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What Is The Average Salary Of A Business Intelligence Analyst?

Organizations today are looking for more interesting ways to compete and stand out, BI analysts can help them to enjoy these benefits with meaningful business data insights.

  • Business Intelligence Analysts look for data trends, patterns, and produce market intelligence reports by querying or analyzing data repositories. These reports are specifically tailored to the needs of users.
  • BI analysts focus on the overall market behavior including seasonal or geographical trends and suggest recommendations to improve the overall business performance.
  • They are highly sought-after individuals with the right skills, experience and help an organization to set apart from the crowd and thrive in the competitive market.
  • Further, Business Intelligence Analysts may develop tools or programs to facilitate their job. The knowledge of the computer science field or IT domain is required to enter this profession. A four-year degree program is recommended for learners.

The job market for BI analysts is expected to grow by 21 percent from 2014 to 2024. Here is the essential information about the profile you should know.

Education Requirement Bachelor degree in computer science or information technology
Projected Growth (2014 to 2024) 21% for business system analysts
Average Salary for business system analyst at the Entry-level $66,762 per year in the United States
Average Salary for business system analyst at the Mid-level $92,406 per year in the United States.  
Average Salary for business system analyst at the Senior-level $137K per year in the United States

Professionals usually earn $50K to $90K annually at the entry-level or junior level. The average salary of an entry-level business intelligence analyst is $66,762 per year in the United States. What Is The Average Salary Of A Business Intelligence Analyst? The average salary of an average business intelligence analyst is $92,406 per year in the United States. What Is The Average Salary Of A Business Intelligence Analyst? Business Intelligence Analyst has the best average compensation in Oregon with an average salary rate of $82,290 approximately. Professionals working in this domain have the best average pay in Information and Manufacturing sector with an average pay rate of $75,010 and $72,900 per year. BI analysts are required in almost every department today from healthcare to education and finance etc.

BI analysts tend to make the most in the following industries.

Information $75,010
Manufacturing $72,900
Utilities $72,660
Management of Companies and Enterprise $69,950
Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction $68,940
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $68,590

The annual salaries for BI analysts in different sectors are given below. What Is The Average Salary Of A Business Intelligence Analyst?

The hourly rate for BI analysts in different sectors like the private sector, Local government, State Government, and Federal government is given below. What Is The Average Salary Of A Business Intelligence Analyst?

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

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The average salary of a senior BI analyst professional in the United States is $101,303 per year as of April 18, 2019. The salary of a BI analyst can be as high as $137,500 per year or as low as $60K per year. The average salary for a senior BI analyst professional currently ranges between $87K to $137K per year across the United States. What Is The Average Salary Of A Business Intelligence Analyst? Role and Responsibilities of a Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

An individual with 1-2 years of experience in an administrative or supervisory role considered more suitable for the BI analyst position. Here are some roles and responsibilities generally performed by every BI analyst within an organization, you should know.

  • An individual who wants to become a BI analyst should possess strong managerial and professional skillset.
  • BI analysts are tasked to collaborate across cross-departmental managers, and they are expected to demonstrate excellent leadership qualities.
  • He should be well versed with different aspects of the business administration.
  • The presentation skills of BI analysts are important to discuss the Company data and explain the future directions of a Company.
  • He should be prepared to lead seminar training on different business intelligence concepts.
  • He should be proficient in different Microsoft application like Word or Excel. Experience in Oracle and SAP is considered an additional advantage.
  • A BI analyst is generally a creative thinker and possesses good decision-making capabilities in his work.
  • He can work in a diverse global workforce that is customer-centric.

business analyst curriculum

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Tasks:

  • He provides data modeling designs and application analysis report for data collection and stores it into a centralized data warehouse.
  • He generates reports by extracting data from the data warehouse and the database to facilitate sharing among multiple data systems.
  • He is more proficient in query and reporting analysis tools.
  • He uses standard data collection techniques for validation reports and database designs.

Pay by experience for BI Analysts

The most common skills to become a BI analyst include Data warehouse, data modeling, data mining, business intelligence, etc. The other skills may include Microsoft apps like Excel, Word, Oracle, SAP, etc. With an increase in experience, skillset will expand and domain expertize will also improve. Here is the salary range for BI professionals at different levels of experience.

  • Pay by experience for BI analysts shows a positive trend. An entry level junior BI analyst with one to five years of experience is expected to earn an average salary of $66K.
  • A BI Analyst with an experience of 5 to 10 years in business administration earns an average salary of $78K.
  • A BI Analyst with an experience of 10 to 20 years in business administration earns an average salary of $92K.
  • A senior BI analyst in his late-career is expected to earn an average salary of $101,303 per year having more than 20 years of experience.

Pay by location will vary for BI analyst professionals. For example, BI analysts will get an impressive pay rate at Oregon and San Francisco while Dallas offers lower pay rate as compared to other cities in the USA.

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Skills required to become a Business Intelligence Analyst Business Skills:

  • He should have strong communication skills and presentation skills to share recommendations with clients.
  • He should be well versed with team members with strong leadership capabilities.
  • He has excellent problem-solving skills and a creative thinker too.
  • He can work within a diverse global workforce environment that is customer-oriented.

Technical Skills:

  • Database design, data modeling, and database architecture
  • Data mining and data analytics skills
  • Data security and data privacy
  • Data visualization and tools like Tableau and more.
  • Ability to handle different SQL variants.
  • He is proficient in ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) process
  • He understands which situations need Hadoop, R, SAS knowledge and how to use these concepts effectively.
  • The basic knowledge of cloud computing and big data concepts.

Business Analyst Quiz

How to become a successful Business Intelligence Analyst?

 A BI analyst helps the Company to put the data in use collected from different sources and helps to maximize profits and efficiency. He can query databases effectively, generates reports. And derives meaningful insights to make important business decisions. To become successful in this field, an individual should have an in-depth knowledge of big data tools and terminologies with a keen business understanding.

Here are the five steps to launch a successful business analyst career.

  1. Earn a bachelor degree
  2. Complete the internship and earn the entry-level experience.
  3. Get a professional certification
  4. Start applying for BI analyst posts
  5. Pursue an advanced stage
  • You should start your journey with a four-year bachelor degree in computer science, information technology, business administration or any other similar discipline. Choose a course that gives you insights into business process and organization operations.
  • Most of the Companies expect an experience before you start the job. For this purpose, you should complete an internship program first and earn the entry-level experience. During the internship, you get an opportunity to learn the inner working of the business. After this, you may apply for different BI positions as per your area of interests and expertize.
  • Once you have completed the internship, get the professional certification. The best choice is Microsoft Certified Solution expert in BI. This certification is a proof that you have the basic idea of SQL and database concepts. You know how to administer SQL databases, implement the data warehouse, data models, and designing effective business solutions.
  • Once you have gained enough experience and earned certification, you may start applying for BI analysts posts now. There is a plenty of job options for skilled BI analysts worldwide.
  • Earn the master degree to pursue an advance stage with the BI analyst role. It is not necessary that you should have a certification first to join the MBA program. It is recommended for professionals who want to advance their career and want to specialize in a dedicated field.

Business Analyst Demo Class

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Final Words:

BI analysts help improve and guide the way how business management staff collaborate within departments. The minimum education requirements to become a BI analyst is a bachelor degree in computer science, information technology, business administration or any other similar discipline.

The research report by experts shows that BI analysts have not many opportunities for increased pay even after years of experience except location. India and the United States are two most active and popular job markets for senior BI analysts worldwide.

A million jobs are posted every year for BI analyst professionals across the USA. The best idea is you should apply for different BI analyst roles after years of experience and expand the chances of success for you.

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