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Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Add Certification to Your CV?

So, are you done with your final semester’s paper?  Umm, now it’s high time to apply for jobs! Gone are the college days and this is the time to step into professional life! It’s good if you applying for various jobs but hold on, and answer me a question, how you know your CV is up to the mark? Is it reaching out the expectations of the interviewer?

Don’t get puzzled. All you need to do is to think from an employer point of view. He/she just need to answer one question, that is: can this individual add value to my business?

On this basis only, he/ she would shortlist your resume. Now you must be wondering how I could do it. What measures should I take to make my CV stand among the rest? If you are the one, you are in right place!

Your knowledge is the key and to give it a proof, you need a certification. You must have undergone a lot of learning methodologies. It’s time to use it in the right place.

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Today, we are going to discuss;

The reasons why you should always add certifications to your CV.

  • It displays a relevant set of skills.
  • It makes for a better interview.
  • It shows character.
  • It gives you a chance to perform differently from the rest.
  • Stand out from the bookish language

Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Add Certification to Your CV Let’s dig in!

  • It displays a relevant set of skills: With the right skill set, you can explain to the interviewer what exactly you could do, and would be able to convey the extent of your knowledge during the interview. Speaking confidently about the skill set is what impresses the interviewer the most. You can convey what you can actually do for a company. This is the area where most job- aspirants fail. They don’t know how to convey their plus points because they are not confident with their skill set.
  • It makes for a better interview: It is important to set yourself apart from the other applicants and adding relevant certifications can help you out to achieve so.  Bear in mind, you could be asked below questions to let the interviewer know what you are up to. Take a sneak peek right away!
  • What can you do now with the knowledge of these certified courses that you couldn’t do before?
  • How depth in the knowledge you acquired from these courses?
  • Why you enroll in these courses and further your education?

If you are well enough to explain these questions to you, there is no one who could stop you. Let me explain better with the help of an example. For example: Suppose you enrolled in the cloud computing course and learned it by heart. Now when you will be appearing for cloud computing interview of the respected company, you will be having a plus point! How? You could explain the things to the interviewer even better and different from the methods of the rest present on board.

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You must have understood my point, I hope.

But yes, always remember that it should be relevant to the company niche. For example: if you are explaining cloud company to tea making companies, then there is no such point of having this knowledge. Put it where it fits best. Then only, it will add on value to your CV and your overall selection process.

  • It shows character: Wondering why did I include this point? Well, you must have heard Morning shows the day! This happens with interviews point of perspective as well. Every job aspirant has a university degree, someone might have good marks than you but what matters the most is the key to learning and a desire for learning anything.

The certifications that you embed with your CV shows you are open to learning new things. You think out of the box and add more skills to your personality.  It expresses discipline, intellectual maturity, curiosity, and a strong willingness to accelerate. These all these which I mentioned are important for a company. It’s because if new technology, arrives in future, they must find you quite adaptive to learn it with full joy and your best.

  • It gives you a chance to perform differently from the rest: Everyone from your glass is graduated and looking for the job but attached certifications will let the interviewer know that your qualities are skills and somewhat above from the crowd.

You are not only limited to bookish knowledge like everyone is. You have bookish knowledge as well as the extra skills that act as icing on the cake for your future.

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  • Stand out from the bookish language: You are not only limited to bookish knowledge like everyone is. You have bookish knowledge as well as the extra skills that act as icing on the cake for your future.
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Time to sum up:

So, these were some of the reasons why you should always Add Certification to Your CV.  Along with these mentioned points, I would like to add some more. Have a look:

  • At first, always remember, add these terms in your CV only when you have actually gone through the course and is certified. Otherwise, it will create a negative impact in the mind of the interviewer and he/ she would end up rejecting you with humiliation. That is what I don’t want.
  • Secondly, as mentioned earlier the courses should be relevant to the job offer.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, do not go for these courses just for the sake of adding it up on the resume. Genuinely complete the course with the better understanding!  Good luck!

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