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How to Integrate Quickbooks and Salesforce?


Quickbooks is a leading accounting software package/platform developed and marketed by Intuit. It provides an easy-to-comprehend user interface and templates/formats for tracking your revenue and expenses, tax management, etc.

Integration of Quickbooks and Salesforce gives full clarity about how your business is operating and where it can be optimized. CRM and accounting software work hand in hand to share information among sales and accounting, including client data, sales order, costs, and invoicing. Integration of CRM with Quickbooks diminishes duplication of data, enhances productivity, and drives more experiences for better forecasting.

Salesforce is a standout amongst the most extensively utilized CRM software accessible whereas Quickbooks is the pioneer in small business accounting. Unfortunately, these well-known products didn't work collectively for a long time. But recently, Intuit released Salesforce for Quickbooks, which connects the online sales app to its well-known software program.

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Sales representatives tend to focus only on their CRM product. They generally would prefer not to invest energy in Quickbooks, yet they may require getting to the current status of a client or product pricing and generating new orders. As the supervisor, you don't need salespeople using the Quickbooks client list to track the leads, and Quickbooks client records as they don't contain enough data for ideal tracking of sales opportunities. salesforce Curriculum With the introduction of Salesforce for Quickbooks, sales representatives will now be able to see vital client data without opening Quickbooks as well as estimating product pricing and submit orders. Currently, two versions are accessible:

  • Group (up to five clients) is the base version for small enterprise. It gives contract management, email integration, lead scoring, and many more.
  • Professional (no client limit) offers everything accessible in the Group version, in addition to product tracking, promotional campaigns, contract management, and the sky is the limit from there.

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The key issue is the manner by which Salesforce and Quickbooks integrate. Integration between Salesforce and Quickbooks are of following types:  

How to Integrate Salesforce And Quickbooks?

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Salesforce for Quickbooks -  Intuit

The Group version will sync your Quickbooks client list with Salesforce accounts. You can easily see client details such as o open balance, sales history, credit limit, and existing estimates, sales orders, and invoices in Salesforce without propelling Quickbooks. Client/Account syncing can be set up to flow from Quickbooks to Salesforce, from Salesforce to Quickbooks, or in both directions.

This newly developed Intuit App Centre product is accessible in the event that you are using Quickbooks Pro or Premier 2011 or later, Quickbooks Enterprise 11.0 or later, or Quickbooks Online. salesforce quiz The Group version of Salesforce for Quickbooks is accessible for $18 every month per organization, for the initial three months. After that, the cost is $25 every month. They offer a 14-day free trial for testing.

The Professional version of Salesforce for Quickbooks is accessible for $60 every month per organization for the initial three months, and $65 every month from that point. They offer a 30-day free trial for testing.

The Professional version of Salesforce for Quickbooks is accessible for $60 every month per organization for the initial three months, and $65 every month from there on. There is a 30-day free time for testing.

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Salesforce and Quickbooks work area Integration - DBSync’s

DBSync’s Salesforce - Quickbooks Desktop Integration is a simple and quick approach to synchronize Salesforce information, for example, Accounts, Opportunities, and Products using Quickbooks Desktop. This customizable integration will streamline your Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay forms, sparing you money and time


  • Automate invoices, sales orders, payments, installments, inventory management, and more procedures
  • Better execution on an assortment of accounting metrics because of speedy and simple data sharing among accounting and sales
  • No more blunders from manual and duplicate data entry
  • Easy to use, with DBSync’s pre-manufactured and automated work processes
  • Simplified pricing/estimating model with no per-client licensing


  • With the pre-assembled integration, synchronize Salesforce product, opportunity, account/contact to Quickbooks desktop customer/contact, item and transactions individually, and the other way around.
  • Synchronize custom fields and objects in Salesforce with Quickbooks Desktop
  • Migrate legacy Quickbooks information into Salesforce and the other way around
  • Pre-Built formats for repetitive invoices, split solicitations and inventory management
  • Real-time updates in Quickbooks by utilizing Salesforce Outbound messages
  • Facility of event logs and email notifications
  • Easy to integrate with other applications, for example, ServiceMax, TargetRecruit or some other application on AppExchange like Manufacturing Reports, Time Sheets and so on.
  • Cross-platform: Can be kept running on, Linux, Windows, Amazon Web Services and Docker

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Salesforce with Quickbooks Online - Breadwinner

Integration of Salesforce CRM with Quickbooks Online accounting can be achieved using Breadwinner, making a ground-breaking and coordinated framework that fast tracks your business. Sales team work quicker, invoices are paid faster, the efficiency of finance departments is increased, and the management has essential data readily available at their fingertips.

Key Features

  • Improvise cash flow through payment acceleration
    • It lets your sales team raise invoice
    • Reduce chances of data duplication

With Breadwinner, your whole sales and billing process works quicker. This implies Invoices are sent to the client sooner, without blunders from information duplication, and without delay

  • Break Down Departmental Barriers
    • It let your sales team monitor financial status without conversing with finance
    • A vivid dashboard on each transaction with invoice and payment status

Do sales and support team need to call the finance department to gather data? What is the expense of this rubbing around correspondence? Breadwinner kills departmental hindrances, permitting secure and dependable sharing of accounts receivable information.

  • Data unlocking and management insights
    • Allow efficient reporting in Salesforce on Quickbooks Online information
    • Enable administration to gain understanding into customer financial health.

Breadwinner maneuvers Quickbooks Online information into Salesforce, which implies you can construct reports and dashboards, in Salesforce, on your Quickbooks Online information Accounts Receivable. The executives gain knowledge and insights and can add automated notification/alert mechanism to additionally improve the data. Staff gains more extensive insight into your clients, equipping them with enough data to enhance the bottom line.

  • Improve precision and time management
    • Reduce the requirement for the sales representative to contact the finance department for each and every detail
    • Enter customer data just once by using Breadwinner

Wipe out the requirement for twofold data entry which wastes time and produces errors. Your sales team have effectively gathered the information and entered it once into Salesforce and then let Breadwinner get a chance to sync this data over to Quickbooks Online upon Invoice creation. Just as Invoices, Breadwinner likewise synchronizes Quickbooks Online Contracts and Quickbooks Online services and products.

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Salesforce and Quickbooks integration - Workato

This type of integration is created by Salesforce and Quickbooks integration specialists. It has the capability to solves the known issues with Intuit's "Salesforce for Quickbooks". Currently, it is rated as a powerful 5-star solution.

Key features

  • It can sync Salesforce account with clients in Quickbooks on the web
  • It syncs New Quickbooks items on Salesforce
  • Salesforce closed-won opportunities automatically make Quickbooks receipt/invoices
  • It syncs Salesforce items with Quickbooks items
  • It syncs the updated Quickbooks lists with Salesforce items
  • Syncs updated client in Quickbooks makes/updates account in Salesforce
  • New client in Quickbooks makes a record in Salesforce

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Salesforce and Quickbooks are the undisputed champions in their respective field. Integrating these two powerful tools can enhance the productivity of both platforms to a whole new level. Not only does it simplifies the accounting system and lead generation in Salesforce, it additionally reduces the burden of the finance team and lets the sales team work independently. So give a jumpstart to your Cloud professional career by enrolling yourself in a comprehensive Online Salesforce Training, today!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How does Quickbook integration work?

Ans: Intuit Quickbooks is a well-known cloud and on-premise accounting programme that gives customers access to data for managing finances, bills, payments, taxes, payroll, and inventories.

Q2. What are the top programs that integrate with Salesforce? 

Ans: The major programs that interact with the Salesforce platform are listed below – 

  • WordPress 
  • SAP Business Suite
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle EBS
  • Drupal

Q3. Can QuickBooks be used as a CRM?

Ans: Since QuickBooks keeps client contacts and purchase histories, small firms frequently utilise it as their initial CRM. Being able to access customer contact information from your accounting software may be sufficient while your organization is just getting off the ground.

Q4. Is Salesforce good for accounting firms? 

Ans: Accounting firms must adopt a proactive strategy to increase not only new business but also the management and retention of valuable existing clients. Accountants and contractor accountants have access to a full customer management solution with Salesforce CRM.

Q5.Do Salesforce and QuickBooks integrate well?

Ans: Yes, Salesforce and QuickBooks are compatible thanks to their connectivity. Businesses benefit from total visibility into how and where their firm is running thanks to this integration.

Q6. Which credentials are necessary for Salesforce? 

Ans: An administrative professional with a BE-A degree and Salesforce experience would be the ideal applicant. They must own a BBA, BCA, or MCA as well. The globally recognized Admin certification has advantages for developers, administrators, authors, journalists, and analysts.

Q7. Is it difficult to find a job with Salesforce?

Ans: While it's not unheard of for someone to find employment based just on their Salesforce Certification, the majority of occupations demand some form of related work experience. This situation is an example of the proverbial "chicken and egg," where neither experience nor job can be achieved without the other.

Q8. Who can attend these courses?

Ans- These courses can be attended by-

  • Freshers with a graduate degree who are motivated individuals who want to learn Salesforce skills.
  • Experienced professionals looking for an exciting career in the premier cloud computing platform.
  • If they have experience of two years or more and possess good analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Q9. How to get an entry-level Salesforce job? 

Ans: First, go for Salesforce training courses and earn the required certifications. In the next step,  put all your certification badges on all your online career profiles. You can also update your CV to show that you are an active Salesforce member and apply for Salesforce entry-level jobs and prepare for the interview. Check Salesforce Interview Questions and answers to make yourself interview. 

Q10. What are the benefits of doing LIVE sessions in the training program?

Ans- At the first step, we will brush up your skills concerning the fundamentals of Salesforce Service Cloud.

  • You will learn to implement Lightning service console, multiple support processes, custom service apps, Salesforce knowledge, Salesforce LIVE Agent, etc.
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