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Python Career Path - How & Why to Pursue Python Career Options!

Do you want to build your career as a Software Developer? Thinking which programming language to start with or which one to add to your learning curve for more competency?

Python can be a great choice. Yes, you can instantly learn it & explore tremendous fancy paying job opportunities under it. But are you unsure of your Python career path & have tons of questions like…

Then we are sure you might be surrounded by these questions for sure...

  1. How does the Python career provide a stable platform, and how is the Job Demand for it?
  2. Which IT companies are hiring Python developers?
  3. Is Python easy to learn? What should be my educational or technical background to make a career with Python?
  4. Which Python Roles I should go for - Python Developer, Python Engineer, or Full Stack Python Developer?
  5. Can I earn a very good salary in Python technology?
  6. How easy is it to get jobs in Python technology?
  7. Is it compulsory to write Certifications in Python, if yes; which ones?
  8. Can an experienced professional from another field, switch to the Python domain, without difficulty?

It’s natural to have these & many other questions when you are targeting a new career field. Python is a stellar & most demanded programming language today, which has application in every business vertical at different roles of web & app development, data analysis, scientific calculation & more.

If you as a college graduate or some advanced corporate professional are looking for complete details about the Python career path, then continue reading.

Python Career Path

Python History, Present & Beyond!

Know for what purpose Python was framed and till date is used by small to large corporate companies.

When was the term Python coined?

  • Python was coined by Guido van Rossum in the 1990s at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in the Netherlands.
  • Guido van Rossum named the programming language Python as he thought it’s short, mysterious & unique.
  • The general purpose for which Python language was invented was to prepare desktop & web apps and as well as develop scientific & numeric apps. Python was thoughtfully drafted with features that can exceptionally handle the data analysis & visualization tasks.

Why are companies using Python programming?

  • The companies across the globe use Python, a general-purpose & high-level programming language to create reliable, scalable web apps, websites, GUI apps, automate the operational tasks with DevOps, and analyze the data.
  • Companies have Python in their tech stack as its syntax is easier to keep the source code readable & the application as easy to maintain.
  • Apart from simple web apps, the language is leveraged to make gaming apps, enterprise apps, machine learning apps, and solutions for image or data processing.

Why are companies looking for Python experts?

Companies require Python developers to help them:

  • Write reusable, readable, and testable codes in Python for custom web & app solutions.
  • Design & maintain high-available, low-latency, and performing applications.
  • To integrate user-centric features in front-end development with server-side logic.
  • To implement great security & protection while honoring every task.
  • To ensure the scope of performance tuning, usability, automation in every task.
  • To integrate data storage solutions.
  • To work closely with the design team to gather the user-centric requirements for every technical solution & bring new custom software features.
Python Career Path

Python Job Trends & opportunities Globally!


4th Most Demanded

In 2020, Python is ranked as the 4th most demanded programming language. And you won’t believe it but it is the most wanted programming language amongst professional software developers. Python is there in every tech stack.



Python is flourishing in every field, from web development to AI to Data Science, it’s needed for basic programming to complex business intelligence related tasks.



Python is leveraged more in Financial institutions like large banks, regulators & hedge funds.



Large technology companies like Netflix, Facebook, Uber, Twilio & more use Python either as a primary language or for integrating with other programming languages.

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Currently, there are more than 8.2 million developers that use Python programming language, and the number is incessantly growing.


Python Instead of R

69% of Data Scientists & Machine Learning Developers use the programming language Python instead of R.

Top Companies Hiring for Data Science Professionals Globally!

Python Career Options

What all Python Career Profiles I can Choose from?

Wondering what Python career options or profiles you can choose from? Well, you can choose from these explicit profiles to make a career in Python programming, despite your technical or non-technical educational or work background.

These are the variations of Python career options/profiles; which are somewhat different from names in different companies but share similar roles & responsibilities, mostly.

Python Developer

If you are interested in writing efficient, testable, reusable codes to design & implement --- highly-available, performing & low-latency server-side web app logic, you can plan to become Python Developer!

Python Software Engineer

If you are interested in writing & testing codes to create performing web & apps using server-side logic, debugging or performing app integration with 3rd party web services--- You can plan to become a Python Software Engineer!

Python Full-Stack Developer

If you are interested in using Python for the development & implementation of the complete technology stack of web pages, UI, websites, web apps --- you can plan to become a Full-stack Python Developer.

Python Career Options

What Educational Background/Prerequisite Skills are Required to Pursue the Python Career Path?

“Having doubts about how I can pursue a Python career despite my non-technical work & educational background?” Python Career is Possible for individuals from technical to non-technical backgrounds. (Yes, even you reading this)!

  • To start a Python career, focus on having a basic knowledge of Python as a programming language, its application, benefits, purpose, and more.
  • You don’t need to belong from any technical work profile or educational background to pursue this career. You can be from any work/education field and still make an easy career in Python.
  • If you are from some IT background, it's great, it gives you an extra edge to get started with your Python career training journey. But, in case you are from a Non-IT background; take it as an opportunity to accept this challenge of learning a new skill & mastering it by practicing well. You can definitely learn it well with a little hard work, training, and practice (Learning Python is no Rocket Science 😊).
  • You can be a recent college graduate or some advanced professional stuck in some monotonous work profile, and still branch out towards Python career scope. You just have to show little dedication, and for rest, our trainers will ensure to turn you into a well-rounded Python Programmer.
  • We have an array of success stories of individuals who weren’t from any particular career & work profile and still showed little dedication and willingness to shape them into complete Python experts!
Python Career Path

Python Salary --- What Salary Can I Earn as Python Developer/Engineer?

Check out the Salary of Python Developer, Python Software Engineers & Full-stack developers in 4 popular countries --- UK, USA, Canada & India.

USA flag USA flag
India flag India flag

Want to know some cool tips to attract a higher salary from the starting level? Yes, you heard it!

You can follow these tips if you are too scared that entry-level Python jobs won’t give your fat juicy paycheck as desired.

#Tip 1 - Relocate to the countries where pay scales are exceptionally higher than others!

  • You can relocate to locations like the UK, USA, India, Canada, Australia as here pay is good.
  • The demand for Python Developers is exceptionally high globally (currently there are more than 8 million Python developers, our world has space for more).
  • Just take a quick Python Training online, and then move out where Python career opportunities appear to be huge.

#Tip 2 - Keep on learning new concepts & things around Python!

  • The aspirants who portray knowledge beyond shoe string’s size, get great recognition & preference in demanding pay as desired.
  • Better focus on keeping the learned concepts intact & grasping the latest knowledge & innovation around Python programming from communities, forums, whitepapers & more.

#Tip 3 - Surround yourself with Python Programmers!

Be around the industry’s Python experts as it will help you with knowledge building as well as help to attract well-deserved compensational benefits.

#Tip 4 - Work hard & keep your self-belief always up!

Hard work & self-belief can do wonders!

  • In the end, it’s your exceptional knowledge & confidence that take you near to high-paying Python career opportunities.
  • Don’t doubt your abilities, just let us help you get trained, acquire certifications, and take you towards much-needed Python job options.
Python Career Path

Python Certifications - Which One Should I Go For?

What’s next after Python Training? It definitely has to be Python Certifications if you want to experience instant recognition in the hiring process, want to pursue a great career in terms of pay, job satisfaction & security, and long-term career growth.

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What are Python Certifications?

  • Python certifications are the exams that examine your industry-specific knowledge of Python programming.
  • The exams are checked by the highest authorities & after you qualify the exam with flying colors, you get a certificate stating your competency for real-time industry jobs.
  • With certification for Python, you can apply in any job & industry like Healthcare, software, retail, eCommerce, and more.

Why must I write these Python Certifications?

By having the Python certification in your portfolio, you:

  • Get great preference during the interview rounds.
  • You feel accomplished & confident to approach the respective job, project, or assignment.
  • You get to ask for the desired salary package when you have a combination of effective knowledge & certification.


Which Python certifications can I go for?

You can go for these professional Python certifications, right after completing the training process:

  • PCEP (Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer)
  • PCAP (Certified Associate in Python Programming)
  • PCPP1 (Certified Professional in Python Programming 1)
  • PCPP2 (Certified Professional in Python Programming 2)
  • CEPP – Certified Expert in Python Programming
Data Science Career Path

What Skills Are Recruiters Looking for in the Talent Market?

The talent market is excessively huge for Data Scientists with different specializations in R, Python, NLP, AI, ML.

Everyone’s Hiring for Data Scientists, Where are You yet? :D

Python Career Path

How to Start a Career in Python? Here Are the 6 Quick Steps to Start!

Here is how to start a career in Python in just 6 steps!

Step -1 Do Your Research on Python Language from a career point of view!

Perform your foolproof research on Python career to know:

  1. How does this programming language is the right fit for your IT career?
  2. What all job profiles it entails?
  3. How easy is it for you to learn?
  4. How practical is it to form a long-term career with and that too in different work industries?
  5. What salary package & promotion opportunities can you expect as a Python developer?

First, gather answers to all these questions to make up your mind!

Step - 2 Get that Career Counseling!

  • Talk to some mentor or elder working in IT, to help you understand how this Python career path is right for you. Find someone who can personally help you point out the benefits of Python programming.
  • And if you don’t have someone who can guide you, you can always have words with JanBask Training’s expert counselors, who will give you 360 * 24/7 mentorship on what career path to choose and how to proceed with the Python career path.

Step - 3 Make a Decision, Don't Keep on Waiting!

Quickly decide because good opportunities don’t wait & last long. If you will decide now, you will experience career gains early on.

“Don’t take 6 months or a year to decide, have a quick decision to score amazing Python career opportunities!”

Step - 4 Get that Formal Python Training!

To enter the Python world, skill-building is a must. There is no better way than joining a professional Python Training platform.

A Formal Python Training will:

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  • Give you real-time knowledge of Python job roles.
  • Help you prepare for the Python Certifications.
  • And become fully prepared for lucrative Python job opportunities.

“You are a quick Training away to start your brilliant Data Science careers”.

Step - 5 Ace that battle of Data Science Certifications!

“Don’t forget the Data Science certifications. Train for them, ace them, and give your resume & portfolio an edge.”

Python certifications are the best option to validate your skills & knowledge by the highest authorities and get you recognition during the hiring process. Some companies prefer hiring skilled & certified Python developers.

Step - 6 Network, Practice & Start Applying for jobs!

  • Socialize, network with Python developers to expand your reach for knowledge-sharing & cracking some exclusive Python career opportunities.
  • Always practice whatever you have learned as well as new things added to the Python ecosystem via online communities or industry whitepapers.
  • Start applying for internships, projects & jobs to pursue your brilliant Python career.

Python Career Path

Python Career Scope is Wide & Flexible!

Wondering if you might get stuck in the same career at constant pay? Well, the thing about starting with Python is, you can switch to another growing profile easily at much more paychecks.

With AWS technology, you can easily switch & make a career wherever your heart wants!

Python is the core of every technical task today. By getting trained for Python & continuing a career in it, if any day you feel stagnant, you can move to other career profiles as Data Science , Machine Learning, AI Engineer, or more at much more payscale.

Python Career Path

Interesting Questions Asked By You About Python Career!

Is Python good for career? What is the career scope in Python?

Python is the most in-demand programming language in the world with extensive application in web app development, data analysis, scientific calculation, image or data processing & so much more, which no other language has ever seen. If we have to answer “is Python good for career” or “how is career scope for Python”, we would say yes & amazing. If you take the Python career path, you will get huge Python career opportunities, good pay, job satisfaction, chances to experience Python career growth at a faster turnaround. In the future, the use & application of Python programming is not cascading anytime soon.

Java vs Python career --- Which one to choose?

Java is a conventional language that is faster & Python is suitable for writing lengthy & varied programs. Java may have great popularity but businesses prefer to use Python widely for various organizational purposes as basic websites & app development, data analysis, images & data processing, scientific calculation, custom enterprise app & program development, and more.

In the battle between Java vs Python career, Python can seem to be a more clear choice. However, to stay relevant in the iT industry, it is best if you get hold of every popular programming language that’s in the tech stack of every modern company. You can learn both Java & Python as they both are highly competent & in-demand.

Is Python easier to learn than other programming languages?

Or Can beginners learn Python very well?

Yes, Python is easier to learn as compared to other programming languages because it is written in simple English; which is why its syntax is easy to read, remember & implement for the developers & their team. Yes, you can easily learn it without torturing your brain cells

Closing Thoughts on Python Career Path!

Python is a desired career in terms of pay, job satisfaction, learning, growth & whatever else conditions you often look for. With this guide, we hope we helped you find answers to your endless thoughts regarding:

  • Why Python career path? Or Is Python a good career option?
  • What Python roles or profiles to choose & how?
  • Which Python career is right for me?
  • What is the demand for Python roles like?
  • What is the average pay of a Python Developer?
  • Why are Python certifications so much in demand?
  • How to start with a Python career path?

Don’t remain undecided about the exciting Python career opportunities. If we have left some of your doubts still uncovered, we would love to hear from you in the comments down below. Or if you are interested in more detailed guidance, how about scheduling your free Python career counseling!

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