is going to make you happy if you don’t have passion or interest in it. Yes, even 7 or 8 figures can’t keep you stuck in the job! So take time to decide your career path, even if you want to pursue our “fun jobs that pay well” list. Remember, there is no bad choice, only a hasty one. 

But once you have decided on your interest, acquire the necessary qualifications or skills, then  just break out of the daily grind! We hope this blog about many fun jobs that pay well has given you the required insights into what they are and how to pick one. And good for you, these are not your only options when it comes to fun careers that pay well without the tension that comes with a demanding role. You can find your career path outside these 60+ positions and still rock it. 

So no matter how long it takes you to find one, keep searching and once you do find an interesting job that pays you right and makes you feel good, grab it!

Don’t forget to enroll in JanBask Training’s QA Training & Certification Courses to stay ahead of the competition & ace your career!

Did you like our list of cool jobs that pay well? Or did we miss any high paying fun jobs? Drop us the role in the comment section, we’d love to hear from you!


Q1.  How Do I Choose a Career?

Ans:- First, begin by evaluating your interests and investigating associated career paths. Getting an education is the next good step since few careers require a bachelor’s degree and some others just require vocational or actual work experience so that you can start working sooner. Hence when choosing a career find out if the academic requirements needed seem attainable for you. After that evaluate other factors such as job growth, average base salaries, and career advancement options in a career where you wish to grow. 

Q2. What Are the Best Career Options?

Ans:- As everybody’s choice of an ideal career is not the same, getting relevant education is amongst the best career choices you can make to be in different fields because when professionals earn higher degrees, their average base salaries increase which leads to a reduction in unemployment, as stated by Bureau of Labor Statistics Data. 

Q3. Which Career Provides the Highest Happiness?

Ans:- There are numerous jobs that provide the highest job satisfaction such as database administrator, recruiter, designer, etc. You need to evaluate factors such as salary range, work-life balance, and meaningfulness of the work when projecting a bright future.  

Q4. What Is the Most Sought-after Career?

Ans:- Some of the most in-demand careers are in technology and business fields which offer above-average salaries. Other careers in data science or IT are the most popular professions.

Q5. Which Jobs are the Most Fun Jobs That Pay Well?

Ans:- Since we’ve listed a combination of low-stress job roles with high job satisfaction and the best jobs in all, after scrutinizing the data from various sources. Here are a few of the most fun jobs that pay well.

  • Chocolatiers
  • Statisticians
  • Data Scientists
  • Digital Marketers
  • Personal Shoppers
  • Video Game Players

Q6. How Do I Reach Out To You?

Ans:- If you want to know more about our super engaging training courses, drop in your details or join our demo class for your preferred course or you can contact us @

Q7. Do You Provide Any Type of Certification Support?

Ans:- Once you complete your course, you get specialized training sessions on certification examination wherein you’ll get to learn about different advanced skills related to your preferred course. Also, you’ll learn a few good methods to manage your time and study.

Q8. How Does JanBask Training Differ From Other Training Institutions?

Ans:- JanBask Training provides an ultimate virtual classroom equipped with the latest next-gen technology to make you're learning a seamless experience for you.

Q9. Will You Provide Any Assistance During the Course?

Ans:-Certainly! Our expert team of online training believes in supporting our learners most wonderfully. We provide all-time support not only at the time of training but even when you visit our website. We’re easily approachable to clear your doubts, queries, or guidance. 

Q10. What type of study material Do You Provide?

Ans:- We offer a plethora of learning resources in different structures and forms including e-books, informational blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. to supplement whatever you learn from the online training session. Not just this, after every session, you’ll receive the recording for anytime access.


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