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Microsoft .Net Software Developer Salary in USA


Dot Net is basically a combination of two languages, one is C# and the other is VB.NET. Any of these languages can be learned by the aspirants to become successful Dot Net professionals. Dot Net is a popular software development framework of Microsoft. Through this platform, the software can be easily developed, installed, and executed on any window-based system. Microsoft launched this platform in response to the Java language of Sun micro-system and both of these languages are similar in syntax, the idea of program execution, and virtual machine concept.

Many languages including C#, C++, Visual Basic is supported by this framework. Bunch of libraries and frameworks present in .Net makes it a sophisticated and suitable one even to create large-scale applications. The main advantage of this framework is its compatibility with other Microsoft products like Office and others. This article discusses the detailed salary information of .net developers or programmers in the USA.

Top Skills for Lucrative .Net Software Developer Salary Options in the USA

When it comes to.Net, in most of the cases recruiters not only ask for knowledge of C# language but also look for knowledge of frameworks and libraries like ASP.NET MVC, or Entity Frameworks. Many of the commercial applications are based on this programming language, so you should have a sound knowledge of the framework to get hired by the top recruiters worldwide.

According to a recent survey, most of the .net developers believe that they are underpaid. Fortunately, by learning a few extra skills you can increase your chances of getting more pay as per your expectations. The most popular skills are client-side web development technologies, agile methodologies, cloud-based development, APIs, SOAP, REST, or MVP, etc. Candidates with experience in all of these technologies can command higher salaries and potential growth in their careers. Not only will it increase your salaries but it makes you more demanding across industries.

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How Recruiters Decide on the Salary of .Net Developers

When recruiters recruit Dot Net developers, they analyze what value the candidate can bring to them. So along with theoretical knowledge, they also check and test the coding skills of the aspirant. For the role of the junior Dot Net developer, if they do not have experience in developing commercial applications then by just checking for their programming skills, recruiters select the candidates.

Software developers are usually asked to work under strict deadlines and with limited supervision. They are supposed to be multi-tasking and may be asked to handle more than one project at a time. As they may have to work with people of different nationalities, they may be asked to have knowledge of several languages. Moreover, they may be asked to work with various employees of the organization and so must possess team skills.

Currently, Dot Net is evolving instantly. Dot Net applications can also be hosted on Linux servers and may be fully functional. Both of these factors are the reasons for the popularity and success of this framework. Recruiters focus on the full.Net framework rather than just a single language or feature of the language. They may also ask and verify the developer skills by coding and technical interviews when deciding on the final salaries. Following are the popular and relevant skills that can be asked by any developer or.Net programmer to assure attractive salary options to the candidates:


C#, Visual Basic.Net, F#, C++.NET

Web Frameworks


Desktop frameworks

WPF, Windows Forms

IoC Containers

Ninject, Structure Map, Unity, AutoFac, Castle Windsor Container

C# build tools

TSF, TeamCity, Cruise Control.NET, Jenkins


Linq2SQL, Entity Framework, NHibernate, ADO.NET

Salary Structure for Junior .Net Developers

Salary is one of the major considerable parts of any profession and any skill set. If we talk about the salary of the .net developer in the USA then on average the salary of.Net developer at the junior level is $66,547 per year. But this is just an average and many other factors are also responsible to maintain Dot Net developer salary structure like experience level, qualification, certification, and others..Net Developer Salary

Usually, .net developers or programmers have a bachelor or master degree or certification in computer science-related discipline. Even if any employee or candidate has extensive knowledge of the framework then educational qualification is overlooked by the employers. They look for the familiarity of the candidate with.Net programming languages like C#, F#, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or Classic ASP, etc. Here is a quick list of responsibilities that need to be taken care of by a .net developer to become a successful developer and earn more money in his career.

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Junior .net developers are responsible to design, develop, and maintain custom web or mobile applications. They need to collect and identify the exact client requirement to develop the application. They are responsible for researching and evaluating the current tools and technologies for the application. Further, they are asked to develop and design the activities and modules for the application as per client requirements. They will alienate the complete life cycle of the project as per the client’s requirements. Based on the responsibilities and difficulty level, the following benefits are given to the .net developers like -.Net Developer Salary

Salary Structure for Senior .Net Developers

After a certain amount of time, most people move to the senior role. At the senior level, the salary of a .net developer goes up to $91, 334 per year.

.Net Developer Salary

Senior .net programmers are asked to migrate, update or improve the architecture of the application, which may include the knowledge of XML or SOAP.  They may be asked to have knowledge of share point server and .net languages like HTML, AJAX, ASP.NET, WCF, JQuery, C#, JavaScript, and others.

Even the candidates may be asked to have the knowledge of handling large database applications and experience in web designing and development for both front-end and back-end both. They must also have deep knowledge of Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others. Here are the benefits enjoyed by senior .net developers in the USA based on responsibilities assigned and their expertise.
.Net Developer Salary

As per, following salary is offered by the top most companies to .net programmers:

.Net Developer Salary

Moreover, as per the experience level of the programmer, their salary structure may differ as well. But the PayScale website shows a positive trend for the salary of.Net programmers.

The Average Salary Of.Net Developer

The average salary of the .net developer majorly depends on the experience level. On average, the total compensation can be approx. $60,000 as per the survey conducted by the Payscale and it also depends on their experience level how much lucrative salary will be grabbed by the developer..Net Developer Salary

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It is quite clear that a developer with five to ten years of experience can earn on an average $77,000 while those having experience from 10 to 20 years can get $95,000 in a year. This survey was conducted by the Payscale website and it includes the employees of the anonymous company. Moreover, based on the location, salary structure can vary in the USA like Florida, New York, California, Virginia, and more.

What Is the Salary of a .Net Developer Based on Their Experience Level?

The image above shows you the difference between .Net developer salary based on their experience.

.NET Developer Salary: Based on Skill Set

The recruiters are not hiring a .net developer in their team for just theoretical knowledge, instead they prefer a candidate who possesses the required skill set to excel as a .NET developer. 

Therefore, the dot net developer salary also depends on the skill sets a candidate acquires. It makes them different from other candidates. Having different skill sets has various demands and the salary is based accordingly. 

Let us look at how different in-demand skills affect the salary structure of the .NET developer. 

Skill set

Average Base Pay/Annum


USD 6056.10

Microsoft SQL Server

USD 5867.99

ASP.NET Framework

USD 5696.63


USD 6744.32

.NET Core

USD 9239.71

Microsoft Azure Skills

USD 8225.85

Final Words:

In short, we can say that .net provides a promising career to the professionals and its future is also bright. Due to recent developments and the launch of new features are the reasons behind its success, a number of companies are adopting this language due to the features provided by this language. Wanted to pave a career path in with attractive salary options in the USA. If yes, Join Janbask’s training and certification program right away. Excited to become a successful .net professional, Huh!

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