Cyber Security

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Cyber Security Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Cyber Security Course Training

Introduction to Cyber Security

    • Understanding of Hacking Landscape, Threat, Attack and Vulnerabilities
      • Introduction to Cyber Security
      • Skills of Ethical Hacker
      • Protocols and Port Numbers
      • Kali Installation and Introduction
      • Lab Installation

Footprinting and Reconnaissance

    • Footprinting and Reconnaissance
      • Introduction to Linux and File Management
      • Gathering information
      • Gathering information (OSINT)
      • Practice Lab
      • Mock Test

Scanning, Enumeration, Vulnerability Analysis and Malware Threats

    • Scanning, Enumeration and Vulnerability Analysis
      • Active and Passive Enumeration
      • Active and Passive Enumeration (Practical)
      • Vulnerability Assessment
      • Vulnerability Assessment (Nessus/OpenVAs Installation)
      • Practice Lab
    • Malware Threats
      • Vulnerability Assessment (Nessus/OpenVAs Practical)
      • Ransomware Analysis
      • Virus deployment Practical
      • How to make your trojan fully undetectable
      • Practice Lab

Social Engineering, Network and System Hacking

    • Social Engineering
      • How to make your trojan fully undetectable (Practical)
      • social engineering attack
      • social engineering attack (Practical)
      • Introduction to Firewall
      • Mock test
    • Network and System Hacking
      • Session Hijacking Concepts and Techniques
      • Forged Authentication attack
      • OS Authentication Architecture
      • Bad USB attack/System Hacking
      • Practice Lab

Hacking, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

    • Hacking Mobile Platform, Overview of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
      • IoT/Mobile apps hacking attacks
      • Cryptography Concepts and Tools
      • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
      • Cryptography Tools/ Steganography
      • Mock Test
    • Hacking Wireless Network and Web Application
      • Wi-Fi Technical Details
      • Web Hacking Concept
      • Find Login pages and email login
      • Web Server Hacking
      • Practice Lab

Testing, Security Compliance and Audit

    • Penetration Testing Technique
      • Tools for SQL injection ( SQL map )
      • Buffer Overflow
      • Penetration Testing
      • Introduction to HTB & Vulnhub
      • Report Writing
    • Understanding Security Compliance and Audit
      • Mock Test
      • Security Compliances
      • Security Audit
      • Wrapping up
      • F&Q

Course Curriculum

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