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Salary Structure of Data Scientist in USA

Salary Structure of Data Scientist

Data science offers a capable way to deal with making powerful discoveries that can change your company’s future. By joining parts of software engineering, insights, and perception, data science can turn the tremendous measures of data that today’s advanced IT age produces into new learning. The correct direction in this career given by a special data science expert who can help the understudies to acquire accreditations, dream jobs, and the much-needed deep-seated knowledge to carve a niche for themselves.

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Data science includes utilizing mechanized strategies and information examination devices to break down colossal measures of information and to extract patterns and discoveries from them. New branches of science and affecting regions of sociology and humanities are being made with the assistance of these computerized data investigation devices and strategies.

You must be wondering who a Data scientist is, what is this big fuss about this career, what must be the average Salary of Data Scientist etc. Worry not, we got your back. Today we would deal with the various aspects related to the career of a Data Scientist and the data science salary throughout the blog.

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The Average Salary Of A Data Scientist Based On Roles

Before we jump-start with data scientists’ average salary based on’ roles. Let us have a quick look at the Data Science concept and why it has gone so useful for the organization? Data Science is the investigation of different logical processes and frameworks to extract learning from the data produced in either organized or an unstructured shape. Data Analytics is a thriving field because of the exponential development of data made with the present advanced innovations and tools.

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Data Science is a mix of different apparatuses, tools, calculations, and machine learning standards with the objective to find concealed examples from the crude information. Data Science is a more forward-looking methodology, an exploratory path with the detailed attention on investigating the past or current information and foreseeing the future results with the point of settling on educated choices. It answers the open-finished inquiries with respect to "what" and "how" certain events happen.

To name a few job roles,  and job titles associated with the field of Data Science, here is a list of data science salary, job roles, and responsibility-


A). Business Intelligence Analyst

A BI Analyst utilizes information to help make sense of market and business trends by breaking down information to build up a clearer picture of where the organization stands. The  data scientist average salary or data scientist salary of a business intelligence analyst is:

Business Intelligence Analyst- $80,000-$100,000

B). Data Mining Engineer

The Data Mining Engineer looks at the data for their own business as well as for third-party outsiders. Notwithstanding breaking down data, a data mining engineer will make complex calculations to help examine the data further. If you are new as a data mining engineer then you should know that data scientist salary entry level or data scientist average salary of data mining engineer is:

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Data Mining Engineer- $100,000- $120,000

C). Data Architect

Data Architects work intimately with clients, framework creators, and designers to make outlines that data administration frameworks use to concentrate, incorporate, keep up, and secure various information sources. The data scientist salary entry level  for a data architect ranges from:

Data Architect- $90,000- $ 110,000

D). Data Scientist

Data Scientists start by making an interpretation of a business case into an examination plan, creating speculations, and understanding information—and additionally investigating examples to gauge what effect they will have on organizations. They additionally find and pick calculations to enable further break down of information.

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Data scientist utilizes business examination to not just clarify what impact the information will have on an organization later on, however, they can likewise help in devising arrangements that will help the organization to advance at a later stage. On an average a data scientist entry level salary range from:

Data Scientist-$120,000- $140,000

E). Senior Data Scientist

A Senior Data Scientist can anticipate what a business’s future needs will be. Keeping aside the social affair information, they additionally examine it all together keeping in mind the end goal to determine profoundly complex business issues effectively.

Through their experience, they can configure as well as drive forward the making of new models and make approaches to utilize factual information and also create devices to enable further examination of the information and the data sets. A senior data scientist average salary or data scientist salary fall in between:

Senior Data Scientist- $ 180,000-$220,000

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Data Scientists Salaries Based On Certifications

Here is a list that contains a brief about the most renowned Data Science Certification

Data Scientist Salary

A. Dell EMC Proven Professional Certification program

Once you pass the Dell EMC certification exam, you're viewed as a "Certified Professional," which tells employing supervisors and selection representatives that you have the vital aptitudes they need in their data researcher.

B. Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP: DS)

CCP DS is the industry's first active foundational information science affirmation to have a recognition all over the globe helping bosses to recognize world-class profoundly talented data researchers.

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C. Coursera Johns Hopkins Data Science Certification

Coursera offers data science specialization through a progression of short courses and a capstone venture subsequent to finishing a set of 9 modules. Applicants selecting for all the information science modules are qualified for a Data Science Certification.

D. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

CAP offers a merchant nonpartisan certification, which can indicate scouts and enlist chiefs that you aren't a one-sided professional restricted to particular programming or administration.

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E. SAS Academy of Data Science

The SAS Academy for Data Science incorporates three projects: one that focuses on enormous data aptitudes, another which focuses on data examination abilities and a third program that incorporates the two-data investigation and big data examination abilities.

Once you have your certification, you will begin hunting for a job. That is why you need to know what to expect when you enter the profession. Data Scientist’s Salary varies according to the number of certifications, experience in the field and the seniority factor also plays a major role.

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The average salary for a fresher Data Scientist salary entry level who is employed in an IT organization is $91,000 per year. The average salary of data scientists having 5-10 years of experience is $109,000 per year. The Data scientist with more than 10 years of experience had an average salary of approximately $124,000 per year.

The Data Scientist Salary Structure Based On Locations

Data scientists and researchers are a blend of mathematicians, trend catchers, and PC researchers. The data scientist’s part is to disentangle vast volumes of information and to facilitate examination to discover trends in the information and pick up a more profound knowledge of what everything implies. Data scientists work between the business and IT universes and drive ventures by examining complex datasets to coax out bits of knowledge that organizations can use into activities.

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Data scientists mine and break down information from a huge range of sources, including client exchanges, clickstreams, sensors, web-based social networking, log documents and GPS plots. Their central goal is to open profitable and prescient bits of knowledge that will impact business choices and goad an upper hand.

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Let’s us take a look at the salary trends in various states of USA. Here is a quick tour on average salaries in Florida, New York, California, Virginia, Chicago, and Seattle.

Florida- $110,393 New York - $135,737
 Data Scientist Salary  Data Scientist Salary
California- $123,822 Virginia- $106,690
 Data Scientist Salary  Data Scientist Salary
Chicago- $129,219 Seattle – $115,637
 Data Scientist Salary  Data Scientist Salary

A data scientist who has got the skills of Big Data, R, ML, Python also along with the skills of Data Science earns even more, the data Scientist Salary structure of (Florida, New York, California, Virginia, and more) is comparatively 8% higher than that of the professionals who have only data science skills.

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Since there is a huge demand-supply gap for most product-based companies, as well as the start-ups, are hiring data scientists having the skills in the technologies mentioned above and are willing to pay the average salary of Data Scientist as $130,000 roughly.

Wrapping up:

Companies like Paytm, Exotel, Pepperfry, Voonik, Go-Jek, and Razorpay are estimated to hire the right talent from data science streams and various engineering colleges this 2018. To name a few more companies, there are companies such as Mu Sigma, Credence, Amazon, Fractal and ZS Associates, etc. who are also looking to hire Data Scientists for their organizations.

Well, this is all we have in store for you today. I hope that we were able to clarify the concepts related to the data science salary structure. If you’re thinking about starting your career in analytics as well as data science then you should start your homework today. Get the training and certification, gain experience and apply. You have a fair idea about Data Scientist Salary and the average salary of Data Scientist, make the right choice today.

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