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Best 6 Figure Jobs That You Can Bag in 2024


How to get a 6-figure salary? Even though $100k doesn’t sound as much as it once did, it's still a worthy goal to work for. Do you know only 8-9% of all individual workers made a six-figure salary in the US? However, if you think you need to earn a college degree or work your way up the ladder to make a 6 figure salary, then good news, you don’t need to. You can earn a six-figure salary without a college degree or experience but to get that 6 figure job you need to have the essential skill sets which you can gain through a professional certification course.

In this blog, we’ll list out the top 20 - jobs that pay 6 figures, whether you’re a fresher or a professional. We will also share a few tips on how to make a six-figure salary, get jobs that make 6 figures a month without sweating too much!

Top 20 Jobs That Pay 6 Figures Salary

Wondering What Does a Six-Figure Salary Look Like?

When we take the minimum amount that fits the definition, a gross annual salary between $100,000 and $999,999 is what we call a 6 figures salary. If we further break it down into a standard workweek of 40 hours a week, over 52 weeks, for a total of 2,080 working hours in a year then a six figure salary equals:

  • Hourly Income = $48.08 per hour
  • Weekly Income = $1,923.08
  • Bi-Weekly Income = $3,846.15
  • Semi-Monthly Income = $4,166.67
  • Monthly Income = $8,333.33
  • Quarterly Income = $25,000.00
  • Semi-Annual Income = $50,000.00
  • = an annual salary of $100,000.00

When we think of jobs that pay 6 figures; usually we think about jobs that come with years and years of schooling— doctors, scientists, engineers, the list goes on and on. But that’s not always the case: many 6 figure jobs or more actually might not need any degree or experience. Indeed, there are still some jobs that get you high income through the traditional route only but you can also earn 6 figures salary a month or a year without following it.

However, every job comes with the potential to earn good money if you have enough work experience, a good educational background, top IT skills and you are hard-working. But certain jobs pay you well without having experience or even a degree. So here’s the list of top jobs that pay 6 figures salary on average:

Top 20 Jobs That Pay 6 Figures Salary

Top 15 Skills That Get You Jobs That Make 6 Figures In A Month

It isn’t exhaustive but these skills are one of the most sought-out among hard skills and soft skills that can land you 6 figure jobs.  Apart from that, they can certainly be applied to any other fields of work:

  1. Communication
  2. Discipline
  3. Teamwork
  4. Creativity
  5. Leadership
  6. Project Management
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Financial Analysis
  9. Time Management 
  10. Emotional Intelligence
  11. Cultural Competency
  12. Internet Marketing
  13. Problem-Solving
  14. Critical/Analytical thinking
  15. Job-Specific and Technical Skills


How To Make 6 Figures A Month: Follow 7 Practical & Doable Steps

Follow 7 Practical & Doable Steps

As discussed earlier a six figure salary can seem like a dream come true. After all, your hard work & training are being rewarded with more zeros on your paycheck. However, those zeros alone cannot add up to a comfortable life & stable career, if you stop growing in your job. Though most consider six 6 figure paying jobs to be the epitome of their earning potential, a lot of them never go beyond those earnings. So to ensure that you keep adding zeros to your paycheck, follow these easy, effective steps:

1. Do Your Research

To land jobs that make 6 figures, you should know what those jobs are, whether you are a fresher or switching your job. When you’re in the middle of a job search, it may feel like you’re increasing your chances of getting a job if you apply for as many jobs as possible. We suggest not applying for every job and focusing on jobs with your interest and research properly. Be thorough with your research to know about the job market. You can also get help from job portal sites, they not only show different job positions, roles & responsibilities but also show what a job role will get you per year or hour. Find which companies offer 6 figure jobs, their financial health, and what are the eligibility criteria & conditions and then apply for jobs that fit your experience and interest. 

2. Assess Your Skills and Experience

One of the best ways to strengthen your chances of getting shortlisted among 6 figure jobs is to demonstrate you have the said experience, training, and skills to boost your areas of expertise. But to achieve that, you’ll need to assess yourself. You need to figure out what skills whether technical or soft skills you have and what you need to learn or upscale. Based on this, you need to create cross-training & learning opportunities for yourself. Remember, you not only need to focus on what you bring to the table but how you can add value to the company’s bottom line. An honest assessment does that for you.

3. Know Your Market Value

To ensure that you are not underpaid or getting less than average pay with a job offer, you need to know your market value. Do some research, and know if you should be getting a six figure salary or more. You can do this by comparing salary data offered by a variety of third-party sources like or You can also check the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics, which uses national survey data to tell you how much people in your industry and area are making. Find out through local job portals if there is a job opening and if is it listed with a salary higher than what you currently make or are being offered. Gather your information with data and then demand a reasonable raise you deserve. But be polite about it, you’re a confident individual who is well aware of his market value, respect that.

However, if your demands are not met, you can always quit your job and seek job opportunities where you can make a six figure salary. Remember, you rightfully should be compensated for your hard work, don’t settle for a base-level pay when you contribute a lot to the company.

4. Up Skill Your Way to Higher Pay

Make sure you keep your technical and soft skills up-to-date at least once in 6 months. Add new skills, take up new responsibilities, or complete new projects so that you build your way up to a 6 figures salary a month. You should also keep your resume updated with your recent professional accomplishments. Keep an eye on technological & marketing trends, so not only you are updated but so is your resume. Is there a new technology you can advance to, a new programming language you can learn? Or do your IT certifications need an upgrade? Just keep adding up to your knowledge bank: IT certifications or soft skills– so you keep growing professionally along with your paycheck.

5. Master Your Negotiation Skills

You may not be a fresher but a working professional who is looking for ways to land six-figure salary jobs. For this, you may have armored yourself with certifications, expert knowledge, and a good command over major soft skills and yet not getting paid 6 figure salary. Or you were just offered a new job but the paycheck isn’t what you expected. So what do you do? Not quit or decline the offer right away, for starters.

So do your homework before you start demanding a higher salary or a raise. Know what recent salary trends are, your market value and other factors. You should be passionate about telling what you are bringing to the table or how much you have contributed to the company’s bottom line. But you need to keep the interaction a polite affair. No need to strong-arm your employer or be aggressive about it. Be okay with a ‘no’ and move on to the next and better opportunities.


6. Focus On Networking

Nobody can achieve complete career success—which is at least partially measured by money—on their own. Whether you’ve enough experience training & skills to earn a six figure salary or not, you can always aim for more. After all, there are chances that there is still something you can learn or know to go beyond these figures. This can be done by building relationships with like-minded people. Networking with peers or colleagues at work or in your industry can help you land a new position, learn more about industry trends, and even get support on your chances of being promoted. So network, network, network, irrespective of whether you are an introvert or a social being, an employer or an employee.

7. Be Your Own Boss

Technically you are not paying yourself any salary but you do get to make 6 figures! When you start a business you become a professional who offers high-quality products and services, the kind of professional who makes 6 figures salary or more to live life entirely on your terms. No need to switch jobs or ask for a raise, every time you feel underpaid. 

Additionally, you don't have to be in business for a hundred million years to hit the six-figure mark. This is something you can actually do from the beginning, all you need is the right mindset and business strategies & practices, then you’re good to fly away!

Remember Jim Rohn once said, “If you want more, you must become more.”

Let’s Know 4 Steps To Develop and Learn High-Income Skills For Careers That Make 6 Figures in 2024!

Careers That Make 6 Figures in 2024

Your career growth should not stop at getting a job that offers a 6 figures salary. Because you are not only working for money but also career development. How do you ensure that your job is not only adding value to your bank account but also to your overall growth? Well, you do this by planning a proper roadmap. Here are 4 tips to ensure that you have good choices of 6 figure jobs and also continue to grow with a solid self-development plan:

1. Do An Honest Self-Assessment

Earning a 6 figure salary depends a lot on what kind of 6 figure jobs it is or if you are applying for a lucrative job, do you have the eligibility for it? For that, you need to know what are your strengths, weaknesses, and qualifications that you possess and what you don’t. So, note down soft skills or technical skills that are on-demand, you need to possess or already do and boost your chance of getting a high-paying job.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Goals are like a roadmap that helps you stay focused on your path and notify you about how far you have come and how far you need to go. Landing one of the 6 figure jobs can’t be your only motivation to learn something new or seek a job, it has to be more than that. Other factors like you enjoying what you do, and growing both professionally & personally, matter too. So set some goals for yourself once you hit the 6 figures salary mark for your next step. Focus on having some practical goals that are not just driven by paychecks and help you achieve different aspects of career growth, from promotion to career change.

3. Commit to Learning/Growing

For your self-growth whether professional or personal, you should never stop learning. You cannot stop once you land a six figure salary job because there will always be something new that you can learn: skills, techniques, or tools that will bring you a more lucrative salary offer and add value to your resume.  Identify what you need to know and find ways to learn and grow. It can be obtaining a new IT certification or training or it can be about improving your communication or any other skill. Just don’t stop learning.

4. Find the Resources to Learn/Grow

Your next step in landing one of the six figure salary jobs is about finding and gathering resources to start your learning journey. There are many tools, platforms, and resources available to help you in this endeavor. Online training & certifications, educational classes, workshops, seminars, or volunteering in a project. You can also seek out a mentor who helps you develop your skills quicker based on your own experiences and successes. Find which one of them suits your purpose and be as resourceful as you can be with what you have.

If you feel stuck or overwhelmed with all the steps or information, you can reach out to professionals who will make you ready for a demanding and lucrative career, ring us now!

Why do we recommend Courses as the fastest way to develop skills for 6 figure-salary jobs?

When it comes to making yourself eligible for high-paying jobs, then it’s paramount to keep upskilling yourself constantly so that you stay in line with the changing market trends. And for your aid, many relevant short-term Certification courses are available to keep you updated. They add value to your resume and make you an indispensable asset in your organization. The following are the benefits that these courses offer.

  • Structured Learning Path: Courses have a uniform syllabus that covers all the relevant areas. Built on this, it offers a structured approach that facilitates the fast acquisition of foundational knowledge and higher-level skills.
  • Expert Guidance: In many cases, the 6 figure-paying jobs courses are designed and/or taught by industry experts. Learners therefore get inside from the professionals in practice and they learn from real-life practitioners as per the available best practices and methods.
  • Skill Focused: Most of them are specifically meant to equip the learner with certain skills that are highly sought after in the job market. Such directed learning is more meaningful than self-study, which may at times lack direction.
  • Certification and Credibility: By the end of a course students receive certification, which is helpful for a resume. Employers recognize certifications as evidence of the candidates’ skills and commitment to their profession.
  • Networking Opportunities: Networking opportunities occur through the courses that are offered especially through universities or professional organizations. The connections developed in the course of these courses may result in employment opportunities in the relevant field.
  • Hands-On Experience: Practical experiences or internships are part of the requirements in many courses. Learners are taken through real-world experiences that make them job-ready and more marketable to potential employers.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: Courses are becoming more invisible and available with the advent of online learning platforms. This allows the learner to take notes at their own pace and convenience, in which case one’s learning can be easily accommodated with other responsibilities.
  • Keeping Up with Industry Trends: To cater to the business industry’s latest trends and technology, courses are revised now and then. This guarantees that students get the latest and emerging skills.
  • Career Support: In addition, several courses provide career services like resume critique, interview training, and job assistance support which can play a vital role in obtaining a well-paid position.
  • Confidence Building: Finishing a course successfully enhances skill development and self-assurance in understanding what job makes 6 figures. Such improved self-confidence could become of utmost importance in the time of job interviews as well as in any career development.



6 figures salary job or not, finding a job that pays you well and helps you grow too, is the kind of job we all strive for. Getting a high-salary job is important but just another part of seeking a job. In the end, all that matters is that you have a job that you enjoy doing and brings you immense job growth. Looking to find ways to hone or upscale your skills might indeed seem a daunting task but it’s equally rewarding. When you spend time working on your shortcomings, you invest in an incredible career and lead a fulfilling life. The right job with a six figure salary or more offers you endless opportunities, be it about your career growth, monetary benefits, or mental peace. So never stop learning and growing even if you have any of the mentioned highest paying jobs or your salary is beyond 6 figures.

We hope this blog has given you an insightful look into ways to make a six figure salary job and know which jobs to apply for. We also discussed a few tips about how to develop high income skills and create a career development plan. Just remember, you have a lot of options to build a 6 figure salary, all you need is a little creativity and some hard work to get the job.

Do you have your own tips on how to make 6 figures a month or if you have a favorite six figure salary role? Share with us, we’d love to know!


Q1. What Is the Average Salary for These 6-Figure Jobs?

Ans. Salaries for 6 figure jobs may differ according to the locality, experience, and industry. Nevertheless, these careers that make six figures are not on the low level since they give an annual salary average from 100,000 to over 200,000 dollars.

Q2. Are These the 6-Figure Salary Jobs That Society Deems to Be at a Premium?

Ans.  Many of these 6 figure jobs attract job seekers. Growth continues in fields such as health care, technology, and finance, creating increasing demands for qualified personnel in these spheres.

Q3. What Kind of Education Is Normally Demanded for Such Careers That Make Six Figures?

Ans.  The educational requirement for 6 figure jobs could be different. Some will demand an undergraduate degree while others will go as far as an MD or JD. One should take time to inquire about the particulars of every job position. For instance,  to become an AWS Architect or AI professional, you may simply take up our certifications.

Q4. What Additional Certifications Are Required for 6-Figure-Paying Jobs?

Ans.  In some cases, jobs that pay 6 figures may require some additional certifications or licensing. For instance, medical practitioners have to obtain a license while lawyers must pass the bar test. Therefore, one should know the specific demands of each profession.

Q5. Do These 6-Figure Jobs Have Room for Promotion?

Ans.  Certainly, there are good opportunities for promotion in most of these jobs. For example, doctors can focus on a particular field or become executives while software engineers become managers or open their own IT companies.

Q6. Do 6-figure Salary Jobs Offer Work From the Office Only or Even Remote Working?

Ans.  Six-figure salary jobs may involve different tasks. Some may need a conventional workplace setting while others like software engineers can do home or hybrid work.

Q7. Are These Jobs That Pay Six Figures Viable in Terms of Job Prospects?

Ans.  Generally speaking, these jobs tend to be good prospects. These jobs are mostly favorable during times of high economic growth. Nevertheless, we have to keep track of industry trends and respond to shifting customer needs.

Q8. What Skills or Traits Do Employers Normally Focus on During Interviews for the 6 Figure Jobs?

Ans.  Technical skills, work experience, and leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills are some of the attributes that employers generally seek. This should be demonstrated in a broad range of skills when pursuing these lucrative positions. The technical skills can be gained through any good IT training course.

Q9. What Is the Competition Level in This Jobs Market for These 6 Figures Salaries?

Ans.  This usually depends on the industry and the specific location. Competition is high in some areas like medicine and law, while it could be even in some other industries. To increase your chances of landing careers that pay 6 figures, you will require networking, gaining relevant experience, or continuous learning.

Q10. What Are the Disadvantages of These 6 Figure Jobs?

Ans.  These positions are usually lucrative but they demand a high level of commitment, many hours, and much responsibility. Work-life balance and personal fulfillment matter in this pursuit.


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