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Get Splunk Certifications – Meet Industry Standards & Propel Career Growth


Do you know why companies are ready to pay high salaries to certified Splunk professionals? How certified Splunk professionals can make big bugs!!

Wondering what Splunk Certification is? Don’t know where you start your Splunk Certification Track? And how to get Splunk certification? 

Gathering priceless information from unorganized data is among the top priorities for organizations these days.   As a result, Splunk jobs are by far the most in-demand and imply a secure career with an assured lucrative salary. And candidates who are Splunk Certified earn an average of 16% more than their uncertified peers. 

According to Forbes, big data jobs related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and unstructured data have shown significant growth of 704% percent globally, which is more than ever before. So, what does it imply?

More jobs!! Lucrative Salaries!! Secured Career!!

What else do you want !!

In this Splunk Certification exam guide, we will try to cover all Splunk Certification from beginner level to advanced with essential certification/examination details and answer all your questions related to the splunk certification path, to help you get started on your Splunk journey.

So are you ready for a Splunk ride!!

Let’s start by exploring, what Splunk Is?

What Splunk Is? Why is it used ?

Splunk is a tool or software platform widely used for monitoring, searching, analyzing, and visualizing the machine-generated data for identifying data patterns, providing required metrics for executing business operations.

  • It performs capturing, indexing, and correlating the real-time data in a searchable container and produces informative graphs, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations reports.
  • Splunk uses machine data for strategic planning and diagnosing problems and providing intelligence for business operations.
  • Splunk is a technology tool used for application management, security, and compliance for businesses.

Let’s see some benefits of using the Splunk tool….

Benefits Of Using Splunk Tool

  • Easily Available Resources to learn Splunk 
  • Easy to learn & use platform  
  • Provide streamlined and easy-to-read reporting 
  • Useful in organizing organizational data 
  • Provide real-time processing and troubleshooting 
  • Provide Machine-generated data 

What is Splunk certification?

Splunk offers various certificates, from entry-level certificates to advanced or technical ones that demonstrate individual ability & proficiency to navigate and use Splunk software. Splunk certified professionals are able to search, use fields, create alerts, use lookups, and create basic statistical reports and dashboards in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms efficiently.

Now you are familiar with what Splunk is and why it is used for. Hope next you want to explore popular Splunk Certifications, Right? Or you may wonder Why Should You Become Splunk Certified? Or Is a Splunk certification worth it?

Well next we are going to discuss the same so..don't rush, stay with us!!

After knowing what is Splunk certification and benefits your next question would be who should earn Splunk Certifications

Who Can/Should Earn Splunk Certifications?

Splunk certifications demonstrate an individual’s proficiency to navigate and use Splunk software either the Splunk Enterprise or  Splunk Cloud platforms. Going for Splunk certifications is the right choice for you if you are -

  • Software Developer 
  • System Administrator 
  • Search Analyst, 
  • Database Expert, 
  • Database Administrator 

Or anyone who has an abrupt knowledge of Data Analytics concepts can propel career growth with Splunk certifications. And if you are a fresher who wants to pursue their career in Splunk can take up Splunk training courses and appear for Splunk certifications as well.

Why Should You Become Splunk Certified?

  • Offer Great Career Growth 

Splunk is widely used and getting popular among organizations. Getting Splunk certified proves your proficiency and helps you market your capabilities to deal with machine-generated data and opens the door to many big data administration, management, and architecture opportunities.

  • Help You Make Big Bugs

Over the last decade, the market value of Splunk’s skills and certifications has risen by 7.1 percent, which is adding a 15 percent pay premium. The average splunk salary in the USA is $120,000 per year or $61.54 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $97,500 per year while most experienced workers make up to $155,060 per year.

splunk salary

Why Do Companies Focus On Hiring Splunk-Certified Employees?

Demand for Splunk professionals is growing rapidly worldwide. Certified Splunk professionals help top companies solve huge challenges by turning machine data into answers.

Splunk certified professionals have a greater depth of knowledge and skills in complex searching and reporting commands, advanced use cases of knowledge objects, and best practices that can ultimately generate data-driven results that can benefit any organization. And that’s the only reason why companies are ready to pay high salaries to the certified Splunk professionals!!

Is Splunk Certification Worth it?

Yes, Splunk certifications are worth investing your time, money, and efforts. 

Obtaining Splunk certifications help you get hired by top giants, and prove that you're a skilled and deserving candidate.  

The market is struggling to find skilled professionals, getting Splunk certified helps you gain a higher salary ($80,000+) or even more, depending on your experience.

Recruiters seeking qualified Splunk professionals, many job openings (as shown below) specifically ask for Splunk certifications, so investing $125 for the Splunk certification exam and around $2,000 in its training course is worth it! 

indeed salary

Let’s move on to Splunk Certifications Details...

Top Splunk Certifications That You Can Go For!

splunk certification

Splunk Core Certified User

Splunk Core Certified User is a foundational Splunk certification that demonstrates an individual's basic ability to navigate and use Splunk software.

Gaining this certification proves your proficiency to search, use fields, create alerts, use lookups, and generate basic statistical reports and use  Splunk dashboards in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms.

Splunk Core Certified Power User

Splunk Core Certified Power User is a foundational, entry-level Splunk certification. Gaining this certification demonstrates your basic understanding of SPL searching, reporting commands and can efficiently create knowledge objects, use field aliases and calculated fields, and create tags, event types, workflow actions, and data models, and normalize data with the common information model in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms. 

Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User

Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User is the advanced Splunk certification. Gaining this certification demonstrates your depth of knowledge and skills in complex searching and reporting commands, advanced use cases of knowledge objects, and best practices for building dashboards and forms in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms. 

Splunk Cloud Certified Admin

Splunk Cloud Certified Admin certification demonstrates an individual's ability to support the day-to-day administration and health of a Splunk Cloud environment. Getting this Splunk certification proves your proficiency in managing and configuring details for Splunk Cloud, including data inputs and forwarder configuration, data management, user accounts, and basic monitoring and problem isolation. 

Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin

A Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin is a foundational, moderate-level certification, designed for enterprise administrators, that demonstrates an individual's ability to support the day-to-day administration activities and maintain the health of a Splunk Enterprise environment. Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin professionals manage various components of Splunk Enterprise on a daily basis, including license management, indexers and search heads, configuration, monitoring, and getting data into Splunk. 

Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect

Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect is a  highly technical certification, designed for Enterprise architects, that demonstrates an individual's ability to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot complex Splunk Enterprise environments. Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect professionals known for their great understanding of Splunk Deployment Methodology and best practices for planning, data collection, and sizing for a distributed deployment and are able to manage and troubleshoot a standard distributed deployment with indexer and search head clustering. 

Splunk Core Certified Consultant

 This Splunk Core Certified Consultant is an advanced-level certification that demonstrates individual expert-level knowledge of multi-tier Splunk architectures, clustering, and scalability topics. It proves the consultant's ability to properly balance, install, and implement Splunk environments and to advise users on how to utilize the product and maximize its value for their needs.

Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin

This Splunk Certified Enterprise Security Admin is an app-specific certification, designed for Splunk Enterprise Security administrators, demonstrates an individual's ability to install, configure, and manage a Splunk Enterprise Security Deployment environment. A Splunk Certified Enterprise Security Admin is proficient in managing Splunk Enterprise Security environment, including ES event processing and normalization, deployment handling, technology add-ons, settings, risk analysis settings, threat intelligence and protocol intelligence configuration, and System Customizations.

Splunk It Service Intelligence Certified Admin

Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin is an advanced level app-specific certification, designed for Splunk IT Service Intelligence administrators, demonstrates an individual's ability to deploy, manage, and utilize Splunk ITSI to monitor mission-critical services. A Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin installs and configures Splunk's app for IT Service Intelligence, including ITSI architecture design, deployment planning, service design, and implementation, notable events.

Splunk Soar Certified Automation Developer

Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer certification demonstrates an individual's knowledge and skills in installing and configuring a SOAR server and integrating it with Splunk, as well as prove individual proficiency in planning, designing, creating, and debugging playbooks. Splunk SOAR Certified Automation Developer is known for their proficiency in complex SOAR solution development and can integrate SOAR with Splunk as well as develop playbooks with custom coding and REST API usage.

Splunk Certified Developer

Splunk Certified Developer certification, specifically designed for developers on the Splunk platform, demonstrates an individual's expertise in building apps using the Splunk Web Framework, responsible for drill downs, advanced behaviors, and visualizations, planning, creating packaging apps, and REST endpoints.

Wondering how the registration process works and how to get Splunk certified, next we are providing the information that will help you in understanding the Splunk certification registration process & certification cost.

How to Get Splunk Certification?

Splunk Certification Registration Process Works

Okay, so you’re ready to learn Splunk and kickstart your Splunk journey. But what’s the process to get Splunk certifications? How the registration and examination process works. Here we have the entire procedure in detail, provided information is gathered from Splunk Official Site. 

To appear in Splunk Certifications, all exam registrants must adhere to a few below listed universal guidelines : 

  • Candidates must have a account that should be linked to a valid, current email address. 
  • Must create an account with PearsonVUE: Note: the name used for exam registration must match the full name on the candidate's photo ID.
  •  Must be above 18 years of age. Candidates aged 13-17 who wish to make an attempt must provide a signed parental acknowledgment form (available as Exhibit 1, attached to the Splunk Certification Agreement, included on page 19). 
  • Must pay the registration fee of $125 per exam attempt (or $500 for 5 exam registrations). 
  • Must provide valid photo ID and the second form of identification showing the legal name (e.g. credit card, military ID, student ID proof, etc.) at the time of exam. To view the full ID policy, please click here. 
  • Must agree to Splunk Certification Agreement. 
  • Must agree to the Pearson VUE Candidate Rules  Splunk official Agreement .
  • Candidates who wish to schedule an exam appointment using the online portal must adhere to the Pearson VUE Facial Recognition Policy. See Appendix D for more information. 
  • Online proctoring candidates must meet the PearsonVUE system requirements (available at

Splunk Certification Price

For each exam attempt, you have to pay Splunk certification cost of $125. Bulk registration vouchers(for all 5 exams) can be purchased at a discounted price of $500.The real cost lies not in the certification exams, but in the Splunk training classes, which usually cost you between $1500 and $2000.

Luckily, the first fundamentals course is available at no cost. 

This means, you can start your Splunk career after obtaining Splunk Core Certified User certification and after that, you can go for higher-level Splunk certifications.

Where can you apply for Splunk Certification?

Splunk Certification Exam Registration

There are three ways to get yourself registered for Splunk certification and purchase a PearsonVUE registration voucher:

1) Directly from PearsonVUE. 

This is the most streamlined approach, you have to simply follow the steps for account creation and exam registration provided at The examination fee will be collected at the time of registration. Else you can visit the Pearson VUE voucher store for direct purchase.

2) From Splunk (as an individual) 

Log into your existing Splunk account at to purchase a registration code. The examination fee can be made via credit card or existing Splunk Education credits. Splunk will email your unique registration code, which will be needed for registration at 

3) From Splunk (as an account)

Your Splunk Sales Rep can  also add Splunk certification exams. Once the number of vouchers has been requested from your end, Splunk will email your unique registration code, which can be used for registration at 

 All scheduled exams are subject to a minimum 48-hour registration cancellation and/or rescheduling policy. 

Want to get certified in Splunk, then check out the Splunk training courses from JanBask Training, that is instructor-led, and that also includes real time projects and exercises to help you gain the necessary hands-on experience.

High-level Tips on how to Prepare For Splunk Certification

Official Splunk training classes are the best resource for studying for certification exams. They provide you comprehensive knowledge about different aspects of Splunk and prepare you for real-world challenges. There are also other online resources for learning but all you need is the right approach.

Here are the steps to prepare for Splunk  certification-

  • Step1 : Create a study plan
  • Step2 : Break the plan into manageable sections
  • Step3 : Get familiar with exam pattern
  • Step4 : Attend exam prep. sessions post-class 
  • Step5 : Use rapid flashcards to help prepare for the exam
  • Step6 : Relax & take exam

Explore the Splunk certification candidate handbook and prepare well.

FAQs On Splunk Certification Path

Q 1.  Are the Slunk certification exams suitable for non-native English speakers? 

Ans:-Yes. This was one of the driving forces behind revamping Splunk certification exam content format. The new exam questions were written under a set of guidelines specifically designed  by considering non-native English speakers, free from tricky wording, double negatives, and/or fill-in-the-blank type questions. 

Q 2.  Can I retake the Splunk Certification Exam?

Ans:-In general candidates will not be permitted to retake any exam that they have previously passed. But yes you can retake the exam only if it is related to a recertification requirement approved by Splunk as per Splunk Recertification Policy.

Q 3. Does Splunk certification expire?

Ans:-Yes, it could be. If recertification requirements are not completed (as outlined in our Splunk Recertification Policy) by your badge expiration date, your certification(s) will be considered out of date and your badges will be marked inactive.

Final Words On Splunk Certification Path

Splunk certifications are gaining popularity worldwide, as more and more businesses are using Splunk for cybersecurity tasks, customer understanding, preventing fraud, improving service performance, and business optimization. 

Obtaining splunk certification is an excellent way to show your skills and land a job as a Splunk professional and kick start your career with giant organizations like IBM, Salesforce, Facebook, HP, Adobe, etc. 

Every Splunk certification demonstrates the individual ability  of maintaining the health of a Splunk Enterprise environment. You can start from entry-level certificates and further move to advanced or technical ones for a bright Splunk career.

If you wish to appear  and prepare for Splunk certification, Splunk training classes are the best resource for studying for certification exams. You could start your learning with JanBask Training. They are leading industry experts, provide you comprehensive knowledge about different aspects of Splunk and prepare you for real-world challenges. Enrolling  for Splunk training classes help you sharpen your Splunk skills and help you get certified.

And, if you want to choose Splunk as your career, you should get certified for sure.

Want to explore more about the Splunk certification track and or if any doubt left about “is Splunk certification worth it ?” Feel free to shoot your comment and views in the comment box below.

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