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The Ultimate Guide to Freelance Jobs – Top 6 Freelance Jobs, Future Scope, and More


Freelancing is on the rise, and it shows no signs of slowing!

According to Upwork, a freelance job platform, 60 million Americans identify as contract, freelance, temporary, or gig workers, and by 2027, freelancers are predicted to make up most of U.S. labor. 

The Covid-19 outbreak forced businesses to prioritize their online presence, which has resulted in a spike in the need for remote gig workers and a rapid expansion of the gig economy. While between full-time jobs, some people take on freelance work.

In contrast to those who freelance either part-time or full-time with no goal of being hired into a full-time career, these temporary freelancers intend to reenter the labor market.

In this blog, we will discuss the freelance jobs growth opportunities and future outlook in-depth. Keep scrolling if you are looking to grow your career with freelance work.

Meanwhile, if you are just starting as a freelancer and looking for guidance, think of joining a professional IT Training Program.

What is freelancing? What do freelancers do?

In essence, a freelance job is one where an individual works for themselves instead of a business. Even though they accept contract work from businesses and organizations, freelancers are ultimately self-employed. Freelancers work includes a list of tasks that are not included in the responsibility of in-house team such as scheduling their work hours, keeping tracking of the time spent on different projects, billing clients, and paying their employment and company taxes. The businesses that hire freelancers refer to them as “contractors” rather than “employees.”

In the current digital era, various professions and sectors employ freelancers work. The job can take the form of short-term, project-based assignments (a few days or weeks) or long-term commitments (ongoing consulting services for internal teams that lack the time or expertise to manage specific initiatives). Freelance jobs can also involve content creators who make an IT Career by building an internet audience. Some industries are more suited for freelancing than others. According to data from Upwork, 77 percent of people in the art and design industries freelanced in 2021. That includes independent graphic designers, animators, video producers, and illustrators. For instance, a graphic designer can regularly make well over six figures working as a freelancer full-time.

Freelance Economy: What it is and who is joining it?

The freelance economy is a system where self-employed workers earn one's living by  completing tasks outside of regular full-time jobs. While few freelancers also have regular full-time jobs as beneficiaries, and on the contrary, other freelancers completely rely on freelance work for their earnings. 

As forecasted by Forbes, 2023 will be a growth year for most freelancers. Few people take up freelance work when between regular full-time jobs. These types of temporary freelancers intend to reenter the job market; in contrast, other freelancers work part-time or full-time without any intention of getting hired for full-time job positions. 

Various platforms, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Social Media, etc., have helped make it easier for self-employed workers to connect with customers outside of regular full-time jobs. Once upon a time, freelancers were consigned to home offices or coffee shops, but nowadays, they are capable of working from anywhere in the world. 

Flexible coworking office space allows freelancers to work in appealing workspaces throughout the world, where they can meet their customers. Many freelancers register for private offices apart from home, which supports thriving businesses. 

Why Do People Choose Freelance Jobs?

Freelancers can set their own hours and conduct business from any location. The ability to earn experience they can't get at their full-time jobs, and the option to pursue a passion are the main drivers for  part-time freelancers or people with full-time jobs who perform freelance work on the side.

Numerous factors drive full-time freelancers. The idea that individuals can make more money by freelancing is significant. According to research from Upwork, 18% of independent contractors report making the same amount of money as traditional employers, while 44% claim to make less.

In 2021, 3.8 million independent contractors reported incomes exceeding $100,000, up 30% from 2020 and the biggest rise since the survey's inception in 2011. Despite this, there is no definite proof that freelancing would lead to financial success.

Flexibility, or the capacity to choose the time and place of work, is a crucial factor. 

According to a study by Upwork, competent freelancers' main draws to freelancing were remote work (reported by 53 percent of respondents), location freedom, and time flexibility. Freelancers feel extremely delighted with their work due to each of these reasons. According to a survey conducted by the MBO Partners, 87 percent of full-time freelancers claimed they were happier and felt healthier working for themselves than at regular full-time employment.

The Demand for Freelance Jobs – Market Statics

The way we worked five years ago and how we operate now is very different. The pandemic compelled everyone to work remotely, particularly over the past two years, leading to excellent freelance job growth. Since then, many businesses globally have shifted to a remote or hybrid operation model. The rise of freelance jobs is another such transformation. The freelance sector has expanded significantly during the past ten years. Furthermore, according to data, the number of independent contractors will rise by 2030. Here are a few more statistics that you should refer to as you consider becoming a freelancer – 

  • The U.S. economy currently receives over $1.4 trillion from freelancers, who are expected to overtake the majority of workers in the country during the next few years due to the constant rise in the number of competent persons turning to freelance. 
  • Online platforms are a great way to connect freelancers with businesses and vice versa, according to 71% of freelancers who said they were able to attract more work online during the past several years.
  • The freelance market economy will probably reach $455 billion USD by 2023. 
  • There would be over 90 million independent contractors in the US. Most US workforce will soon be made up of independent contractors. By 2027, the number of independent contractors will be about 51% of the working population.

So why not make the leap now? Start with accepting freelance work to make some extra money. And if it works out, you might think about joining the freelancing sector full-time like millions of other freelancers worldwide. Now, let’s explore the best benefits of freelance work.

Advantages of Freelance Jobs – What Make Freelancing Attractive

Even though it may take a lot of time and effort to get started, becoming  successful is possible. It has numerous advantages that continue to draw more people to this way of life.

More freedom: You have much more freedom as a freelancer than when you work for an employer, which is one of the benefits. You are essentially running your own business, and you have the last say on whom you accept as a new customer, how much you charge per hour, and how many hours you work.

Adaptable hours: In particular, having the freedom to choose your hours can be appealing. If you have children, you may work during their school hours and after they go to bed. It's entirely up to you if you decide to work on a Saturday instead of Wednesday because the weather is pleasant. In general, you have free control over when and how you finish the work for your clients as long as you meet the established timeframes.

Break the Monotony: If you feel like you are doing the same kinds of work sometimes, and feel Stoic in a constant loop of monotonous work, think of freelance jobs. Once you begin, the ball is in your court. Further, consider joining the JanBask community to connect with professional experts and get the right guidance.

Extension of Your Skill Set: The benefit of working on a variety of projects is that you have the chance to learn something new with each new project. Working as a freelancer enables one to venture outside their comfort zone and pursue a passion they've always had but were too hesitant to pursue. Many young professionals have passion-driven side companies that they wish they had more time to pursue. You are in charge of selecting your own workload when you freelance. 

Multiple Income Sources: There is no upper-income limit when working as a freelancer, which is a huge benefit. The number of projects that can be worked on concurrently is not limited by law. If you are a jack of all trades, you can take on several projects that call for various abilities and work on them all at once. You can mine more money while remaining more productive with this method. A few freelancers have developed their talents over time and can now take on multiple assignments at once while working just a few days per week and earning six figures per month.

Locational flexibility: As a freelancer, you may have the freedom to live wherever you choose and even travel while working because you aren't tied to a specific employer or boss. Even though you might need to be close to your clients if you decide to do freelance jobs, you can get clients everywhere. Since a lot of freelance work is done digitally, you can work completely remotely, have clients all over the world, and live and travel as you like while doing it.

Growth: The nicest thing about independence is that you are not dependent on others for promotions and pay increases. You are not required to participate in office politics to gain favor and receive raises on schedule. Your work speaks for you when you are a freelancer. The pay for your role no longer controls you. You can improve your skills in your spare time and ask for a higher salary. Your career is completely under your control.

While we have concentrated on the benefits of freelancing, there are undoubtedly some drawbacks. These include dry work periods, doing your own taxes, and the absence of employer benefits and insurance. Making smarter selections would also benefit from staying up to date with the most recent trends in remote work and flourishing on your  IT career path.

Top Freelance Sites: Explore Work Opportunities

You can explore freelance jobs through different resources; freelancing sites play a significant role in  freelance jobs. They streamline the entire process for freelancers work and clients to connect for various projects. You can register on such sites when starting as a freelancer and get work opportunities online. 

  • Upwork – One of the most popular freelancing platforms, Upwork has over 17 million registered users globally. Most freelancers registered on Upwork are industry experts in the domain; the freelance workforce on Upwork is well-qualified because the administration individually verifies them for approval on the platform. 
  • Fiverr – Fiverr is another popular platform for freelance jobs having more than 7 million registered users. This is a suitable platform for beginners and service seekers who are willing to pay higher rates for different skill sets. Some freelancers working on the site include designers, writers, video photographers, creators, marketers, and web developers.
  • PeoplePerHour – Back with the power  of AI, PeoplePerHour aims to streamline the entire process of freelancing jobs by bringing freelancers and clients together. It is among the best freelance sites because it saves clients and freelancers from wasting their time searching for the right fit.  
  • Behance – When it comes to creative freelance jobs, Behance is a leading name. It features excellent works to soak, like animations, illustrations, web design, mobile app development, etc. The platform also has a jobs section with quite a few leads for quality freelance work. 
  • SimplyHired – SimplyHired brings a lot of resources that make it much more than a freelance job board. The job search feature is handy here, allowing you to narrow your searches and see your interests. 

These were the top freelance platforms where you can explore the best work opportunities, whether a beginner or an industry veteran. In the next section, we will check through the top freelance jobs. 

Top Freelance Jobs of 2023 & Beyond

To achieve maximum success in freelance jobs, try to focus on the most in-demand freelancing skills. Below we have listed the top in-demand freelance skills in 2023. Beyond that, almost all companies are looking for – 

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS 

Web development is a skill that is constantly in demand in the freelancing marketplaces in today's digital age. Coding and programming abilities, particularly JavaScript, are highly valued and in high demand. One can ensure a bright career in freelancing with a professional JavaScript Training course

Develop Web Apps 

Today, many firms sell their goods and services online. Smartphones play a significant part in our daily lives. Web apps are becoming increasingly preferred over websites. This talent is in high demand as more businesses and retailers provide their clients with the option of shopping online. 

WordPress Development & Design 

One of the most well-known and practical ways to create a website is with WordPress. Small enterprises and startups frequently select it over alternative solutions because it is also reasonably priced.

Project Administration

If working with people is part of your career, project management is crucial. By overseeing the team and delegating responsibilities, a project manager often ensures that every project component moves in the appropriate direction. More independent contractors are providing similar services online as more organizations have shifted to remote working. 

Data Analysis & Science

Data science is a rather straightforward skill, despite its convoluted label. In the business world, helping businesses analyze their sales and consumer data to enhance engagement is the main focus. It's a skill that pays well.

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is becoming much more important as businesses and vocations move toward being more digital. Hiring someone with the necessary abilities and cloud computing certification, like a programmer or engineer, makes sense. 


The world of freelancing is continually evolving, which increases the value of hiring freelancers for organizations and corporations. You should upgrade your knowledge and abilities to keep yourself current with market trends and keep looking for new job chances if you want to keep up with the changes and difficulties coming your way. JanBask Training offers a wide assortment of IT courses that can educate and train you and make you industry ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which are the best freelance jobs online for beginners?

Ans:- Following are some of the best freelance jobs online for beginners

  • Copywriter
  • Web designer
  • Digital marketing consultant
  • Social media manager,
  • Web developer

Q2. What are the top sites to do freelancing for beginners?

Ans:- Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are some best freelancing sites for beginners. 

Q3. Can a beginner work as a freelancer?

 Ans:- Data entry tasks, transcription jobs, and translation jobs are all simple freelancing jobs that you can take on. However, remember that “easy come, easy depart.” These simple freelance jobs are only temporary. You must try hard to improve your abilities to become a freelancer.

Q4. Which freelance skill is highly compensated? 

Ans:- For novices working in various industries, including social media management, web design, editing, and public relations, having a thorough understanding of digital marketing, SEO, and copywriting can be helpful. These abilities can aid in creating a favorable impression on potential customers.

Q5. How will freelance jobs grow in the near future?

Ans:- Industry estimates that the global freelance business is valued at $1.5 trillion and growing at a CAGR of 15%. It is a great number for measuring the freelance jobs growth rate. 

Q6. Why freelancers are increasing?

Ans:- Many professionals are entering the freelancing industry thanks to improved work-life balance, greater flexibility, excellent compensation, and better-skilled possibilities. The freelance community will continue to grow and prosper as the economy is flooded with freelancers and gig workers.

Q7. What industry has the most freelance jobs?

Ans:- Following is the list of the top five industries in which freelancers to showcase their talent while earning more money – 

  • Virtual Assistance
  • Web Design and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Writing.

Q8. How do freelancers attract customers?

Ans:-  It's a good idea to take their skills assessments and enhance your freelance profile so clients can locate you quickly. Additionally, you can build trust with new customers by getting recommendations and competence endorsements from previous customers or coworkers.

Q9. What causes the majority of new freelancers to fail in freelance jobs?

Ans:- Every effective independent contractor has a minimal rate they are willing to accept and the capacity to predict project timelines reasonably well. Both are crucial; if you get either the rate or the timeline wrong, you risk losing a sizable sum of money.

Q10. Why is it tough to do freelance jobs?

Ans:- For instance, freelancing might be difficult because you frequently need to develop your portfolio to work with larger clients. Additionally, if you lack a strong sense of discipline, you can find it challenging to manage your time.

Q11. How to find highly paid freelance work?

Ans:- You can receive various online projects with the right skill set and qualifications. Consider joining a professional Institute like JanBask Training to enhance your skill set and be industry-ready. It is an online platform that offers various types of training in different skills that can help you in a remote work environment. 


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