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All You Need to Know About Azure Solution Architect Salary


According to Gartner, it is said that there is an expected shift of IT to the cloud which could increase the spending up to $1.3 trillion worldwide by the year 2022. According to Forbes, it is expected that more than 70% of CFOs suggest that cloud computing has been instrumental to the growth of their business in the recent past.  There are a number of such facts and figures which have added to the need for cloud computing services in recent years and it is expected to grow in the coming years.

There are a number of Giants in the cloud computing era and one of these is Microsoft. The cloud services offered by Microsoft are being used and trusted by many across the globe. More than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are working on Cloud computing offered by Microsoft and this requires professionals who are well trained to develop, manage, customize and do tons of tasks required for business purposes on these clouds.        

In the cloud computing world, Azure Solution Architects make sure that the structure and development of the cloud environment are intact. Organizations make sure that they do not compromise with Microsoft Azure solution architect salary as they are one of the key assets for the organizations. The other requirements include gathering requirements, determining a suitable infrastructure, designing applications, and configuring as well as securing the solution once it’s implemented.

Factors Affecting the Azure Architect Salary

The Azure Solution Architect Salary varies as it depends on many factors. It is important that we consider all these factors before making any decisions.

You can simply make sure to choose the favorable factors for you and prepare well for the rest of the factors which can simply help you get better as well as deserving Microsoft Azure Salary. In order to make the journey easier for you and help you earn a lucrative Microsoft Azure solution architect salary; we have listed down the most relevant factors here along with the degree and trend in the variations in the Microsoft Azure solution architect salary based on them. Let us have a look at them:

The geographical location of your job, not just affects the living conditions, living standards but also have a considerable amount of impact on the Azure Solution Architect Professional Salary. You might be able to see that difference throughout the globe in Azure solution architect certification salary owing to the differences in the economic conditions of the nations as well. You can either plan to go for a job at your chosen location, or even relocate to a suitable location in case you get better opportunities for Azure Solution Architect Job Salary. There are some locations which you might not find suitable for you, in that case you can also apply for remote jobs options, as post-COVID-19 there are more such options available for you for Azure certified solutions architect salary.

Certification & Courses: Azure certified solutions architect salary

Azure certified solutions architect salary

Azure cloud solution architect salary could be more meaningful when you have the certification with you. And hence you can surely understand the importance of any credible certification. It is advisable that you go for some online courses before you go for certification, as it helps you clear the certification, rather than wasting your time. You can surely go for some credible certifications from renowned institutes. If you wish to join one, you can either comment in the comment section below or may be connected with us. In order to get a better Azure Solution Architect Professional Salary, you need to have a certification, and going for certification can only be fruitful, in case you have the required courses and knowledge to work on the cloud computing offered by Microsoft.

Employer type and scale of Organisation: Azure cloud solution architect salary

Azure cloud solution architect salary

Companies that are industry top leaders, or established can surely offer lucrative packages for Azure Solution Architect Professional Salary. However, there can be some established or upcoming start-ups as well which can pay you considerably good salary packages as Microsoft Azure solution architect salary is one of the high on demand carriers these days. Also, the need for Microsoft certified azure solutions architect salary is going to grow as the job’s requirement is also going to be added. We have a list of the top Giants offering good Azure solution architect certification salary, you can have a look at it. Hence, it is advisable that you check the employer types as well as the scale of the organization before finalizing any decision on Azure certified solutions architect salary.

Background research on Employer: Azure Solution Architect Professional Salary

Azure Solution Architect Professional Salary

It is not just the Azure cloud solution architect salary that matters to you, job security and other factors need to be considered as well. The way organizations go for a background check before giving you a good Azure Solution Architect Job Salary, it is advisable that when you are to start working for an organization that is not so renowned, do not hesitate to go for a background check. You might even land up for an underpaid insecure job and that might have an impact on your overall career or experience. Hence, it is advisable to do proper homework before you decide on joining any organization just on the basis of job profile, job location, or even Microsoft Azure solution architect Salary offered.

Desired Skill-sets: Microsoft certified azure solutions architect salary

 Microsoft certified azure solutions architect salary

The desired set of skills, having them, and being confident about them matter a lot when it comes to Microsoft certified azure solutions architect salary. The people hiring you lookout for some specific skill sets along with additional soft skills as well as technical skills which in turn make sure that you are paid above average salary or maybe stay ahead in terms of professional growth, in comparison to others in the competition. Azure solution architect certification salary could also vary for you based on this respect and hence it is advisable to have an understanding of such skills and make sure you are sound on them.

Lack of Negotiation Skills: Azure solution architect certification salary

Azure solution architect certification salary

Azure certified solutions architect salary is something that needs to be negotiated just like any other job salary. Many organizations have a set-pattern of growth and they can assure you a certain percentage hike on your previous Azure Solution Architect Salary, nevertheless it is still advisable that you be sound on asking for a remuneration that you deserve. You need to stay up to date with the market trends and demands such that you do not go over the top while asking for the desired Azure Solution Architect Job Salary.

The list is based on many sources online, and there are many other top brands from Fortune 500 that hire professionals who are certified and offer worthwhile Azure Solution Architect Salary. It is necessary that you work well on your hands-on and real-time expertise when you wish to be a part of any of these renowned organizations as a part of your career growth as well as growth in azure certified solutions architect salary.

Do you think any other top Giants which need to be mentioned here in this list of top companies when we talk about good azure certified solutions architect salary? If yes, then do not forget to mention the same in the comment section below.

How much is the azure certified salary for Azure Solution Architect?

The azure salary of Azure Architect can be varying on factors, however considering the top job portals and the data from renowned sources, it can be said that on average they earn azure certification salary ranging between $ 130, 000 to $190, 000 or even more.  The data can be slightly varying at various platforms, however undeniably Microsoft azure salary 

ranges somewhere close to the figures that we have mentioned above. 

Microsoft Azure Architect Salary - Based On Experience

As soon you start your job, the Junior Azure Solution Architect Salary with an experience of 0 to 3 years could be somewhere starting from $100, 000 annually and it can gradually increase based on your personal experience, performance as well as growth which in turn can be dependent on other factors. 

Mid or Average experience range from 4 to 7 years the azure salary for a Solution architect could be close to $150, 000 annually and it can be still dependent on various factors.

You might go for more certification, training to scale-up for an advanced professional level when it comes to azure certified salary for a solution architect and then you might even come close to the figure of $190, 000 plus for azure certification salary. 

Azure Certification Salary Based On Location

Azure salary for a Solution Architect can be varying greatly depending on the location of your job, so let us have a look at a range of salaries across the globe.

The Azure Solution Architect Salary in the United Kingdom ranges from £56,000 to £75, 000. The Azure Solution Architect Salary in the United States of America ranges from $100, 000 to $190, 000. The Azure Solution Architect Salary in India ranges from ₹1,100,000 to ₹2,172,414. The Azure Solution Architect Salary in Australia ranges from AUS $150 000 to AUS $ 190 000 annually. The Azure Solution Architect Salary in Canada ranges from $150,000 per year to $175,500 per year. 

Job Status based on Top Job Portals

Let us have a look at the number of Azure Solution Architect Jobs available in the real-time scenario in the global market. Here is a snapshot of the data from the renowned job portals the world over. 

We have gathered the information from some of the top Job Portals from the USA, India, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

There are more than 1500 jobs currently available in the USA for Azure Solution Architect according to Careerbuilder.

There are more than 600 jobs currently available in the UK for Azure Solution Architect according to Indeed. 

There are close to 5000 jobs available in Australia for Azure Solution Architect according to Monster. 

Industries where you can work: Azure certified solutions architect Salary

The Microsoft certified azure solutions architect salary can also depend on the industry in which you are working or plan to work. The skill-set is more or less the same for all such industries, however, something which differs could be the niche knowledge or the domain understanding. Gaining such knowledge related to any specific domain might not be a challenge for you and when you have the right skill-set in your technologies, most organizations, help you with the industry-related knowledge. Hence, here is a list of top domains where you can get a good Azure Solution Architect Salary.

  1. Finance
  2. Retail
  3. Automotive
  4. Professional
  5. Technology
  6. Manufacturing and many more

Desired Skill sets for Azure Solution Architect Certification Salary

Microsoft certified azure solutions architect salary can significantly vary with certain added skills. When there is an increased demand of certain job types, then there are additional skill sets which can certainly add meaning to your job, promotion or even salary package.

Here is a list of certain skill-sets which hiring organizations would prefer or look out for in order to release a good Microsoft Azure solution architect salary.

  1. Implement and monitor an Azure infrastructure.
  2. Implement management and security solutions.
  3. Implement solutions for apps.
  4. Implement and manage data platforms.
  5. Design monitoring.
  6. Design identity and security.
  7. Design data storage.
  8. Design business continuity.
  9. Efficient knowledge on Azure and its services
  10. Networking.
  11.  Linux.
  12.  Designing Security.
  13.  PowerShell scripting and many more.

Unlike any other job, for lucrative Azure Solution Architect Salary, certain skills such as communication skills, leadership quality, and capabilities to co-ordinate & work with a team are always counted upon.

Related job titles with similar certifications: Azure cloud solution architect salary

Related job titles with similar certifications as well as skill-set which can help you get a good salary similar to Azure Solution Architect Job Salary are:

  1. Chief Architect
  2. Solutions Manager
  3. Senior Solutions Architect
  4. Enterprise Architect
  5. Senior Systems Architect
  6. Senior Infrastructure Engineer
  7. Information Technology Architect
  8. Senior Technical Consultant
  9. Lead Solution Architect
  10. Architect & Developer and many more


Q1: How much is the azure architect's salary?

The azure architect salary might vary depending on various factors and hence there can be no fixed number when it comes to their Salary. You are advised to consider the factors to come down to any conclusion. Also, it is evident that the need for Azure Solution Architect is ever-increasing and so is the market for jobs with this skill set. 

Q2: Can I earn a good azure architect salary after certification?

Yes, any certification from renowned and credible platforms makes it easier for you to have a good salary, secure job and you get paid well for your skills. And hence it is advisable to go for the certification such that you are able to get the best Azure Architect Salary. 

Final Words on the Azure Solution Architect job Salary

Make sure you have your certification and you are sound with the skills required for earning a decent Azure Solution Architect Professional Salary. You can always prepare your mind to do justice to your skill, be it by changing locations or even applying to any renowned organization to get a better azure cloud solution architect salary. You can always learn about these and many more certifications, such that you go ahead to choose the one which matches your skillset and your area of interest. It is not just the certification that matters, it is your skill-set along with the certification from a reliable organization which counts. Hence, it is important that you make sure to have a balance of both before going ahead with any decision related to the Microsoft certified azure solutions architect salary. 

In case you need to have more understanding on any of the topics mentioned here, then feel free to connect with us. You can even leave comments below and we will surely reach out to you with the most suitable solutions.  

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