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Who Is A Devops Architect And How To Become One?


There was a time when architects were known for planning, designing, and reviewing the construction of buildings. But time has changed now! We are not thinking of a replacement! But we are talking about DevOps architect who performs similar tasks but with the use of various technologies and processes. Things might be clear now that we need both the architects. There are many job titles associated with DevOps like DevOps Engineer, DevOps Architect, Release Engineer, Automation Architect, Build Engineer, Developer Operations Engineer, etc. In this blog, we’ll be talking about DevOps Architect.

The Persona of a DevOps Architect

Before understanding the persona of DevOps Architect, let us understand what exactly defines the term DevOps. DevOps is the collaborative term of Development and Operations. Development involves tasks like the test, build, code, and plan; whereas, Operations involve tasks like monitor, release, deploy, and operate. DevOps essentially empowers development and operation teams to work in a collaborative manner. It decreases the time that is taken by teams to monitor the changes. DevOps environments can be practiced by means of different tools, technologies, and procedures. It basically signifies the snappy method to create programming with the most extreme productivity.

Do you have what it takes to become a DevOps Architect?

Do you have what it takes to become a DevOps Architect?

1). Soft Skills and Communication Skills

DevOps is a mix of development and operation. In this way, a DevOps job needs a superb level of communication. In addition, you can't overlook Empathy. Recollect that your sympathy will give you an outlook. Contentions and clashes are very basic in a team. This is the place empathy ability will be estimated.

When discussing DevOps abilities, we can't overlook trustworthiness. It is the duty of a DevOps architect to unite individuals from various IT divisions. Thus, you should keep up the most significant level of trustworthiness while doing this.

2). Adequate Knowledge about Different Source Control Systems

In detail, such frameworks are the essential DevOps tools that lead to consummate coordination between different developers. As DevOps unites specialists from different departments, they have to find out about source control frameworks. The frameworks track the changes in various applications. Plus, it maintains different versions of the application. Here are some significant reasons why such frameworks matter:

  • Takes out issues of reliance in various applications
  • Influences DevOps performance level
  • Aides in creating dependable and compelling applications

You additionally need to find out about different DevOps tools. For instance, Git, Selenium, Docker, Puppet, Chef, Nagios, Jenkins, Ansible, Splunk, Ell Stack, etc.

3). Persistent Integration Skills

One of the basic DevOps abilities is persistent integration, or you can say PI. It is a huge piece of the Build Pipeline. DevOps utilizes a solitary framework for both the operational and development team. In this way, what Persistent Integration does is it blends engineers to code with the master copy. With such expertise, one can combine the information successfully. In this way, ensure you realize how to utilize CI tools, for instance, VSTS, Bamboo, or Jenkins. A certification can approve your skills and give them acknowledgment.

4). Information about Containers

Containers offer three distinct ideas about DevOps. These are ceaseless experimentation, flow, and feedback. These are three fundamental mainstays of DevOps. We should think about them in detail. When all is said in done, it functions as a Silo. At the point when you are in the holder, at that point there is no compelling reason to consider the framework. In a container, every one of the tasks is done acceptably. This is a flow.

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Besides, a compartment separates the software and furthermore lets you acquire fast criticism from the clients. Additionally, it makes the application testing process significantly simpler. To work in such a domain, you have to find out about Docker technology. This is one of the most requesting DevOps abilities.

5). Aptitudes and Knowledge about Various Infrastructure Automation Tools

One of the basic components during the time spent in software development is Automation. Almost all the manual assignments can be automated utilizing different scripting languages. For instance, Ruby, Bash, Python, Node, Shell, etc. By computerizing all tasks, you can quickly develop the development and deployment process. In the event that you are intending to push forward in this like, and afterward ensure you realize how to utilize automation tools. In addition, remember to find out about computerization tools.

6). Cloud Service Knowledge

In the event that you get some information about probably the best DevOps abilities sought after, at that point, this is one of those aptitudes. With time, rivalry in the product advancement industry is multiplying. Following this, every one of the organizations is presently trying their best to sophisticate the procedure. Furthermore, for this, they are currently enormously utilizing different cloud administrations. In this way, you have to get information about various cloud stages and their administrations. This is something significant for both DevOps and cloud architect engineers. Some portion of the significant cloud administrations is Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and IBM. We should know why the cloud is so significant in DevOps.

  • As you realized what is robotization, utilizing distinctive cloud administrations DevOps architects make the computerization procedure a lot simpler.
  • Cloud is a decent spot to backup all the data. Through cloud server replication, you can reestablish the data and start working.
  • Cloud helps in Orchestration. In detail, it is a procedure of mechanization. It offers better control and coordination in the robotization procedure. A portion of the significant arrangement tools is Ansible, Puppet, and Chef.
  • Cloud administrations offer some valuable apparatuses to screen different applications.
  • It helps in creating and conveying the application quicker.

Along these, if you need to appreciate extraordinary accomplishment as a DevOps architect, at that point obtain such abilities.

7). Security Skills

Each organization gives the greatest need for security, particularly with regards to creating and deploying coding. Hackers can hack the system, and that can influence the whole procedure. Along these lines, DevOps architect should realize how to compose exceptionally secure codes to prevent the applications safe from hacking or attacks. The attacks may incorporate XSS attacks, SQL attacks, and the sky's the limit from there. If you have adequate knowledge and aptitudes in security, at that point you effectively get a new line of work in this field.

8). Information on Testing

The essential obligation of a DevOps architect is to quicken the way toward conveying the product to the clients. Yet, consider the possibility that there are bunches of bugs in the product. When all is said in done, in programming or applications, quality issues the most. Along these lines, DevOps architects should utilize nonstop testing of their works. Along these, remember to get this ability in the event that you are considering going after DevOps positions.

To make the term testing clear for you, here is a little insight concerning it. All the presumed organizations, for example, Google, Netflix, Amazon, and more they perform distinctive testing. For instance, an application's heap trying, execution, security, and regression testing.

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9). Scripting Skills

All the DevOps architects need to get a great ability in code scripting. In detail, you have to pick up composing codes utilizing Ruby, Python, Java, Perl, and the sky's the limit from there. It is the duty of a specialist to compose manual codes, supplanting a manual procedure, for instance, DNS codes, IP locations, and then some.

10). Aptitudes of Collaboration

Recollect that DevOps builds never work for their own objectives. They work in a group. In this way, if any issue emerges, they should help others in tackling the issues. The key is the factor of compassion. Another significant point is, engineers, want to work in various little clumps. It lets different staff work accurately.

What exactly does a DevOps Architect do?

Let us understand this by taking a glimpse of the daily routine of a DevOps Architect.

It has been many years in the IT industry that we are getting DevOps aspirants trained at JanBask Training. We asked about the daily routine of a DevOps Architect to one of our DevOps certified student Janes. Let’s see what he replied-

I think at its core, as a DevOps architect, you address the issues of the business and you have to continually consider value streams and analyze those practices which are not contributing value to the product itself. In that capacity, I think the job of a DevOps architect is to set up the tools which help to decrease operational waste and streamline the worth steams which feed the product you are launching.

Personally, I work for an organization that has been around for around 25 years and has a great deal of "Social Debt" (rehearses which lead to waste and "technical debt"). A decent piece of my activity is reminding Developers and Management that a portion of these practices are enemies of those and lead to issues that lessen throughput. To appropriately do this, I attempt to keep up on current prescribed procedures and give close consideration to how those accepted procedures can be set up at the organization.

Maintaining the DevOps toolchain is obviously my essential duty. I keep up the entirety of the construct servers and development support systems, for example, the issue tracking system, Nagios server, Jenkins server and nodes, Finalbuilder configurations, I am additionally the DBA for the Development databases, and I administer the script and framework interop development effort for these frameworks. Janes said, he likewise handles software licensing. I likewise manage new engineer preparing and dev toolchain documentation.

On a commonplace day, I play fireman/operations man for about 40% of my day (this is down from about 80%). This time will be spent through fixing issues with the assembled servers, helping to diagnose build failures, helping new developers with issues and getting their environments set up. I manage all development client account organizations (for example Issue tracking records and group strategies, source control accounts and source control repo support).

The other 60% of my day is spent on toolchain designing and engineering.

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To the extent Linux, I work for a Windows-based organization, however, the DevOps framework is essentially Linux based. Apparently, you could construct a DevOps framework utilizing Windows without an excess of difficulty however I think Linux is a greatly improved stage for this so I incline toward it. Doing things like getting everything working under Chef or Puppet will be simpler because the support for Linux is stronger. Additionally, a great deal of DevOps devices was made for Linux.

DevOps is likely in any event 60% about social change and 40% about having the correct tools set up. It is one thing to start up a Jenkins server however in the event that individuals disregard their construct disappointment messages and do stuff like look at in terrible code without confirming their progressions locally that toolchain won't be as valuable. As a DevOps individual, you have to remind individuals that everybody is liable for the pipeline and this implies finding a way to guarantee stuff doesn't come up short or when it does, ensure it fails early and said failures are communicated to the perfect individuals so steps can be taken to get everything ready for action again rapidly.

What does the job description of a DevOps Architect look like?

In a few words, the regular tasks of a DevOps Architect are to take care of every process of the software development and create an automated, efficient delivery pipeline that builds the software quickly and effectively.

Job Summary:

An applicant is relied upon to exhort the leadership team and mentor delivery team members on changing the current delivery system into DevOps processes, give answers for process improvement and procedure robotization necessities. Ought to have great knowledge about DevOps and Cloud-based tools.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Alignment with a greater picture of DevOps change program
  • Contact with different groups for "process automation" specific necessities
  • Give solution, layouts, structures to process rearrangements and computerization prerequisites that length whole software delivery and support cycle in the DevOps model
  • Survey effect and ensure compliance with other transformation programs executed in the organization

Must have Skills and Experience:

  • At least 8 years of involvement with DevOps procedure, devices, and technologies, and cloud platforms
  • Solid information and mastery in DevOps solution system and conveyance
  • Hands-on involvement with Azure/Cloud solutions architecture and experience with computerizing, creating, configuring and deploying examples on Azure
  • Experience automated continuous deployment, continuous integration, release engineering and associated tools like Ant, Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Github, Nexus, SonarQube, etc.
  • Experience working in an Agile Team and introduction to agile development procedures
  • Knowledge of software development and software testing systems and configuration management practices
  • Comprehension of architecture patterns and its linkage to security and infrastructure explicit
  • Ought to have stirred before on bottom-up and top-down process streamlining paradigm
  • Experience with wide IT change program
  • Great communication, presentation, and interpersonal abilities
  • Mentoring and instructing colleagues actually and resolve technical issues
  • The presentation as a DevOps Tooling architect and DevOps involvement with Automating, Developing, Configuring and deploying instances in Cloud condition
  • Strong technical capacity to investigate and independently drive specialized POC's
  • Ought to have the option to investigate fabricate issue and resolve independently

Favored Qualifications:

  • Enthusiastic about building digital applications just as a data-driven recommendation
  • Comprehension of systems and internal testing platforms
  • Prepared to do rapidly learning and implementing new tools/advancements
  • Effective communication and presentation aptitudes – ought to have the option to well-spoken and project task demos to leadership teams
  • Capacity to interface with managers, developers, testers and different cross-functional groups

What is the significance of hiring DevOps architects?

The job of DevOps architect is of prime significance. Here are a few factors behind its significance:

  • They are talented teammates
  • They encourage start to finish the communication
  • They have experience making DevOps culture
  • They can care for framework arranging, testing, and advancement
  • They guarantee security and rate over the association
  • They support group for blunder less and quick conveyance of programming items
  • They have an away from of DevOps instruments, structure, procedures, and attitudes
  • They foresee needs, aggregate assets, and plan in like manner
  • They review issues in computerization, adaptation control, and general security and propose fundamental strides to tackle those rapidly

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What are your steps to cultivate a career in DevOps?

Are you seeing your future in DevOps? Probably you are already exploring the skills and requirements of a DevOps architect or you might be taking multiple routes to get there. Are you trying any other approach that is not described here? Let us hear that from you. Please provide a comment in the section below.

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