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Project Management (PMP) Career Path & Future Scope

Project management is a term which is used quite often in almost all the companies. Project management holds prime importance in those organizations whose endeavors are highly complex, uncertain, immense pressure from stake holders like government and where the time is of the essence.

Successful project managers are just like superheroes of the organization and they are treated with honor and respect. These project managers are recognized not only within the organization but also outside the organization thus enhancing their fame, value, and demand.  This article covers the following aspects of Project management-  Project Management (PMP) Career Path - Future Scope & Roadmap

What is project management?

Project management is an art as well as science which deals with initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling to achieve the desired objective of the project under stipulated time.

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With Project management rising as one of the quickest developing fields in the nation, numerous experts are investigating project management career path. The Project Management Institute (PMI) studies can make a splendid future for those who are planning to pursue project management as a career path. Read More: PMP Interview Questions and Answers

Project Management Job Prospects/ PMP Career Scope

Two most important factors before considering a career path are career opportunities and potential earnings. Choosing project management as a career path can suffice both the criteria.

  • A current PMI report demonstrates that 25% of organizations that have decreased their headcounts in various departments but on the contrary, they are willing to hire project managers, while an Anderson Economic Group has anticipated that roughly 1.2 million project management job should be filled every year through 2016.
  • As per the Project Management Institute, the normal yearly compensation for PMP certified Project Managers in the U.S. is $111,824, practically $14,000 more than the compensation of those without PMP certification
  • Choosing project management as a career path provides lots of flexibility as these skill sets are required in almost every industry and thus it won't be affected by the economic slump or business cycle.

Skills Required for a Project Management Career Path

Before choosing project management as a career path, you have to ask yourself regardless of whether you have the passion and aptitude for this kind of work. To pursue a career in project management one needs to have a proper amalgamation of technical as well as managerial skills. In case you are up to this challenging task then you need to have the following skill sets for PMP career path: Project Management (PMP) Career Path - Future Scope & Roadmap

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Project management career path

Project management training and industry certification can enable industry professionals to grab their first role as project manager. Over time, effective project managers will be allocated large and complex assignments. The individuals who substantiate themselves at work and exhibit a promise to continuous learning have excellent advancement potential.

  • Initial career roles

It can be hard to precisely tell what job will involve until the point that you are really doing it and obviously it is conceivable to shape a job to suit once you are set up in it. Following roles can be taken during early stages of project management career:

  • Project assistant
  • Project co-ordinator
  • Project management support
  • Moving on wards

If you have procured a professional certificate in project management, you will most likely need to move straight into something more than a supporting part. It may include taking an advanced role in simple projects but it will enhance your learning. You may take up the following roles:

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  • Project manager
  • Implementation manager
  • Project leader
  • Senior role or top management role

Next aim of a project manager should be to take a senior role in a large and complex project for their career development. After reaching a milestone of senior project management role, there are various options for further career progression.

  • Management consultant
  • Programme manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Head of projects
  • Director of projects

Project Management (PMP) Career Path - Future Scope & Roadmap

Qualifications required for PMP

  • The first step to start your journey in the field of project management is getting the right education. It is not necessary to get a degree in project management but what you will be needing is a specialized training. Industry certification and suffice the requirement and it will provide several advantages for securing best positions in the industry.
  • A certification demonstrates that you are serious about pursuing a career in project management. Fortunately, with the far-reaching accessibility of online programs, location is not a constraint anymore
  • Students can procure a certificate in Applied project Management by passing CAPM (certified associate in project management) exam which is a decent entry-level certification

PMP Certification & Learning Roadmap

  • The first step is to understand the eligibility criteria for PMP examination and who all can apply for it.
  • Then you will have to undergo at least 35 hrs. project management education conducted by any PMI registered education provider
  • Then you need to study PMBOK (project management book of knowledge) where you may have to relate it to your industry experience for better understanding, you can consult any of the online training programs for the same.
  • Once you feel that you have covered all the aspects and you are ready for the exam then apply for PMP exam application and schedule your exam
  • The exam consists of 200 question and the duration of the exam is 4hrs.


Project management professionals are in a great demand and required by almost every industry in the present scenario. PMP career path allows you to have exponential growth along with lucrative salary. Before choosing project management as a career path one needs to assess the skill sets required to become a successful project manager. PMP career path allows you to undertake complex projects with greater role and responsibility. There are basic qualifications that one needs to acquire before taking PMP examination. Students can obtain a certificate in Applied project Management by passing CAPM (certified associate in project management) exam which is a decent entry-level certification.

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