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15 Business Analyst Project Ideas For a Compelling Resume


So, why are we aiming to educate you about some of the most popular business analyst project ideas in this blog? And what do these business analyst project ideas entail? Well, let’s get straight to the point. If you have set your sights on becoming a thriving business analyst then the first step is to craft a robust portfolio in order to land your dream job. And this is where these business analyst projects play a significant part. Let’s delve deeper into it at length.

Well, there is no denying that business analysts are in demand at the current time! You can affirm this easily with a report that reveals that the median annual salary received by management analysts is $95,290 as of May 2022. The same report also suggests that the industry is likely to witness an increase in the employment of management analysts by 10% between 2022 and 2032. The rate is higher than the average of any other occupation. 

So, it is obvious that there will be intense competition for such jobs because the business analyst role offers handsome salaries. This is a compelling reason why you should enroll in a Business Analyst Training course, get hands-on experience and work on Business Analyst project ideas, acquire a Certification, and prepare a robust resume highlighting your skills and the projects so that it gets you the interview of your dream job. BA Projects play an integral part in strengthening your profile and enhancing the chances of landing the best job. Let’s learn at length about its importance.

Why are Business Analytics Projects Essential?

As already said, these business analyst project ideas help boost a candidate’s resume while applying for a job in the concerned domain. As a beginner you can start with the business analyst tutorial for beginners as a warm-up before indulging in such projects. 

Business analyst project topics and their implementation are important for two important reasons: 

  1. These topics provide a practical way to apply various skills in real-world challenges from beginning to end. Working on project topics for business analytics allows for comprehensively applying various skills across different exercises. 
  2. A portfolio that features business analyst projects can streamline your journey to pursue a business analyst career path, and that too successfully. Employers want to see your skills in action beyond an impressive resume and list of qualifications. A portfolio filled with different projects is the best way to show what you can do. This further increases your chances of securing interviews effectively.

Now, let’s check out some of these business analysis project topics in detail below.

Business Analyst Project Ideas

Business analytics projects involve the analytical activities of different studies undertaken within an organization that help gain valuable insights from data. You can pursue a business analyst course to learn more about these projects. Meanwhile, here is a look at 15 different business analysis project ideas for your understanding.

Business Analyst Project Ideas

For Freshers

This section has beginner-friendly business analytics project topics that newbies in the respective domain can start with. 

1. Market Basket Analysis

It is one of the business analyst project ideas that you will use to work on some retail store data. It involves learning how to realize the association between different products or services. You will learn how to implement Fp Growth and Apriori algorithms in the given dataset. The process will move further with the comparison of the two algorithms to understand the major differences between them. This will also help you crack your BA interview questions where experiences in earlier projects are considered important eligibility criteria. 

2. Estimating Retail Prices

It is one of those business analysis project topics that help build an automated price recommendation system. You can try Mercari’s dataset to suggest different prices to the sellers for all products based on the information collected. This project will help you learn how to use Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) tools and implement machine learning algorithms. Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks, and Random Forest in R programming language are some common algorithms used here. This project will be a good addition to your BA resume sample, too. 

3. Analyzing Customer Feedback

This particular project deals with the analysis of product reviews available on any eCommerce website. You will mostly work on textual data and implement preprocessing methods. These often include Language Detection, Spelling Correction, Gibberish Detection, and Profanity Detection. You will also learn how to use the Random Forest model to rank different reviews. The process involves exploring the method of extracting sentiments and subjectivity from the same reviews.

4. Predicting Prices

This is one of the business analysis project ideas where you will learn how to use data analysis methods and promote the growth of a particular business. You will usually work on the dataset of a specific company and lay out a price map for them. This will help the management plan to expand their reach to different regions anywhere in your country. You will also be testing the implementation of several models like the ARIMA time series model,  AdaboostRegressor, and Facebook Prophet model to predict different prices.

5. Predicting the Results of a Loan Application

You will explore different factors that influence the eligibility of approval for a particular loan application in this project. You will utilize machine learning algorithms to predict the chances of success of the same loan applications. This project will help you learn about statistical metrics used by business analysts. Examples include Gradient boosting, Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique, MCC Scorer, ROC curve, and XGBoost.

6. Analyzing Customer Churn Rate

This project will help you learn about univariate and bivariate analysis on the dataset of a particular bank. You will also get to know how different statistical methods should be used and interpreted. Examples include SHAP (Shapley Additive exPlanations), RandomSearch, and GridSearch.

This project is a very common instance of any other banking project for professional business analysts. So, do check this one out if that is your bias in sample business analysis projects.

For Intermediate Professionals

Now, it is time to proceed to the business analyst project topics listed in this section that can help further enhance your skills. These projects can be more challenging because they are closer to real-world problems. 

7. Prediction of the Selling Price for Products

You will work on the dataset of another retail company to estimate the price at which a particular customer is likely to buy a product. Use your estimation to design several offers for different customers after the initial process. You will be using machine learning algorithms and different metrics to test each of their performances. Examples of such algorithms include  XGBoost, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Machines (GBM), and Neural Networks. 

8. Store Sales Prediction

For this project, you will work on the dataset of several stores of one of the famous store chains. This will help you predict the stores' sales and revenue based on historical data. You will also work with categorical and numeric feature variables while performing univariate and bivariate analyses to find the redundancy in variables. This involves learning the implementation of the ARIMA time series model and other important machine-learning models.

9. Analyzing Customer Churn

In this project, you will work with logistic regression, one of the famous classification machine learning algorithms. This involves using logistic regression to estimate each customer's churn chances. You will also explore different statistical methods throughout this project. Examples include recall, accuracy, precision, confusion metric, f1-score, AUC, and ROC.

10. Estimating Future Inventory Demand

You will explore the application of machine learning models to predict the inventory demand of a particular bakery in this project. Examples of such models include Bagging, XGBoost, GBM, light GBM, Boosting, and SVM. This project will introduce you to the effective implementation of autoML/H20 and LSTM models, too.

Also read machine learning tutorial for beginners and experienced.

11. Predicting Coupon Sales

You will work on the dataset of a famous joint coupon website for this specific project. It involves estimating which coupons a customer will likely buy after analyzing their previous purchases. You may also be analyzing their browsing behavior on the website. This involves using different graphical methods to visualize the data. This project will involve various methods of handling missing values in a particular dataset. You will further evaluate the cosine similarities of coupons and users to make some desired predictions.

12. Creating Product Bundles

You will identify several product bundles from the sales data provided in this project. Market basket analysis is used to solve most of these problems. You can use the time series clustering method. Compare the two different techniques to understand the significance of both methods.

For Experienced 

A senior business analyst is always expected to possess knowledge of Big Data tools like hadoop analytics tools for big data. Hence, you will find some important business analytics project topics below that rely on these tools.

13. Analyzing Log Files

This project involves analyzing the log files of a particular website's users. You will also learn how to use Apache Hive to extract data insights by executing several real-time queries.

14. Retain Analytics

You will work with a particular store franchise’s dataset in this project. It also involves using various Big Data techniques and tools to perform several retail analytics. You will learn further how to use different tools to implement the full solution. Examples include HDFS, Apache Hive, AWS EC2, Docker-composer, and MySQL.

15. Analyzing Airline Data

You will work on the dataset of a particular airline to find answers to some important questions. The experts will guide you on how to ingest data and extract it with the help of Cloudera VMware. You will learn about preprocessing the same data using Apache Pig later. The next step is to use Hive for making different tables and performing Exploratory Data Analysis. You can also explore the application of HCatloader and parquet through the same project.

Business Analyst Real-Time Projects Examples

You must learn about some real-time business analysis project ideas to become more efficient in your profession and make your business analyst career path successful. A few examples include: 

Prediction of Sales in Tourism (5 Years)

Business analysts can always hone their respective data mining abilities to understand customer preferences. This particular project requires them to analyze vacation packages. The methods used might be both qualitative and quantitative. These approaches promote the growth of critical reasoning and judgment among beginners. The project also involves making some sales forecasts using statistical analytic software like Python or R. Data cleansing and extraction activities are also completed using Excel and SQL, respectively. 

Prediction of an Upcoming Movie’s Success

Careers in business management are expanding in the entertainment industry as more and more movies are released regularly. Success in these business endeavors can often be predicted by examining the chosen directors, actors, actresses, genre, language, budget, locations, and more. Success is often predicted using a model built from different historical data. It is usually based on several factors related to all the previously released films. Interested professionals can use R or Python to forecast the box office performance of an upcoming movie in the same way they would do for any other project.

Life Expectancy Analysis

The ultimate goal of such life expectancy analysis initiatives is to put a monetary value on a particular company's prospective clientele or leads. Government agencies have always used such expectancy analyses to assess the economic impact of business longevity. You can also try such business analyst project ideas for your next venture. 

Real-Time Pollution Analysis

Students or aspiring professionals can further study univariate and multivariate data analysis with the help of this standard data visualization project. The process can be replicated in different businesses, too. You can build the project using either R or Python. You can either choose Matplotlib or Plotly for the same purpose. 

Key Tools Required For Business Analysis Projects

Here are the top tools that can help simplify the work or business analysis projects:

Key Tools Required For Business Analysis Projects

1. MindMeister

This is a popular cloud-based application that allows professionals to visualize and share their respective thoughts through mind maps.

2. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft's most famous productivity suite where you can choose from a diverse range of tools. The most common tools include Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. 

3. Trello

This is a web-based tool that specializes in collaborative work management. It also helps the teams manage different tasks, projects, and even workflows. 

4. Balsamiq

This is a cloud-based low-fidelity tool that you can use for designing different wireframes while conceptualizing your respective business requirements. 

5. Axure

It creates prototypes for different websites through simple drag-and-drop features. You can build several functional and realistic prototypes through the same tool. 

6. Jira Software

This tool has been a mainstay for different business analysts and project managers worldwide. It has been developed by Atlassian and is known for its Agile project management services. To know more about Jira, refer to this Jira tutorial for beginners.

Top Challenges In Business Analysis Projects

There is no project in this world that might have not faced any challenges in its initial phases. The same applies to business analysis projects. Some common challenges include: 

Lack of Clear Requirements 

There may be an absence of concise requirements from stakeholders. It can lead to several issues, including miscommunication and delays in project deliveries. Business Analysts must invest their time and effort in documenting, extracting, and validating requirements to ensure an efficient alignment between business needs and the particular project results.

Evolving Business Environment 

The business landscape evolves with time and poses a significant challenge for Business Analysts. These professionals must adapt to different changing market conditions, customer expectations, and even technology advancements. They need to stay up to date with industry trends, generate fresh business analysis project topics, and analyze the impact of changes on business processes. The BAs must also proactively propose innovative solutions to address emerging challenges. 

Stakeholder Involvement 

Effective Stakeholder Management is important in the field of Business Analysis. However, business analysts may find it complex to manage stakeholders with different interests, expectations, and levels of involvement. These professionals must establish strong relationships and explore conflicting priorities to ensure all stakeholders' requirements are addressed. 

Resistance to Change 

Implementing changes within an organization may face resistance from several employees. This is because most of them are comfortable with existing processes. Business Analysts must overcome such resistance by showcasing the benefits of all the proposed changes. They must also address concerns and provide support to facilitate an effective transition.   

Limited Resources 

Business Analysts often face resource limitations. The most common issues include lack of time, budget, or skilled personnel. These limitations can often impact the thoroughness and quality of the analysis process. These professionals must communicate the need for additional resources from the leadership and management to ensure an effective implementation of all projects. 

Final Thoughts

Business analytics has witnessed significant developments along with the latest technological advancements. That is why every business is leveraging several analytical tools and techniques to optimize its respective actions. Diverse project topics for business analytics can help upgrade your profile as a business analyst. It does not matter whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher. 

Now, the question is - where can you learn more about such business analysis project ideas? The answer is JanBask Training, where experts can help you work on such projects to enhance your career growth. You can opt for the business analyst certification provided at the platform to learn about different project ideas for beginners, intermediates, and advanced professionals. So, why wait? Contact us to get started!


Q1). How do I start a new business analyst project?

You must gather data, define goals, understand your stakeholder needs, and utilize different analytical tools to initiate a business analyst project. The process also involves identifying key metrics and communicating your findings effectively. This helps your business continue to enhance its decision-making processes.

Q2). What is the work of a professional business analyst?

An effective business analyst comprehends customer behavior, market trends, and data and provides companies with useful and informed decisions. The professional also assists with organizational procedures and operations, which can increase the quality of a business's performance.

Q3). What are the benefits of working on business analyst projects ideas for beginners?

Choosing topics for business analytics projects for beginners is critical, especially for aspiring professionals, since these projects offer hands-on experience and increased knowledge. These projects also allow for data analysis in order to deal with pressing practical issues. This also enables the mastery of specific business requirements, nurturing the relevant skill sets, and verifying the availability of potential career opportunities in analytics at the same time.

Q4). Is it worth learning business analytics in 2024?

Business analytics is one of the important skills to learn for you to make yourself stand out in 2024. The role of data and insights is becoming increasingly predominant in the decision-making process for many organizations having businesses. Therefore professional acquisition skills will make all of us more competitive in the market. This will also help everyone keep abreast of the digital age.

Q5). Are there any specific tools that you may need for business analyst projects?

Yes, you may need some important tools for your business analyst projects. These tools often include MS Excel for data analysis and cleaning, SQL for querying databases, and Power BI Or Tableau for data visualization. You may also need the help of other specialized tools like SPSS and R for advanced predictive modeling.


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