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Popular Tenets to Learn DevOps

Introduction to DevOps

There is no standard definition of DevOps as for each software and project the definition of DevOps may depend on the requirement of that project or software. In brief DevOps can be said is to deliver an efficient and technically advanced to the customer as per the specified and asked requirement. For each phase or step of SDLC there can be lots of options to choose any specific tool to provide the best possible solution to the customers.

DevOps can be said a philosophy to develop and deploy a highly efficient and quality software product with no flaw. Today every software company at some stage of SDLC is using DevOps in order to deliver a quality product to their client. Either they are using concepts like agile development, SCRUM, continuous integration and continuous delivery or others, but through DevOps they can easily optimize the software performance. Delivering the software features within least amount of downtime can provide the happiness and satisfaction to the customer of any Software development organization. Like other technical courses, there are certifications available for DevOps as well and one can have either offline or online DevOps training to clear the AWS DevOps ;ike professional certification exams.

What DevOps Offer to the Software Companies?

Customer is the most valuable asset for every organization, including software companies therefore the continuous customer satisfaction or CCS is of much importance for every company. If the customers receive all features, which they need for their software immediately, then they feel much satisfied and become long term happy client for that organization or software company. DevOps philosophy provides efficient and quality development and deployment of the software and therefore can support CCS as well.

DevOps Curriculum

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DevOps provides higher quality and quick development time, greater stability, increased security and promising problem solution. Therefore the customers can get quality project development with a number of qualities within stipulated time. Since DevOps is a concept not a technology, so there is not a concrete rule or method to be followed, the organizations have the full flexibility to implement and adopt this technology for their product development. As many organizations are adopting DevOps for delivering quality product, so there are a number of job opportunities available for the technology and learning this vibrant concept can provide the promising career to those who want to make a career in software industry, without being involved in typical coding.

To learn DevOps one can join any institute, which can provide them practical guidance and live project training even at your convenient place. By joining a training or online training for devops, one can achieve his or her career goal with complete guidance and if the training mode will be online, then the travelling time can also be save by the aspirants, which they can devote in practicing the learnt concept or studying and preparing for the online DevOps certification. Learning and implementing DevOps can provide following tenets to the aspirants as per the experienced DevOps community members:

1) Automation

Manual operations which can decrease efficiency and consistency now become automated through DevOPs CI and CD (continuous integration and continuous delivery) processes have been automated from a very long time, but now through devops the operations can also be automated, where all the servers are automated, so that they can be made functional at the same time. Through software automation the process of upgradation and making the software secure have become automated and the QAs work also have become quite automated but somewhat manual interaction is still needed.

2) Quantification

In DevOps pipeline many metrics are used and for every process these metrics are different so it must be clear to the user that which metrics he must used for his process. One can also measure and evaluate his DevOps performance by using these metrics. Like you must know that how many bugs were there in the deployment and how much impact can be there on user operations due to these bugs. To track the business operation performance there are many other metrics. Like developers can measure the effect of their code on server’s performance and quantify that effect as well. Through this they can ensure that how much improvement is still required for better performance.

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DevOps demo

Following are the key performers for any software in devOps:

a) Uptime

b) Leadtime

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c) Mean time to recovery

d) Mean time to discovery

e) Frequency of deployment

In this way DevOps can improve the software performance up to great extent and can provide better and improved software in comparison to which the customers were getting that so far. So if anyone want to be associated with software industry to make the software perfect then they can learn this unique and advantageous concept through a professional trainer.

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