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AWS Solution Architect Roles and Responsibilities: You Need To Know!


Amazon’s AWS has marked its own place in cloud marketing with its easy-to-use, affordable, and flexible features, and many companies are turning to AWS for cloud services. Currently, 64% of enterprises (who are in the cloud in some capacity) use AWS. Naturally, companies need professionals who can manage AWS cloud services, whether an AWS Developer, AWS Sysops Administrator, or an AWS Certified Solution Architect. As an AWS professional, you must have an in-depth knowledge of AWS architecture, principles, and its services. 

Pursuing the AWS Solution Architect Certification helps you jumpstart your cloud computing career as AWS empowers thousands of businesses worldwide. To work especially as an AWS Certified Solution Architect, you’ll have to use your skills and expertise to support in developing leading cloud computing solutions and transferring  current workloads to the cloud. Yet, what does working as a solutions architect look like, and what are its roles and responsibilities once you get the job? 

This blog will discuss the following:

  • AWS Solution Architect roles and responsibilities?
  • What does an AWS Architect's job description look like?
  • What is the salary for AWS Solution Architect jobs?
  • What do AWS Solution Architect duties look like?
  • How is a Solution Architect different from an Enterprise & Technical Architect?

Who is an AWS Solution Architect: A Brief Introduction

A solution architect is one of the most sought-after job profiles among the software development team. He is responsible for building and integrating a software product to meet specific needs. His task involves integrating hardware and software products for excellent performance outcomes. He has to explain the architecture of an application to other departments or team members to deliver a more effective system.

The role of a solution architect comes into the picture when project details are shared by a computer analyst. After this, he stays active throughout the project. He organizes requirements and motivates or guides other members of a team during the entire software development cycle. He has to look after a project's technical stack, including programming language, OS, development platform, and more.

AWS Solution Architect Training and Certification

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Working as an AWS Certified Solution Architect means that you can derive advanced cloud-based solutions and migrate existing ones to the cloud. Joining a credible cloud computing certification will help you jumpstart your career the right way!

It is all about the AWS Solution Architect!

An AWS solution architect holds an industry-recognized certification and possesses skills that enable him to take vital part of the software development team and be responsible for managing plenty of application services within an organization. He has to work on both the functional and non-functional requirements of a project. He is majorly focused on suggesting the best system solution that may directly impact the business outcome. 

The information derived by a solution architect is generally used by the development team for the successful implementation of business solutions. Further, he has to define complex business problems in easy words that can be understood by everyone. He has to understand the business processes and create a cohesive software vision. 

An AWS Solution Architect Looks Over the following Things:

  • He focuses on technology implementation to find an easy solution for tough business problems. 
  • He checks on the technology platform, programming language, and the operating system that can be used for the creation of a business solution. 
  • He decides on the look and feel of the software and how different modules interact together.
  • He decides on system maintenance and future scaling as needed.
  • He determines the associated risks with software products, frameworks, or third-party platforms.

AWS Quiz

How is a Solution Architect Different from an Enterprise & Technical Architect?

People are usually confused between three terms, enterprise architect, technical architect, and solution architect. All three have different meanings with different roles and responsibilities. 

  • The strategic vision of an enterprise is dictated by enterprise architecture. He has to explain the technical things that are actually needed to support the architecture of an enterprise.
  • A technical architect, at the same time, is tasked with the software architecture and other engineering problems. 
  • A solution architect who defines the technology details, information, and business architecture for a specific solution. You can say a solution architect acts as a bridge among technical and enterprise architects.

What are the AWS Solutions Architect Roles and Responsibilities?

With the help of a Solution Architect, it is possible to deliver the solution within a given timeline and budget. Also, he makes sure that the solution perfectly aligns with the Company's needs. Also, check out resources related to AWS solution architect on JanBask Training for detailed insights! Here is a list of tasks carried out by a solution architect on priority. 

  1. Perfectly aligned solutions as per the requirement: Companies have data, integration requirements, and systems. Solution architect has to make sure that the system fits the corporate environment and how different parts of a system are working together when integrated. Based on depth analysis, they can suggest solutions that perfectly align with Company requirements.
  2. Focus on Stakeholders’ needs: One of the major objectives to follow when designing a software product is to meet stakeholders’ requirements. The task of a solution architect is to make sure that all requirements are followed strictly. He has to inform stakeholders about the process, budget, and cost of a software product routinely. He is also responsible for transforming the technical details of a project into easy language that can be understood by anyone.

  3. Focus on Project Constraints: A solution architect has to focus on the project constraints that include scope, time, budget, deadline, quality, deliverables, resources, risks, etc. He has to decide on the software and hardware requirements based on project analysis. Further, he is responsible for designing product documentation that will include project goals, main features, functions, tasks, etc. 
  4. Define the Technology Requirements for a Project: According to the nature of a project, the solution architect has to decide on the technology things. It may include the programming language, development platform, operating system, and more. This task may be complicated sometimes when so many technologies are available in the IT marketplace with comparable features and benefits.
  5. Manage the non-functional requirements of a Project: Other than technical things, there are non-functional requirements of a project that have to be understood by a solution architect. Non-functional requirements may vary based on the nature of a project.

Learn which are the Top 13 AWS Certifications that are in demand in 2022 from this blog.

What Are AWS Solution Architect Roles and Responsibilities?

  • He has to perform architectural analysis, and he should know how to design enterprise-level systems.
  • He should know how to design and simulate tools for the perfect delivery of systems.
  • He should know how to design, develop, and maintain systems, processes, procedures to deliver a high-quality service design.
  • He has to work with other members of a team and other departments to establish healthy communication and information flow.
  • He should know how to deliver a high-performing solution architecture that can support the development efforts of a business. 
  • He has to plan, design, and configure the most typical business solutions as needed.
  • He has to prepare technical documents and other presentations for multiple solutions areas.
  • He has to be sure that the best practices for configuration management are carried out as it was needed.
  • He has to work on customer specifications, analyze them, and conduct the best product recommendations associated with the platform.
  • He has to work with the sales team to perform conversions.
  • He has to initiate a healthy discussion with the client and update them from time to time on the progress of a project.
  • He has to understand the Company needs and architecture so that he can define the system specifications accordingly.
  • He is responsible for planning, designing, and developing the solution architecture.
  • He has to communicate requirements of a system to the IT team.
  • He has to decide the best hardware and software products for integration.
  • He has to oversee the assigned program and guide the other members of a team.
  • He has to support when technical issues arise.
  • He has to make sure that infrastructure and architecture are well implemented.
  • He has to address technical problems, ideas, and other major concerns from time to time.
  • He has to monitor systems routinely to ensure that all business goals are met as per the user requirements.

So now you know the AWS Solutions Architect job description, now let’s know the AWS Solution Architect certification path.


Know AWS Solutions Architect Certification Path and Exam Details

As mentioned earlier, AWS Solutions Architect is one of the highest-paying IT certifications. Moreover,  when you are a certified AWS Solution Architect, it shows you have some of the most in-demand (and profitable) skills validated by one of the most recognizable entities in cloud computing.

AWS Solution Architect Certifications are divided into two courses. Let’s know about both AWS Solutions Architect certifications:

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

  • The exam helps you validate your ability to effectively show your knowledge of building and deploying a secure and smooth software or application using the AWS platform. 
  • This certification focuses on AWS services' core components, like Identity and Access Management (IAM), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), S3, and EC2. Understanding these core services will give you a grasp on AWS's approach to security, networking, data storage, and compute scalability.

2. AWS Solutions Architect- Professional

  • This is an advanced course after Solution Architect-Associate. It intends for those individuals who must evaluate a business's needs and make architectural recommendations for implementing and deploying applications on AWS.
  • This certification is the advanced level in understanding and being equipped to develop, deploy, or implement any AWS service and make fair use of it, especially specific areas like security and direct connection.

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6 Tips To Ace Your AWS Solution Architect Certification Exam Like A Pro!

Success can only be achieved with hard work. So, preparing for the exam well is vital to become a certified AWS professional. Here is a quick guide for everyone on preparing for the AWS Solution Architect and AWS Professional certification exams.

AWS Professional certification exams.

A. Get Familiar with the Exam Pattern

You should be familiar with the exam pattern and check samples online of which type of questions you may encounter during the exam. You should know the percentage of each topic and how much time should be given for different concepts.

B. Focus on AWS Whitepapers

Whitepapers generally store the researched data that is highly valuable and result-oriented for organizations. You should prefer reading those whitepapers for detailed information. They are easily available on the web. A few of them are available for free and a few are paid as well. You can jump to the paid option only when they are needed.

C. Read Recommended Books

If you can prepare on your own then buy related books and start reading them thoroughly. You can search for the name of good books and buy one or more good AWS books. There are AWS e-books as well. Instead of reading heavy books, utilize online material, read them anywhere, anytime, starting your studies right away.

D. Check & Solve Questions Online

Before you attempt the final exam, don’t forget to check sample questions online and go through the tutorial. AWS Solution Architect will help you prepare for questions to attempt.  

E. Register for the Exam

In the last step, you should register for the exam and create an AWS account for this purpose. You have to pay fees as decided by the vendor and manage your progress using the same account.

F. Join the AWS Training Course

The best idea to prepare for the certification exam is to get enrolled for the Solution Architect program and understand all related concepts deeply. The course content is usually structured in such a way that you don’t have to prepare for the certification exam separately. It will automatically prepare you for the certification and gives placement assistance too that includes a list of interview questions, resume building, personality development, etc.

How can online training help you grow in the cloud computing world?

Online learning is growing and has become mandatory for everyone to stay competitive. It gives you the freedom to learn at your own time from your home. These days instructor-led online training has become more popular where you can make queries and get instant solutions too. The classroom training also has its own unique attributes but it is not recommended for working professionals due to lack of time. Get to know about the benefits of Online Learning from our blog and enhance your career in Cloud Computing.

The next question comes about which training institute to join when there are so many options available for you. Well, it is a good question because online training is worth investment only when it is done from the right place. 

For this purpose, you should research online for the best institutes and make a list of institutes you like the most. Now start filtering them on different parameters like reviews, past feedback, the reputation of the institute, fee structure, course content, course duration, instructors, etc. these all parameters will surely help you decide the best option for you.

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AWS Solution Architect Career Path: Salary Trends & Job Outlook


If you are wondering, are there any AWS Certified Solutions Architect jobs out there? A simple google research that reveals that there are over 59,000+ AWS Solutions Architect Associate jobs available currently. So, it’s in-demand IT skills because as well as a lucrative career. Though do remember your salary depends on a lot of factors like experience, your skills and even your company location. So here’s the salary: 

What is an AWS Solutions Architect Associate Salary?

As mentioned earlier, AWS Solutions Architect salary is quite attractive. Let us see the details of the salary structure of an AWS Architect-

The associate level is the one you enter after clearing your Cloud Practitioner certification exam. An AWS certified Solution Architect earns around  $159,033 per annum.

  • AWS Solutions Architect Professional Salary

Professional level is the next step after you’ve obtained your Solutions Architect-Associate level certifications. An AWS Solutions Architect professional salary is $148,456 on average.

All done with the salary part. Let us move into the hard and soft skills section.

Technical and Non-Technical Skills Essential for AWS Solutions Architect

Here are the critical skills required to be an AWS solution architect when looking to start a career in cloud computing.


Programming Languages

All the architect nerds have a sound knowledge of software development. But an AWS solutions architect must have proficiency in programming languages like C#, Python, Java, or any other ones that have to do with Amazon Devkit. 

When you comprehend the programming concepts, it enables you to create workable solutions. An efficient architect can even create demo videos of how to code better using the latest technologies.

Networking Knowledge

A cloud-based architecture is all about networking. So, as an AWS architect, you have to equip your knowledge bank with terms lik

  • TCP/IP
  • DNS
  • HTTP
  • VPN
  • CDN
  • SSH access
  • Route 53
  • VPC
  • CloudFront 
  • A deeper understanding of all cloud networking concepts helps you design your VPC peering connections, private/public subnets, and much more. Join the AWS community for better networking opportunities.


The architect has to handle and maintain databases at their workplace. So, you need to know DB concepts like 

  • Hadoop clusters,

  • Bucket Storage

  • S3 (Amazon Simple Storage)

  • Amazon Glacier

  • RDS 

These help you figure out the best storage technology for your organization based on their price, performance, and capabilities.

Grow your career in AWS with the expert advice from the Top 10 AWS Leaders or influencers that can redefine your career. 

Cloud-specific technologies

You have to learn some cloud-specific patterns like queuing, pub, event, and a bunch of others that help you create more scalable and affordable applications. Moreover, you have to choose between server or serverless applications to design your high-performing and cost-effective applications.


As an AWS solutions architect, you have to think about futuristic solutions but in the present. What helps you do it?

  • Unique solution designs that need a lot of creative thinking
  • Design and deliver innovative business solutions that also considers the current budget, time, and human resource constraints
  • Ability to put customer experience on top of technology

Team Collaborations

As virtual communication has become the new normal, the solution architects need to take the responsibility of imparting their knowledge to the beginners in the team and lead them toward a path of success and progress.

They also have to make team collabs work well by giving the credentials for the team members' dedication that encourages them to do better. 


Both professional and beginner cloud architects have a lot of learning and understanding of different requirements with every project. Not all clients are the same, so you must be flexible enough to learn at every stage to provide the best services for them. 

Therefore, the architects must read, research, and understand new services and technologies.


As architects think, create, design, and deliver solutions for the future, they must possess exquisite problem-solving capabilities. 


The solution architect should develop their listening skills. It helps to understand your teammates and enables you to deliver the correct response for them. 

Good listening skills help to:

  • Develop trust
  • Quickly connect with others
  • Ask precise questions
  • Figure out about information gaps

The next title of our article is about building a professional resume for your interview.

Top 5 Tips to Prepare an AWS Solutions Architect Resume

Resume building is an art, and when done right, captures the attention of hiring managers in less than 6 seconds. The following tips will help you with it:

# Tip 1: Pick the correct format

  • Keep your resume structured, clean, and clear, with the relevant chronological format of your niche
  • Use professional fonts of size 11-12 pts
  • Provide sufficient white space
  • Use a margin length of one inch for both sides
  • Segment your sections with the appropriate headers

# Tip 2: Build an eye-catching resume that stands out

Highlight the information the recruiters are looking for like:

  • Single effective adjective
  • Job title (position name you are applying, here it is AWS Solutions Architect)
  • The way you can provide solutions to business problems with cloud solutions 
  • Mention your recent technical achievements

# Tip 3: Write a resume job description

  • Read the organization job ads more than once
  • Jot down the duties and responsibilities they have mentioned about
  • Recall how you have previously used those skills to impress your former employers
  • Quantify those achievements and write them down in bullet points

# Tip 4: Convert your Educational Qualifications into desirable reasons to hire you.

You can do this by including your accomplishments, projects, and other course completions certification information related to that job opening.

# Tip 5: Add some extra sections

You can put in more sections like

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Other Programming Language Proficiencies
  • Hobbies
  • Awards
  • Certifications Earned 

The last section lists some companies looking for talented AWS Solution Architects like you.

Top Companies Hiring AWS Solution Architect

  There are a plethora of organizations looking for AWS professionals. A few of them are

  • Amazon
  • Capgemini
  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Virtusa
  • AT&T
  • Broadcom
  • Baxter 

Do you want to start an AWS career? Check out here


Q1. What are the AWS solution architect roles and responsibilities?

Ans:- The AWS solution architect roles and responsibilities are 

  • Architectural analysis of systems, 
  • Ensuring on-time delivery, 
  • Identifying client requirements, 
  • Working and communicating with related departments, 
  • Providing technical assistance, and 
  • System monitoring

Q2. Are the AWS architect roles and responsibilities and AWS solution architect roles and responsibilities the same?

Ans:-Similar to a great extent. A solution architect is responsible for building and integrating a software product to meet specific needs. But AWS architect roles and responsibilities are similar to that of a Cloud developer/practitioner role.

Q3. What are the AWS solution architect associate roles and responsibilities?

Ans:- AWS solution architect associate roles and responsibilities include 

  • Building applications on the AWS platform, 
  • Identity and access management (IAM), 
  • Data storage

Q4. What are the AWS cloud architect roles and responsibilities?

Ans:- The AWS cloud architect roles and responsibilities are to 

  • Build scalable architecture, 
  • Documentation of client requirements, 
  • Design VPC storage and server instances, 
  • Use relevant AWS services 

Q5. Mention a few AWS engineer roles and responsibilities

Ans:- Few AWS engineer roles and responsibilities are 

  • Complete control of AWS cloud infrastructure, 
  • Building production systems, 
  • Working with other technical teams to develop scalable applications, implement best cloud security practices,
  • Integrations of CI/CD pipelines, 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • Performing acceptance testing

Final Thoughts On Roles & Responsibilities of AWS Solution Architect

AWS Solutions Architect Certification is one of the highest-paying IT Certifications. However, AWS is constantly evolving and is coming up with newer updates and service additions every few years. So you should always stay updated with the current cloud computing trends or join training courses that are available online. The AWS solution architect certification course will not only help you to advance your career and it is the only choice to transform your dreams into reality and make you a more valuable IT resource too. 

Hopefully this blog on AWS Solutions Architect roles and responsibilities provided you with an in-depth picture of the career prospect of being an AWS Solution Architect, his salary, and how to be certified. If the tips or the concept of Solution Architect overwhelms you, reach out to career counselors or get training from the best online training platform. You can test  your cloud computing knowledge based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using this free AWS Quiz.

Did we forget any role or responsibility? Or share your own journey as an AWS Solution Architect in the comment section below!

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