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8 Quick Reasons Why You Should Have CISSP Certification

Why CISSP Certification?

CISSP Certification which unfolds as a “Certified Information System Security Professional” is globally recognized, valued and one of the highest paying security certifications. CISSP is an approval stamp that reflects that you have great abilities to absorb in the cybersecurity field and have all the knowledge and experience that it takes to be a cybersecurity professional. CISSP holders are entrusted to look into the data & information systems of businesses to prevent it from theft & manipulation. 

The humongous demand for CISSP lies in the maddening numbers - “There are 1,30,000+ CISSP holders in 170 countries globally”. 

CISSP is the internationally recognized benchmark that proves Infosecurity professionals’ capacity & intelligence and thus, requires a great deal of time, practice & CISSP training to gain expertise and clear this certification exam.

In the following article, we will be unveiling what is CISSP, what these holders do and what is the eligibility to get this certification, benefits of the CISSP certification, and CISSP salary and trending job profiles you can explore your way to.

What is the CISSP Certification?

CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) is a high level of accreditation that puts validation on the expertise and the competency of information/cybersecurity professionals. The professional with the certification of CISSP reflects a high level of skills & knowledge of engineering, deploying, managing, improving the security systems of any businesses - to make them protective & responsive against any intruders or cyber-attacks.

  • CISSP was introduced in 1994, and since then has been recognized as the highest standardized bar in information security.
  • It was the first IS certification to meet the specifications of  ISO/IEC Standard 17024.
  • The exam is conducted in 114 countries (882 locations), in 8 different languages.

CISSP Examination

This certification exam is 6 hours long and has 250 questions. Though the exam could seem to be tough to crack, a rigorous CISSP online training can help in creating a solid learning base on the following concepts that this exam revolves around:

  • Investigation laws and ethics
  • Security models and architectures
  • Physical security
  • Best management practices
  • Networking and telecommunications security
  • Operations security
  • Access controls system and methodology
  • Systems and application security development
  • Cryptography
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans

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What role do CISSP holders are accountable for in general?

CISSP Professionals Job Role 

  • Create & maintain protected security systems
  • Suspect & mitigate cyber threats
  • Prepare security documentation 

CISSP professionals are accountable to create responsive & well-shielded info security systems for businesses - to safeguard their data, assets & networks from unauthorized access & operations. 

They are required to stay alert & intuitive about the suspected threats and produce plans beforehand - that could stand fit during the contingency.

They gather security metrics, identify risks, suspect irregularities in the security frameworks, and prepare detailed documentation on situations to help with further decision making.

What are the eligibility criteria to hold CISSP Certification?

  • The candidates interested in the CISSP examination need to have 5 years of work experience in equal to two or more than 2 years in the domain prescribed under ISC2 CISSP CBK. 
  • The candidates who do not have prior work experience can also give the exam but they would not stand eligible for the CISSP certificate. They would rather be awarded Associate of ISC2 certification, and after that, if they pursue their job for continual 6 years in domains specified by ISC2 CISSP CBK, they will be successful at getting the CISSP.

Why is there a soaring demand for CISSP professionals?

  • The demand for CISSP professionals is increasing with whooping numbers because of the organization’s continual interaction with the threat-prone activities in the cyber world.
  • The 2019 cybersecurity venture reports have concluded that cybercrime cost will reach a valuation of $6 million - which is insanely double than that of 2015.
  • Also, the GISWS (global information security workforce survey) 2017 has predicted that the shortage of Infosecurity professionals will reach 1.5 million by 2020. 

These numbers and facts clearly state that the field is definitely highly demanded and anyone dipping their feet in this certification could stand to be a part of the cybersecurity world quickly.

Benefits of CISSP Certification - why do you need to train for it?

Benefits of CISSP Certification


  1. Growing & developing field
  2. Field of great prestige
  3. High remuneration
  4. Recession-proof field
  5. Great learning scopes
  6. Stable job 

Being a CISSP holder is nothing less than an honor. If you hold this certification, it proves that you have all the knowledge, caliber, and expertise to safeguard the business’s digital assets & networking system from threats & vulnerabilities. The holders are positioned at the job profiles that are globally recognized, are of great respect and prestige. Since the demand in this field is soaring high, you as a certified professional have excellent chances to bag the desired pay scale as it is one of the highest paying security certifications

Let’s bifurcate the benefits of this certification from two perspectives - from the hiring companies and the holders of such certifications.

A.) Benefits companies get after having CISSP candidates hired

  • They get great risk management - CISSP professionals are very well taught on information security risks & measures and have updated knowledge as per the international regulatory standards like - FISMA, FERPA, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and more - organizations get astute and standardized risk management.
  • Best of all human resource processes - The companies hire CISSP professionals because of their immeasurable knowledge, skills & experience on Infosecurity. When you as a company hire such professionals, you reflect your HR processes of highest standards.
  • Helps to channelize a stronger client base - The clients partnering with the companies often ensure the authenticity & security of their processes and demands a CISSP professional who could help meet their security concerns. Such CISSP professionals help companies strengthen their client dealings.
  • Team of quality employees - CISSP professional comes with detailed & experienced knowledge of IT security and thus, represents the strongest & quality resource from the company’s behalf.

B.) Benefits that individuals get after attaining CISSP

1. Most popular & highly recognized certification

With over 1,30,000 candidates obtaining CISSP around 170 countries, the certification is very much in demand ever since the last 2 decades. The organizations are deeply recognizing and valuing candidates with such accreditation, making it a perimeter to selecting the qualified professionals.

2. Uplifts marketability & credibility of any individual

With cyber-crimes charting on top, the demand for professionals with approved skills & knowledge is what everybody is demanding these days. Don’t you think by reaching a job market with such accreditation, you will be marketing yourself better? And would no longer have to juggle hard to prove your credibility (since this exam is only possible to crack if you have effective knowledge & skills to IT security)

3. A career option with great stability

If you have no interest to end up in a job title that fails to satisfy and hold you that long, then this certification belongs to you. Cybersecurity has been recognized as the most stable career option in the IT field. Almost 80% of professionals have claimed no change or update in their job title in the past years. As the field is challenging, learning-filled, constantly developing, the professionals feel they don’t feel bored at what they do. 

4. The constant wave of technological advancements

The benefit of pinning oneself in this field is that it is not monotonous, there are constant updates & technological advances in this field which candidates would sheerly embrace. Not just throughout the certification, whenever the candidates will apply their knowledge as a part of the workforce, they will learn to welcome the new technologies, innovation & methods.

5. You will be a part of the largest association of cybersecurity experts

CISSP provides instant access to the membership of ISC2 - which is the most recognized & largest Non-profit composition of cybersecurity professionals. With  growing 1,40,000 members to the association, you will be a part of the most valuable association quickly and will have widespread exposure to:

  • Globally help Secure Summits.
  • Technical webinars discussing the cybersecurity trends & measures.
  • You will enjoy all other perks being a member of such an association, you will have access to resources like Infosecurity magazines on a monthly basis - to sharpen and improve your knowledge in this field.

All in all, you will be a part of experts around you, you won’t feel alone in this field and whenever you are stuck at some point, you will have your associates around to look deeper into your needs. While you could also help your associates with their needs too.

6. You will have tight exposure & understanding to cybersecurity arena 

The accreditation of CISSP will help everyone dig-deep knowledge on all the aspects of the cybersecurity landscape. You will have great fundamental knowledge on - 

  • Security & risk management
  • Communication & network security
  • Security testing & operations

7. You will have the highest value amongst your peers

The 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Spotlight Report pointed out that “CISSP is the most valuable certification between the employers”.

CISSP is not a cakewalk. It requires great dedication and training online to clear it. And once you clear it, you get titled as the expert cybersecurity professional. You get a green flag indicating that you have a high level of knowledge and ability to work through any global organizations’ security ecosystem. When you become a competitive & certified cybersecurity professional, you get great recognition amongst your peers & dear ones, instant & massive reputation, and access to high-paying CISSP certification salary.

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8. There is a high salary for CISSP professionals

Market surveys reflect that candidates with CISSP certification earn more than the ones without such accreditation. 

  • The average salary for CISSP professionals is $98,000 per year.
  • An IT Skill & Salary Report of 2019 by Global Knowledge mentioned that certified IT security specialists earn 9% more pay than the non-certified in North America.
  • The CISSP salary in other regions like the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, and Latin America is 6%, 12%, and 8% respectively more than the non-certified ones. The salary for CISSP professionals is much higher than the ones without any certification.

IDC has concluded that with rising threats and demand for explicit security resources inside every organization, organizations to meet their skill demand would be willing to pay any pay. By being one of the highest paying security certifications, the CISSP salary has outstood every other salary in the IT sector today.

This field is the most demanding and has no salary bar for the right candidate. Any professional with such certification can convince any organization with their demanded salary from the starting phase. With such certification, candidates won’t have to hustle hard since these jobs witness openings in higher quantity. All you just need is the right skills and training and the CISSP certification salary in huge abundance will follow.

So these were the quick 8 benefits of CISSP certification and could see how the factors like exposure to learning curves, new technology use, part of the largest association of world & salary for CISSP professionals were the few strong reasons for this field’s rising demand. Now let’s talk about the job fields you can make your way to.

CISSP Salary

Salary for CISSP professionals for different job roles:

Popular Job Titles After Certification of  CISSP 

Average Salary 

Cyber/Information Security Analyst


Cyber/Information Security Manager


Security Architect

$111, 855/yr

Information Security Officer


Security Consultant


IT Director


Security Engineer


Where to start from?

To get the CISSP certification, prepare yourself by taking a CISSP certification Training, where you will be surrounded with all the key concepts & functionalities of the information security domain by the Infosecurity experts. The training will host you with all the concepts that this certification examination asks. In 6 weeks of training, you will be through with the concepts of information security, will have industry-approved expertise in security & risk management, and will get one step towards the CISSP certification salary of your dream.

Cyber Security Training & Certification

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In the above article, we have pulled out a detailed guide on the benefits of the CISSP certification, and discussed the CISSP salary in detail, and chalked out why CISSP is one of the highest paying security certifications. The certification is definitely worth approaching if you are looking for - job longevity, great remuneration, recognition, and expertise in the cybersecurity landscape. 

Once you have your training in CISSP, you can make a remarkable career as an information security expert and would bag the CISSP certification salary that you deserve & worked hard for. 

Consult us today if you want to know how this certification could be a well-thought career scope for you. We will be happy to hear over your concerns and help you shift you towards this excellent career by preparing you in every way to trace that high paying CISSP salary.

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