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8 Most Effective Steps for a Successful Career Change

It is quite possible that you may find yourself stuck in a job which is not your cup of tea. It usually happens when you rush yourself into a career without much forethought. Despite all the good points, it is possible that you feel that it is not fulfilling. You may feel an intense need to have a change in career but are clueless about the next steps. Remember, it is a critical decision, and you will have to invest both time and money to make an informed decision. It has been found that on average, a person will change his or her job at least 10-15 times during the whole career. Such seismic decisions and bold steps are the new norms of this age of millennials, also known as the generation of entrepreneurs. Here are a few life-changing pointers which will guide your way to the next big career move:

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  • Know your Passions: Obvious as it may seem, but this is the most vital step to build a new career. It typically involved diving deep into yourself and recognizing your micro-interests which are over and above your current state. You may do this in black and white to draw up a complete list of things which enjoy doing to the core. This will act as the new pavilion for your success. The best results can be achieved if you keep yourself as detailed as possible. It is alright if your passions are completely divorced from the current job you are in. Keep this list to yourself. 
  • Decide the why and what: Many people feel they have outgrown their jobs as they have not thought much farther. So, after you have drawn and listed your interests now, you will be in a better position to identify the reason why you need a job change. Unless you have a clear answer to this, you might find yourself in another tight spot and stuck yet again. A crisp answer to the questions as to why will my decision make my life better and what are the costs involved, will make your way clearer. Although it is usually stated that one should follow his passion for getting into a fulfilling career, but scientific research by Cal Newport has proved that all the people who often follow their passions blindly have relatively low possibility of getting a long-term job satisfaction in comparison to those who leverage the existing career capital when they have to make a shift. Thus, it can be concluded that it is much better to indulge in roles which leverage the career capital which you have gathered over the years and can now use this in creative ways going forward.
  • Plan of Action: It is always better to have a well-defined goal set in the mind, so there is no confusion as to where you are ultimately going. It is possible that your dream job is still way up the ladder and you will have to put in much more effort and time to reach there. So, you should have a well-laid out plan of action in terms of job and upgrading your skills to finally reaching your destination. So, in the action plan, you should have your goal and timeline clearly defined. This once framed can act as a guideline to decide your daily or weekly tasks or milestones. This will also include all the skills in terms of training or certifications which you need to learn, new connections you will have to build and also your goals on the personal front which need to be handled. This is serious, and you should not take it lightly. It is along the journey that you will realize how small steps can have a huge impact on your career and give you the much-needed momentum to move forward.

8 Most Effective Steps for a Successful Career Change

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  • Research: Just remember that the whole idea of a career change will incur a new set of demands, tensions, and also excitement. All these have the potential to knock you off your comfort zone. Thus, the previous step will also keep you prepared for this step wherein you will remain in complete control and not let the change in expenses, personal space, and time bog you down. It is always helpful in keeping a mentor who can guide you through the whole process of transition and beyond. Also, unlike the popular belief, it is okay to tell people about it, and you may be surprised to see the amount of advice and willingness to help that you receive. Research the next higher jobs in the market, either online or offline. All the jobs which appear on the list have a look at the job description in addition to the academic requirements. You may also wish to see the career graph in terms of growth which the new opportunities have in store for you. 
  • Professional Assessment: This may sound bizarre but attempting various employability tests will help you get a measurable evaluation of your skills. You may have to get enrolled for an online certification or even brushing your baseline skills to boost your confidence and prepare yourself for the changing requirements of the work-spaces. It is possible that you may need to acquire more elaborate education or training, which may also involve some hefty costs. So, you have to decide if you are really ready that kind of investment. You also will have to work out all the extra resources and efforts which you will need for making it possible in light of the opportunity costs it may involve. Mere assessment is not enough if you are not tracking your progress. This can be handled by keeping proper follow-ups on yourself and also on the things which you need to know. A suitable amount of time also needs to be invested in tracking the progress which has been achieved. 
  • Listen to your Heart: Believing in yourself and having proper faith in your abilities will make all the needed difference to your effort. You should have the courage to walk on the path which you have chosen for yourself. It can often be a long road, so you have to have heart and keep moving forward without looking back into the rear-view. Going through a major transformational change in your career can be taxing. But not let any kind of fear hold you back. The next step may lead you to short-term uncertainty, which may lead to anxiety as our brains are wired to perceive only the known things as safe and comfortable. Just remember, your positive excitement holds untold potential. 
  • Avoid Negative People: Keep yourself surrounded by people who believe in you and are upbeat about life. These people usually have a negative outlook for every situation and will never let you move towards unsure waters as they attach surety with positivity. They are averse to taking risks and remain contented with their life situations largely without making any significant efforts to bring a change in them. They lack ambition and thus cannot advise you to do so.
  •  Move your Brand: You will have to make sense to your new audience in a manner that you can make yourself approachable and interesting to them. It is possible that the more they know about you, the more they will want to know about you. Every public encounter may it be personal, your social profiles, your professional profiles, etc. all should reflect why you are the perfect deserving candidate for the roles for which you are applying. Your branding has to take note of the fact that your competitors have already put their best foot forward as they have spent more time in the industry in which you wish to be in. So, your branding should be such that you stand out from the rest while running for the posts. 
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Switching your career to a new line is not a trip but a complete expedition which involves sound preparation and tough mindset. The only thing that will be certain in the beginning is the trust you have in yourself. Gauge your interests and passions. Explore the reason why you are looking for the job change and what will it take for you to achieve it. You should have a plan of action with well-defined goals and ways. Good job research is a must. Finally, you have to show yourself to be the most capable person in the whole lot for the job. Establish your brand by equipping yourself with all the required skills and then go out and win your dream job by the power of your persona and skills.

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