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Top Short Term Courses to Invest in After Graduation


Are you looking to learn a new skill in a short amount of time? Well, short-term courses might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you are an experienced professional or a student who wants to expand their knowledge base, short-term courses and a professional certification program can provide the perfect solution. Here’s why you should consider taking one.

Top 13 Job-Oriented Short Term Courses for Students & Professionals

Short term courses with high earnings emphasize skill development and can open up a wide range of short term courses to get a job for students committed to upskilling. Let us browse through a list of a few short-term courses you can take after graduation to enhance your chances of getting a fulfilling job.

1. Salesforce Certification Training

You must have already realized that Salesforce is one of the top cloud-based client relationship the board (CRM) stages on the planet, identified with deals, showcasing, and administration. What you can be sure of is that there are two fundamental kinds of Salesforce experts: executive and engineer. The designers compose code for the customer or alter the current code. They regularly work for a Salesforce accomplice, for the most part, a major programming organization or an end customer, for example, a bank. Salesforce Developer and Admin are in gigantic interest everywhere worldwide, which increases the demand for Salesforce courses.

JanBask Training offers the 8-week Salesforce certification training program, covering a range of topics including Salesforce Sandboxes, Salesforce's editions/Licenses Organization profile, Currency, etc. Salesforce Objects/Fields/Tabs/App Exchange Salesforce object Relationships & Roll-Up Summary Fields Understanding of formula fields, and a creation formula field and a lot more that help you prepared to outshine your career in Salesforce. There are a lot of openings for work far and wide as well, as organizations of all shapes and sizes are embracing Salesforce, so these kinds of short term courses can benefit you a lot. 

Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers

  • No cost for a Demo Class
  • Industry Expert as your Trainer
  • Available as per your schedule
  • Customer Support Available

2. Business Analysis Certification

There is a developing necessity for business investigation experts. As indicated by the examination by LinkedIn, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining aptitudes (some portion of business investigation) positioned number 1 in the rundown of the 25 most blazing abilities of 2014 on LinkedIn. In fact rank, no 2 (Storage Systems and Management), 12 (Data Presentation), 18 (Business Intelligence), and 19 (Data Engineering and Data Warehousing) are likewise a piece of Business Analytics. 

The business analytics course offered by the JanBask Training is 6 weeks long, covering from the Basic Business Analysis Introduction & career Path to the advanced level  Deployment Environments (Dev, Test, Staging and Production), Data Modelling and a lot more.

3. SQL Server Training

As indicated by keycode, DB-Engines, and StackOverflow, SQL Server is in third place as one of the most well-known databases. There are a large number of SQL Server databases around the globe on-premises and in the cloud (Amazon Web Services, Azure, and so forth.), and there are various innovation experts that work with SQL Server every day. SQL Developers are generously compensated. On an average, SQL Developer makes $114,500, a pay twofold the middle family unit salary. This is one of the most urgent motivations to go with this innovation since who doesn't care for cash? 

Consider Taking JanBask Training’s  SQL server course to shape your career in SQL. This is a 6-weeks training program that educate you on every basic to advance level SQL topics and even covers assignment, case studies, MCQs, and practice tests on SSAS.

SQL Server Training & Certification

  • No cost for a Demo Class
  • Industry Expert as your Trainer
  • Available as per your schedule
  • Customer Support Available

4.Java Certification Training

Java is a most well-known language; step by step, its fame is being expanded in the market. You can think about it as future innovation. Notwithstanding 2022 and numerous years to come, Java can be considered a first decision for software engineers.

JanBask Training offers 6-weeks  java certification training course, covering a range of topics including Transaction logs-ldf, MDF and ndf files Different types of data types, Key factors to create databases/tables, DDL,DML,DCL and TCL statements to name a few.

5. Hadoop Certification Training

Hadoop is relentlessly getting the perceptible intrigue and thought any place all through the world, as the general verticals of endeavors like utilities, retail, media, pharmaceuticals, criticalness, and others are getting a hand at the most present IT bits of information. This is other than the inspiration driving why Big Data planning and assertions have ended up being the most sizzling instances of the market for the past couple of years. The model is presumably going to develop at more than the twofold rate before the part of the arrangement.

JanBask Training offers a comprehensive 6-week  Hadoop certification course where you should simply that provides you a decent presentation on Hadoop methods, strategies, and apparatuses. They offer sessions directed in a live domain where you can talk about and banter about subjects. You can ask the same number of inquiries as you need. You can pose inquiries after the sessions as well.

6. DevOps Certification

According to a propelling survey, DevOps guaranteed masters are among the most liberally paid IT business experts, making it among the top short term courses. The market eagerness for them is proliferating with their comprehensive use worldwide, and this model doesn't appear to, in all likelihood, change anytime without further ado in the coming years. The avg DevOps engineer salary in the US is $96,239 per year, and its pay starts from $65,000 per annum and goes up to $139,000 per annum.

The online DevOps certification offered by JanBask Training is excellent. This 4-week training program covers each basic idea you must develop as a DevOps proficient including HDFS Architecture, 5 Daemons of Hadoop Replication in Hadoop,  Fail Over Mechanism, Hadoop Cluster Setup and JDK Installation. When you sign up with them, you also get an opportunity to see a demo of the sessions offered. Best of all, these sessions are completely free of expense. 

DevOps Training & Certification Course

  • No cost for a Demo Class
  • Industry Expert as your Trainer
  • Available as per your schedule
  • Customer Support Available

7. AWS Certification

AWS assertions are hot for the coming years. The AWS affirmed arrangements draftsman test tests your capacity to delineate AWS structures. If you have a hands-on association with AWS items and are acquainted with architecting far-reaching scale-appropriated structures, this accreditation may be accurately what you're looking for. The test takes 80 minutes and is overseen at PSI, focusing on the United States. At an entry-level, AWS solutions architects can earn $138,000 per annum in the US.

The AWS certification course from JanBask Training is 8-week long covering each segment of AWS including EC2 - Solutions Architect Associate Level, Storage Technologies and Introduction to High Availability and Scalability, Security on AWS and Networking (VPC), etc. 

8. Data Science Certification

Data scientist jobs are expected to experience 36% growth between 2021 and 2031; there is currently a huge interest and supply hole in this field. Hustle a tad! Draw up your hues, start investigating more, and check whether this can be the livelihood you need. 

The aptitude to isolate immense data gatherings, place that into reasonable packaging, and be able to pass on its significance is very searched for after. It's an information-driven world, and discovering authorities who can decipher it is being tried in different fields and daily undertakings.

When you pursue the 8-week Data science training course with JanBask Training, be guaranteed only the best preparation. Your educator will begin everything from the very scratch including Python, SQL, ML and more. Every single idea is shrouded in much detail. You need to show up for astonishment tests, discussions, and so on, further sharpening your delicate aptitudes that are abundantly required in the field.

9. Quality Assurance Testing Certification

QA Testers are in an inconceivable interest these days since 500-600 locales are made every minute. The amount of programming, electronic things, entertainment, and web stages is insane, and they all should be completely checked before release. In this manner, various youths think about how to end up as a videogame analyzer or an item analyzer and what the general QA analyzer essentials are. Programming analyzers accept a basic activity in application improvement. They are quality confirmation masters who put applications through the wringer to discover bugs, poor execution, and wild interface issues. 

Enrol in the 8-week  quality assurance testing certification course at JanBask Training and gain all the skills, needed to qualify the Certificate exam and become a step closer to your dream career run.

10. Python Certification Training

Python certification is one of the most studied courses in the entire programming territory and is one of the best short term courses to go for. In a self-ruling pariah audit, it has been found that the Python programming language is now the most pervasive language for Data Scientists around the globe. This case is substantiated by IEEE, which tracks programming vernaculars by commonness. According to Glassdoor, the demand revealed 56565 open jobs for Python occupations in the USA with exponential remuneration figures. 

Get an astonishing Python certification training course at the JanBask Training institute. This is an 8-week training course covering numerous courses including Python Install & Setup,Variables, Data Types, Functions, etc.

11. PMP Certification Training

Is it accurate to say that you are mindful of the way that by 2027, 22 million new occupations in the task board will be made? According to the present business patterns, you are taking a gander at a great necessity for 88 million individuals in various ventures centered occupations. Isn't that a phenomenal inspiration to research how to find a new line of work in PMP? Getting a PMP affirmation takes years anyway it's worth all the issues. A PMP-certified professional with ten or more yrs of certification can earn about $120,000 on average.

The PMP course confirmation was created and controlled by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is a champion among the most perceived tasks of the board certifications available today. This affirmation demonstrates that you are gifted in directing undertakings and task-related groups

12. Certified ScrumMaster

The Certified ScrumMaster is one of the more noticeable undertakings of the board affirmations that are open today. Scrum alludes to a style of an organization where gatherings have a bunch of meetings every morning to study signs of progress, with modifications being made every day to ensure all partners are working as gainfully and beneficially as could be normal in light of the current situation.

Should you succeed, an experienced certified ScrumMaster having more than 15 yrs of experience is paid an avg of $109,067 per annum.

These were the top short term courses you can enroll in to add wings to your career development plan. In the next section, we will check through factors of how short term courses benefit you.

13. Digital Marketing

Since conventional marketing is still going strong, Digital Marketing has come out to the top as the most sought-after job because of the digital revolution. There’s a huge scope for Digital Marketing professionals, having skillsets as below -

  • Marketing basics
  • Marketing analytics
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Video marketing
  • Social paid marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Influencer marketing

The digital marketing professionals are earning the average annual salary of: US$58,239, as reported by Indeed.

Why Opt for Short term Courses?

The digital sector is expanding rapidly. If you wish to grow in the digital era, keep up with the most recent technology that could be helpful. Let's go through the top 5 advantages of taking short term courses – 

Gain Knowledge Quickly - One of the great things about taking a short-term course is that you can gain knowledge quickly. Many courses offer intensive instruction with hands-on training and assessment through virtual classes, providing an excellent learning environment without needing to attend physical classes. This way, you can pick up valuable skills in no time at all. 

Learn From Industry Professionals - When it comes to finding a quality education, there’s nothing better than learning from the best in the industry. Short-term courses are designed and taught by leading professionals who have years of experience and expertise in their field. This means that you will be learning from the best and gaining valuable insight into their area of expertise. 

Flexibility & Affordability - Short-term courses also offer flexibility and affordability compared to other types of educational programs. You can take your classes online or in person depending on your needs and preferences, as well as choose from different payment options depending on your budget. Furthermore, many courses are offered at discounted rates if you sign up early or buy multiple classes at once! 


Taking a short-term course is an excellent way to quickly pick up new skills while staying flexible and affordable. With top industry professionals teaching these classes, you will be able to get the most out of your learning experience while gaining valuable knowledge that can help advance your career or personal development goals. So don’t wait – take advantage of this great opportunity today!

JanBask Training is one of many such platforms offering options for career-focused learning, and it offers the best IT certification courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should you enroll in short term courses?

Ans:- With the newest trends and technology, short term courses give you the upper hand and a competitive edge. You can enroll in short term job oriented courses in accordance with the subject you want to become knowledgeable in. Career-oriented short term courses with high salaries are helpful in this situation. To start with, these programs are less expensive than full-time programs. Second, short-term courses are helpful when a professional is unable to make a decision or plan the next step in their work.

Q2. Can short-term courses take the place of college degrees?

Ans:- The variables differ from individual to person. Your future needs and school schedule will influence your desired profession. You are exposed to work opportunities that businesses seek if you have a college degree. However, you can learn about the most recent technology that the industry requires by enrolling in short term job oriented courses. It is crucial to base your decision on how you intend to move your career forward because college is expensive. Long-term, both of these will be beneficial to you.

Q3. What are the advantages of hands-on knowledge? 

Ans:- Learning through practical experience is more effective in developing analytical and practical abilities than traditional education. Additionally, you can use these talents in your everyday life. The assistance of teachers and industry professionals is one of the other benefits of hands-on learning. Hands-on learning gives students the freedom and responsibility to experience real-life situations. According to 81% of high school dropouts, experiential learning experiences are preferable to lectures and textbooks.

Q4. What are the top short term courses with high salaries?

Ans:- Getting a job in this economy and the cutthroat competition is tough, but you can still get a competitive edge over your competitors. Following are the top short term courses with high salaries:

  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Programming Languages.
  • DevOps.
  • Blockchain Technology.
  • Website Development.
  • Cloud Computing.

Q5. How should you choose the best short term course?

Ans:- It is very simple. You can go to the website of JanBask Training. When you go there, you will find most of the courses are listed on the platform. What you can do is you can scroll through the syllabus of these courses and see what entices you most. You can also sit for a demo class with JanBask Training and select the short term courses with high salaries. Once you feel you have selected the course you wish to take, go for a demo class. 

Q6. What courses can I do in 2 months?

Ans:- Planning for a career and the future is most important for students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Here is the list of best short term courses you can do in 2 months: 

  • Graphic design.
  • Web graphic design.
  • User experience design.
  • Search engine optimization.

Q7. How long it takes to finish a short term course?

Ans:- Short-term courses are certificate programs that last only a few months, usually between three and six. These courses, which are offered both online and offline, actually aid in advancing your career or area of interest. One can select their preference based on their preferences, where they are located, and their prospects.

Q8. How much can I earn after finishing these quick, job-focused courses?

Ans:- Depending on the firm and institute you select, you may receive a high wage after finishing job oriented short term courses. It also depends on the qualifications utilized to make the hiring decision.

Q9. Why should I go for the short term courses after the 12th?

Ans:- These short-term courses with high salaries have the benefits of taking less time, allowing you to learn in a practical setting and guaranteeing employment upon completion. Many universities and colleges have taken action to make degree programs more academically rigorous, realistic, and career-focused since they recognize its importance.


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