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Azure Vs AWS: Which One Should You Pursue?


Are you lost in your thought cloud while analyzing the best platform for cloud computing? Are you someone who is in the final year of graduation or looking for a new opportunity or thinking of switching your job or want a boost in your career and which one to choose between AWS vs Azure certification is your concern at the moment?

You are at the right place, we are here to burst your thought cloud and let you come out with a better insight over the aws vs azure. Without further delay, let’s dive into the cloud of information!

AWS vs. Azure: In a Glance

Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, both are leading public cloud services, have been providing eminently operating, cost-effective, and scalable services and proving to be better substitutes for conventional on-premises applications. AWS is leading and dominating the market since it started in 2006 and Microsoft Azure, which started in 2010, is briskly catching up with the pace, following AWS.

Industry statistics have shown that both companies have a strong presence, with AWS leading the market share at 32% and Azure following closely at 20%. 

However, it's important to note that while AWS may be ahead in terms of market share, Azure has seen the fastest growth rate in recent years, indicating that it could potentially catch up in the near future. With both providers constantly innovating and expanding their offerings, it will be fascinating to see how the industry statistics evolve in the coming years.

AWS vs Azure Comparison to Decide Your Side







Availability zone

81 zones in 25 geographical regions

More than 60 zones in 140+ countries

Market share



Brands worked with

Netflix, Linkedin, Spotify, twitch, Airbnb, Facebook

Twitter, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Samsung, HSBC




Revenue Growth



Open Source

More open to open source community

Less open to open source community

Hybrid Cloud

Reinventing hybrid cloud

Excels in Hybrid Cloud Market


Offers more flexibility

Closing fast with AWS

Linux Ecosystem

Extensive support for Linux

Still building up

Both AWS and Microsoft Azure provides similar services but both are thriving to come first. From the AWS vs Azure comparison, It is evident that AWS is more popular among the two but as per the market share and revenue growth represented, it depicts the faster arrival of Microsoft Azure.

Why is AWS vs Azure Certification Essential In this Technology-driven World?

Most enterprises have transformed digitally, and cloud usage is burgeoning. And the demand for IT professionals having cloud computing knowledge is also booming. 

90% of IT professionals say certifications enhance performance, innovation, and work outcomes. 87% of hiring managers believe hands-on experience and certification it is more valuable than any graduation degree. 

According to Forbes, out of the top 5 paying certifications, 4 are in cloud computing. As the importance of certification is quite obvious by now, let’s proceed towards the selection of certification. Let’s proceed to AWS vs Azure certification.

AWS Certification An Overview

AWS launched its certification program in 2013, and currently, it offers 11 certifications, which include 5 core certifications and 6 specialty certifications. The core certifications have 3 tiers, Foundational, Associate, and Professional. The two highest-paying certifications are AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.Practitioner.certification

Azure Certification in a Glance

Even though Microsoft Azure started late, it’s moving fast as per its market growth, and most Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure. With this progress, currently, Azure offers 9 certifications, which include 3 fundamentals, 3 role-based, and 3 additional certifications. The levels are fundamentals, associate, expert, and specialty. Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Associate and Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals are the two highest-paying certifications from.

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Cross-Certification: In the Era of Multi Cloud

92% of companies have a multi-cloud strategy, which is a combination of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Most of companies are heading towards using multiple clouds according to their technical requirements, geographical needs, and other factors. It provides certain advantages to the organizations like competitive cost, door to innovation, and higher efficiency. So, most enterprises are in search of candidates who have basic knowledge of 2-3 leading cloud computing platforms.

A perfect example of a company that has recently partnered with all the 3 progressing Cloud providers is NOKIA. Telecom equipment maker NOKIA has partnered with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to provide cloud-based 5G solutions.

AWS vs. Azure: Which Is Better For Your Career?

If we analyze  AWS vs Azure, which is better from a career point of view? many factors can affect the decision. Let’s compare the 8 major factors that can help you make a better decision for your career.

AWS vs Azure Salary: Which Can Get You a Hike?

When we think about starting a career or switching one, we always expect to get a greater package. Let's see who wins in the AWS vs Azure salary race.

As per the Global Knowledge Report 2023, the Average salary of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate is $159,033. According to Forbes 2023 report, AWS certifications are among the most profitable in North America offering an average salary of $129,868 and $147,357 respectively. Cross-certifying on AWS provides an increment of $12k to the IT professionals, who already have secured a certificate with Citrix and Red Hat/Linux certificates. In India, You can expect a salary hike of 16% with AWS certification. According to Glassdoor, the average AWS salary of an individual is $133,462 per year

According to the Global Knowledge Report 2023, the average salary of an Azure solution certified expert is $125,980 in the US. And an Azure-certified administrator associate’s average salary is $121.420. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certified professionals can earn an average salary of Rs. 9,00,000 annually in India.

So clearly, in the AWS vs. Azure salary comparison, the salary of an AWS-certified IT professional exceeds that of an Azure-certified IT professional.

AWS vs Azure: Job Opportunities

Both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are leading cloud computing platforms, each offering a wide range of services and solutions. Job opportunities in the cloud computing field have been abundant for both AWS and Azure professionals, as more and more organizations adopt cloud technologies. Here's a general overview of job opportunities in both platforms:

AWS Job Opportunities:

  • AWS has been a pioneer in the cloud computing space and has a significant market share. As a result, there is a strong demand for professionals with AWS skills.
  • Job roles related to AWS include Cloud Architect, Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, AWS Developer, AWS SysOps Administrator, and more.
  • AWS offers a broad spectrum of services, including computing, storage, databases, networking, machine learning, analytics, IoT, and more. This leads to a variety of job roles catering to different skill sets.
  • AWS certifications, such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, can enhance your job prospects.

Azure Job Opportunities:

Microsoft Azure has also gained significant traction in the cloud market and is a preferred choice for many enterprises, especially those already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Job roles related to Azure include Azure Solutions Architect, Azure DevOps Engineer, Azure Cloud Engineer, Azure Developer, Azure Administrator, and more.
  • Azure provides a wide range of services, including virtual machines, app services, databases, AI and machine learning, analytics, IoT, and more. This diversity leads to a variety of job roles similar to AWS.
  • Azure certifications like Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect, Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer, and Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer are recognized by employers and can boost your career.

AWS vs. Azure Job: Top IT Companies Hiring Certified Professionals

If we look for the top companies hiring AWS-certified IT professionals, the company list includes Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cognizant, Brillio, Amazon, and many more. If we look for the top companies hiring for Azure certified IT professionals, it goes like Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Cognizant, Accenture, just to name a few. Both certifications are prevalent among Fortune 500 companies.

AWS and Azure - Validation & Badge

AWS - Stand Out with AWS Certifications: Gain the competitive edge and unlock countless career opportunities worldwide. Employers trust AWS certifications, making them a must-have for any aspiring professional. Validate your expertise and experience in the subject matter with these highly regarded credentials. Earn an AWS Certification and unlock exclusive benefits: a coveted badge and access to prestigious AWS summit events. Stand out to potential employers on platforms like LinkedIn with your earned credibility.

Azure - Join the ranks of certified professionals sought after by organizations utilizing Azure and its cutting-edge features. As companies race to implement Azure, they need experts to guide them. Validate your skills and deepen your knowledge to become a priority hire in this competitive landscape. Learn how to integrate the powerful .NET platform with any company's infrastructure. Enhance your skills for Azure certification and gain access to a cross-platform, open-source framework developed by Microsoft. Discover tools, libraries, and programming languages designed for seamless development.

AWS vs. Azure Exam Details

AWS Exam

  • Format: Multiple choice questions
  • Length: 90-30 minutes
  • Fee: $100-$300

Azure Exam

  • Format: Multiple choice questions
  • Length: 60-180 minutes
  • Fee: $99-$165

If we take exam cost into consideration, azure certification can cost lower than AWS certification.

AWS vs Azure- Reliability

Unleash the power of the cloud with Azure and AWS, two incredibly reliable platforms that offer scalable infrastructure. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, Azure guarantees your virtual machines and storage accounts will always be available. And for extra peace of mind, Azure provides backup and disaster recovery options like Azure Site Recovery.

But AWS isn't far behind. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee for its EC2 instances in AWS,  and a range of other top-notch services, including S3 and DynamoDB, AWS is a force to be reckoned with. Plus, its global infrastructure ensures high availability and fault tolerance.

Both Azure and AWS offer a variety of backup and disaster recovery options, so your data is always protected. From Amazon Glacier to AWS Backup, you can rest easy knowing your information is in good hands.

In the end, both Azure and AWS excel at providing dependable infrastructure and backup options. Remember, the specific requirements may differ from one organization to another, but you can trust these platforms to keep you up and running.

Aws Vs. Azure: Which One Stands Out For Employers?

The employers search for candidates as per the cloud used in the company, required skill sets, and experience. Many would prefer AWS certification, and many would prefer Azure certification based on the requirements, or many would like to hear from a cross-certified candidate. As cloud computing is growing faster, many companies are looking for employees who can manage to work with multiple cloud platforms. It definitely gives you more edge to grab a job opportunity.

Aws Vs. Azure Learning Steps

Before joining any certification course, you should learn the basic concept of Cloud computing and get a clear vision of what you want to acquire based on the technology and job you want to work on. If you want to do the course from an organization where you get instructor-led live online classes that you can attend at your own pace using the comprehensive module and with an opportunity of hands-on practical training and with the freedom to ask questions, Do it with us at your own pace.

  1. Visit our website
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  4. Sign up for the next training available
  5. Or you can enroll for the classes directly from the website by clicking on Browse Trending Courses, which will lead you to the courses.
  6. Select a course of your preference, and scroll down to enroll
  7. Get hands-on training 
  8. Pass your exam and get certified
  9. Take your career to the next level


Azure and AWS provide quite similar features to consumers. Also, both cloud service providers are extremely comprehensive. The users can host different applications, know about the cloud offering, deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning, and benefit from freely available contributions. Yet, there are some differences, such as in the pricing structure or the documentation pattern. Enroll for the AWS training at JanBask Training, and get to know details on the concept and hands-on experience, and guidance from top mentors.

The Azure developers are carried away by the presence of the greater Microsoft ecosystem, having numerous productivity tools, and Windows. However, AWS is cheaper and a superior choice for the beginner. Also, as reported by LinkedIn, AWS gives extensive job options. Giving it a tough competition, the call for certification and skills in Azure is also rising gradually. Azure has extended the market share but not to the extent where there is a tough fight between the two for a prosperous future. Also, both AWS and Azure are producing new items and pricing models. The ultimate choice will depend on the respective individual.


Question 1-  Is Azure better than AWS?

Answer-  Azure and AWS both provide similar services and as per the market share and revenue growth Azure is showing better growth. 

Question 2- Which is better for job opportunities AWS or Azure?

Answer- Currently the job postings for AWS are higher than Azure as AWS is in the market for a long time, so, the competition is also huge. Azure is considered by many fortune 500 companies too.

Question 3- Which certification I can opt for as Beginner?

Answer- As a beginner, you can start with any fundamental course Provided by AWS or Azure.

Question 4- What are the benefits of the AWS certification online?

Answer- There are several benefits of the AWS certification online. It not only increases credibility and confidence in areas that are relevant to cloud services but also refines job prospects. The Online AWS developer course offers access to a group of experts where one can know and distribute knowledge in areas associated with cloud computing.

Question 5- What are the career opportunities after receiving the AWS training classes?

Answer- The AWS training classes prepare you to grab a wide range of job opportunities. After receiving the online AWS developer course, you can choose the job options: Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud Systems Administrator, or Cloud DevOps Engineer. Cloud Security Engineer, and more.

Question 6- What skills does the AWS SysOps learning imbibe in the candidate?

Answer- You can acquire various skills through AWS SysOps learning. They include using, handling, and operating highly present and fault-resistant systems on AWS. The AWS SysOps learning also teaches you to shift a current on-premise application to AWS, besides guaranteeing data integrity on AWS technology. 

Question 7- Does AWS SysOps learning ensure a bright future?

Answer- The AWS SysOps learning does ensure a bright career for you to pursue. The reason is that AWS SysOps administrators are demanded a lot because there are lucrative jobs provided to them on different job sites. Also, it's possible to refine the hold of cloud computing and establish a bright career through AWS SysOps learning.

Question 8- Do you need a coding background to take up the AWS SysOps learning?

Answer- It’s unnecessary to have a coding background to take up the AWS SysOps learning. It’s good if you have some fundamental knowledge of the technical field, but it’s not mandatory. The individuals are in charge of using, handling, and operating systems on AWS. 

Question 9- Is it easy to pass the AWS SysOps certification exam?

Answer- It's not easy to crack the AWS SysOps certification exam. It demands enormous hard work and dedication. However, if you are determined to work diligently and abide by the preparation guide, then it’s easy to crack the certification exam. The AWS SysOps learning courses can further help you increase your chances of passing the exam.

Question 10- What is the objective of the AWS training classes?

Answer- The AWS training classes prepares the candidates for the hands-on application of the skills in the job areas. The AWS training classes also teach them to add value to the work.


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