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Roadmap to Success - A Complete Path Towards Your AWS SysOps Exam

The aim of this write up is to make you familiar with the career path and to set up the path following which you can clear your AWS SysOps certification exam. The write up will also make you familiar with tools and services which form the foundation of this particular AWS certification. 

What you’ll learn-

AWS SysOps Learning Path

  • Who can enrol for AWS SysOps Certification Exam?
  • What is SysOps?
  • Benefits of AWS SysOps Certification
  • AWS SysOps Certification Exam Performa
  • Learning the path of AWS SysOps Exam
  • What skills are you required to pass the SysOps exam?
  • Learning Resources

AWS SysOps Career path

AWS Curriculum

Who can enroll for AWS SysOps Certification Exam?

The SysOps examination is ideal for the people –

  • who are into administration sector including Linux and/or networking
  • who are recent graduates or in the final year of their graduation and planning for the career in AWS
  • who are system administrators
  • software developers with the experience in developer operations (DevOps)
  • who are cloud professionals

What is AWS SysOps?

This designated AWS SysOps certification exhibits skill in sending, scaling, relocating and managing AWS frameworks. SysOps certification test up-and-comers are recommended to have at least one year of hands-on experience managing cloud applications on the AWS platform.

The people with expertise in SysOps are the people who deploy a solution, create the complete infrastructure, monitor the infrastructure, take necessary actions wherever possible, automate the stuff, etc.

It is strongly recommended to first learn about the technology thoroughly and then register for the exam. However, if you quickly want to clear this certification exam, then there are several online tutorials available in which you can enrol for a few dollars and get yourself ready for the examination.

The Associate level AWS SysOps certification exam is to help the IT admins and system engineers for executing and overseeing resources on AWS. This is the prerequisite to the DevOps Engineer certification.

a complete path towards your AWS SysOps exam

The curriculum of AWS Solutions Architect and AWS SysOps certification exams are almost the same. The primary difference is the Operations part where you’ll be executing things and running the operations. For this, you have to undergo knowledge advancement of services, logics, and few scripts.

Benefits of AWS SysOps Certification

  • Approve your aptitudes and information in the transcendent distributed computing stage
  • Are reliably recorded among the top paying data tech confirmations around the world
  • Accumulate more meetings for hopeful cloud experts, and higher wages once employed
  • Are perceived industry-wide as dependable and well-planned tech certifications
  • Exhibit validity and commitment to your cloud building vocation way
  • Give access to a system of similar friends and AWS thought-pioneers
  • Require recertification which guarantees that your AWS abilities stay current

AWS SysOps Certification Exam Performa

  1. Time allotted for the exam: 80 minutes
  2. Passing score: No (AWS does not publish the passing score for its exams)
  3. Question types: Multiple choices/single answer; Multiple choices/multiple answers
  4. Exam registration: Register at AWS
  5. Exam cost: $150 (USD)*
  6. *AWS provides practice exams at the cost of $20 (USD)
  7. Exam Blueprint: AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate (free resource) *

Learning Path of AWS SysOps Exam

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a complete path towards your AWS SysOps exam

  • Monitoring and Reporting – 22% This level continues to the highest percentage of mark towards your end score. It concentrates on your ability to be able to implement the correct monitoring, reporting, and alerting solutions.

  • High Availability – 8% Questions in this domain will examine your capability to architect and implement solutions that are highly available and resilient.

  • Deployment and Provisioning – 14%  This domain focuses on the primary knowledge requirements when deploying and provisioning a range of different services and features within your solutions.

  • Storage and Data management – 12% This domain will test your awareness and ability to retain, protect, and manage data that is being stored within AWS.

  • Security and Compliance – 18% This domain is all about being able to demonstrate your awareness of security controls that allow you to control access to resources through a variety of policies, controls, and authentication mechanisms.

  • Networking – 14%  This domain heavily focuses on the Virtual Private Cloud Service (VPC) and all the networking components that are linked with the service.

  • Automation and Optimization – 12%  This final domain will assess your ability to optimize your AWS resources from both a cost and performance perspective. You must also demonstrate your level of understanding of automation methods.

What skills do you require to pass the SysOps exam?

  • Deploy, manage and operate scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant systems on AWS
  • Migrate an existing on-premises application to AWS
  • Ensure data integrity and data security on AWS technology
  • Select the appropriate AWS service based on compute, data or security requirements
  • Identify appropriate use of AWS operational best practices
  • Understand operational cost control mechanisms and estimate AWS usage costs

AWS Quiz

AWS SysOps Learning Resources

Whitepapers and Books

White papers are one of the most significant assets to get ready for the affirmation test. The above rundown of whitepapers is significant from the test perspective. Particularly Security Process, Storage Options (S3), and so on are the must-peruse for AWS Certified SysOps Administrator test. 

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Here is the suggestion was given to whitepapers on the AWS official site:

  • Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices
  • Development and Test on AWS
  • AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Connectivity Options
  • Backup and Recovery Approaches Using AWS
  • How AWS Pricing Works 

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Official Study Guide: Associate Exam by Stephen Cole, Gareth Digby, Steve Friedberg, Chris Fitch, Michael Roth, Jerry Rhoads, Blaine Sundrud, and Shaun Qualheim 

  • AWS Administration Cookbook by Lucas Chan and Rowan Udell 
  • AWS Administration – The Definitive Guide by Yohan Wadia 
  • Learning AWS by Amit Shah and Aurobindo Sarkar 
  • Amazon Web Services in real life by Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig


It is also recommended to watch good videos for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification exam. There are a number of good videos for beginners on the Amazon website that will help you understand the basics. It will also save you a lot of time to read the documentation. You can also use various other Youtube channels for the online tutorials on SysOps.

Practice! Practice! Practice

Practice is the key to success. When you have experienced the blogs, videos, and some other assets and have a better comprehension of AWS concepts. It is the ideal opportunity for you to test your insight by taking the training tests. I would recommend JanBask Training that gives outstanding amongst other practice material for the AWS Certifications.


  • IAM
  • User, Group, Roles, Policies
  • STS, IAM Custom Policy
  • Best Practices
  • Monitoring
  • Cloud Watch with custom metrics, EBS, ELB monitoring
  • Dashboards, Alarms in Cloud Watch
  • Organizations
  • Resource group and tagging
  • AWS Config
  • Cloud Trail
  • Costing and billing
  • Trusted Advisor
  • EC2 (similar to Solutions Architect)
  • EC2 Instance Creation
  • EC2 Instance Management
  • AMI creation
  • Sharing AMI
  • Placement group
  • Instance Store
  • Bastion Host
  • System Manager (Run command)
  • Patching
  • EBS (similar to Solutions Architect)
  • Volumes
  • Snapshot
  • Volume Types
  • EFS
  • Snowball
  • Snowball Edge
  • ELB Error Messages
    • AWS System Manager
    • Network Load Balancer, Application Load Balancer
    • Web Server High Availability
  • High Availability
  • Launch Configuration and Auto Scaling Group
  • Auto Scaling Policies 
  • Scheduled Scaling
  • Load Balancing and Auto Scaling (similar to Solutions Architect)
  • Troubleshooting Auto Scaling Issues
  • Autoscaling lifestyle of Instance
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Termination Policy
  • S3
  • In S3 (similar to Solutions Architect)
  • Object Storage
  • Block Storage
  • Versioning
  • Server Access Logging and Object Level Logging
  • Website Hosting
  • Encryption
  • KMS & Cloud HSM
  • Storage Gateway
  • Athena – Analytics in S3 Bucket
  • Life cycle policy
  • Cross-region replication
  • Storage Class
  • RDS (similar to Solutions Architect)
  • Elasticache
  • Aurora
  • RDS with Multi-AZ failover
  • Read Replica
  • Elasticity
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • DDOS errors
  • Security Token Service
  • AWS Hypervisors
  • AWS System Manager
  • Pre signed URL
  • Shared Responsibility
  • AWS Inspector & Trusted Advisor
  • WAF and shield
  • Security Groups
  • EC2 key pair
  • SSL key
  • Networking & Route 53 (similar to Solutions Architect)
  • VPC
  • Nat Instance
  • Nat Gateway
  • VPN Peering
  • VPC Endpoints
  • VPC Flow logs
  • Route Table
  • Elastic Network Interface
  • Route 53
  • Automation
  • Cloud Formation
  • Lambda
  • Elastic Bean Stalk
  • Ops Work
  • Chef & Recipe Concepts
  • Application Services
  • SQS
  • SNS
  • SWF all concepts in detail
  • Kinesis
  • AWS Guard

A ladder towards your high-paying career

Since AWS accreditations are vendor explicit, certification holders ought to hope to discover work with AWS, at an organization that uses the AWS platform or as an advisor to those organizations. Occupation jobs adjust intimately with the certifications, which means recruiters offer positions, for example, designer, engineer framework administrator and architect, just as IT expert and evangelist. With the AWS light expected to sparkle brilliantly for the years to come, a career that spotlights on AWS tools and technologies looks both exceptionally steady and amazingly encouraging. 

Furthermore, the places of work we looked into (Glassdoor, Indeed, and Simply Hired), just as the 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge, report six-figure pay rates for all AWS specialized positions. This implies people who gain AWS certifications make probably the most noteworthy IT paychecks in North America. For instance, Global Knowledge's overview expresses that the normal compensation of an AWS-affirmed IT expert is about $114,000, which spots it "in the best five most lucrative certifications in the United States and Canada." 

Let’s have a look at how much can you make in this career: -

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  Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily Hourly
Min. $99,625 $8,302 $1,916 $383 $51.09
Median $130,000 $10,833 $2,500 $500 $66.67
Max. $221,000 $18,417 $4,250 $850 $113.33

Designations Associated with SysOps

SysOps Engineer - Job Responsibilities include:

  • Creates devices and procedures to empower mechanized sending and observing of cloud and on-prem foundation and applications
  • Computerizes pictures, frameworks/organize setup and coordination utilizing devices, for example, Cloud Formation, Terraform, Puppet, Ansible, and so on
  • Plans and actualizes CI/CD pipelines to incorporate application and security testing and taking into account advancement groups to possess the pipeline procedure from start to finish
  • Actualizes, improves and increases foundation, application and security checking apparatuses and by and large stage soundness
  • Mechanizing information flexibility and replication-dependent on arrangements
  • Answerable for overseeing and activity of situations
  • Coaches designers and friends
  • Partakes in the production of key guides by understanding the necessities of the business and mapping specialized destinations to those requirements
  • Makes elevated level reference engineering documentation to meet the innovation needs of different partners
  • Works self-sufficiently to assemble tweaked answers for address business issues
  • Delivers, upgrades, and executes the sending of robotized devices to build efficiencies over the association
  • Adequately imparts arrangements engineering to the board just as to business partners and the venture groups
  • Improves sending and discharge the executives procedure
  • Critical experience structuring, conveying, and supporting generation cloud conditions, especially multi-area/multi-AZ situations
  • Ceaseless observing and logging of all applications layers and all foundation (for example CloudWatch, New Relic, Splunk) 
  • Ceaseless cautioning and warning dependent on screens and logs (for example OpsGenie) 
  • Hands-on experience in holder advances including Docker/Kubernetes 
  • Self-mending groups utilizing vigorous wellbeing check administrations and cloud load balancers (for example ELB/ALB/ELB, ECS) 
  • Security automation tools like OWASP-ZAP 
  • Advanced networking concepts and usage in AWS/Azure/GCP 
  • Experience in Linux Administration

Designations Associated with SysOps

SysOps Manager - Job Responsibilities include: 

  • Launch and grow a group of SysOps Engineers
  • Work with building groups to report and institutionalize occurrence reactions
  • Work with the Director, Tech Ops to Define key operational measurements, create announcing foundation and rhythm, set targets, and constantly improve
  • Distinguish holes in data stream that effect MTTR and MTTD
  • Backing and screen ActionIQs item so as to give lucidity of stage wellbeing and opportune occurrence reaction
  • Give clear framework status to cross-useful partners
  • Work intimately with our SRE and item building groups to recognize signal versus commotion in our alarm streams
  • Take an interest in configuration surveys with an eye for operability and intricacy
  • Lead day by day standup gatherings
  • Give clear and significant input to item groups, got from episode streams
  • Experience working in a startup situation profoundly wanted
  • Experience supporting an undertaking SaaS item
  • Experience working in an SLA-driven condition
  • Experience working inside consistence and security structures like SOC 2, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, or comparable

SysOps Administrator - Job Responsibilities include: 

  • Should be mindful to send, oversee, and work adaptable, profoundly accessible, and fault-tolerant frameworks on AWS. 
  • Vital specialized changes to improve the current cloud stage administrations, give repeatable arrangements and conveyance greatness for the organization’s set of core solutions
  • The candidate is likewise liable for the everyday administration of the current on-premise virtual and physical server situations made up of Linux and Windows servers
  • Required Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a computer’s related field; with three to five years of understanding with a complex environment or identical mix of education and experience
  • At least 2+ years of experience as an IT head with an essential duty of AWS and Linux/Windows frameworks
  • Hands-on involvement in the AWS CLI and SDKs/API tools. In profundity learning of Windows Server organization and arrangement
  • Involvement in Linux OS, ideally Red Hat, Ubuntu or CentOS and with framework imaging and sending tools.Working information of space capacities, administrations and conventions
  • Dynamic Directory, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, GPO, VPN, WSUS, IIS.Expertise with AWS foundation in a versatile multi-AZ generation condition
  • Involvement in the executives of programming advancement infrastructure.Ability to learn and work with the up and coming age of innovation on top of things
  • Experience of AWS stage incorporates capability in EC2, S3, Auto Scaling, and IAM
  • Proven experience of OS organization, execution, observing/tuning, security solidifying, and investigating
  • Solid learning of Shell Scripting and direction line management
  • Experience with design the board programming
  • Capacity to successfully organize undertakings in a high-pressure group situated, collective environment.
  • Excellent tuning in, relational, composed, and oral business relational abilities
  • Favored Qualifications: Working involvement in VMWare and/or Microsoft Hyper-V.Familiarity with holder advances, ideally Docker AWS Certification, ideally in SysOps and/or DevOps
  • Experience in server-side scripting and automation.
  • AWS Associate testaments are an or more (AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS SysOps Administrator, AWS Solutions Architect)

AWS Demo Class

What’s in your mind?

As the work environment keeps on advancing and companies now have become progressively reliant on cloud technologies, recruiters are on the chase for IT experts with the skills and mastery to help, scale, and grow the organization. Dispatch your profession into the cloud by winning certifications that will open entryways and create opportunities!

JanBask Training has everything you are required for your SysOps Training. Go through the online training sessions and pass this high-paying certification and make your career fruitful. Happy Learning!

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