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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Salary Guide: Explore Potential Growth Opportunities In Cyber Security

Introduction Certified Ethical Hacker Salary

Do you want to become an ethical hacker? Want to explore how much do hackers make? What do they do? This is the perfect page to answer all your relevant questions. So… stay tuned!!

We often read, heard about cyber-attacks and hacking threats constantly. According to the 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report, global cybercrime costs are on the rise, increasing 15 percent year over year. And expected to reach $10.5 trillion annually By 2025.

Do you ever wonder who combats these cyber attacks, data theft and protects organizations? None other than our Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Today, ethical hacking professionals are in great demand especially by government bodies or any other private company producing the most sensitive data routinely. Also, the salaries of ethical hackers are breaking the ground and they are given a huge salary amount to maintain the security of systems. Along with the ethical hacker salary, there is an option of working on multiple profiles and that is why it is seen as a wonderful career option by millions.

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job positions for ethical hackers will increase by 36% which is almost 5 times of the national job growth and this is considered as one of the most alluring career options.”

Today we help you explore how much do hackers make. But before we dive deep into the ethical hacker salary discussion, let us first see who is an ethical hacker, the roles and job responsibilities of an ethical hacker, and What will be a certified ethical hacker salary in the USA, India, Canada, etc.

About History of Hacking

Hacking is not a new term but it has existed since the time of Alexander Graham Bell where hacking was done to steal confidential data about how the system operated. With the discovery of computer systems in the world, the meaning of the word “hacking” changed to a larger extent. It is necessary to know that the first hacking was done by engineers to optimize the performance of an operating system.

The term became an issue in 1980 when one computer professional performed hacking to gain unauthorized access and to copy software programs. Keeping all hacking attacks in mind and their impact, John Patrick, the president of IBM, started an ethical hacking program in the technical world to maintain the security of IT infrastructure.

About Ethical Hacking Professionals

Ethical Hacking is a structured process that is done to expose vulnerabilities in a system using tools or different types of hacking techniques. So, an ethical hacker is a skilled professional who works on vulnerabilities of a system, network, etc.

The biggest thing is that an ethical hacker works with the permission of the organization and he does not perform any unauthorized access. In simple words, we can say that an ethical hacker or a cybersecurity expert is referred to the same and shares the same roles or responsibilities.

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Certified Ethical Hacker Salary (Average)

The average ethical hacker salary per month is around 90k per month. At the same time, a certified ethical hacker or CEH expert can make up to $120K per year based on the location, experience, or skills. It is just an idea and we will discuss the salary of Ethical hacker professionals in detail in later sections.

However, different sources may witness different salary packages but it is a standard idea of salary how much you can earn in the beginning. CEH Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional advanced skills, the number of years you have spent in the same profession. 

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Let’s continue and see what are all factors that can affect your CEH Salary.

Factors That Affect Your CEH Salary

  1. Location/Country
  2. Certification Specialization
  3. Organization Size & Type
  4. Desired Skills & Knowledge
  5. Experience Level

1. Location/Country

Your location plays a vital role in fixing your CEH salary compensation opportunities. Different countries with different economic levels, market requirements, lack of skilled talent may give rise to fluctuating and varied salary curves in different locations. Some good economies like the USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia pay high, while some pay comparatively less to certified hackers. It's totally subjective to market demand and local requirements.

As I mentioned earlier, the USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia are some top paying countries, where you can relocate to start your ethical hacking career with a good entry-level ethical hacker salary per month. To give you a better idea of how the average certified ethical hacker salary varies as per location, below we have a location-based ethical hacking jobs salary table.

Location Based Certified Ethical Hacker Salary Table


    Average Salary

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary, USA


Certified Ethical Hacker Salary, UK

    £93,954/ year

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary, India

    ₹3.5 L/year

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary, Canada


Certified Ethical Hacker Salary, Australia

    84,700 AUD / year

2. Certification Specialization

The market is struggling with a lack of skilled CEH. With growing cyber-attacks and data thefts, organizations are more concerned for their data security & privacy and seeking deserving Certified Ethical Hackers with great proficiency in their role. And certification validates your technical expertise and proficiency in a particular specialty, that’s the reason organizations are willing to pay high CEH salary packages.

When you take accredited ethical hacking training from any industry-recognized trainer like JanBask Training it will help you meet industry demand and upgrade yourself with the most demanded industry-specific skills, it becomes easy for you to start your journey with a lucrative CEH job Salary.

Want to know all the details on how to prepare for the most demanded ethical hacking certification exams? Read our comprehensive Cyber Security Certification Guide which helps you gain some great exam preparation tips from our experts to crack the certification exam in your first attempt only.

3. Organization Size & Type

Another important factor that affects your ethical hacking jobs salary is the organization size & type. Ethical hackers help in improving the security of systems in organizations.

Large organizations/companies have huge systems, database setups. Protecting their critical systems and data is their main priority. Ethical hackers help them improve the security of systems in organizations, that’s the reason big organizations are willing to pay high CEH job salary than any small organization with fewer resources. They can also kick in more wages for the employer share of insurance and may be more likely to contribute to other perks like bonuses, profit sharing.

4. Skills & Knowledge Level

Your certified ethical hacker salary majorly depends on your capabilities and the industry-demanding skills set and certification you possess. While applying for an ethical hacking job in any organization make sure to have an eye on their job description skills & match that to whatever knowledge you have ingrained during past training or ethical hacking practices.

Getting professional ethical hacking training from a recognized training institution can help you know and upgrade your knowledge with industry demanding skills, which increases your chances of bagging a high CEH salary.

5. Year Of Experiences

Your experience matters the most! In fact, it is one of the most important factors, considered by recruiters to assume your proficiency level. This is true for almost all industries for all relevant job roles. Your CEH Salary in any new organization majorly depends on your experience level. The more you grow in experience, the more ethical hacking jobs salary you will get.

Top Giants Actively Hiring CEH at Lucrative Salaries

Here we have listed some top giants you can start with, paying a high certified ethical hacker salary. Your incredible CEH candidature and your confidence can help you prove your proficiency and get a good job with a lucrative certified ethical hacker Salary.


   ₹6,97,479/ year

Tata Consultancy Services Limited

   ₹5.54 lakh/ year

Wipro Technologies Ltd.

   ₹ 8,00,000 / year

IBM India Private Limited.

   ₹5,18366/ year

Accenture Technology Solutions.

   US$ 113,755

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary:  As Per Different Job Portals

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary by Glassdoor

As per Glassdoor’s salary report, the average CEH Salary is $1/year. Based on 13 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Ethical Hacker employees.

Glassdoor’s salary report

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary by Indeed

As per Indeed, the annual average CEH salary ranges from INR 1.77 lakh per annum and goes up to INR 40 lakh per annum. While accurately your CEH job salary is based on factors like location, skills, years of experience, company type.

Salary by Indeed


Certified Ethical Hacker Salary by Payscale

As per Payscale, the average certified ethical hacker salary is₹504,206/ year. Based on different estimations. 

Salary by Payscale

Top Locations Where Ethical Hackers Can Earn The Most Can Earn The Most

Here are some top locations/ countries where you can have a great start with a lucrative CEH Salary.  Let’s see certified ethical hacker salary trends in different countries.

How Much Do Hackers Make in the USA?

Certified  Ethical Hacker Salary in the USA : The ethical hacker average salary is calculated $90K per year. Here is the average salary based on skills in the USA.

What is the Salary of an Ethical Hacker in the USA?

What are the top Companies hiring hacking professionals in the USA?

These are Allen, Booz, Hamilton, US Army, USA Air Force, General Dynamics Information Technology, Lockheed Martin Corporation.

What are the popular cities hiring hacking professionals in the USA?

These are Washington, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, California, Texas, Georgia, etc.

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According to stats, male profiles are getting more salaries and they are extremely satisfied with their salaries and job profile in the USA.

How Much Do Hackers Make in India?

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in India: The average salary of an ethical hacking professional in India is calculated at Rs. 600 K per year. Here is the average ethical hacker salary based on skills in India.

What is the Salary of an Ethical Hacker in India?

What are the top Companies hiring hacking professionals in India?

These are Wipro, Infosys Limited, Technology Consultancy Services (TCS), Adobe, Google, Satyam, Mahindra IT Systems, etc.

What are the popular cities hiring hacking professionals in India?

These are Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. According to stats, male profiles are getting more salaries and they are extremely satisfied with their salaries and job profile in India.

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How Much Do Hackers Make in Canada?

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in Canada: The average salary of an ethical hacking professional in Canada is calculated at C$73K (salary is given in Canadian dollars) per year. Here is the average ethical hacker’s salary based on skills in India.

What is the Salary of an Ethical Hacker in Canada?

How Much Do Hackers Make in Australia?

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in Australia: The average salary of an ethical hacking professional in Australia is calculated at AU$101K (salary is given in Australian dollars) per year. Here is the average salary of ethical hackers based on skills in Australia.

What is the Salary of an Ethical Hacker in Australia?

What are the top Companies hiring hacking professionals in Australia?

These are EY, Deloitte, and the Chemist Warehouse, etc.

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What are the popular cities hiring hacking professionals in Australia?

These are Sydney, Victoria, etc. According to stats, male profiles are getting more salaries and they are extremely satisfied with their salaries and job profile in Australia.

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How Much Do Hackers Make in Singapore?

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in Singapore: The average salary of an ethical hacker professional in Singapore is calculated at S$67K (salary is given in Singapore dollars) per year. Here is the ethical hacker average salary based on skills in Singapore.

According to stats, male profiles are getting more salaries and they are extremely satisfied with their salaries and job profile in Singapore.

How Much Do Hackers Make in the UAE?

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in UAE: The average salary of an ethical hacking professional in UAE is calculated as AED 177K (salary is given in UAE dollars) per year. Here is the average salary of ethical hackers based on skills in the UAE.

The top companies to work in UAE are Paladion networks, Abu Dhabi Bank, Tata Consultancy Services, etc. The top cities to look out for jobs in UAE are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. According to stats, male profiles are getting more salaries and they are extremely satisfied with their salaries and job profile in the UAE.

Career Growth Opportunities in Ethical Hacking Domain: CEH Salary Guide

Ethical Hacking Lead and Manager

Experience is fundamentally the only thing businesses look at, for this position. For example, roughly two-thirds of all ethical hacking managers in the US were only employed after they had touched 10 years of experience. This is chiefly because of how much a boss needs to know to appropriately run the department. Some businesses have ethical hacking Lead positions, which can be a pacing stone for becoming the security manager.

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Fresher Ethical Hackers

Also, known as Junior Level Ethical Hackers, most individuals begin at the entry-level, even though there are some stimulating exclusions. A degree is not compulsory, but those with a BS in computers are given liking, and new college graduates make up the widely held of employees at this level.

An acquaintance’s degree or training can give a candidate a benefit if other candidates do not have much in the way of higher teaching, if at all. Though, knowledge tends to be as significant as any kind of degree. It is not completely rare for technical writers to be cast-off in a software testing capacity as documents are vigorous to both positions.

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Those with a degree are more possible to grow to the next level meaningfully faster as the main objective for them at the junior level position is to acquaint them with the procedure (no matter how good the teaching is, there is nothing that can make a student for how things effort in realism over theory).

Senior-Level or Experienced Ethical Hackers

To be fit as a senior ethical hacker, businesses look chiefly at the experience and then teaching. Accreditations may help for some of the more practical testing areas, such as ASP.NET, but are not obligatory for the position. Many businesses do not make a difference between these two designations, and there is not a standard for who is capable as a senior or advanced ethical hacker.

There are also a number of diverse designations for individuals in this position, such as Security professionals or cybersecurity experts. Irrespective of what the position is named, they are all comparatively similar. The main difference between a fresher and a senior-level ethical hacker is classically experience and specialism.

The quantity of experience that differentiates one from the other differs by company and dissection. An ethical hacker who comprehends the code and can benefit problem resolve is more likely to be measured on a senior level, even though there characteristically isn’t a clear meaning for the position. 

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Experienced ethical hackers work on more composite, less recognized programs, and functionality. They are regularly requested to join meetings with the engineering staff once development has been ongoing so that they comprehend the persistence of the changes, new functionality, and upcoming direction.

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary for Freshers, Mid Level & Experienced Professionals

As we discussed above,  your CEH salary majorly depends on your experience level/years of experience. Organizations are willing to pay high ethical hacking jobs salary packages to professionals who have real-life work experience and good performance track record over the people who have just started their hacking career.

Certified Ethical Hacker Salary

  • Entry-level Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in US - $102,500/ year
  • Middle-level Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in US- $115,000/ year
  • Expert level Certified Ethical Hacker Salary in US– $155,763/ year

Go through this cyber security salary guide & explore more salaries in relevant profiles.

Role and Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker: CEH Salary Guide

Here is a list of major roles and responsibilities that are performed by an ethical hacker on priority.

  • He has to work on organization systems and network resources carefully.
  • He has to analyze all resources carefully and prepare a report for the same.
  • If there is any potential threat detected through connected resources then it has to take valid action immediately but under the permission of the organization.
  • If more than one threat is detected, he has to prioritize them and he has to prepare a strategy on how to deal with all these threats.
  • He has to find ways how to minimize the chances of attacks in the best way.
  • He has to work on all target resources, either it is a hardware program, software, or any web resources.
  • He has to look for the latest system updates all service packs taken from vendors.
  • He has to devise new hacking techniques to keep the organization safe in every possible way.
  • He has to prepare various security documents or reports for all security threats.
  • Network or system monitoring is not a one-time task but it has to be taken care of regularly.
  • He has to work on security-related policies and how to implement or enforce them professionally.

Why are ethical hacking professionals in demand today? CEH Salary Guide

When data is not safe and secure, it can destroy your business completely. When businesses took IT security seriously, they not only protect their data but they are able to gain a competitive edge over others. For the majority of IT companies worldwide, cybersecurity has become a matter of concern.

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Ethical Hacking professionals can deal with the situation smartly and comes at the frontline when they have to manage cyberattacks. When compared to the past, cybersecurity attacks have increased tremendously in the last few years or you can say there is seen a growth of 4 to 12 percent in cybercrimes during the last 5 years that ultimately leads the demand of ethical hackers in the IT world.

Here are a few more reasons why there is an increase in demand for ethical hacking professionals was noticed.

  • The implementation of cloud technologies with inconsistency leads to security threats later.
  • Also, ransomware or other virus attacks have become more prominent during the last few years.
  • The budget for global security has also exceeded by one dollar trillion from 2018 to 2022.
  • The usage of the internet has increased for all age groups.

As cyberattacks are increasing worldwide, there is a need for ethical hackers to keep those attacks sorted. Most importantly, we can say that ethical hackers have a bright future for many years to come till the internet is into existence and users are active on the web.

Right Career Path to Become an Ethical Hacker: CEH Salary Guide

When you want to get into the IT career, there can be plenty of career paths to follow for an ethical hacker. Here is the most important path to consider as discussed by certified experts.  

Right Career Path to Become an Ethical Hacker

I). Learn Network Fundamentals

An ethical hacker has to work on networks and systems most of the time, So, he should learn the basic network fundamentals and different network protocols. It would be great if you can join some IT training programs to gain a strong foundation over network basics.

II). Earn a Certification

When you are getting into security space, there are a lot of options to consider like CISSP, CEH, or CCSP, and more. You can complete any one certification and see wonderful growth in your career right away.

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III). Check roles and responsibilities

We have already discussed the role and responsibilities of an ethical hacker. Don’t forget to judge your skills on all discussed parameters and you can quickly evaluate how to improve your existing skills and the knowledge base.

IV). Start your career right away!

Once you are sure of everything and gained the basic knowledge through the CEH certification program from JanBask Training. It is the right time to apply for different job options and start your career as an ethical hacking professional right away.

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Final Thoughts On CEH Job Salary

Looking at the above stats, it is clear that ethical hackers are high in demand and generally paid more when compared to other IT professionals. Hope this CEH Salary blog has answered all your CEH job salary-related queries and you are ready to jumpstart a career in cybersecurity and CEH space now.

Without wasting your precious time anymore, take a wise decision right away and start your career journey by joining the cybersecurity certification program or ethical hacking certification program with JanBask Training today. You can also leave a comment if you need more details related to ethical hacking or salaries in the cybersecurity space. All the Best!

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