Cyber Security

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Cyber Security Training Course Roadmap

Here are the milestones that you will achieve with our Cyber Security Course Training

Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities

    • Why is Security Important?
    • Security Policy,Threat Actor Types
    • Identifying Security Fundamentals
    • Implement secure network architecture concepts
    • Malware and Indicators of Compromise
    • Attacks, Threat Actors
    • Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing
    • Vulnerabilities and Impact
    • Security Tools and Technologies
    • Troubleshoot Common Security Issues
    • Implementing Secure Protocols
    • Social Engineering, Technical, Wireless and Cryptographic Attacks
    • Crypto-malware,Ransomware,Worm,Trojan

Identity and Access Management, Cryptography And PKI

    • Uses of Cryptography
    • Cryptographic Terminology and Ciphers
    • Cryptographic Products
    • Overview to photographic, Methods Symmetric Cryptosystems
    • Public Key Infrastructure, Cryptographic Attacks
    • Symmetric Block Modes
    • Install and configure identity and access services
    • Identity and Access Management Controls
    • Cryptography Concepts, Cryptography Algorithms
    • Wireless Security
    • Public Key Infrastructure
    • Understand all security essentials from cryptography to risk management
    • Symmetric, Asymmetric Encryption
    • Creating File Hashes
    • Installing a Certificate Authority

Identification and Authentication, Identity and Access Services

    • Access Control Systems
    • Identification, Authentication
    • LAN Manager / NTL
    • Kerberos
    • PAP, CHAP, and MS-CHAP
    • Password Attacks
    • Token-based Authentication
    • Biometric Authentication
    • Common Access Card, Authorization
    • Directory Services
    • RADIUS and TACACS+
    • Federation and Trusts
    • Federated Identity Protocols

Technologies and Tools, Architecture and Design

    • Installation and configuration of network security devices
    • Analyze and interpret output from security technologies
    • Troubleshoot common security issues.
    • Firewall, VPN concentrator,NIPS/NIDS
    • Protocol analyzer, Network scanners
    • Wireless scanners/cracker, Password cracker
    • Protocols and Services, Secure Remote Access
    • Secure Systems Design Secure Mobile Device Services
    • Secure Virtualization and Cloud Services
    • Secure Network Design
    • Secure Network Design
    • IDS and SIEM
    • Site Layout and Access
    • Secure Wireless Access
    • Secure Protocols and Services

Risk Management

    • What is Risk, Analyzing Risk,Managing Risk
    • Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis Concepts
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Identification of Critical Systems
    • Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation
    • Policies, Plans and Procedures
    • Incident Response, Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operation
    • Secure Application Development
    • Data security and privacy practices.
    • Standard operating procedure
    • Agreement types
    • General security policies
    • Data sensitivity labeling and handling

Network Fundamentals,Securing the Network

    • Using TCP/IP Tools
    • Configuring a Firewall
    • Examining Website Certificates
    • Securing a WAP
    • Viewing Event Logs
    • Scanning the Network
    • Securing Hosts and Data
    • Enabling BitLocker
    • Securing Network Services
    • Disaster planning and recover
    • Access Control
    • Managing NTFS Permissions
    • Managing Active Directory Objects

Course Curriculum

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