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A Few Reasons Why AWS Training Certification can Change Your Life?


 In other words, AWS Certification Course is measured to be capable enough carrying the greater magnitude to flourish your career and enhance your pay scale to the limit beyond what you might have thought.  

But before we delve more into the career aspects, we would definitely give you a glimpse of what exactly is AWS and how its major components play a greater role in shaping your career as an AWS architect and much more than we have even considered. Read on to know more!

AWS cloud computing in amalgamation with the applications of databases, configuration management, automation, networking, AWS Route 53, and networking too.

With the above-mentioned core concepts of AWS, you might have got the idea that after the completion of this course you will attain perfection on creating elastic compute cloud (EC2). Thus what could be better if you associate yourself with a training platform for  AWS certification and see yourself becoming the master of AWS cloud computing

master of AWS cloud computing

Isn’t it been so true to say that the inception of artificial intelligence with the blend of digital marketing has given birth to cloud computing? Ten years ago, could have anyone believed that web-servers would play an essential part in running the cloud-computing software from one region to another? Even today many of us still wonder why some videos on YouTube don’t play in some specific regions? Its answers lie in the region’s lack of ability in accessing the network through the source of the content delivery network usually known as CDN.


But what exactly is AWS cloud computing

  • Cloud computing has become one of the most demanding IT resources that works over the internet. While using an AWS cloud computing service, the software developer simply needs to pay for the specific time period until he uses them.
  • Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centres and servers, one can easily access technological services like computing power, storage, and databases.
  • Almost every type of industry ranging from IT to locomotive runs upon the android based systems and does require cloud computing facilitated network too.
  • The services of cloud computing devices include data-back-up, disaster recovery, email, virtual desktops, software development, and testing, face-recognition web applications, and big data analytics.

One such example can be illustrated by the healthcare companies' usage of cloud to offer adequate treatment to patients. Whereas the financial companies have started to rely more upon the cloud computing systems to detect real-time fraud detection that does take place in the transactions. Even the video-gaming companies have started to use cloud computing apps to provide online games to millions of players across the world.

The most advantageous thing about using cloud computing is that it offers a wide range of technologies that can allow you to innovate faster and build any app in the nearby future. It holds the ability to spin up resources that one needs and it might arise from infrastructure services such as computing, Internet of Things, Storage, Machine learning, and Analytics.

What exactly is EC2 in the AWS concept?

  • With the help of cloud computing, an AWS developer doesn’t need to procure many provision resources that are capable enough of handling the peak levels of business activity of any organization.
  •  It also allows one to upscale these resources by creating hierarchy from bottom to top in a seamless manner.
  • Moreover, the advantages of cloud computing are many and one such advantage is that it allows one to trade capital expenses and allow them to pay only IT products that they might have used for executing a particular project. 
  • In addition to it, even the variable expenses are bound to be much less as what one has expected and it can be easily reflected upon the economies of scale.

AWS Solution Architect Training and Certification

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Can be installed globally within the fraction of a few minutes

Cloud computing of AWS helps one to expand its business horizons from one place to another and within the time span of a few minutes. The basic reason supporting this is that AWS owns infrastructure across the world. 

Within just a few clicks one can easily deploy applications in numerous geographical locations. Along with reducing the latency and improvising the user experience, it helps the software developer to save time and effort.

The three major types of cloud computing included in AWS are Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. In fact, almost, each of the cloud computing platforms facilitates a different set of services that are enough to fulfil the needs of the customers.

Joining a professional group like the JanBask Community can help you to stay connected with the industry experts and get professional support on your career path.

Infrastructure as a Service

Often recalled by the acronym IAAS, it comprises the basic building blocks that are generally used for cloud IT and usually provide an excess of networking features that are suitable for storing the data in devices like hardware and even uses fewer data storage space.

 It offers the highest level of flexibility and management control too that are enough to cover IT resources. It is most similar to the existing IT resources that are quite similar to the ones used by the IT department s and developers.

Platform as a Service

It is one such platform that removes the need for developers to manage the underlying infrastructure which generally consists of hardware and operating systems.

Moreover, it also allows one to focus on the deployment and management of applications. 

It also helps developers to become more efficient as they don’t need to worry about resource procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance as well as undifferentiated heavy lifting which are involved in running a certain application. Enhance your learnings with AWS Quiz

AWS Solution Architect Training and Certification

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Software as a Service

It provides the developers with a complete product solution that gets run and is usually managed by the service provider. 

In many cases, it is referred to as quite conducive to managing end-to-end user applications. It allows one to not think much about the price and the software infrastructure can be easily created by using it.

Although there are the few growing industries that seek demanding job roles in the AWS field and it includes comprehensive usage of AWS. By attaining certifications in AWS training, you can see yourself achieving the greater heights in the time span of 2 to 6 years. Some of the known career paths related to AWS include-

  1. AWS Cloud Architect
  2. AWS Solution Architect
  3. SysOps Administrator
  4. Cloud Developer
  5. Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager
  6. Cloud DevOps Engineer
  7. Key Account Manager-Cloud
  8. Cloud Software Engineer
  9. AWS Networking Specialist


In the end, it can be concluded that AWS courses offered by JanBask Training help working professionals as well as students to stand out from the crowds and fetch their long-last dreams within the time duration of 6 weeks.  

The best part associated with these courses is that its job profiles are available in non-core IT industries and with limited learning, one can fully absorb the crux of business dealings too.


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