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How to Develop your Career like a Legend

What we will be in the future depends on what we do today. It is said the best way to predict future is to create it. There is no room for complacency. One has to constantly invest in career and strive to be the best version of oneself. This does not come easy but the best part of the story is that it all begins with a single step. One should never forget that there are many people in the open who are working tirelessly to grab the top spot. So, one has to cut through the competition and work one’s way up. Obstacles are part of the course so once put there is no looking back.

One has to understand the difference between just moving on in life and progressing. Legends are not born, they are made. Every part of their journey is a lesson and the most important one is the ability to prepare well and learning new skills as one moves on. Preparation is the key to many doors which open to a million new possibilities which were unthinkable while preparing.

Here are 10 ways to shape your career as a legend.

1.) Control the Controllable

Sachin Tendulkar said, that the only thing that ever mattered to him was his preparation as it was the only part of the game which was in his control. He considered that one should only work on and worry about the factors which are in one’s control. A sound preparation leaves a player with full confidence to face any kind of situation. In an interview, he said that he was not sure what kind of balls he will be met with or how well he will be able to score. He did not even worry about the match result but only focussed on a fool-proof preparation. This was the biggest piece of advice from the real legend of the World of Cricket.

2.) Find your Passion

Steve Jobs gave a simple yet effective advice, “Pour all your heart into doing something you love and create your art, product or work, as your masterpiece. The money will come”. Jobs was always passionate about his work and was completely committed to it. His focus was clear to create the best product in the world and not making profits. He was a believer in the gut feeling, destiny, and life. He always said that one should follow the voice of the heart. The success of Jobs did not come from the fact that he was the most talented person in the world or that he got the right breaks at the right time. His success was defined by his conviction in his dreams. He dared to dream and build a future which no one could imagine. Thus, one should work for passion and not for profit or success. If the former is in place, the latter follows.

3.) Set New Challenges

Richard Branson, the 66-year old guy has successfully set up $8 billion companies in 8 different sectors, written 6 books and also started a non-profit organization. But the best part is that he makes time for tennis and kite surfing. Branson loved his work. He gave a simple rule, “If you don’t write down your ideas, they could be gone by the morning”. He believed in solving his problems by writing them down. His lists ranged from ideas to companies. He said that one should make it a habit of writing down every single idea irrespective of the fact it is big or small. How-to-Develop-your-Career-like-a-Legend 4.) Learn New Skills and Be Intense

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Bill Gates had said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”.  Bill Gates was a visionary. He always thought of making it big and at the age of 20, he told his friends that he will be a millionaire at the age of 30 and that he will put a computer in every home. He said that the vision will work only if it is intense. Gates said that the power lies in intensity. He stood for the fact that one has to constantly upgrade one’s skills to suit the needs of the changing marketplace. There are many kinds of short-term training courses which act as a great value addition to your knowledge and CV. If you are an IT person and interested to learn more then you may take such training online.  JanBask Training offers a number of such training courses online which find huge relevance in today’s world especially in the IT sector such as Business Analyst Training, Salesforce training, DevOps training, AWS Solution Architect Training, Big Data Hadoop, Java etc. Such courses give you an edge over others. Thus, nothing worth having comes easily and one has to put heart and soul into it. One has to have strong foresight and courage to follow it till it is done.

5.) Purpose

Many legends who reached where they are today is because of the powerful purpose and not just profits. Mark Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire in the world owes his success to his sense of purpose. Zuck said, “Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. The purpose is what creates true happiness”. Zuck always kept his purpose to make a great change in the world ahead of other smaller desire of building his career, job or profits. One should not work just for a better tomorrow or profits but do something larger for the world and change it for better. The stronger the sense of purpose, the more intense will your zeal become to achieve it. Latter is not possible without deep self-awareness. Thus, one has to have clarity of vision, thought, and plan.

6.) Continuous Lifelong Learning

Henry Ford said that anyone who stops to learn is old. One should always strive to learn new things. Ford believed that one should focus on learning as it opens our minds to new growth possibilities. Learning is the foundation which shapes our thinking. Learning is a mode which trains our minds to think effectively. One not only learns from books but from every life experience. Active listening is vital to the learning process and a very handy tool to learn new things.

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7.) The Disney Secret

Walt Disney has owed his success to basic 4Cs- Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Consistency. He was strongly moved by each of these in his daily life. He fuelled his curiosity with confidence and had the courage to chase his dreams consistently. He pursued his dreams fearlessly. Confidence emanates from inner poise and purpose. So, one should be curious and look at everything in a new light. One should look beyond the reality and try to see things in different light.

8.) Kaizen

Kaizen is a French word which means ‘continuous improvement’. Larry Page believed in a continuous struggle to attain perfection. Page stated, “The ultimate search engine would basically understand everything in the world and it would always give you the right thing. And we’re long, long ways from that”. One should be dedicated to Kaizen as there is always scope for improvement. Continuous improvement or innovation is the lifeline of any business which wants to sustain itself in the global competitive sphere.

9.) Be Updated

The world is constantly moving ahead. There is humongous development going on around the world at an unprecedented scale. One has to be thoroughly updated with the happenings in and around the world. Sunder Pichai, believes that one should be focussed and abreast with the latest trends going on in the world. One cannot beat the competition if one is taken unaware. Thus, having sound knowledge about your greatest rivals is a strength which is unparalleled. Having knowledge about laws and rules, major events around the world and their impact if any on your work will serve as an edge over others.

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10) Competency

Indra Nooyi has stressed on the need for competency in a particular skill rather than be a Jack of all Trades. Discover your passion and train yourself to develop it into a competency. One should become the most-sought-after person when it comes to that skill. This not only requires one-time training but a life-long student of that subject.


Thus, in the words of legends the essence to grow your career like a legend lies in the fact that one has to have a clear vision backed by purpose and intensity. The aim should not only be profit-making but to bring that every possible change in the world.

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