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Software Test Engineer Resume Samples for Experienced & Freshers


Software testing is a highly sought-after job in the tech industry. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job opportunities for QA software testers and software test engineers are projected to grow by 9% (or 54,400 jobs) from 2016 through 2026.

A software test engineer’s responsibilities include finding bugs, reporting any defects found in the tracking system. This process will include making and implementing testing methods, recording the test results, and coming up with recommendations to make the software programs better based on the results. Software test engineers generally work on the quality assurance teams at IT companies. Overall, they play a pivotal role in the planning and design stages of the software development process.  

Software Test Engineer Qualification

To begin as a software test engineer, one needs to have an academic background as a software tester should be in Computer Science. A BTech/ B.E., MCA, BCA, BSc- Computers.

If you are looking to get a job in this field, but you do not hold any of these degrees, then you can begin your career by completing a software testing certification like ISTQB and CSTE which help you learn Software Development/ Test Life Cycle and other testing methodologies.

Software Test Engineer Scope

Generally, a software test engineer has to first understand the requirement documents, create test cases, execute test cases, report and retest bugs, and do some team-building activities. As a software tester (QA Analyst) in a typical CMMI level, 5 companies will look like the following but will vary from company to company

  • QA Analyst
  •  Sr. QA Analyst  
  • QA Team Coordinator  
  •  Test Manager
  •  Senior Test Manager

Software Test Engineer Salary

The Software Test Engineer salary depends on multiple factors, among which skill is the main factor.  With a high set of skills and good knowledge of software testing, one can get paid well, even at the entry-level. Also, working at a top-tier software company and the location of employment also can impact this salary.

The average salary for a software test engineer is $87,888 per year in the United States and $5,000 cash bonus per year according to Indeed. 

Your resume is the very first step in any job application process. It provides you an opportunity to advertise yourself and demonstrate how you are the right person for the available positions. You can receive an interview or not depending on how you present yourself through your CV.

Resume Examples/Samples

Fresher Software Test Engineer Resume Sample (Software Test Engineer Resume 2 Years Experience)

Mallory Pineda


City, State, Zip Code                                             

Career Objective

 To seek a challenging career in a firm that provides an opportunity to use my skills smartly and learn new skills to help me grow along with the organization.

Academic Qualification:

• B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) from XYZ  in 20** with 82%.

• Intermediate from BIE, AP (ABC College, XYZ) passed in 20** with 74%

• 10th from School of Secondary Education, XYZ in 20** with 89%.

Testing Skills:

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Black Box Testing

Regression Testing

Functional and Non-Functional Testing

Performance Testing

Basic knowledge of Automation Tools like QTP, Selenium

Training & Certifications

Completed 4 Weeks Advanced Software Testing Training with ABC Institute  

Acquired CSTE certification

Personal Details:


Marital status:

Languages Known:


 (Note: personal details are not mandatory, you can skip them if you want) 




Experienced Software Test Engineer Resume Sample

Mallory Pineda

City, State, Zip Code

Date of birth: YYYY-MM-DD

Email address:

Phone number: 000-000-0000 

Profile Summary

Accomplished QA tester with over eight years of experience in software testing and quality assurance. Solid understanding in Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life-Cycle (STLC), bug life-cycle and different testing procedures. To obtain a Software Test Engineer position to utilize my skills and experience. 

Employment History

Software Test Engineer 2018 – Present


·        Lead the team in daily project meetings, provide status and escalated outstanding issues to the project management.

·        Do integration tests on network hardware and software to verify compatibility and quality.

·        Net, XML, WSDL, Corba, Unix, Windows 2000, Oracle 8i, Microsoft Visio.

Associate Test Engineer 2015 - 2018


·        Coordinated Office testing during Windows XP and Windows XP SP2.

·        Designed & executed SQL queries for backend testing on Album series etc.

·        Confirm XML files for Performance Testing Manage over 700 devices for the Bing Mobile and MSN Mobile product teams.

Associate Tester 2013 – 2015


·        Test and document transactions for EDI through translation to IDOC posting in SAP, inbound and outbound.

·        Ground Truth Quality Assurance (QA) - Ensuring skeletal data meets quality standards.

·        Verified/regressed bug fixes and monitored active issues.

·        Studied the needs and performed manual GUI testing and black-box testing.

·        Logged test results and bug reports in TFS.

Software Skills:

Operating Systems: Windows 10 and UNIX

Testing Tools: UFT, Selenium

Language: Java, Python, and VBScript.

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, JavaScript

Documentation: MS Office, Open Office

Education Background

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

ABC University (2010-12)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

XYE University (2007-10)

Personal Details:


Marital status:

Languages Known:



Problem Solving








Key takeaway, what you can expect from this guide:

  • How to create a software test engineer resume
  • What should be included in your resume
  •  Latest trends in the job market
  •  Quick tips to polish your resume

Step-wise Process on Creating Software Test Engineer Resume

Crafting a Software Testing resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is vital to getting the job, and here is the stepwise process to help you stand out from the competition.

Step 1: Find a perfect layout for your resume

layout for your resume

Recruiters hate messy, poorly structured resumes. They want to see everything to be just right, so they can read quickly. Use the perfect resume format with elegant fonts, set your resume margins to an inch on each side. Divide it up into clear resume sections, emphasizing each one with a header set at a font size larger than your body text.

There are the sections the resume should have- Header-> Summer -> Work Experience -> Education -> Skills -> Additional sections

Step 2: Put a professional and attractive heading

The heading is probably the first thing a recruiter will notice in your resume. It must be eye-catchy and to the point. You do not need to include fancy words in your heading, just go simple but impactful.  

Step 3: Write your objective and a short bio

Your bio should be impressive and should reflect your passion as a test engineer. This is something a lot of engineers and software test engineers struggle with. Make sure to include all the major keywords in your resume summary, it will help the recruiters identify you as the right candidate.

By talking about your objective, you get a chance to talk about your choice of getting into the IT- QA field if you have a different career path prior to now, or if you are from a certain branch of IT and want to transition to another one.

Step 4: Talk about your work experience

Hiring managers want to know that you can do the job well. The best way to bring confidence in the recruiter is with your work experience.

To structure your work experience section, you can mention- position name, company name, date, and achievements respectively. 

If you are someone with no experience, you can mention your internship experience, volunteering work, or any achievements at your place of education. You can even showcase your own work portfolio. It is a fact that not everyone holds a wealth of work experience, it’s about how you present yourself among employers.

When you are writing your testing resume experience, double-check it is relevant to the job role. Because, no matter who is looking at your CV, they will all try to find if your resume is relevant.

Step 5: Mention your qualifications

Recruiters want to see you have got good qualifications for your software test engineer resume. It is how to make sure your education section is just right.

Mention your complete educational qualifications. Here, the tabular format works best. Start with your highest education as the first row. The process should be- P.G- graduation- 10+2- 10th with a year of passing, institution, and city you went to next. Adding score is totally optional.

If you are still studying or you are writing a recent college graduate resume, focus on adding more details. You can also add an expected graduation date if you are still in school, and only include your GPA if it is 3.5 or above and you graduate within the last two years.

Step 6: Showcase your major skills

Showcase your major skills


When adding the skills in your software test engineer resume, avoid being generic. You should mention the skills needed for the job. Not just any old software engineering gig. Go through the job description and make a note of all the skills-related keywords. Now, check your education and work experience section, make a list of skills mentioned there and think of any other relevant examples from your work history and training. 

Now, use the information to make a list of your skills, see which of those match the job needs, and choose a few of them to include on your resume.

Always include a mix of soft skills, hard skills, computer skills, IT skills in your resume.

Step 7: List down the industry-relevant awards and projects

To get the hiring manager’s attention, you need to present an additional pointer to have a competitive advantage over other candidates.

When you are done with including your work experience, mention any honours or awards you have earned or been nominated for in engineering or your previous jobs.

List down all your achievements along with the year that you have been honoured with. In case you have not received any awards, you could instead cover a different section that displays other qualifications like professional associations and affiliations.

Showcasing quantifiable results shows the hiring manager what you achieved in the past and what you can do if you get hired.

Step 8: Provide your contact details and marital status

resume sample 1

While experience, skills, and qualifications are compulsory to mention, your contact details should be at the top of your resume. Also, mention your marital status. In addition, you can also list your hobbies.

Step 9: Do proofread the whole doc

It is said that engineers have strong attention to detail. That is why it is particularly important to proofread your resume very carefully for any grammatical errors or typos.

Step 10: Attach a cover letter

Some employers want to see cover letters and some do not. That’s why you cannot actually know who wants one and who does not. It is better to write one and cover your bases.

Your cover letter should complement, it should not be a rehash of what you have already said in your software test engineer resume. Here, focus on including additional information about your achievements to help present you as a potential employee. It should be short and to the point.

To grab the attention of the reader, include a hook in your opening. In the end, say thank you and include a call to action.

What should be included in a software test engineer resume?

Every resume has the following sections. No doubt, the order in which these sections appear is a personal choice.

software test engineer resume

  • Personal Information: Let them know where to contact you
  • Summary: Introduce Yourself
  • Skills: What do you do best?
  • Work Experience: Showcase your achievements
  • Education Qualification: What did you learn?
  • Additional information: Your marital status 

Latest trends in the job industry

  • Short Resume 
  • Use of Social Media 
  • Visually engaging resume 
  • Mentioning of remote work skills 

Quick tips to polish your software test engineer resume

  1. Do not add irrelevant details like height, weight, age, family background, etc. Think from the employer’s perspective, what the recruiter expects to see in your CV. 
  2. List relevant skills and on-job accomplishments on the first page of your resume. Use bullet points in your experience, skills or education sections to let employers easily go through the most relevant information.
  3. Avoid mentioning any confidential information about your previous companies, projects, and clients.
  4. Make your resume readable by avoiding long paragraphs of text, use a basic, clean font like Arial or Times New Roman and keep your font size between 10 and 12 points.
  5. Keep it readable and check if there is plenty of white space. Setting proper margins for your document ensures the information fits within the readable space on the page.
  6. As a general practice, don’t use words like “I” or “me” or “my.” Also, your resume should be in active language without irrelevant words
  7. One cannot take a document seriously if it has basic errors. Always do proper spelling and grammar checks.
  8. Emphasize the related keywords in your cover letter, CV, and other application materials.
  9. It is better to edit a resume/cover letter samples and templates instead of starting your own.
  10. It is difficult to provide all of your work accomplishments and projects on a single page. But this is what you should strive for.


Q1. How can I maximize the chances of getting an interview call?

Ans:- Keep your software test engineer resume short and professional, highlight all the job-related skills and qualifications. Don’t forget to include a cover letter with your CV.

Q2. What should I put in resumes if I have a gap in my career?

Ans:- Describe your valid reasons for any gap in your career. You should not have any problem getting a job after the gap in your career. There could be thousands of reasons for the career gap, just be honest and you will be able to convince the interviewer.

Q3. How can I learn software testing skills to put in my resume?

Ans:-In case, if you do not hold a lot of relevant skills to add to your resume, you can learn those online. For software testing jobs, learn defect tracking and test management tools. You can easily find all open-source Software Testing tools online. 

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