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Data Scientist Resumes That Will Get You An Interview Call


What a thrill it is to receive that long-awaited interview call. After that, you're pumped up and ready to take on the day. Your "Resume" is the most important aspect in getting you an interview call. A great resume can lead to a variety of opportunities.

A Fantastic Data Scientist Resumes Leads To:

  • Selling your most valuable abilities and achievements
  • Employers and recruiters noticing you
  • Demonstrating how you're a good fit for a job 
  • And, most importantly, line up a job interview

Your resume explains your qualifications and distinguishes you from others. Let’s talk about how to make the perfect Data Scientist Resumes, that will ensure you stand out from the crowd, and highlight your skills and qualifications for the position in the most prominent way.

Anyways, check out what employers look for in a resume...

Why are Resumes Critical to Employers?

Resumes are your first impression. Employers use resumes, which are frequently accompanied by personalized cover letters, to establish your eligibility and qualifications for a job. Employers utilize resumes to learn more about a candidate's abilities, talents, and experience. Your resume should highlight your accomplishments, accolades, education, experience, and any other noteworthy achievements that align with your goals and professional path. Your CV is the initial point of contact with the employer, and it sets the tone for the rest of the process, including the first interview, second interview, pre-screening, and onboarding. You must learn and understand what makes a resume stand out.

Data Scientist Resumes Sample for Freshers & Experienced

Entry-Level Data Scientist Resume Sample

This is how the Data Scientist resumes should look like for individuals who are applying for entry-level Data Scientist positions

James Will  

Entry Level Data Scientist 

(Your contact numbers) 

Career Objective

Seeking the position of Data Scientist to apply an in-depth understanding of advanced mathematical concepts and statistics. An analytics-driven individual with a strong urge to keep learning and collaborating. 

Work Experience

Trainee - Data Science

Addlabs Research Inc.

April 2019 to Dec 2019 

  • Gather, process, analyze, and extract meaningful insights out of complex data
  • Analyze multidimensional data using a variety of tools
  • Work closely on data collection models that generate insights
  • Worked with RDMS, SQL, Python, and Java  

Key Achievement

Contributed to carrying data collection models that simplified the overall process by 15%

3rd place at Coral Springs Big Data Hackathon

Education Background

2016-2019, Bachelors Of Science in Mathematics

CAP Science College 

Training & Certification

Did 6-week Data Scientist Certification Course with Janbask Training

Acquired AWS Big Data Certification 


Java, Python, C++, Hadoop ecosystem, and MySQL

Data visualization, and modeling

Programming, and Database management

Interpersonal skills


Ability to adhere to timelines

Senior Data Scientist Resume Sample

This is how a resume will look like for experienced data scientists who has sought-after experience in data science or related roles

                                                                      Albert Smith

New York, NY 10001 . (212) 987-6543 . .


2018 - Present Abel Research Inc.

San Francisco, CA

Senior Data Scientist

  • Through A/B testing, increased digital sales by 15%, and enhanced user-experience
  • Analyzed highly unstructured data and gained valued insights which streamlined internal princess and raised efficient by 25%
  • Worked closely with data engineers to create solutions that resulted in growth for the company by 21%

2017 - 2018 Strategist Co.

New York, NY

Data Scientist

  • Updated existing data streamline the process and reduced redundancy
  • Worked closely on data science conferences and create insights from the conference
  • Coached 20 trainees and launched a training program as per industry standards
  2016 - 2017

Associate Data Scientist

  • Worked on data consolidation to make the system more robust, thereby enhancing efficiency by 15%
  • Improved data forecasting and accuracy by 55%
  • Created and used machine learning tools to help in the interpretation of data for clients which resulted in business growth of 20% for the company


2015 - 2017

California School For Science

Bachelors of Science - Mathematics


Technical Skills - SQL, Python, Agile Project Management, Data Science & R, Statistical Analysis, Big Data Hadoop

Certified Data Scientist By Janbask Training

Guide To Perfecting Your Data Science Resume

Recruiters only spend 7 to 8 seconds on average evaluating resumes, so they must find your fit for the position. Our guide walks you through your resume piece section by section to ensure you get that interview call.

1. A Comprehensive Headline

The headline should be the job title you are applying for. Instead of an objective or summary, mention the title of the job you're applying for under your name on your resume. This should be a goal-oriented statement. When aiming for the role of Data Scientist, your headlines should mention it under your name. Read the job description carefully, and use skill-related keywords in the headline. 

2. Work Experience & Projects

The focus of your CV should be on the projects you've worked on, whether for a corporation or yourself. Always make an effort to quantify the influence of your work. When discussing your previous experience, your goal is to persuade the individual who is presently examining your resume that you will add value to their firm. This is not the place for modesty. Here are some essentials for a Data Scientist resumes concerning experience and projects:

For Freshers with No Experience to Mention their Project Details:

  • You can discuss the programming languages you utilized, as well as the library you used.
  • Data sources
  • Clearly state the project's aim
  • Demonstrate what you've accomplished
  • State your project's quantitative findings
  • Try to give any information about the initiatives that you have taken during your academics or maybe any internship or project you did. The more initiative you can demonstrate for entry-level data science tasks, the better is the response.
  • Mention the Github link, a blog post about a project, if you have one. 

For the Experienced  

Senior-level resumes emphasize projects in the context of work experience. Companies want to hire data scientists with a track record of success in the past.

  • Mention programming languages used to handle daily reporting for the company, like Python, SQL, and Tableau.
  • Mention details with respect to the project like what problem you solved, the kind of tools and technologies you used, the data you used to solve the issue, and what was the quantitative outcome of the project. Mention the conclusions and recommendations from your analysis.

3. Go Loud About Your Skills

Only list technical skills that you'd be comfortable coding with or in during an interview. Don't go for a laundry list of skills. If you're seeking an entry-level position, your education should include a relevant data scientist certification course. If you only have a few tools under your belt but know how to utilize them to answer questions using data, you'll be able to locate work that requires that skill set. Otherwise, make your CV about your work. If you attended a Bootcamp, make a note of it here.

Technical Skills to Mention in Data Scientist Resumes for Freshers:

  • Data well gathered, arranged, processed, and modeled.
  • Ability to properly arrange data for analysis
  • Prepare and present data in the most useful formats for problem-solving and decision-making.
  • Having the ability to use self-service analytics platforms
  • When creating analyses, be aware of and use best practices and approaches.
  • Data visualization.

Technical Skills For Experienced Data Scientists:

  • Understanding of market solutions
  • Ability to write code that is both efficient and maintainable
  • Deal directly with data analysis, processing, and visualization software
  • Create algorithms.
  • APIs used to collect and prepare data
  • Conduct exploratory data analysis to uncover key patterns and relationships
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of various test models
  • When and how to use machine learning 
  • To implement effective AI solutions, train and deploy models.
  • Explain models and projections in terms that are relevant to the company

Soft Skills to add in Data Scientist Resumes

  • Communication Skills that explain in business terms what data-driven insights mean, make information accessible in a way that emphasizes the need of taking action, demonstrates the research methodology and assumptions that led to a conclusion.
  • Problem-solving that is proactive, identifies opportunities, and provides explanations for issues and solutions. By identifying current assumptions and resources, you'll be able to figure out how to address difficulties. Put on your detective hat and figure out the most efficient ways to gather the answers you need.
  • The ability to think critically, analyze questions, hypotheses, and outcomes objectively. Recognize which resources are essential to resolving a problem. Examine issues from various angles and perspectives. Motivate your seek for solutions. Investigate the results and assumptions made on the surface.
  • Think outside the box with a desire to learn more.
  • Good business acumen to recognize the company's unique requirements, recognize which organizational issues must be addressed and why. Transform data into results that benefit the company.

4. Go Gaga about your Accomplishments

Your achievements demonstrate to the employer what you are capable of, and how you will add value to the organization. 

For Experienced Data Scientist Resumes

  • Highlight what issues were you able to resolve in your previous role?
  • How did you utilize a data mining model to resign a process?
  • What remedies have you devised?
  • What advantages did this have for the company?
  • How did you work with business units to identify an issue?
  • Did you build any algorithm and design experiments?
  • As a team leader, what are your accomplishments
  • What new system have you established?

Source: monster

For Fresher Data Scientist Resumes

  • Highlight a project you did during the course or an internship
  • What value addition you did to the project
  • Any certificate or award that you received 

5. Education

Education is similar to talents in that the more senior you are as a data scientist, the less space you should devote to it on your resume. When applying for your first data science job, you may wish to include data scientist certification to indicate that you have a solid foundation.

Linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics, as well as any programming classes, are all directly related to becoming a data scientist. If you're looking for your first job after graduating from college, your GPA should be included on your CV. It is not important to submit your GPA if you have a few years of professional experience.

The Data Scientist Resumes is the spot to list where you went if you just finished a data science online certification course. Include any relevant lessons or classes you've taken. Include a couple of projects from your certification course in the “Projects” section of your CV.

6. Contact Information

This is the place where you can show off anything you want for a data science job. 

  • Check to see whether your email address is correct. Ensure using a professional mail id, and not something like To be safe, choose a combination of your name and digits for your email address.
  • Have a blog, article, newsletter, research material, Github project, open-source project, publish it here in your Data Scientist Resumes. Include a link to anything that is data-related and will make your application stand out.
  • Make sure everything is in order. You don't want to make a mistake in this situation. You are not required to provide your actual address. It's allowed to use the city, state, and zip codes.

What Are The Critical Parameters For An Enter-Level Data Scientist

Tips To Make A Perfect Data Scientist Resumes

With These Resume Writing Techniques, you may Highlight your Strongest Attributes.

It's simple to make a CV that looks the same as everyone else's. However, you must go above and beyond the typical strategy to land that interview. Here are key methods for getting your resume noticed:

Show yourself as a Brand

When you know your talent and are prepared to highlight yourself as a brand, you stand out in a competitive work market. A brand can push your resume to the top of the pile, make you shine in interviews, and leave your LinkedIn readers genuinely wowed, in addition to helping you discover your talents.

Your professional brand should be reflected on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Ensure to publish your professional profile links in your resume.

As a fresher reflect your strengths, training programs attended, internships, and how you made a difference.

No To Formatting Errors

Here are some formatting Suggestions:

  • Keep the data scientist's resume to one page if possible. 
  • Check your grammar and spelling multiple times, then have someone else look it over.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Bullets should be informative, but not so long that they take up entire paragraphs. Keep the bullet points to a minimum length. 
  • In your data scientist resumes, each bullet point should be a whole thought. As a result, there are no periods after each bullet.
  • Maintain a steady tense throughout. If you're using the past tense to allude to old projects, make sure you do so for all of them.
  • Please, please, please don't make a mistake with your contact information.
  • Give the person who is examining your CV no cause to place your resume in the bin just due to silly grammatical errors.

Customize Your Resume

Read the job description thoroughly. Customization for each application is as follows:

  • You don't have to go overboard when customizing your Data Scientist Resumes 
  • Make sure you have separate resumes for each language in which you have considerable experience (Python and R, for example) that highlight specific projects in each language
  • Read the job description thoroughly. Do any specific projects you worked on spring to mind when you read it? If that's the case, list those projects on your Data Scientist Resumes as bullet points. 

Learn about Applicant Management Software

Learn how businesses sort through incoming resumes using computerized programs, and how to tailor your resume for success.

  • Many firms have started using applicant tracking system (ATS) software to examine job applications and arrange them into groups to forward to Human Resources for evaluation or rejection.
  • Employers use applicant tracking software to indicate the abilities, education and training, years of experience, and other details they seek in candidates for a job opening once they've identified one. As applications come in, the ATS scores them and ranks them according to how well they fulfill the employer's requirements.
  • However, unlike a human reader, the software is more likely to reject resumes where the qualified candidates fail to use the keywords suggested by the company, unusual typefaces or formatting are ignored by the system, candidates may lack the desired experience, but they may possess qualifications that compensate for this.

To increase the likelihood that your resume will pass through the ATS and be examined by Human Resources personnel, follow these guidelines:

  • Use keywords that are intelligent and relevant.
  • Analyze the job description for keywords that describe the job requirements, and then use those terms in your CV. Any deviation from the job description could be overlooked.
  • Aim to use each keyword twice; more isn't necessarily better.
  • For various job vacancies, change your CV keywords.
  • Check your terminology with someone in a similar position; discover people in similar jobs on LinkedIn.
  • For keyword suggestions, look at the websites and publications of professional associations.
  • Review an Occupation Profile for extra keywords and examine the knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Keep an eye on the announcement.
  • Follow the directions in the job description to the letter.
  • Only send the papers needed by the posting, in the format asked. Use Word or plain-text files if no other format is specified. Resumes that have been scanned and sent as an image will not be recognized.

Make Formatting Details a Top Priority.

  • Use a simple typeface like Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman with readable font size. 
  • It's fine to use bold and all capital characters, but avoid italics and underlining.
  • Bullet points are acceptable, but only solid circles, open circles, and solid squares should be used.
  • Graphics, logos, charts, tables, and columns should all be avoided.
  • Lines and borders may be used as long as they do not come into contact with the content.
  • Extra spaces and special characters should be avoided in your name and contact details.

Why Hiring Managers Prefer Certified Data Scientists?

  • They Don't Have to Spend Money on Onboarding Training - a qualified professional will already be familiar with the real-time data mining and cleaning job that he or she will be performing, saving organizations time and money on training or shadowing about the job roles.
  • They Hire you as a High-Level Resource to Train Others - They hire you because they want you to join the team and train the business team, as well as develop the next generation of professionals with relevant abilities.
  • They Hire you Because They Know They Can Trust Your Thoughts, solutions, and deliverables without hesitation.
  • To Set a Standard for Other Professionals - They recruit you so that you can set a standard for other employees and encourage them to pursue certifications to improve their efficiency.

Congrats!! You Are On To Make A Great Resume

You achieve great heights and indeed a huge paycheck being a data scientist. Create captivating, easy-to-read Data Scientist Resumes. You've taken a big step toward getting your Data science job by developing or upgrading your CV. Please, don't let a poorly made resume snatch away the opportunity from you. Give time to building your Data Scientist Resumes, it's like presenting yourself on paper that can’t be compromised. 

With this blog, we can congratulate you for getting all the basic rights to make that perfect resume which is the first and most difficult step. 

Share your views, and get personalized tips for your professional resume!!

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