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Top Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers

Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain the meaning of .NET Framework?

Answer: .NET Framework is a comprehensive setting that permits developers to progress, run, and install the subsequent applications:

  • Console requests
  • Windows Procedures applications
  • Windows Performance Foundation (WPF) requests
  • Web requests (ASP.NET applications)
  • Web facilities
  • Windows facilities
  • Service-oriented requests using Windows Communiqué Foundation (WCF)
  • Workflow-accessible applications needing Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

.NET Framework similarly permits a developer to generate sharable mechanisms to be cast-off in dispersed computing style. NET Framework provisions the object-oriented software design model for numerous languages, such as, Visual C#, Visual Basic and Visual C++. .NET Framework provisions numerous programming languages in a way that permits language interoperability. This suggests that each language can need the code printed in some extra language.

Dot Net Interview Question: What are the chief mechanisms of .NET Framework?

Answer: .NET Framework offers huge compensations to software developers in contrast to the benefits offered by further platforms. Microsoft has joint numerous contemporary as well as prevailing knowledge of software expansion in .NET Framework. These skills are used by developers to progress well-organized requests for modern as well as upcoming occupational needs. The subsequent are the main mechanisms of .NET Framework:

  • .NET Agenda Class Library
  • Mutual Language Runtime
  • Lively Language Runtimes (DLR)
  • Application Areas
  • Runtime Host
  • Shared Type System
  • Metadata and Self-Describing Mechanisms
  • Cross-Language Interoperability
  • .NET Agenda Security
  • Summarizing
  • Side-by-Side Implementation

Dot Net Interview Question: Name the new-fangled structures added in .NET Framework 4.0.

Answer: The subsequent are the new-fangled structures of .NET Framework 4.0:

  • Better-quality Application Compatibility and Placement Support
  • Lively Language Runtime
  • Accomplished Extensibility Framework
  • Corresponding Programming framework
  • Better-quality Security Model
  • Networking Developments
  • Better-quality Core ASP.NET Services
  • Enhancements in WPF 4
  • Enhanced Entity Framework (EF)
  • Incorporation amid WCF and WF

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain the meaning of an IL?

Answer: Intermediate Language is also recognized as MSIL (Microsoft In-between Language) or CIL (Common In-between Language). All .NET basis code is accumulated to IL. IL is then transformed to machine code at the opinion where the software is connected, or at dynamic time by a Just-In-Time (JIT) interpreter.

Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain the meaning of Manifest?

Answer: Assembly metadata is deposited in Manifest. Manifest comprises all the metadata desirable to do the subsequent things

  • Type of assembly.
  • Safety identity.
  • Scope of the get together.
  • Resolution orientations to properties and classes.

The assembly obvious can be stowed in a PE file moreover (an .exe or) .dll with Microsoft in-between language (MSIL code with Microsoft in-between language (MSIL) code or in a separate PE file, that comprises only assembly obvious info.

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Dot Net Interview Question: Explain the meaning of code contracts?

Answer: Code contracts benefit you to prompt the code expectations and declarations stating the conduct of your code in a language-neutral method. The agreements are comprised in the form of pre- requisites, post-conditions and object-invariants. The agreements assistance you to advance-testing by permitting run-time examination, static agreement verification, and certification generation.

Dot Net Interview Question: What is the variance amid Server. Transfer as well as Response. Redirect?

Answer: In Server. Transfer page dispensation allocations from one page to the added page deprived of generating a round-trip back to the customer’s browser. This delivers an earlier reply with a slight less above on the server. The customer’s URL history list or present URL Server does not apprise in case of Server. Transfer.

Response. Redirect is rummage-sale to readdress the user’s browser to one more page or site. It achieves trip back to the customer where the customer’s browser is readdressed to the original page

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain in which base class, all Web pages are genetic?

Answer: Page class.

Dot Net Interview Question: Provide the list of different validators in ASP.NET?

Answer: Mandatory field Validator

  • Variety Validator
  • Associate Validator
  • Practice Validator
  • Regular appearance Validator
  • Swift Validator

ASP Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain that is ASP.NET dissimilar from ASP? If yes, clarify how?

Answer: Yes, ASP.NET is dissimilar from ASP. These are the chief alterations:

  • ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft to generate dynamic web requests although ASP (Active Server Pages) is a Microsoft's server side knowledge need to generate web pages.
  • ASP.NET is accumulated although ASP is interpreted.
  • ASP uses the knowledge called ADO although ASP.NET practices ADO.NET.
  • ASP.NET is totally object oriented whereas ASP is moderately object oriented.

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain the meaning of state management in ASP.NET?

Answer: State management is a method that is needed to accomplish a state of an object on dissimilar application. It is very significant to accomplish state in somewhat web application. There are dual types of state organization schemes in ASP.NET.

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  • Server side state management
  • Client side state management

Dot Net Interview Question: Describe the alterations amid value type and position type.

Answer: Subsequent are the chief alterations among value type and position type:

  • Value type comprise variable though position type doesn't comprise value unswervingly in its retention.
  • In position type, memory is owed in accomplished heap where as in value type memory owed in stack.
  • Position type ex-class worth type-struct, list

Dot Net Interview Question: What is the alteration amid session object and application object?

Answer: The session object is needed to uphold the session of individually user.

For instance: If a user arrives the request then he will get a meeting id. If he exits from the request, then the meeting id is removed. If he yet again arrives the application, he will get a dissimilar meeting id.

But in the case of request object the id is preserved for entire application.

Dot Net Interview Question: What are alterations amid function and stored processing DotNet programming language?

Answer: The alteration amid function and stowed procedure:

  • Purpose proceeds only one worth but process can reappearance one or more than one charge.
  • Purpose can be used in first-rate statements but technique cannot be used.
  • Occupation has only contribution limits while Process can have a contribution and production parameters.
  • Exclusions can be fingered by try catch chunk in events but that is not conceivable in function.

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain the meaning of Common Type System (CTS)?

Answer: CTS is the constituent of CLR concluded which .NET Framework offers support for numerous languages for the reason that it comprises a type organization that is shared across all the languages. Binary CTS-compliant languages do not need type adaptation once profession the cipher written in one philological from inside the code printed in one more language. CTS deliver an improper established of data kinds for altogether the languages maintained by.NET Framework. This implies that the scope of integer and extended variables is similar across all .NET-compliant software design languages. Though, every language usages aliases for the improper data types offered by CTS. For instance, CTS practices the data type scheme. int32 to signify a 4-byte integer worth; though, Visual Basic practices the identified integer for the equivalent; whereas, C# uses the identified int. This is complete for the sake of clearness and straightforwardness.

Dot Net Interview Question: Give a detailed outline on side-by-side implementation. Can dual requests, one by means of private assemblage and the added using the shared accumulation be stated as side-by-side execute able?

Answer: Side-by-side implementation permits you to run numerous forms of are quest or component and CLR on the similar computer at the identical time. As versioning is appropriate only to collective assemblages and not to isolated assemblies, two requests, one by means of a private assemblage and additional using a collective assemblage, cannot be specified as side-by-side executables.

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Dot Net Interview Question: Differentiate amid managed and un-managed code?

Answer: Managed code is the cipher that is implemented straight by the CLR as an alternative of the operating system. The code compiler primary accumulates the managed code to in-between language (IL) code, likewise named as MSIL code. This cipher doesn't be contingent on machine formations and can be implemented on diverse machines.

Unmanaged code is the cipher that is implemented straight by the operating system external the CLR environment. It is straight amassed to innate machine code which be depending on the machine formation.

In the managed code, meanwhile the implementation of the code is administered by CLR, the runtime delivers diverse services, such as trash collection, category checking, exemption handling, and safety support. These facilities help deliver consistency in stage and language-independent behaviour of accomplished code requests. In the unmanaged code, the distribution of memory, type security, and safety is compulsory to be taken care of by the designer. If the unmanaged code is not correctly moved, it may consequence in memory leak. Instances of unmanaged code be located ActiveX mechanisms and Win32 APIs that implement beyond the possibility of natural CLR.

Dot Net Interview Question: Explain the meaning of tuples?

Answer: Tuple is a fixed-size gathering that can have fundamentals of either similar or diverse data types. Tuples can be quantified as limitation or return type of a technique.

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