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Dot Net Developer Role: Job Responsibilities & Description

.NET or Dot Net is basically composite of two popular languages C# and VB.NET. Dot Net Developers can learn any of these languages to start their career for this platform. Both languages can perform the same functions and the developers can choose any of them whichever they find the most comfortable. For Windows platform.Net is by far the most suitable language for cloud or local network.

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.Net supports both desktop and web-based applications and most of the clients prefer web-based application as they are supposed to be easy to deploy, scale and build. Any .Net application can be integrated with Microsoft SQL Server database.  Other databases also have aplug-inf or .Net, so apart from SQL Server you can also choose other databases.

Roles and Responsibilities of .NET Developers

.Net framework is marketed and developed by software giant Microsoft. This platform is for.Net developers and those who work for this platform are known as dot net developers. Today there is a numerous Dot Net Developer Role and the responsibilities carried out by them depend on their specific role. Dot net developers have to continuously upgrade and reinvent themselves to stay ahead in their competitive market. The demand of Dot Net Developers has risen up to great extent over the last decade. Major responsibilities as per the role of Dot Not developers are as listed below:

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Senior Dot Net Developer

For the role of senior dot net developer the responsibilities of the developers include following a list of tasks:

  1. To develop, design, test, maintain and support custom mobile and web applications
  2. To collect the software requirement by customer and develop the application as per their requirement
  3. Evaluate and research the products and technologies related to software
  4. To design and develop the activities and procedures related to activities and maintenance
  5. To write the high-quality code to meet customer requirement
  6. To design, develop and implement thecritical applicationfor.Net environment
  7. Alienate the project work as per client’s requirement and budget

Dot Net Software Developer

A Dot Net Software developer has following responsibilities:

  1. To develop technical interfaces, specifications and architecture
  2. To develop client displays and user interfaces
  3. To develop and test software prototypes
  4. To assist software personnel in handling project related work and other requirements
  5. To coordinate with other software professionals and developers

Software Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

A dot net software analyst has following responsibilities:

  1. To maintain, modify and manage all software applications and systems
  2. To interact with software consultants and end-users
  3. To perform complex programming, designing and analysis to meet business requirements
  4. To support and coordinate with software professionals in analyzing and installing tools and applications.

Apart from the above-listed roles other roles for software professionals of Dot Net platform can be a software architect, software consultant and software designer. Among these roles software architect is responsible for developing a road map for the software project and to execute the technological architect principles and designs. While the software consultant is responsible for documentation and to provide software solutions and mapping requirements, they are also responsible to review and evaluate technical designs and quality issues.

Dot Net Developer Job Description

Usually the companies who need any Dot Net Developer publish the requirements along with complete job description. In Job description they enlist their primary responsibilities, skills required and the contact information. Some of the job description templates are listed below. The salary trend of .Net developers as per Payscale.com is shown in the following graph: C# & .Net Developer Role: Job Responsibilities & Description

Two Job Description or Primary Responsibilities of .Net Developer

.net Developer Job Description 1:

The .Net developer has to design, modify, write and implement software programming components and applications, to install or support the software component and application and to maintain process flow and documentation and to work from pre-written specifications and guidelines.

Following are the desired required skills for the developers:

  • Experience in coding, designing and testing new web software applications and window applications
  • To identify and correct the software defects and to maintain the existing software systems
  • To create test plans and technical specifications
  • To develop the guidelines and conventions not only for .NET but also for SQL Server, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and C#/VB.Net

The candidate must have 3-5 years of experience and a bachelors degree in computer science and must have the ability to work with teammates and at the individual level.

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Read More: Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers Above is the example of a job description of the .Net developer, while the role and responsibilities of the developer also depend on the requirement by the companies. One other job description is given below:

.net Developer Job Description 2:

A .Net developer is required to build software using.Net framework and technology. The candidate will have to create the application from scratch and to provide user support and to configure existing systems. He must be able to spot functional defects. Must be an excellent communicator and team player. The responsibilities will include following:

  • To participate in requirement analysis
  • To write scalable, clean using .NET programming languages
  • Improve existing software
  • Revise, debug, update and refactor the code
  • To develop the documentation throughout SDLC
  • To provide technical support as an expert

Skills required for the .Net developer is listed below:

  • Proven experience Net application developer
  • Familiarity with Net framework, SQL Server and design patterns
  • Understanding of Agile methodologies
  • Familiarity with REST and RPC APIs
  • Bachelor degree in computer science

Some of the additional responsibilities:

Apart from the core responsibilities.Net developers may have to carry some additional responsibilities as well. Like:

  • To provide technical support to the client and train the end users for the final product
  • To design backend database for the web application
  • To find out the information about latest tools and technologies which can enhance the features and performance of the application
  • To ensure the compatibility of websites with newer software and operating system versions
  • To understand the software lifecycle and determine the changes needed as per feedback and observations of the testing professionals

Future Scope for Dot Net Developers

It can be said that though several new technologies are emerging in the market but still the future of.Net is bright and shiny. Even since its launch the technology has improved a lot. Microsoft is also continuously concentrating on.Net along with its other technologies like Silver Light. Even the company has shut down Silver Light page, but still the company is involved in developing many new concepts for.Net technology. It can be seen that Asp.Net has Web API and MVC as upcoming items. C# & .Net Developer Role: Job Responsibilities & Description Read More: Future Scope of .Net Developer

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Final Words

.Net is one of the most used and popular languages. As the Microsoft has launched it and continuously updating it as per the requirement of its clients, so we can say that the demand of .Net developers are quite high. The candidates can consider the language for their career. Even the salary prospects for the .Net candidates are also good.Aspirants must read the job description carefully while applying for any particular profile of .Net developer. There is much profile for the developers, depending on interest and experience the user can choose any of it.

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