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How to Download and Install Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools?


SQL Server Data Tools are the latest MS tools used to build Azure SQL databases, relational databases, integration services, reporting services, and analysis services data models. SQL Server Data Tools help the user to design and deploy any type of content with complete ease. These tools are usually installed along with Visual Studio installation. This installation gets executed by adding base SQL Server Data Tools functionality.

This is why even after the basic installation user may need to run the SQL Server Data Tools standalone installer to get the tools AS, IS, and RS. This article covers how to install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2017 and how to install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 in detail. You can follow the below-listed steps to cover the installation and thereafter can use the tools as and when required.

All about MS SQL Server Data Tools

SQL Server Data Tools is a toolset that is provided by SQL and provides an integrated environment to the database developers, with the help of which they can carry out all of their database related work for any of the SQL Server platform that may be either on-premise or off-premise like within Visual studio. Even the object explorer of SQL Server can also be used by the database developers.

The explorer of the tools can be used by them to edit database data, objects and to execute queries. SQL Server Data Tools is not a replacement for SQL Server Management Studio, in fact, it provides a complete environment for development, due to which users need not require to leave Visual Studio IDE to complete any task that is related to database development. These tools do not have all the features of SSMS, but still, they provide sufficient functionality that may be required for all developers to complete development tasks.

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Steps to Download and Install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2017 and 2015

To install SQL Server Data Tools along with Visual Studio Installation, you will have to select Data Storage and processing workload and thereafter you can select SQL Server Data Tools. In case, if you have already installed Visual Studio, then you may require to edit the workload list in order to include the SQL Server Data Tools.

Install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2017: AS, RS and IS Tool

You will have to run the standalone installer in order to install Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services tools. In this installation, the installer will list the available Visual Studio instances with which you can add and install the new SQL Server Data Tools instance that will be installed with a minimal version of Visual Studio but you should use the latest Visual Studio version if you want to get better user experience. The user should always install SQL Server Data Tools and SSMS or SQL Server Management Studio on their own computer rather than using them through a remote server,

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In this way, they can create dashboards, reports, and queries on their own computer without using Remote Desktop Connection. You can do this just by downloading SQL Server Data Tools executable.

Step 1. You can download the ISO file as well rather than downloading executable, but ISO is quite larger in size in comparison to executable. But an ISO can help you to install SQL Server Data Tools on more than one computer.

Steps to Install SQL SERVER DATA TOOLS Step 2 After downloading the file double-click on the SQL Server Data Tools Setup.exe and deselect SQL Server Analysis Services along with SQL Server Integration Services and then click on the Next button. In case if you have already installed SQL Service Integration Services on your laptop, in that case, keep it selected.

Step 3 Select the terms and conditions check box and then click on install. Steps to Install SQL SERVER DATA TOOLS Now the set up will start running so wait for its completion Steps to Install SQL SERVER DATA TOOLS Step 4 When the setup installation will get completed following screen will come up that will show successful setup completion: Steps to Install SQL SERVER DATA TOOLS Now in this way, your setup will be completed and when you will restart the system

Step 5 When you finish the installation, then you can access SQL Server Data Tools to be used through the Dashboard. The link will appear as per below figure: Steps to Install SQL SERVER DATA TOOLS

Through start Menu, you can access and open the tool, scroll down up to letter S and then click the SQL Server Data Tools 2015. It has also been enlisted in the task manager bar and through that, you can easily access the toolset. Even for Report writing there is another tool that is known as Microsoft Reporting Services Projects, you will just download that tool and use the reporting tool to create reports and access them easily.

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New development features in MS SQL Server Data Tools to follow

Here is a quick list of some interesting development features in SQL Server Data Tools to follow –

Declarative schema-based design

With schema-based design in SQL Server Data Tools, this is easy to create and control multiple databases efficiently. The database management will be automated and you don’t have to put any manual efforts for the same. It is available in both connected and disconnected modes.

Data comparison features

After the schema-based design, the other most useful features of SQL Server Data Tools are database comparison capabilities that attract the database developers the most. Based on this feature, it is easy to compare two databases and their versions too. They will execute the T-SQL scripts to find the differences if any.

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T-SQL code editing and debugging

As we have discussed earlier, SQL Server Data Tools have the capability to execute the T-SQL scripts. It could also edit or debug the code whenever needed.

Support for MS-SQL Server 2005 and later

SQL SERVER DATA Tools are useful when you are using the latest version of SQL servers only. At the same time, it offers support for MS-SQL Server 2005 and later as per the project needs. In the next section, we will discuss how SQL SERVER DATA Tools be helpful for complex database projects.

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How can MS SQL Server Data Tools be Helpful?

Database projects can be easily created with the help of SQL SERVER DATA TOOLS. Through a database project, various database objects can be easily managed like tables, views, and indexes. It offers the following benefits to the users:

  • Dependencies: Even before the deployment user or developers can find the errors. Like if you are using any non-existing table then an error message will be flashed.
  • Testing: Project testing and debugging can be performed even by using T-SQL code
  • Source-Control: You can keep track of work changes. If you work in a team environment
  • Maintenance: You can maintain database even for a long time and object addition and deletion can also be performed. Different database snapshots can also be compared and code releases can be easily checked with the help of these tools
  • Easier Deployment: Database can be deployed easily on various servers. Like the servers that are either hosting SQL Server 2005 or SQL Azure, you can deploy the application on both types of servers. DDT scripts can also be executed manually if you do not have direct server access.

Feature-Rich Environment: The features of these tools are really advantageous and can help the developers in deploying and testing the applications.

Install SQL Server Data Tools 2017: Final Words:

In this way, you can install and download MS SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 on your system. These tools help developers in many ways. Installation of SSDT is not difficult but in a few steps the installation can be completed. The installation of the tool is quite easier and can be useful for developers. 

In many ways, they can install SQl Server Data tools and use them for managing database files and other users’ related information. The Download file is present on the site and anyone either downloads the executable file or the other one. 

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To know more about how to download and install SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017, join our LIVE SQL training classes today!

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