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Google Job Is Not A Dream! 7 Winning Steps To Get A Job At Google


Kudos! You are going to make some huge bucks and will be envied by your peers.

Instead, some of your friends might approach you for tips on how you got the seat at one of the best places to work for “Google”!

After listening to your success story, some may even Google up - how to get a job in Google? Google fresher jobs, and so much more!

Ready to write your success story?

Keep up with us in this journey about how to get a job in Google, entry-level Google jobs, skill-sets required for Google jobs, the recruitment process, and what certifications will make you the best candidate for the one-seat everyone is eyeing.

Roll up your sleeves!

We All Know Google But Do We Know This!

Launched in 1997 by two genius brains of Stanford University: Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is the most valuable brand in the world. It is part of our lives; we never miss out on Google, not even on holidays! 

  • The third U.S tech company worth $1 trillion is Google
  • Approx 35 trillion Web pages are indexed on Google.
  • Google is derived from the word Googol, Googol is a very large number. It's a 1 with 100 zero’s.
  • You may use Google Translate to communicate in roughly around 108 different languages. 

Working at Google is a dream of any fresher’s. The interview for a job in Google is an ultimate test of your technical and behavioral capabilities. How to get a job in Google, you have to be the best of the best; that’s what Google looks for in a candidate.

Any Idea How Hard Is It To Get A Job In Google?

No sugar-coating here! The high-quality standards and the massive number of applications for Google job every year makes it really hard to crack through Google IT jobs. 

As per INC, Google receives 2 million job applications per year, and a few thousand get hired. Do you want to know what makes these thousands the right candidate for Google job vacancy, and how to get a job at Google? 

do cool

  • Google pays a lot of attention to your education, certifications, and how much it is relevant to the job role. Whether experienced or you have done an internship, it matters when it comes to Google job. They hire people who have worked for organizations that have tackled significant challenges, just like Google. Google recruits only the best of the best, be it for a technology position or any other Google job role. 
  • Cognitive ability. They don’t need experts for Google job, nor does it look for GPA. Instead, it looks for candidates with solid learning ability with high "cognitive ability."People who are innovators.  Google likes candidates with Grit - who slog hard to achieve the best!
  • Abstract thinking. How to get a job at Google? If you can think beyond the evident, abstract thinking, willingness, and curiosity to learn, you are the right candidate for Google job. 
  • Google news. Google's primary focus is on people and empowering lives. They have a certain company culture and look for candidates who gel well. Who believes in WE” and not "I".
  • Leadership skills. Candidates with emergent leadership skills are hired by Google fresher jobs. Leadership, according to Google, is the ability to step in and out of challenging situations as needed while encouraging ethics and safety. Google also looks for those that encourage others to self-organize and communicate openly. Google jobs are for people who take ownership of initiatives and feel accountable for the project's success, indicating that they can solve any challenge. How to get job in Google? Are you a leader? Ask yourself.
  • Analytical thinking. To answer how to get job in Google for freshers, the tech giant wants candidates with analytical skills, the ability to understand and apply information" and think in a formal, logical, and structured way. Google hires future leaders. 

Moreover, Google's hiring strategy is unique, which is also why getting a job at Google is like being in deep waters till you get there!

How To Get Job In Google - The Google Hiring Strategy

What do you think would be Google's hiring strategy? Any guesses!

You get a call from the recruiter, meet the hiring manager, then the HR round, and that’s it! 

Not the case with Google Job!

Hiring for Google fresher job or any Google job is through team consensus to ensure unbiased decisions. It utilizes a hiring committee wherein every member should agree to hire the candidate. 


When done with interviewing the candidate, the hiring manager fills out a hiring packet that has detailed feedback of the candidate and internal-external references if mentioned by the candidate. The hiring committee then judges the candidate’s merit, like a qualification that best matches the job requirement, skill-sets, problem-solving capability, and cultural fit. 

As we spoke above about merit-based selection processes, it is pertinent for you to know the right skills that will add to your merit. So moving ahead, we have shortlisted the most required skills to get a job at Google.

Skills You Need To Master To Land A $100,000 Engineering Job At Google - How To Get A Job In Google

Google is one of the most desirable employers, and Engineers are like the bigwig. However, did you know Google receives upwards of 2.5 million job applications a year, and only around 4000 get hired for Google It job. You can be part of these thousands, but it needs a lot of commitment. To make the journey how to get a job at Google easier, here are the skills you need to work on:


  • How to get job in Google - Have a solid foundation and enroll for an introductory course in CS to get the basics right.
  • How to get job in Google - Learn Programming Languages like Javascript, CSS, Ruby, and HTML, С++, С#Python, Agile methodologies, SQL.
  • How to get job in Google - Knowledge To Code. You will at any time be required to test bugs, create tests when hired by Google, so coding is a much-required skill at Google.
  • Learn Abstract Math, Compilers, Operating Systems, Cryptography, cloud computing, algorithms sorting, and data structures; it’s an advantage for Google job.
  • How to get job in Google - Understand Algorithms And Data Structures. Google encourages you to become familiar with basic data types like stacks, queues, and bags, as well as sorting techniques such as quicksort, mergesort, and heapsort.
  • Learn about AI and Machine Learning for the much love for robotics at Google, AI skills help.

Job Roles At Google & The Big Paychecks

Some of the job roles to mention are:

Software engineers, Product managers, Technical solutions, Technical program managers, Network engineers, Test engineers, Security/privacy engineers, Data scientists, Network deployment engineers, Technical solution engineers, Software engineers - site reliability engineers.

As per, a software engineer makes around $115,692 annually. Site reliability engineer - $145,327 a year, Product manager - $160,912.

As per Payscale 


By now you know the expectations, but how will you deliver all this? What kind of roadmap do you need to draw for yourself? Any thoughts! 

Don’t Google up, we have got you covered with our step-by-step action plan about how to get a job in Google.

How to Get Job In Google - The Gateway To Success!

Let’s decode the tight spot “how to get a job in Google” with a practical and easy-to-implement action plan that will get your act together. 

job in google

#1. How To Get Job In Google - Enroll For A Certification Course

Are you sure you are ready to apply at Google? Ask yourself how you are different from other candidates who may apply for Google fresher jobs? Have you got skills they don't have, or do you have the upper hand because of one of the best certification courses? 

So before moving ahead and ruining your chances of getting a call from the recruiter for job in Google, get details about the best certification course that will get you the skills and experience that Google job demands. 

Here are the certifications you may opt for:

Certification Course In Cloud Computing - The certification course will prepare you well to handle challenging tasks of keeping information secure, knowledge of cloud market, competitive dynamics, identity access management, databases, application services, dynamo DB, Redshift, and much more required in Google company job qualifications.

Certification Course As Business Analyst - If you aspire for a Google job as an SAP business system analyst or other business system analyst, it requires specialized knowledge. The certification course will get you knowledge of SDLC Models Overview, Stakeholder Identification & Management, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), Gap Analysis, much required to apply for the right job in Google.

Certification Course In Data Science - At Google, data drives all of the decision-making. A relevant course helps you process, analyze and interpret huge data sets. Then, using analytics and statistical tools, you get meaningful insights from the data to identify the best opportunities to excel and get operational efficiency. 

Certification Course In Programming(JavaScript, Python, Ios, Android, Robotics, Blockchain) - This is the foundation for Google's software engineers to develop the next-generation technologies that change how billions of users connect. You learn about Java Fundamentals, Oops Concept, Data types, Class, Spring, AJAX, Hibernate Frameworks, and so much more required for Google job vacancy. 

Certification In Cyber Security - The learning through a certification course will enable you to build large-scale systems against threats, hardening the core infrastructure, detecting intrusion attempts, or preventing malware across various Google platforms.

Further, there are many other courses you may opt for that will help you with how to get job in Google - Courses like Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, QA software testing, Business intelligence, to mention a few.

#2. How To Get Job In Google - Look For Referrals

All of us look for referrals, and why not! When referred by someone working or having worked at Google, it has much higher chances of your resume being delivered in the direct hands of the recruiter. This may increase the possibility of getting a call from the recruiter only if your resume is compelling enough. 

Network on Linkedin, start by looking through your contacts and see who has a current or past connection to Google. Ask them questions, or maybe congratulate them for any recent achievement, or seek some guidance related to the right certification or something similar. Don’t straight up ask for referrals as that may be ignored. 

#3. How To Get Job In Google - Learn About The Google hiring process

Google is not just about technology, but it's more to do with people. People who shape it up! The focus on building a great culture, team, and inclusive workplace begins with hiring for Google job.

Here is the 6 step hiring approach at Google

Self-reflection - Google recommends before applying for any job in Google; stop, breathe and focus on yourself. Focus on what you are best at and the areas where you want to excel. What kind of achievements do you have, and how have you made a difference to yourself and to the current or previous employer. 

With this virtualization exercise, you will derive results about your best skills, achievements, failures, and which Google job role is the best you can deliver. 

Job searching - Now that you have a better idea of your core competencies, start the job search accordingly. Google says, “The goal here is the job or jobs you land on should exist at the intersection of who you are and who we are”. And to come up at a conclusion where you meet what the company requires first learn everything about the organization. 

Check out the company and teams sites. View the  YouTube channel and locations. Read the blog and how we care for Googlers. This will help you learn what Google stands for and align your job search accordingly, and also you will figure out answers to how to get a job in Google.

Most Important Part “Resume” - Don't tweak your resume while applying for Google fresher jobs, just to save time and effort. First, understand the job role and then begin with making a fresh resume. A generic resume will never play upon your strengths, so build up a well-tailored resume that highlights YOU.

Best Tips On The Right Resume For Freshers Applying for Google IT Jobs

Regardless of your GPA, what matters at Google is your achievements and commitment to be a lifelong learner. Here are some tips for a perfect resume:

  • Resume should be updated; use the last resume for inspiration only
  • Keep your skills and job requirements well-aligned
  • Mention in numbers your achievements like “process time reduced by 15%.
  • Be specific about your projects and internships. Mention the outcome and your learnings
  • Mention certifications relevant to the job role like - Cloud Computing Certification.
  • Write about any internship project you have worked upon. How did you add value in terms of percentage? How big was the team? What was the scope of your work?
  • Talk about your leadership role in any campus project or any other volunteer role.
  • Mention your GPA and projects that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge
  • Try for a one-page resume. 

#4. How To Get Job In Google - Apply Online -

 You may use the careers search tool to search for the right job opportunity. You may apply for up to 3 Google jobs, entry-level Google jobs, every 30 days. Apart from the company’s website, you’ll find Google’s open positions on platforms like Linkedin, Glassdoor, and  

Before applying for the job, look for the fitment of your skill-sets with the job description. You may even apply for multiple roles where you feel you have the right skills. 

#5. How To Get Job In Google - The Interview

Does it seem somewhat daunting “Interview At Google”!

This is a chance you don’t want to miss out on; you don’t want to leave with a feeling of not preparing well! 

Keep an ear to the ground!

What is unique about Google interviews?

The coding interview is unique with Google; here’s what makes it so different:

  • Because Google is open about its interview process, there is little room for error in preparation and expectations. On their "careers" website, Google lays you everything you need to know. So it is expected that you prepare accordingly. 
  • Google uses a hiring committee for all candidates because they want to assess applicants without bias.
  • You will be expected to code in Google Docs during the initial phone screen. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn how to code well on this platform because it can take some time to master.
  • In their candidate assessment process, Google looks for cognitive capacity, "Googleyness," leadership skills, and technical skills. It does not just rely on your coding capabilities. 

The Process:

How To Get Job In Google - Online Assessments: After you've submitted your resume, you may be required to complete a brief online assessment, such as a coding quiz.

How To Get Job In Google - Short Virtual Chats: You'll usually have one or two brief phone or video conversations before moving into more in-depth interviews. These are normally conducted with a recruiter, followed by either the hiring manager or a teammate, and are intended to assess critical abilities required for the Google job vacancy.

How To Get Job In Google - Project work: Prior to their in-depth interviews, candidates may be requested to perform a modest project. This might be anything from preparing a case study to supplying writing or code samples.

How To Get Job In Google - In-depth interviews: Google process is quite rigorous, typically 3-4 interviews in one day, either over video or in person, but nothing to get terrified about. The environment is to bring out the best!

Here are Some Tips:

  • Structured interviewing: Every candidate is reviewed in a similar format so that everyone is judged from the same perspective, and uniqueness can be judged.
  • Open-ended questions: Open-ended questions are asked to learn about how the candidate goes about solving the problem. It reflects how you channelize your thoughts and come up to a conclusion.
  • Practice coding - Work on codes on a whiteboard, in Google Docs, or over the phone for technical interviews. You may find helpful resources on Codelab, Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow.
  • Ace your Google hangout interview - Practice video interview as this is the chance to interact with a possible manager. Try to reflect on your coding knowledge and how you applied it in previous roles. 

Read our blog on video interview tips for an early run!

  • Practice algorithms - When applying for a software engineer role, have a sound knowledge of data structures and algorithms. 
  • Master the on-site interview - The best way to nail the on0site interview is to understand the question well. Ask when you're unsure, explain how you came up with the coding solution, making the code look usable, and thoroughly test it for faults. Evidence and data should be used to back up your arguments.

#6. How To Get Job In Google - Have Googlyness

Googlyness incorporates various intangible attributes, which may include passion, drive, entrepreneurship, creativity, persistence, and grit - as well as an inherent belief that technology can make the world a better place. 

Googliness matters to get hired at Google, it means:

  • Striving for excellence
  • Having a sense of humor
  • Being proactive
  • Willingness to go an extra mile
  • Values opinions and people
  • Being kind and humble
  • Have integrity

You're not required to have Googlyness during the interview, but if you have it’s a brownie point!

#7. How To Get Job In Google - Wait For The Decision -

 To make a choice, Google considers a variety of factors. Your recruiter will contact you with an offer if they determine that you are the best candidate for the job.

Bonus Tips On How To Get Job In Google

1. How To Get Job At Google - Work On Coding Challenges

Here is what you need to do:

  • Remember there are no shortcuts, get the basics right.
  • Practice keeping time on track
  • Recognize your weak spot and work on that. Rather Google appreciates candidates' eagerness to learn. So you may ask for suggestions from the experts on the other side of the table to help with the weak spot.
  • Articulate your problem-solving approach. 

2. How To Get Job In Google - Takeout Time To Prepare For Behavioral Interview

Check out resources related to behavioral interviews on Youtube, Redditt, Quora, and write down your answers about your achievement, failure, challenges, teamwork, and the impact.  Do practice mock interviews. 

Here are some behavioral questions you may prepare for:

  • Explain how you managed one of the biggest challenges in your internship?
  • How is your time-management skill?
  • Do you prefer working in a team or individually?
  • What is your most significant achievement, and how did you do that?
  • Tell us a situation where you demonstrated leadership skills?
  • How do you take feedback?
  • Tell me about a time when you resolved a conflict?

3. How To Get Job In Google - Prepare Well For The Technical Interview

To practice coding is not a one-day job. Start working on your coding skills at least 3-4 months in advance to gain speed and confidence. Google coding interviews need a strategic approach. 

Here's a plan to get going with your coding skills:

  • First, brush up on the basics, and master a programming language based on Google’s expectations and job description.
  • Stay current with data structures and algorithms.
  • Learn all about variables, Python, Javascript, C++, and Java. Googlers are all about this!
  • Prepare for coding with a focus on time, write down how you derived the solution, and practice explaining it to the recruiter.
  • Check Youtube for coding interviews and tutorials.

4. How To Get Job In Google - Talking To A Google Recruiter

Google hosts outreach events at many universities, and it is the right podium to interact with a Google recruiter. The agenda of these outreach programs is to spread the word about the internship opportunities for recent graduates. Prepare what you will be asking the recruiter; leave no stone unturned to make an impression. You may also apply for internships on the Student's page.

Prepare questions to get maximum information about the internship, company culture, prospects, and measuring the achievement. Here are some questions you may prepare:

  • What responsibilities you will handle, and whom will you work along
  • What characteristics will take me ahead to a permanent position
  • What do you enjoy the most while working at Google
  • What are parameters to measure success
  • Does Google provide opportunities for professional development?  
  • What kind of challenges do I need to prepare myself for?

5. How To Get Job In Google - Google Technical Interview Questions

Start preparing at least 3-4 months in advance for the technical round. Here’s a quick read for you about the top technical questions you may prepare for.

Google Job Vacancy - Open Jobs At Google

Browse the open Google fresher jobs - Glassdoor


Browse open Google fresher jobs - Google


Browse open Google fresher jobs -


Browse open Google fresher jobs - Linkedin


Get Started!

This is not the end, but we begin our journey to make a life with Google from here! Of course, we don’t call it a  job because life at Google is just awesome!

You now know the answers for how to get job in Google; let us brush up a little

  • Get a certification course to get the right skills on your resume
  • Make a perfect resume
  • Do some self-reflection, understand your goal, and then apply for the right career path at Google.
  • Practice coding, data structures, algorithms as much as you can
  • Check out technical and behavioral interview videos 
  • Be yourself; that’s what Googleyness is all about

FAQ’s On How To Get A Job At Google

Q1. How to get job in Google - Do I need to prepare brain teasers for a Google interview?

Ans:-Nope. Brainteasers will get the required results for Google while hiring a candidate, and they no longer ask them. Instead, it is suggested you work on sample tests and technical interview questions.

Q2.How to get job in Google - Do I need to have a computer science background to apply for a software position at Google?

Ans:-A CS degree is not mandatory for all software roles. You may check up on the job description and eligibility before applying.

Q3.How to get job in Google - Can I apply for multiple jobs?

Ans:-Yes, you can apply for multiple positions at once, but it's best to limit your options to a few that match your talents. You may apply for 3 jobs every 30 days.

Q4.What certifications are right for me?

Ans:-As per your interest area, the job role you want to get in, you may get any of the mentioned certifications for the Google job.

  • Certification in cloud computing
  • Certification in AI and ML
  • Certification in cyber security
  • Certification in programming 
  • Certification in data science

So, to answer how can i get job in Google through right certification, the best way is to talk to our experts, and they will guide you about the best certification.


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