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Software Engineer Salary in India for Experienced & Freshers [2024]


Thinking about a career in tech? Look no further than software engineering! With a booming IT sector and a growing need for skilled developers, India offers a promising future for software engineers.

Here's why:

  • High Demand: The global software developer community is massive, with over 26.4 million strong (according to Tech World Times). In India, this translates to a thriving job market, with McKinsey Global reporting the potential for 65 million new digital technology jobs by 2025.
  • Lucrative Salaries: Software engineers in India are well-compensated. Ambitionbox pegs the average salary at ₹5.3 LPA, with frequent job openings exceeding 99,000.
  • Bright Future: As technology continues to evolve, the demand for skilled software engineers will only increase. Whether you're a fresher just starting or a professional looking to upskill, a career in software engineering offers a promising trajectory towards 2030 and beyond.

This blog dives deeper into the world of software engineering in India, exploring:

  • Software engineer salaries based on location, industry, and experience
  • Popular software engineer skills
  • Top career options for software engineers in 2024

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of software engineering in India? Let's begin!

Why is Software Engineer’s Salary so High in India?

According to Statista, the number of software engineers is projected to reach 28.7 million worldwide by 2024, and it's well-known fact that India is a cornerstone for IT enthusiasts.

In this digital age, almost everything we do is in some way linked to technology, from ordering online food to playing an online game- the list is endless and that’s the primary reason why software engineer salary in India is quite high.

Also, with the invention of newer technologies like blockchain that form the core of internet transactions, companies have started investing heavily to stay relevant in this digital era and get an edge over their competitors. 

However, with the rising demand for Software developers' salaries in India, there is also a rise in the demand for skilled operators who know programming languages, understand dynamics, and have a knack for logic.

Here are the Qualifications a Software Engineer needs:

To secure a job as a software engineer, you will need the following –

  • A bachelor’s degree in any tech. Stream (preferably, Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Information Technology)
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as JAVA, Python & other programming languages. 

Software Engineer Salary in India: Job Roles

It is often said in the industry that the salary of a developer depends upon the job roles that he/she possesses. Depending upon the seniority in the domain, employees are classified into different categories. Let us have a look at the salary given to the different job roles. 

1. Applications Software Developers

Application software developers are client-centric in their work. They need to create software for interaction with end-users and carry out extensive research and analysis of user prerequisites.

Applications Software engineers are responsible for developing applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc.  In addition, they should create regular updates and modify the software slightly if necessary.  Applications Software Developers usually work in a team of marketers, graphic designers, customer research staff, etc. 

Application Software Developer Salary in India

The average application software developer is ₹501,874. But the range is anywhere between 3L-15L per developer salary in india

2. Systems Software Developers

System software developers are responsible for setting up networks and operating systems for applications that are in contact with the user. They have to examine both software and hardware requirements. 

Their main task is to assemble various and sometimes disparate software elements into a complete package for this they must collaborate with system architects, data scientists, and development experts.

System Software Developer's Salary in India

The average system software developer's salary is ₹589,581. While an entry-level system software developer can earn around ₹460,000 per annum with less than a year of engineer salary in india

Source: Payscale 

3. Full-stack Developers

A full-stack engineer is a software developer who can manage both front-end and back-end assignments. They have the required expertise to design a fully functioning web application.

However, the most noteworthy part is that s/he understands the limitations between each of the varied roles they perform to deliver faster, reliable, and promising results while creating an application. 

Full Stack Developer Salary in India

It can be confidently stated that a Full Stack Developer's Salary in India is lucrative. On average, they earn ₹ 6,23,920 per annum, while the range can easily reach up to 15 LPA with the right Full Stack Web Developer Training & Certification

Let’s see how the salary increases with experience:

software engineer salary in india

4. QA Engineer

A Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer is a person who tests software products all along the development procedure. They ensure that products meet high-quality standards before they are made public. 

They supervise every phase of design, development, testing, and delivery to ensure that the product meets standards and quality requirements, and they work with a team and report to a manager.

The average QA engineer's salary is ₹386,950. However, Entry-level QA engineers can earn around ₹239,603 per annum with less than one year of experience.

5. Security Engineer

This work involves the creation of tests, systems, or procedures that will ensure the safety of the software product. If there are gaps in program security, the tests will reveal them and they will be repaired. 

Security engineers are also known as ethical hackers because they test the product's security by hacking into it and disclosing its vulnerabilities and it's another big reason why they are paid extensively. 

Security Engineer Salary in India

The average security engineer's salary is ₹510,958. An entry-level security engineer can earn around ₹300,000 per annum with less than one year of experience and with the right Cybersecurity Certification Training you can earn anywhere between 10-15 LPA. 

Getting connected with industry professionals and experienced hackers can help you to enhance your skills further. Consider joining JanBask Cybersecurity Community to stay updated with cybersecurity industry updates and work opportunities. 

6. DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineer is a person who comprehends SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and has a deep understanding of various DevOps tools for creating digital pipelines CI/CD pipelines. They will work with developers and other IT staff for faster code deployment.

They can be called developers who are interested in network operations and deployment work. They can be system admins who have a passion for scripting and coding into the development aide where they could improve the planning, testing, and deployment process.

DevOps Engineer Salary in India

The average DevOps engineer’s salary is ₹674,168.  However, early-level DevOps engineers with 1 to 4 years of experience get close to ₹585,790 per annum and with key DeOps Training Certification, they can easily earn from 8- 16 LPA.

7. Blockchain Engineers

A blockchain developer is in charge of creating and improving blockchain protocols which includes designing a network that can be used for data centralization and decentralization.

She is also in charge of generating smart contracts. In other words, the Core Blockchain Developer lays the groundwork for others to build on. He works with blockchain-based online applications.

Blockchain Engineer Salary in India

The average Blockchain engineer's salary is ₹801,938.  However, early-level Blockchain engineers with 1 to 4 years of experience get close to ₹500,000 per annum and with key Blockchain Training Certification, they can easily earn from 12- 20 LPA.

Software Engineer Salary in India: Based on Experience

The more experience you have the higher your pay package will be. So, if you are a novice and have only recently joined the industry, you will have to moderate your hopes accordingly. So, let us break down the wages of software developers in India, according to how many years of experience you have in your bag. –

  • Software Engineer Salary in India: Experience.
  • Entry-Level Software Developer Salary in India

software developer salary in india

Mid-Level Software Developer Salary in India

sofware developer salary in india experience

Experienced Software Developer Salary in India

software engineer salary in india

Let’s see how the software engineer salary in India increases with experience:

software engineer salary by experience

Wondering what are the other Highest Salary Jobs In India in 2022? Take a peek into this blog to gain complete insight. 

Software Engineer Salary in India: Based on Skills

Let’s discuss how software engineer salary in India rises with skillset. As we mentioned earlier, you have to retain a unique set of skills to gain the best-paid jobs in the highly competitive market for software engineers. Some skills allow you to make a gain higher paycheck. 

Here are to name a few:

  1. Java – ₹516,697
  2. JavaScript – ₹483,951
  3. SQL – ₹462,414
  4. C# Programming Language – ₹436,393
  5. .NET- ₹432,204

Although there is a list of other skills, Java and JavaScript are sure to bring you more than the average salary of a software engineer in India. In terms of popularity response too, these two skills ranked the highest. 

Software engineering isn't limited to just programming, check out this comprehensive blog on Salesforce Software Engineer Salary and Career Scope to gain an in-depth knowledge of this domain.

Software Engineer Salary in India: Based on location

The salary of a software engineer may vary depending on the location. While the national average salary of a software engineer in India is approximately 5.1 LPA. The average pay is different depending upon the different cities within the country.

Some cities provide more than the national average, others offer the same, if not less. These are the wages of a software engineer among the four major metropolitan cities of India:

  • Average salary of a software engineer in Mumbai is ₹5.0 LPA
  • Average salary of a software engineer in New Delhi is ₹5.2 LPA
  • Average salary of a software engineer in Bangalore is  ₹5.5 LPA
  • Average salary of a software engineer in Pune is ₹5.3 LPA

The difference in average wages in the various cities is usually based on factors such as the cost of living and the establishment of the IT sector in this sector. Also, it should be noted that the salary in a city that has an established IT sector is likely to be much more than in a city where IT is not yet established.

Software Engineer Salary in India: Top Companies

  1. IT skills in software engineering roles are highly demanded & thus have a very lucrative package. Here is the average software engineer salary offered by top companies in India!
  2. Cisco Systems Inc – ₹ 10 LPA
  3. Accenture Technology Solutions – ₹ 4.55 LPA
  4. Accenture – ₹ 4.45 LPA
  5. Tata Consultancy Services – ₹ 4.34 LPA
  6. Infosys Limited – ₹ 4.15 LPA
  7. Tech Mahindra Limited – ₹ 3.8 LPA
  8. HCL Technologies – ₹ 3.83 LPA
  9. Capgemini – ₹ 3.28 LPA
  10. Microsoft: ₹ 21.1 LPA
  11. Amazon: ₹ 19.2 LPA
  12. Flipkart: ₹ 18.2 LPA
  13. Arcesium: ₹ 17.2 LPA
  14. ServiceNow: ₹ 17.6 LPA

What Industries Pay Highest Software Engineer Salary?

If you think that the software engineer title is only a cup of tea in the software & IT consulting industry, then you are mistaken. Software Engineers are equally needed in other verticals surrounding us as well, mainly like:

  • Healthcare
  • Fintech
  • Govt. & Defence
  • Research & Development
  • Media & Advertisement
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Sales Professional

The top industries not only look for skills but also the niche you are interested in working. So if you are interested in a career in SQL. Check this blog on SQL Developer Salary for Freshers & Experienced to boost your domain knowledge. 

Role and Job Description of a Software Engineer

Engineers/software developers are in the trenches getting the job done for every product and enterprise. They are responsible for the development, design, and construction of products and the implementation of codes to keep everything running.

Responsibilities of a typical software developer look something like

  • Design, develop and evaluate test automation suites. 
  • Support and maintain existing platforms and systems.
  • To develop a processing platform with the support of different management technologies.
  • Perform software development testing in an agile environment.
  • Works cross-functionally with project managers, product managers, data scientists, etc. for solutions.

Also, if you are looking to scale up your learnings, consider joining JanBask Training, which offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from the basics of cybersecurity to the latest cybersecurity technologies and trends.

Now, let’s comb through the actual software engineer salary based on the different job portals, the world’s popular locations, and your experience level. 

Must have Software Developer Skills for a high salary

To grow your career as a software engineer and earn the highest possible software engineer salary in India, you must upgrade yourself with:

  • Python 
  • Databases such as Oracle and MySQL
  • Basic networking concepts
  • Java
  • C ++

During interviews, these are the skills which play a big role–

  • Android development
  • Web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Projects involving A.I.

You should also be familiar with –

  • Testing software 
  • Coding in modern programming languages (Ruby, R and Go)
  • Object-oriented design or OOD
  • Debugging a program

Top 5 Career Options for Software Engineers

The World Economic Forum recently concluded the top 5 emerging jobs in India for a booming IT career. Here’s the complete list. 

1. Data Scientist

Termed as the #1 In-Demand Career profile for 3 consecutive years in India, data science revolves around creating relevant data based on huge quantities of data on user behavior, market trends, etc.

This study has proved to be revolutionary in the e-commerce, health, and financial industries. If you would like to get the highest software developer salary in India, enroll in the top Data Science Courses designed to equip you with the best industry knowledge.

2. Machine Learning Engineer

software engineer salary in india 2020

It is one of the central domains of artificial intelligence that allows computers to develop and remain in self-learning mode without being explicitly programmed. As the equipment becomes exposed to new data sets, they learn, grow, change and develop knowledge and data on their own. 

Machine learning is one of the hottest fields if you are looking to get the highest range of software engineer salaries in India. Further, if you are looking to excel in this domain, enroll in our comprehensive machine learning certification program & launch your career to new heights. 

3. Mobile App Developer

Due to the increasing number of smartphone users, companies are now concentrating on developing interactive mobile apps to reach a wider audience. Whether it is iOS or Android, there is enormous scope for Mobile App Developers in this specialization.  

You can begin your career as a Mobile App Developer and elevate your skills and position as you gain more and more work experience. Also, you can consider enrolling yourself in Android App Development training and iOS development training courses to boost your career prospects. 

4. Cloud Engineer

If you are looking for a career that pays heavy right from the beginning and gives tremendous growth prospects, then you should go for cloud engineering --- It is one of the top 15 Highest Paying Jobs as per Forbes.

Cloud engineers help organizations --- design, develop & deploy cloud systems to store & manage data & applications safely over it.  Thus what could be better if you associate yourself with a training platform for Cloud Computing Certification Courses and see yourself becoming the master of cloud computing.

5. Python Developer

With the rise of AI and machine learning technologies, Python is a language on demand for its flexibility, learning ability, great development community, and brevity – making it more effortless to write great code. Studies have found that Python codes can reduce development time by 50%. 

This is one prominent reason enterprises are turning to Python in more substantial numbers every day and if you are looking to be part of it, then consider enrolling in a Python Training Course that will prepare you for a career as a prolific Python programmer/coder.


Currently, the US has the highest number of software engineers, while India is in 2nd place with 5.8% of Software engineers employed here. According to Findly, India will have the largest population of Software developers by 2024.

The reason for this prediction is the demand for software engineers in India that in 2020 itself over an estimated 1 billion people purchased goods and services online. This shows that the online business world will only increase in future years.

The more online companies grow, the more scope for engineers/software developers will be that software engineers are required to design, develop and maintain online businesses leading to a rise in software engineer salaries in India. 

In addition, product, gaming, AI, fin-tech, etc. companies are experiencing exponential growth, opening up multiple doors for future software engineers. So, if you are looking to jumpstart your career, consider enrolling in our top Programming Courses to skyrocket your career and land your dream job. 


Q1. Are Software Developers and Software engineers the same?

Ans:- No, Software Developers and Software Engineers are not identical. There are specific differences between them both. A software engineer and a developer have similar skills and traits such as curiosity, attention to detail, creativity, logic, problem-solving, and people who excel in computer programming.

However, a software developer does not have the technical know-how or experience to perform the work of a software engineer who is a much more holistic and big-picture system. Software developers can advance their careers in software engineering by developing their technical skills and knowledge. Still, there is no major difference in the software engineer salary in India per month, if compared with software developers' salaries. 

Q2. What are the pros of being a software developer?

Ans:-The advantages of being a software developer include being independent to work from home, and earning a high software engineer salary in India per month. You can also launch your business with the skills you gain from being a software developer. There are many career possibilities available to people who wish to pursue this field. 

Q3. What is the difference between coding and programming?

Ans:- Coding is the method of solving and writing code from one terminology to another. Programming refers to the procedure of producing an executable program that is required to achieve machine-level outputs. Code is the first step in program development when programming involves a large number of complex scenarios. To become a programmer, you should have the ability to analyze different aspects of a scenario.

Q4. What is the average senior software engineer salary in India?

Ans:-The average senior software engineer's salary in India can start from ₹6 LPA per year.

Q5. How much is the Python software engineer intern salary?

Ans:-Software Engineer salary in India for a fresher or start level on average can be ₹3.5LPA per year. While the software engineer intern salary can be ₹2 LPA per year on average as per Glassdoor.

Q6. How to become a software engineer?

Ans:- To become an end-to-end software engineer, get yourself enrolled in a Programming course’s free demo & then continue on the complete training module of 6 weeks at very discounted or easy installment methods!

Q7. How is the age distributed among employees as Software Engineers?

Ans:- 36% of employees lie between 26-31 yrs. 19% of the employees fall in the age group of 31-36 yrs.

Q8. What are the highest paying jobs as Software Engineer?

Ans:- The top 5 highest paying jobs as Software Engineer with reported salaries are:

  • Senior Software Engineer Manager - ₹44.0lakhs per year
  • Software Development Engineer Iii - ₹40.0lakhs per year
  • Senior Software Engineer In Test - ₹37.0lakhs per year
  • Software Developer Engineer - ₹33.0lakhs per year
  • Software Principal Engineer - ₹31.0lakhs per year

Q9. What is the highest salary offered as Software Engineer?

Ans:- Highest reported salary offered as Software Engineer in India is ₹129.7lakhs. The top 10% senior software engineer salary in India is ₹33 lakhs per year. The wealthiest 1 n more than 66.1 Lakhs per annum.

Q10. What are the most common skills required as Software Engineer?

Ans:- The highest earning software developers have qualified with the best programming skills. 20% of employees have skills in java. 15% also know c++. 15% also know c.

Hey, you hanged till here! Let us know how fascinating you find the software developer salary in India. Pour your thoughts in the comments down below!


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