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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada in 2023


As of September 20, 2022, the percentage of open positions in Canada is at an all-time high and is currently 5.7%. In Canada, close to one million employment opportunities are spread throughout all industries. Various industries have seen increases in minimum pay as well. According to the report, the professional, scientific, and technical sectors, wholesale trade positions, retail trade, healthcare, and social assistance are the top 5 industries where salary increases are anticipated.

For PGWP holders and PR citizens searching for high-paying work in Canada, these rising numbers of Canada tech jobs are encouraging. Candidates with 0–1 year of work experience can anticipate earning $30,200–$42,00 CAD. At the same time, professionals with five or more years of experience can anticipate earning up to 500,000 CAD annually in Canada. This blog offers insight into the tech jobs in Canada that offer the highest growth potential and salary. But first, you may wonder why you should work or migrate to Canada. Here is why?

Why Should You Work in Canada?

Why You Should Work In Canada

Access to Employment Insurance is one of the crucial advantages of working in Canada (EI). If you have access to employment insurance, you will receive specific financial benefits in the event that you lose your job. One of the expected benefits offered to all Canadian employees is this one. Additionally, if you are eligible for employment insurance, you could get up to 35% of your typical weekly wages (EI). Imagine, nevertheless, that you lose your job and no employment is available. In that scenario, you will be eligible to apply for employment insurance benefits as well, albeit your eligibility will depend on your occupation and the sector of the economy you are employed in.

1. Paid Sick Leave: Do you know if taking sick leave in Canada entitles you to financial protection, as some employers offer short-term disability benefits to their staff? The government also provides a regular Employment Insurance sickness benefit to protect your finances while on sick leave. Additionally, suppose you cannot work due to a medical condition such as an illness, injury, or quarantine. In that case, you may be eligible to file for sick leave for up to 15 weeks and get a sizable portion of your salary.

2. Canada Pension Plan (CPP): Both the employer and the employee may make contributions to the pension plan when the employees are eligible under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). It is a typical workplace benefit that guarantees a person will get money after reaching 60 and retiring from the business or organization.

3. Better Salary: Do you know what motivates workers in Canada's diverse industries? Canada has a sizable number of global corporations with their headquarters and operations, whether in the IT or hospitality sectors. Employers are eager to work efficiently and effectively because of the better working conditions and absence of stress, which helps them to enhance the amount of their compensation. In Canada, many people are working in the hospitality industry that want to become public relations specialists.

4. Caregiving Advantages: Working in Canada also entitles you to family and caregiving benefits, allowing you to look after your loved ones during an illness or injury. As a result, if a woman is pregnant and wants to take time from work to be with the unborn child, she will also receive maternity and paternity benefits.

5. Program for Universal Health Care: The Canada Universal Healthcare system, according to the government, guarantees several health benefits to people. All Canadian citizens have gotten medical care and doctor services under this program. You can get free medical care in Canada that covers all of your prescription medications regardless of whether you are a permanent resident or have a valid work visa.

6. Better Cost of Living & Work-Life Balance: Canada offers a better standard of living and work-life balance depending on the region and provinces you live in. Compared to other nations, Canada is, therefore, a very affordable option for immigration. We ultimately reduce the options because we know that there are other elements to consider, such as salaries, expenses, savings, etc. Here, a consultant works on your behalf to assist you in choosing the appropriate region per your budget.

7. Peaceful Environment: Above all, Canada is one of the friendliest and safest countries to live, work, and study. To encourage more talented people to advance their knowledge and skills and earn invaluable job experience to support the economy, Canada offers great immigration and recruitment possibilities.

List of Top 21 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

highest paying jobs in Canada

You can take into account the following 21 highest-paying Canada tech jobs, along with their average compensation and duties, when searching for your ideal for tech jobs in Canada:

1. Software Developers

​​​​​​National average salary: $71,126 per year

In 2022, software developers in Canada are predicted to earn the most money, as per Randstad's analysis. Particularly in demand, IT jobs in Canada are full-stack engineers with various front- and back-end competencies. Employers are seeking candidates familiar with Java, Python, with increasing Canada tech job opportunities.

For computers or mobile devices, software developers write and test the program. Following a meeting to discuss the client's requirements for new software, they develop models or diagrams that programmers can use to write the appropriate code. Program developers test the software throughout a project to check for quality and performance. They might also advise installing updates for current software.

2. IT project manager

National average salary: $102,328 per year

While many companies employ project managers, an IT project manager is in charge of organizing, planning, and carrying out IT projects. The process normally comprises five phases—initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing—involves their participation at every point. They typically assess how well information systems or electronic data processing divisions operate. They lead their team to success and provide assistance or advice as needed.

3. IT Business Analyst

National average salary: $50,436 per year

IT business analysts assess the software and hardware used by businesses to see whether any updates could increase productivity among staff members. They might conduct a cost-benefit analysis and look for technology that can assist the company's workers and long-term objectives to make this choice. They collaborate closely with the management group to discuss the business needs and goals for future expansion.

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4. Database Analyst

National average salary: $32.97 per hour

Data security and upkeep are handled by database analysts, one of the top IT  jobs in Canada. To make sure the company's database to ensure it is effective, secure, and correct. When necessary, they can make any adjustments. Additionally, database analysts could collect, arrange, and analyze data to produce reports for top management.

5. Computerized Information Systems Manager

National average salary: $41.13 per hour

Managers of computerized information systems typically control all computer-related technologies used in businesses, including network security, software or hardware installation, and internet operations. To boost production and efficiency, they ensure that all of the company's computers are operational. They might set up guidelines and procedures for handling electronic data. Computer software engineers, computer support specialists, computer programmers, and computer systems analysts are just a few professions that administrators of computerized information systems frequently supervise.

6. Security analyst

National average salary: $78,834 per year

Data security is the responsibility of security analysts. They examine security systems for weaknesses and create security-enhancing remedies. Security experts make sure that, both on-premises and online, the company's digital assets are secure from illegal access, both on-premises and online. To reduce the possibility of a security breach. They are in charge of defending against an attack in the event of a violation.

7. Business Systems Analyst

National average salary: $72,008 per year

Business systems analysts create procedures that optimize a company's communication and efficiency by utilizing their knowledge of business strategies and software applications. To guarantee that all departments function together, they strengthen each one. They may also examine the company's most recent statistics and suggest how to raise revenue and save costs. Business systems analysts are able to create, develop, evaluate, and implement business solutions including information systems. They can also set up policies and backup plans to defend against security breaches.

8. Network Engineer

National average salary: $79,293 per year

Network engineers' main duties include developing, implementing, and managing an organization's computer networks. If a business currently has a network, a network engineer could evaluate it and suggest ways to improve it. If the business requires a network, these experts may create a special computer network tailored to that business' requirements. For instance, a fledgling business probably needs a smaller network than an established company.

9. Data Scientist

National average salary: $80,522 per year

Data scientists' main duties include gathering and analyzing sets of structured or unstructured data. To assist a company's management team in developing practical strategies or making wise decisions, they evaluate the data and interpret the findings. To manage data and identify trends, data scientists might integrate statistics, mathematics, science, and technology. They are able to create and put into use database management systems and data models.

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10. Computer Programmer

National average salary: $36.10 per hour

To construct software programs or applications, computer programmers write code. They consult with clients to determine their needs for the program and confirm that their code complies with those needs. They also maintain, debug, and troubleshoot to ensure current applications are functioning properly. Some computer programmers hunt down and remove harmful software or patch up weak programs in the cybersecurity industry.

11. Application Analyst

National average salary: $78,415 per year

Application analysts evaluate the software programs used by businesses to make sure it promotes staff efficiency and productivity. They may evaluate currently used systems or create, build, and use their own. They might also instruct staff members on using specific programs and systems securely and ethically.

12. Deep Learning Engineer

National average salary: $69,011 per year

Deep learning engineers are experts in the development, upkeep, and updating of machine learning platforms. They want to create programming frameworks that imitate how the human brain works to make artificial intelligence more precise and realistic. Since the structure of neural networks is similar to that of the human brain, they use them to do this. Engineers specializing in deep learning work on projects like facial recognition software, robots, and self-driving automobiles.

13. Solutions Engineer

National average salary: $75,914 per year

In hardware and software businesses, solutions engineers work directly with clients to understand their demands and solve their challenges. They communicate with clients over the phone, in person, or online and offer specialized solutions. By describing the technical aspects of the product to customers, they may also offer them hardware or software. To deliver a superior customer experience to every client, solutions engineers collaborate closely with other sales or customer support team members.

14. Database Developer

National average salary: $76,180 per year

Database programmers, commonly referred to as database developers, design and implement safe databases for businesses. They meet with the business's management team to discuss their requirements, such as a highly secure database or a sizable database to hold data. They can create a dependable, efficient database that satisfies those requirements. To uphold the standards of the business, database developers can also modify, fix, and optimize current databases.

15. Computer Scientist

National average salary: $76,681 per year

Computer scientists generally generate new theories about technology development while working for software development companies. They evaluate the state of the art and devise strategies to make it better. They utilize technology to find solutions to everyday issues and seek to make the future better.

16. Front-End Developer

National average salary: $82,049 per year

Websites that are aesthetically beautiful and simple to use are made by front-end developers. They create code using languages like JavaScript or HTML to ensure website users can readily interact with the webpage. They can also make websites mobile-friendly.

17. Back-End Developer

National average salary: $85,782 per year

Websites are also made by back-end developers; however, they concentrate on the website's code. Additionally, they create and manage the software and database that run the website's technology. They collaborate closely with front-end developers to ensure the client's website functions properly and has a pleasing aesthetic.

18. Full-Stack Developer

National average salary: $83,621 per year

Front-end and back-end developers combine their skills to form full-stack developers. They are often able to build a website on their own because they are knowledgeable in both sorts of development. They create the website's operating code and make sure it looks well.

19. Mobile Developer

National average salary: $79,742 per year

Mobile application designers, developers, and maintainers work on mobile platforms. They make sure the mobile applications are functional on various smartphones and tablets and satisfy the needs of their customers. By authoring the code for the applications, testing them, finding any bugs, making suggestions for improvements, and routinely monitoring the programs for bugs or required updates, they may take part in every phase of the life cycle of a mobile application.

20. Cloud Engineer

National average salary: $95,654 per year

Principal obligations: Cloud engineers specialize in designing, managing, and monitoring cloud-based solutions for businesses. They evaluate and put into practice cloud-based technology to make sure they satisfy the requirements of the business. They also oversee compliance audits, implement disaster recovery plans, and improve system operations.

21. Technical Program Manager

National average salary: $141,420 per year

The organization's technical initiatives are managed by a technical program manager (TPM). Among their duties are initiating and maintaining programs and resolving any project-related issues. According to, the average yearly compensation for a TPM in Canada, according to, is $128,997, making it one of the highest-paying IT jobs in Canada despite frequently demanding extensive work experience.


Q1. Which field pays the highest in Canada tech jobs industry?

Ans: The highest-paying profession in Canada is medicine, followed by IT and business positions. On the list of highest paid professionals in Canada, physicians, dentists, and surgeons are at the top.

Q2. What are the top professions for Canada tech jobs?

Ans: The top three professions in Canada are medicine, engineering, and business. These are very well respected and compensated.

Q3. What skills are in demand in Canada?

Some of the top hard skills in demand include- 

  • Programming
  • Web development
  • Graphic design
  • Accounting

Q4. Is a job offer required for immigration to Canada under the Skilled Worker/Professional category?

Ans: No. Without a work offer from Canada, candidates may still be eligible for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa. However, the federal Express Entry immigration selection system has increased the role that Canadian employers play in Canadian immigration from what it was previously, so for many applicants, obtaining a legitimate Canadian job offer significantly raises their chances of being invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence. By proactively contacting companies through the CanadaVisa Job Search service, candidates in the Express Entry pool can improve their chances of receiving an invitation to apply.

Q5. What is a work permit?

Ans: Work permits are the term used in Canada for both work visas and employment permission. A work permit is a legal document issued by Canadian government representatives that enables a foreign worker to perform a certain job for a specific business.

Q6. Why should you work in Canada?

Ans: Canada has a remarkable degree of economic independence thanks to its trustworthy and open public finance system. The IT jobs Canada sector is gaining speed and demand. Canada now offers IT employees higher salaries with first-rate medical facilities, paid time off, and holidays that include parental and maternal leave.

Q7. How can I build my IT skills to get employed in Canada?

Ans: The Canadian IT sector is upgrading and you need to upskill your IT knowledge and skills to get employed with attractive salaries. You can enroll in top IT certification courses by JanBask Training to excel at demanding IT skills. 

Q8. How can I determine which course I need?

Ans: That is a fairly easy task. You can either use the live chat tool on our website or visit and request a callback. Our student support representative will get in touch with you to address all of your questions and concerns. The career counselor or executive will look at your profile, educational background, previous experience, and area of interest before making course recommendations for you to refresh or achieve your ideal tech jobs in Canada.

Q9. How much does an IT employee in Canada earn on average?

Ans: In Canada, the average wage for information technology is $76,675 per year, or $39.32 per hour. Most experienced workers in the tech jobs in Canada earn up to $105,323 per year, while entry-level roles start at $57,500.

Q10. Is it the right time to shift to Canada for work?

Ans: Yes, Canada’s IT sector is at its best and developing rapidly. Now is the ideal time to shift to Canada, as the tech jobs in Canada are at the peak with attractive salaries and other benefits.


Canada is a great place to work and live. Canada is ranked second best in the world, behind Germany, for overall sustainability, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, economic influence, and, most crucially, quality of life out of 60 countries. One of the wealthiest nations in the world, Canada has a thriving economy. Millions of individuals from many nations desire to live and work in Canada. Canada is one of the fastest technologically growing countries, boosting its IT sector. This boom has resulted in hundreds of Canadian tech job vacancies nationwide. 

Employers are keen to hire software specialists with the skills to write, develop, integrate, and test their products as more and more organizations move their operations online. The Canadian IT sector is expected to grow and eventually overtake many other industries. As a result, demand for all IT jobs in Canada has skyrocketed. It's the ideal time to upskill your tech skills with JanBask Training  and apply for an IT position in Canada that suits your preferences and educational background.


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