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12 Winning Zoom Interview Tips To Impress Your Hiring Manager


Am I audible?

Am I visible?

Oops, I am sorry, I was speaking on mute!

It's showing a connection error!

Hey, I should use the landscape background during the interview; it's so cool!


And what not happens in a video interview when you are not prepared, or we can put it like no one has told you about the best video interview tips.

The pandemic has made everyone sketch as netizens; life has changed altogether, the buzzword "the new normal" has taken up almost every aspect of our lives, especially our professional lives. 

Skype interviews, Zoom interviews, Google meet are now the new normal, and even when the crisis gets passed out, organizations will stick to the procedure of virtual interviews because of its multiple advantages.

So, knowing how to handle a virtual interview is a skill you need to learn; it applies to everyone, be it a fresher or an experienced person. We have got you video interview tips, zoom interview tips or virtual interview tips that will leave you wondering how unprepared you were initially. 

Read to Learn About:

  • Video interview location and how to prepare accordingly
  • Video interview tips/ Zoom interview tips you weren't aware of before
  • Resources especially for you to practice video interview

Answer us: don't you have a dress defined when going for a friend's marriage? Do you follow the same dress code while attending your college fest or on your date night. No!

Location matters!

But here we are referring to a crucial topic., the location of your video interview to take place. How many times do we consider this aspect?

Guess never!

Location-based video interviews need a certain kind of preparation, and here we decode it for you through our best tips for video interviewing.

Types Of Location For A Video Interview

Speaking about location, we have categorized it into 3 aspects about location and have shared some worth noting zoom interviews tips. The broad categories are In-office video interviews, interviews at remote locations, and pre-recorded interviews. Let’s find out more details about the same:

1. Virtual Interview Tips For In-Office Interview

Specific video interviews happen at the employer’s office; in such a situation, the best tip for video interviewing is to be prepared beforehand. Ensure to arrive early for the interview and get in place everything required for the video interview. For example, check the space allocated for the video interview, proper seating, check the laptop, wifi, audio, video, and ask for the technical support contact in case of any emergency. 

Pro Video Interview Tip: Check the interviewer’s profile on Linkedin, to be more familiar with the concerned person

2. Video interviews Tips For Remote Location

Many video interviews happen at remote locations, and in such a scenario, things are more under your control. You are responsible for:

  • Finding the right place for the video interview
  • Check upon technology as in wifi connection
  • Fully charged up laptop/desktop
  • Surrounding to be quite enough for proper audio and video communication
  • An internet connection with strong bandwidth speed 
  • Position your webcam so that you have a neutral background that is free from distractions. 
  • Avoid communal places 

3. Pre-recorded Video Interviews Tips

This is also a much in action video interview process. The employer provides you with a link; clicking on the link will take you to a certain set of questions that you need to record live in video format; basically, you are supposed to answer interview questions that have been pre-recorded or appear in writing on the screen. 

You will need to record your answer to each question with the timeframe; however, you may retake it before submitting the response. The employer reviews the recording later on. The interview video tip here is to stay confident, prepared, and attentive to what is being asked.

Essential Video Interview Tip for Pre-Recorded Format:

  • Think and answer as you do in a live conversation
  • Keep answers to specific common interview questions handy
  • Close social apps for better internet speed
  • Look straight into the camera and avoid distractions
  • Don’t try to overdue; be the natural you while answering 

This is not all, we gave you some insights over essential video interview tips as per the location. However, there are many other factors that you need to abide by for a hassle-free video interview. 

Our practical and easy-to-implement skype interview tips and zoom interview tips will make the video interview a remarkable experience both for you and the hiring manager.

Keep scrolling, and you have the video interview tips that will get you an offer letter:

Best 12 Video Interview Tips That Move You A Step Closet To The Offer Letter

video interview

We have got you all covered with our best zoom interview tips that will glare up the recruiter and bring you more close to the offer.

#1 Zoom Interview Tips - Check The Technology

It's interview time, and the audio is not working!

Why does this happen to me?

If You Want to Avoid Such a Last-Minute Mess, Abide by Our Video Interview Tip:

  • Make sure to do a dry run a few days before and some hours before the interview. Download any apps or plugins you'll need. 
  • Whether you're using Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or any other video platform, use a professional username, just as you would with your professional email address.
  • Check your laptop, desktop, tablet’s camera, microphone, and internet connection time and again.
  • Don't forget to do a trial run with your family or friends to know about any glitches and rectify your equipment or software that isn't working correctly.
  • Keep your laptop or tablet fully charged, rather than plugging it during the interview.
  • Pick a spot that has strong Wi-Fi.
  • Avoid using smartphones for a video interview.
  • Keep your laptop/ tablet on a good surface to avoid shaly screens during the interview.

#2. Zoom Interview Tip - Be Prepared For A Panel Interview

A panel interview can be tricky, with multiple people having their own set of expectations. 

Adhere Are the Best Video Interview Tips to Ace the Panel Interview:

  • Maintain eye contact with all the interviewers while answering, it shouldn’t look like you are addressing only one person most of the time.
  • Try to find out who will be in the panel in advance. In case the interview mail has the name of the respective panelist, you may consider checking out their profile on Linkedin. 
  •  Don’t get scared if multiple questions come to you at the same time. Pause and answer each one simultaneously. Try remembering the names of the panelist so as to address them accordingly.

#3. Video Interview Tips - Dress Your Best 

Don't be blown away by the newscaster's trick around video interviews with employees wearing smart shirts and a tie with a lower!

Dress to impress! 

The Pro Zoom Interview Tips Here Are:

  • Dress formally from head to toe to feel more prepared and confident.
  • Avoid wearing too bright colors, and do a check with the particular interview attire on a video call with family or friends to check whether you are looking presentable or not.
  • And if you have not groomed yourself for long, because of work from home it’s time to maintain basic hygiene.

#4. Skype Interview Tips - Keep A Distraction-free Video Interview Zone

The interview is just not interested in seeing your cute dog! 

Value Each One’s Time by Setting up the Stage for a Distraction-Free Zone. Here Are the Valuable Zoom Interview Tips:

  • Choose a spot where you won't be disturbed by children, roommates, or dogs.
  • Set the spot in a clean, uncluttered environment. A cluttered background will take away the recruiter's attention from you. If this is not possible for you, use a simple virtual background.
  • Set up bright but not dazzling lights to illuminate your face from the front.
  • Turn off any email, text, or social media alerts, as well as any software updates or other notifications that may appear on your screen during the interview.
  • Close browser tabs and turns off any programs that might interfere with the webcam.

#5. Virtual Interview Tips - Be An Early Bird

The lift wasn't working, and so I got late for the interview. First, some explanations may work in a face-to-face interview… but there's no excuse for a virtual one!

Be an Early Bird and Follow Some of the Best Skype Interview Tips:

  • Join the interview before the interviewer
  • After you click on the video interview link, wait for the interviewer to get you in if you require permission to enter. At Least they know you have been waiting and were available before time.
  • Have your résumé, as well as the job description and any talking points or notes you've taken about the firm or position, on hand. You won't want to read from them directly, but having them nearby can help relieve stress.

#6. Tips For Video Interviewing - Maintain A Confident Body Language

It's my home; it's my couch; I do love the comfort!

So be it!

It's not a Netflix night, it's your interview, and your body language has to be professional. Get our straight video interviewing tips for working on your body language during the video interview:

  • Practice as many times as possible to get that confident tone and posture
  • Keep your eyes on the camera rather than the screen or yourself. 
  • Sit on a chair to maintain a good posture rather than your beloved couch. 
  • Even if you have prepared some notes for yourself, don't keep looking at the time; it affects your confidence and body language.

#7. Video Interview Technique - Check Your Tone

Thanks to social media, we have so many fun apps for tone modulation and whatnot..but trust us, this is not that day to experiment!

Tone up Your Interview Day With Our Best Video Interview Tips:

  • Make your voice heard. Check your volume controls and speak properly so the microphone picks up your voice and the interviewer does not have to strain to listen to you.
  • Allow the interviewer to finish the question and then pause for a few seconds before responding. This will prevent you from talking over the interviewer or having your first few words clipped out.

#8. Zoom Interview Tips - Don't Forget To Appreciate

To Appreciate Does Matter! Here Are the Best Video Interview Tips to Develop the Skill to Appreciate the Interviewer:

  • Thank the interviewer for the chance, and follow up with a post-interview thank-you message shortly.
  • Briefly state why you're interested in the job and why you'd be a good fit for the role and firm in your note. 
  • Include any interesting conversation between the employer and you that led to some insights and learnings. 
  • Establishing that rapport with the hiring manager, particularly after the video interview, can mean the difference between moving on to the next round.

#9. How To Do Video Interviews - Go For A Digital Handshake

With a Simple Nod of the Head, the Wave Can Be a Substitute for the Digital Handshake; Here Are Certain Video Interview Tips and Zoom Interview Tips for an Effective Digital Handshake:

  • Using hand gestures like a simple wave is good enough at the beginning of the interview. It eases the environment and adds to a more open approach during the interview.
  • Don't forget to smile no matter how difficult it is during the interview.
  • A simple nod of the head is a great gesture at the end of the interview.

#10. Zoom Interview Tips - Create A Natural Rapport With The Interviewer

With Video Interviews Catering to a Natural Rapport With the Interviewer Is Not Easy. How You May Achieve It Is by Following Our Best Zoom Interview Tips:

  • Research the interviewer and ask questions that may be of common interest, definitely not a movie you watched last!
  • Ask questions like how remote teams coordinate in your organization?
  • Is virtual Friday happy hour trending in your office environment?
  • Ask about any conference the recruiter was a part of; you may find such information in advance on Linkedin.

These Kinds of Conversations Ease Out the Discomfort of a Virtual Interview.

#11. Video Interview Tips - Learn The Art Of Listening

Listen With the Intent to Understand Better Through Our Zoom Interview Tips That Are a Must to Abide By:

  • In a virtual interview environment, it is easy to get distracted and lose upon some important information the recruiter was sharing; first and foremost, as we stated above, maintain a destruction-free zone.
  • Don't rush to answer, listen, pause, think, and then reply
  • Ask if you don't understand
  • Please don't interrupt the recruiter while they are saying something or asking a question.

#12. Skype Interview Tips - How to troubleshoot Any Issue 

However, We Have Mentioned Above to Be Prepared in Advance and Check for Technology Especially but Still, if Required to Troubleshoot, Here Are the Zoom Interview Tips:

  • Check in advance how to troubleshoot the platform on which the recruiter will connect with you, like Zoom, GoogleMeet by clicking on the help section or searching over Google a few days before the interview.
  • Keep your phone handy in case you face issues with your laptop or desktop.
  • Ask for an audio interview if video or audio fails to respond.
  • Keep the contact information of the person coordinating the interview and contact immediately for any technical glitches.
  • Check your Internet bandwidth using an online speed test, such as nperf, Speedtest, or Comparitech.

Wondering how you never thought of these factors earlier and how critical these virtual interview tips are for nailing the interview? 

We have got you some resources as well that will help you practice well for your interview. Keep reading!

Beneficial Resources To Prepare Well For The Interview (Video Interview Tips 2021)

interview tips


Herein we have mentioned some resources that help you with a mock interview and get you a scorecard to work towards your weakness.  

1. Certification Courses - We suggest that you enroll for some of the best online certification courses. They have expert consultants and instructors to guide you with resumes and interview preparation. 

2. Interview Stream - With this platform, students take up a mock interview, experts analyze your performance with respect to communication skills, and get you critical feedback along with instructions. Use these specific zoom interview tips to practice your interview the right way. 

3. Gainlo - This service gets you a brief questionnaire wherein you may mention your dream company, work experience, and availability. You are then matched with an interviewer via video conference. 

Finally, you will go through a pretend stage set up for an interview and get immediate feedback about your performance. This service is mainly geared towards engineers, but before enrolling for any such platform and looking for the right zoom interview tips, as mentioned above, it is essential to sharpen up your technical skills through the right professional certification course

4. Interview Kickstart - As part of our initiative to get you the best zoom interview tips and skype interview tips, we suggest you consider Interview Kickstart. They connect with the top talent in leading companies to provide mock-set and interview advice especially designed for engineers. 

With these best practices and video interview tips, we are sure you will move much closer to getting your offer letter. 

Wrapping Up!

Good or bad, video interviews are going to stay and in no more time overshadow face-to face-interviews. So you ensure your capabilities and skills-sets are well noticed, practice, and adhere to some of the best zoom interview tips we have mentioned. Staying confident, current, and prepared is the key to grabbing that offer letter you have been waiting for!

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