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The Top 7 Most Interesting Ways For Growing Your Career


Are you feeling disenchanted and glued in your career?

Is there no motivation left to move up the ladder?

Do you think you have done your best to grow your career?

Do you feel that your career growth has been confined owing to less or no opportunities in your organization?

However, before you feel confused about your career advancement, consider how much time and effort you've invested towards professional and personal development. By investing in your skills, you are preparing yourself for the subsequent role, making yourself future-ready, opening doorways to new job opportunities, different roles & responsibilities, and lucrative career growth.

Through this article, we answer some of the critical questions related to growing your career like:

  • What exactly is career growth?
  • What do employers look for in an employee for career growth?
  • Seven best ways to ensure a successful career
  • FAQs about growing your career

The best way to predict the future is to create it 

- Abraham Lincoln

What Exactly Is Career Growth?

Growing your career

Do something today that your future self will thank you!!

Growing your career has two dimensions; one is personal development, and the other one is professional development. Both are inextricably linked, and pursuing one typically stimulates the other. Focusing on personal and professional growth ensures you gain an edge over your colleagues, set new benchmarks for others to achieve, and prepare yourself for any upcoming task or challenges. 

When planning for professional development, the focus is on learning new skills that will benefit your current position and the one you want to pursue next in your career. By investing in upscaling your skills, you prepare well for the future and are ready to attain the ultimate goal. Pursuing an advanced certification course is the best way to keep learning and adding skills that enhance your knowledge and position you as an ambitious, self-motivated resource that every organization loves to work on.

Here are some examples of professional growth:

  • You take the initiative to make processes better
  • Your presentation and research skills set you apart from your colleagues
  • You attend professional certification courses and share valuable insights on professional networking platforms like Linkedin
  • You are an active speaker in educational programs related to your industry-type or skill-sets
  • You've started writing blogs that are assisting others in adapting & growing in the industry.

On the other hand, personal development focuses on improving your soft skills like communication ability, interpersonal skills, social development, etc. It is an ongoing process of nurturing yourself to be more efficient. 

Along with investing in upscaling your technical and soft skills, it is essential to understand what the employer is looking for in an employee to measure if they are ready for the following challenges and how successfully they may shoulder them. So, now we take you to the next step of learning what employers' expectations are.step of learning

What Do Employers See In An Employee Looking For Career Growth?

Employers look for some of these essential qualities in an employee when planning to push them to higher responsibilities:

  • Employers invest in an employee who can think creatively and develop innovative ideas that foster a healthy work environment and growth for the company
  • Employees who are lifelong learners, keep advancing their skill-sets, and add value to their work are assets to a company
  • Have a strong network in and outside the organization
  • Have analytical skills and can simplify complex issues
  • They are good at collaboration and communicating their viewpoint effectively
  • Managing deadlines and staying efficient is critical for every organization regardless of the industry
  • Digital literacy is essential, with almost every company shaping up as technology-driven 

However, these are not the only factors that employers look at. Factors vary depending upon the industry type and job role. But, these factors play a critical role, and one should consider working on them when planning for growing your career. Now that we know employers' expectations, scroll down to read the top 7 ways to ensure career success.

What Are The Ways For Growing Your Career?

Growing Your Career

Who is your inspiration? Just think about it and recall or read how they achieved success. Let me share one of the world's greatest success stories, PepsiCo's former CEO, Indra Nooyi. She is one of the most powerful and influential women in the world and for years led and made PepsiCo what it is today. In an interview featured on Linkedin Learning, she said that what will make her happier is many people asking her how to become a CEO and what it takes to be there? She says it reflects their aspiration to grow, hopes, dreams, and desires and the trust that the system will take them there.

According to Indra Nooyi, these are three things to focus on for growing your career:

Be The Best At What You're Doing!!

Concentrate on executing your current work better than anyone else has done it before. It's nearly impossible to advance in an organization and get others' support if you're not executing your current job well. Learn new skills, get a certification that gives you an edge, and make you a resource everyone can look up. Your focus should be on delivering the best results and being a problem-solver.

Develop Skills That Make You An Expert

Master a skill that presents you as an expert throughout the organization. Focus on nurturing both technical and human skills. Develop technical skills through a professional certification course that enhances your current skill-sets, gives you advanced knowledge and industry exposure. In addition, develop skills like effective communication, problem-solving ability, goal-setting, conflict resolution, motivation, decisiveness, to name a few. 

But, how do these skills make you an indispensable resource💡

Let’s understand with an example, in a given situation the team is working on a tedious and time-bound project, and motivation will keep them going; as a leader, the first and foremost trait is not bossing around but motivating people. You should be so good at it that everyone in the organization comes to you when an individual or a team needs motivational words to deliver the best results. As per Indra Nooyi, it is called "hip-pocket" skills, and her "hip-pocket skill" is that she is an incredible problem-solver.

Ethics and Courage Are Essential.

Don't shy away from speaking out if you can think creatively and add value to the organizational process. The most exemplary leaders have a set of values that act as a compass for them, and they have the confidence and talent to stand up and convey them. 

Other Key Factors To Consider For Growing Your Career

Setting clear goals can make it easier to determine the steps you can take to achieve your objectives. Goals also give you quantifiable accomplishments that will keep you motivated throughout your professional journey. You can break down your dream into a step-by-step action plan once you've identified it. For example, consider the following scenario: You aim to grow up on the ladder as a data scientist. You'll need to take appropriate master-level courses in Data Visualization, Hadoop Platform, etc., before growing your career. To be precise, break your long-term goal into small and manageable steps.

Take Up New Opportunities

Though training is essential for professional development, experience and opportunity can be equally transforming. Look for opportunities to attend conventions and workshops and keep an eye out for possibilities to work on projects that will stretch you and help you improve your skills. You will learn a lot about your true capabilities by taking on new duties.

Communicate To A Superior Or A Colleague About Your Career Objectives

It's vital to let your boss know what you want to do concerning your career. After all, it is their responsibility to assist you in improving and being a valuable asset to the company. Once they realize that you are eager to take on new challenges, they will entrust you with extra responsibilities. Your senior could also be an excellent source of information about training opportunities.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Though it is exhilarating to progress, there may be times when you are frustrated or doubtful. That's why it's crucial to keep track of your achievements and evaluate your development regularly. It also ensures that you stick to your goal and adjust your efforts if your progress becomes sluggish.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready for your next big challenge? If yes, now is the time to prepare well. Career growth is no shortcut. You need to prove yourself, be focused, have a perspective, develop your skills, and be patient. Your true competitor is you, so focus on making yourself better every day. Success may come to some through shortcuts, but that phase out quickly because you are not industry-ready in such cases. So keep calm, work on yourself, give yourself time and then take the giant leap. Have any questions; we are all ears!!

FAQs About Professional Growth

Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about professional development:

  • How do I prove myself for a promotion?
  • How do I grow professionally?
  • How do I talk about career development to my seniors?
  • How do I manage time to enhance my skill sets?

How Do I Prove Myself For A Promotion?

A promotion typically means progression to a higher designation, taking up additional responsibilities, and enhanced authority within the organization. So the right time to ask for a promotion is when:

  • When you are ready to demonstrate advanced skills
  • Worked on additional responsibilities in the current role and proved yourself
  • You have facts and figures prepared that how you have added value to the organization
  • Ready to show your improvement areas

How Do I Grow Professionally?

Here are the key ways to grow professionally:

  • Set a schedule for yourself, and take out time to grab an advanced certification course that sets you apart from your colleagues
  • Be punctual and show professionalism in your behavior
  • Turn a deaf ear to comments that add no value to your aim
  • Invest in learning new skills
  • Focus on self-improvement like working on your communications skills
  • Be an active member in discussions that lead to the company's growth

How Do I Talk About Career Development To My Seniors?

Trust me; it's not easy; here are the golden rules:

  • Prepare well for the conversation; keep all facts and figures ready related to your performance and industry
  • Focus on your unique selling point
  • Don't be afraid of asking difficult questions like discussing the company's long-term goals, the team, and about you
  • Showcase your transferable skills, and not just the technical skills

How Do I Manage Time For Enhancing My Skill Sets?

Say thanks to the world of technology. With so many excellent online courses for skill advancement and professional training, you can learn at your convenience. At Janbask training, we have seamless schedules and recorded videos to know when they want. 

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