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A Comprehensive Guide to Learn New Technology- Top 10 Steps

Introduction: Learn Technology That Can Help You Shape Your Career


You can surely maximise your marketability by learning new technologies and adding them to your resume. 

According to the surveys, an average of one million Technology jobs were not fulfilled in the year 2020, showing a huge technology talent deficit in the United States. Additionally more than 50% of the company learning as well as development leaders in a Udemy survey said that the technical skills were the topmost priorities for training in the year 2020.   

Well, undeniably Technology is a broad field and there is a lot to learn. There are many directions you can go about and there comes the question how to learn technology or which new technologies should you learn to excel in your professional career.              

Do you think you will have to spend a lot to learn about technology? 

The era no longer needs you to spend tons of money to learn new technology, the world is online now. And online learning is effective, easy, less-expensive and comes with tons of other such benefits.
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online lerning

So, when you have so many options to learn new technology, it is the right time to start learning and take your first step forward. 

Here we will talk about: 

  • Various steps to learn new technology.
  • How to learn technologies?
  • Some tips to help you learn technologies both as beginners and professionals
  • What kind of technologies can you learn?

And much more, so let us start and see how quickly we can start to learn new technology after reading this blog.

What Are The Steps To Learn New Technologies? How To Learn New Technologies?

A step-wise guide always comes handy for most of us. However, finding such a comprehensive guide to help you learn about technology is a little difficult.
We have tried to solve this problem for you and have given a straight-forward pathway to help you get an answer to the question of how to learn more about technology, especially a new technology in the following step by guide. Let us have a look:

What Are the Steps to Learn New Technologies?

  1. Know your goal 
  2. Explore online opportunities and platforms to benefits from them
  3. Be open to new ideas/ thoughts 
  4. Create a roadmap to be followed
  5. Get help from the top leaders, influencers
  6. Focus and give up on useless activities
  7. Practice, spare time to study
  8. Explore more and go for hands-on
  9. Grab job opportunities as freelancers or new open offers of short duration
  10. Do not give up, have fun, stay motivated 

1. Know Your Goal

Know your goal

Your Goal and your interest areas are one of the most important aspects to start with. You might need to sit down and start listing out the skills you are already good at and the skills which you are keen to start learning. You can also list out certain skills based on factors such as:

  • Your areas of interest
  • Passion
  • Current job
  • Educational background & many more such aspects

You can document your thoughts and then start working upon them!

Do you think this step is very generic? Well, you might think so initially, however when you move ahead with other steps you might understand the importance of this very step in the overall process of learning new technology.  

Hence, when you start to know your goals, understand where you want to reach in your career and then you can surely choose the ways to reach there.

You can surely design a path for yourself and we will additionally help you with the detailed steps mentioned below to reach your destination.

For instance, your goal could be starting with an online course to learn technology, or it could be getting a certification for a skill you already have. For both such instances, you need to follow different approaches and will need difficult types of resources. Thus determining your goals becomes the first step when we talk about learning new technology.  

2. Explore Online Opportunities and Platforms to Benefit From Them

online opportunities and  benefit

The world has moved and so has the process of learning new technologies. There are a plethora of options available online when it comes to how to learn technology. Before you start learning a new technology, make sure to do your homework. Research extensively and find out the sources or platforms which you think are suitable for you. 

You can go with:

  • Community Forums
  • Youtube channels
  • Blogs and Articles 
  • Online courses
  • Self learning and many other learning resources

Do you think you can choose any of these platforms? Well, it is advisable to choose something which matches your style of learning. Also, when you pick up too many resources at the same time you might end-up getting confused. So make sure you choose the best one to meet your needs. And in case, you find more than one option suitable to learn technologies, just  pick one at a time.  

Do not forget to explore benefits such as offers which you can avail when you choose for any online courses with us! Interested in such options? Feel free to know more. 

Also, do not miss out the opportunities to join free webinars. They cost you nothing but add immensely to your knowledge base and give you an excellent opportunity to explore & connect with the world out there. 

3. Be Open to New Ideas/Thoughts

Be open to new ideas/thoughts

This is quite important! With your arms folded, you can't reach out. Change your mindset from "I can't do that" to "I'll figure out a way to do it." This is what we refer to as shifting from "No Way" to "Not Yet" thinking. 

Rather than telling yourself why you can't do something, remind yourself that you may not be able to accomplish it now, but you're prepared to pay the price. 

Take classes, hire professionals, read books, watch instructional videos, and do whatever it takes to gain new talents that will benefit you.

Do you think you are not motivated enough to do certain tasks? Well, you can surely take help from experienced family members or friends and even reach out to professionals who are ready to offer help.

They can give you very insightful advice, ideas, dos & don'ts, or a complete roadmap of how to go about learning new technologies.

4. Create a Roadmap to Be Followed

Do you think you get distracted quite often when you are trying to focus or are going ahead with learning new technology?   

Have you ever thought to plan things ahead in time such that you know what to do next even when you fail at one of the steps? Well, creating a roadmap well in advance works the best. This will not only help you with a clear vision on how to learn more about technology but also help you stay focused throughout the journey. You can follow the modules for specific courses such that you do not miss-out on anything or get lost in your journey.

Do you think you need a customised roadmap for any specific technology course? We can surely help you with this. We have roadmaps to help you in learning new technology, for the most-sought IT courses. You can read more in our blog section or even connect with our expert career counselors  for any such queries. 

5. Get Help From the Top Leaders, Influencers


Your seniors always know something more and better! Call it experience or call it their efforts which they put in learning new technologies. You can surely make it a rule to follow top-notch leaders or influencers who have aced that technology and have amazing insights about it to share with you.

You can also learn from your seniors at your work or even make useful connections on LinkedIn which could prove beneficial for you over the period. When you begin to learn new technology or talent, you will face numerous obstacles and challenges along the way. However, most of us are hesitant to seek assistance from mentors, peers, or others in such instances, and instead delay dealing with the specific problems or challenges. And, as a result, there is a great deal of misunderstanding and scepticism regarding the new technology. Which in turn makes it difficult to discuss the challenges and concerns with one another and to seek assistance from others. Nevertheless, we need to stop this practice and try to absorb learnings & insights from wherever we can. 

For instance, if you are interested to learn technology related to Cloud Computing, you can follow the top 10 cloud computing influencers or AWS blogs, anything related. Whereas, if your area of interest is Data Science, you can follow the Data Science blogs from top influencers to stay up-to-date with the new technologies.

6. Focus and Give Up on Useless Activities

useless activities

To attain your goals, you must concentrate. According to psychologists, you might attempt to convince yourself that ‘YOU CAN!’, but you know even the most successful salespeople can't multitask. So, turn off your phone, put your social media on hold, and focus entirely on the task at hand. This is a necessary element of the purchase, and it is well worth it.

For instance, if you see negative posts or hear discouraging words from people around or on social media, you might feel dejected. So avoid going to such spaces which make you feel dejected and refrain you from staying concentrated or focused on your approach to learn new technology. 

7.Practice, Spare Time to Study


 “Do it 1,000 times till it becomes natural- then do it another 1,000 times!” - Toyoji Matsumoto san

Can you imagine becoming a successful artist by watching tutorial videos and live events but without venturing out into the real-world or putting in enough practise time...?? Clearly not!!

When you're excited to learn new technologies or abilities, it's the same way. You must adhere to the principle of “Learn By Doing” since you cannot expect to flourish in a certain technology without putting all of your theoretical learnings and expertise into practise. To attain full understanding of any technology, you must get your hands filthy with it and the tools that go with it. 

For instance, if you're learning a programming language or another hot technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Cloud Computing, it's a good idea to develop a few little and large projects to get some hands-on experience and practice what you have learned. 

It will not only reinforce your basics, but it will also teach you about a variety of other topics and underlying systems that you might not have learned otherwise.

8. Go Deeper and Go For Hands-on

Yes, hands-on experience isn't enough to tell if you're on the correct track and have mastered the technology in question. To evaluate oneself, one must put their knowledge to the test; however, depending on the technology or talent in issue, there are a multitude of ways to do so.

For instance, if you're studying Data Science or a new programming language, it's highly suggested that you take part in coding challenges and hackathons to put your skills to the test. Similarly, you can choose from a number of well-known certification examinations in the relevant technology to assess your abilities in that domain. 

Indeed, putting your knowledge to the test allows you to assess if you can easily utilise and apply what you've learned, which is undoubtedly the ultimate purpose of learning new technology. These activities will not only put your talents to the test, but they will also add value to your Resume.

9. Grab Job Opportunities as Freelancers or New Open Offers for Short Duration

Well, this is a subjective step! You might go for a freelancing job or internship; when you need confidence and need to learn about technology in real-life scenarios. You might not be completely happy with what you have learned, and might have to face challenges at these opportunities. But imagine undergoing such a situation for a full-time job and then risking your job! Sounds bad? Doesn’t it!?

Well, to avoid such scenarios, it is advisable that you opt for some new short term opportunities or freelancing job options, where you can get comfortable with the application process of new learning technologies.  

For instance, you can work as a freelancer with some senior testers in case you have recently learned new technologies in testing softwares. This will not just help you on how to learn more about technology but also will help you have an idea how people apply the knowledge to work. 

10. Do Not Give Up, Have Fun Stay Motivated

stay motivated

When it comes to learning, have a can-do attitude. In Stephen Pressfield's book "Turning Pro," you'll read about what he refers to as "The Resistance." You'll ultimately have the feeling of "I don't want to do this." You will be inspired if you have a "Do not ever Say NO" attitude.

Always keep in mind that when you're learning and are unhappy, you will learn less. If it isn't enjoyable, you might not learn anything! Maintain a positive attitude by having fun in ways that keep you engaged as well as entertained. 

Learning surely gives you a significant competitive advantage. It also keeps you intellectually active. Take a chance! And Go ahead! 

Some more tips to help you learn new technologies
Well, there are many tips which most of us know when it comes to learning new technologies. Nevertheless, we have highlighted some of the professional tips which are more specific in case you are a fresher or a working professional who has decided to learn new technology.

For Beginners 

For Professionals 

Do not compromise with your professional or non-professional courses. You can opt for courses which are related to your areas of interest in addition to what you are already learning or have learned, but do not focus on a new technology at the cost of your professional course. 

Do not shift your attention from your regular jobs, you can go for online learning, weekend batches and explore more options where you can learn new technology without compromising with your current jobs. 

Be a part of groups in your college level, such that you can get updates on how to learn technology which are in trend.  

Be a part of groups at your professional levels in or outside workplaces, such that you can get updates on how to learn technology which are in trend. 

Opt for the options which are related to your current studies or courses as an addition to what you have already studied, this would help you land a lucrative job compared to others. 

Opt  new technology which is an upgrade or addition to the technologies you are already working on. It will help you get promotion in your job thus helping you grow professionally. 

Do you think there are some more expert as well as useful tips which you can share to help our reader? Feel free to add in the comments section below.... 

What Kind of Technologies Can You Learn?

Well, there is a long list of new technologies which you can learn. However, the IT sector being in high demand these days, we have listed the IT technologies which you can consider when you talk about-learn about technology.

Some of These Technologies/Courses Are:

 learn new technologies

Conclusion on Learn New Technologies

When we learn technology, we never waste our efforts or time! We have invested the time and we are sure to get rewarded. When you know this you can boldly step forward to learn new technologies. With every new technology or ability which you learn, you add one more feather to your hat. You might or might not get recognised in your professional career immediately, nevertheless over the period you grow in your personal as well as in your professional career, you need this push. 

It takes dedication and hard effort to learn how to educate oneself, but the benefits you'll get over the course of your life will be tremendous. This step-wise guide isn't a magical formula, and it might not make you smarter overnight, but it can help you organise your learning process before you begin and absorb more of what you learn by being more productive. 

Do you feel motivated enough and want to start learning with any of the new technologies? Are you not confident where to start from? Well do not worry we have got you covered. We have everything you need despite the fact that you are a beginner or a professional. 

Professional Guide for beginners

Professional Guide for professionals to grow in their career.

Learn technologies with all the Zeal you have and be sure to excel! 

Ready to learn something new?

Enroll for a free webinar and get discounted courses now!!!

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