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Top 10 IT High Paying Jobs in the USA


The tech workforce in the USA contributes to 8 percent of total workers and $1.8 million of the total US economy. There are half a million jobs in IT industries in the USA that is 400 percent higher than non-tech jobs. Data scientist, product managers, software engineers, DevOps engineers, web developers represent the majority of jobs within the tech industry.

The tech industry can pay well for talent; it desperately needs. However, the salary of an IT professional at the entry-level indicates his relevance and demand for the industry. Here is the list of high paying IT jobs for entry-level professionals in the USA. Generally, experienced IT professionals had an ocean of opportunities when compared to entry-level professionals. 

In this case, this blog post will surely help beginners in moving in the right direction with the right education.

Highest Paying entry-level IT jobs in the USA

The tech industry today demands skilled professionals who can fill the gap potentially. During the last recession, employers focus on skilled people only. When the economy bounced back, employers started choosing less skilled professionals again. Now potential employers want to focus on talented IT resources more at the entry-level with substantial pay off.

Because of the increasing demand for tech professionals, technology is attracting people from all backgrounds. People with the latest IT skills and right work ethics can excel in different IT job roles. In the first five years of career, professionals are considered for entry-level positions and require some basic tech knowledge for getting hired.

IT Job Role Average Salaries
Data Scientist $113,254
Product Manager $106,127
Salesforce Developer $100,610
Mobile Developer $100,610
Sales Engineer $90,575
DevOps Engineer $89,300
UI/UX Designer $84,841
Sales Reps $70,622
Marketing Manager $70,392
QA Analyst $70,383

There are a few positions that demand skills in depth even at the entry-level. So, before you start applying for these popular roles, make sure that you have the right education and skills to excel in these careers.

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High Rollers in the Tech industry

A Data scientist is the most demanding job role in the IT industry and earns an average salary of $113,200 per year even at the entry-level. They are the backbone of industries especially those producing voluminous data every day.

When it comes to salary, California is the best place to start your job. More than one-fourth positions are declared in California, 9 percent in New York, and followed by 7% in Texas. Postings for data scientist positions increased by 75 percent between 2015 and 2018. And there are chances of increasing these postings even more in 2020.

Top 10 IT High Paying Jobs in the USA infographic

Considerably, the average cost of a four-year college degree is around $96K and data scientist job role makes you quickly able to repay education loans because this job role has the potential to earn six figures at the entry-level.

A student should opt for Data science certification programs too along with a college degree to gain industry-relevant skills and make their profile more suitable for employers. The average cost of certification is often not more than $1,000. This is a common role for high-tech Companies these days producing huge amount of structured and unstructured data daily.

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Large-scale applications like logistics and e-commerce also required skilled data scientists. The responsibility of a data scientist is analyzing customers data and driving meaningful insights from the same. He tries to identify some pattern to boost overall Company sales and performance.

Product managers are ranked second in the list responsible for product development at different stages, product launch, and product maintenance. The importance of a product manager goes beyond the actual deployment process.

They help to make a product more usable and functional through continuous feedback from the client. The average salary of a product manager is given as $106,127 per year. This salary goes on increasing with experience, skills, and knowledge. The other popular roles in the list are Salesforce Developers, Mobile developers, and Sales Engineer.

Salesforce Developers should have expertized in cloud platform and basic Salesforce concepts. It is not easy to learn Salesforce CRM yourself, but you need proper training to gain the relevant skills and knowledge. The best idea is to join online Salesforce Developer Certification program and get industry-relevant skills in a short period.

The average salary of a Salesforce developer is calculated as $100,610. The average salary of a mobile developer is almost the same, i.e. $100,610, and the average salary of a sales engineer is given as $90,575 per year.

DevOps is a buzz in the IT industry and ranked the sixth most attractive job role in the list. The average salary of a DevOps engineer is $89,300 per year. This is one of the most popular IT roles with specific job duties and responsibilities. DevOps engineer role has the immense potential at the entry-level, and it continues to grow with increased experience and skills.

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Keep in mind that there are no prerequisites to become a DevOps engineer, but you should have the right knowledge to start your career in the DevOps domain. Here are a few DevOps engineer attributes to focus when applying for the role:

  • He uses a variety of open source technologies and automation tools as required by the Company.
  • He can code, script and managing network operations too.
  • He can manage the faster deployment of product, incremental code, or frequent testing, etc.
  • He can manage unstructured data and delivering effective business outcomes.
  • He is comfortable with collaboration, communication, and reaching across functional borders.

How is talent keeping up?

Most people enter to the tech field with a promise of healthy salaries and job longevity. However, you can always increase the earning potential even more with the right education and certifications. Software developers are using coding boot camps to sharpen their skills. At the same time, self-paced training with certifications can be a good choice for people who are willing to learn their own.

Certifications in AWS, Data science, DevOps, Salesforce, Big Data Hadoop are quite common and popular these days. Employers are ready to pay higher than average salaries to certified candidates.

A degree in computer science and information technology is a single catch for almost all IT jobs. It should be further paired with online training and certification to gain more relevant skills and domain-specific knowledge. We wish you luck for a bright career ahead with the right technology and the related skills in that particular technology.

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