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Top Business Analyst Behavioral Interview Questions to Practice in 2020


Anytime when the Company hires a new employee, it just does not want to fill an empty desk but someone who can help to meet the Company’s objectives. A skilled business analyst has the capability to meet an array of needs for the Company from robust data management to strategic planning. 

As a Company, if you want to hire someone then make behavioral questions as a definite part of the interview to better access the employees. Here are the top business analyst behavioral interview questions for your reference that can be referred by both companies who want to conduct interviews for candidates who want to appear for interviews. 

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Today, learning behavioral interview questions for business analyst profile has become a must requirement for everyone who wants to start a career in the BA space. Now let us start with the discussion ahead!

Behavioral Interview questions allow interviewers to assess an employee in terms of both professionally and personally. Further, business analyst behavioral interview questions are basically divided into three categories, content skills-based business analyst behavioral interview questions, functional skills-based business analyst behavioral interview questions, and self-management skill-based business analyst behavioral interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced. After the behavioral interview, an employer can quickly decide either a candidate is perfect for the BA position or he needs to manage himself more.


2.1 Content Skills-based Behavioral Interview Questions for Business Analyst Position 

Each job profile may have some unique skills required to get hired. If you have that particular skill in your profile then it may increase your chances of getting hired by industries. If we talk about content skills-based behavioral interview questions and answers for business analyst profile then it may help you to determine whether a candidate possessed these skills or not.

Examples of content skills-based behavioral interview questions and answers for business analyst profile may include:

  1. Have you ever created long-term business plans in your past work experience? If yes, please explain your specific role.
  2. Have you ever worked on some data mining projects too? If yes, how did you handle this project?
  3. Have you ever used your presentation skills to explain some business proposals or to impress someone in a group?

Skills-based Behavioral Interview Questions for Business Analyst Position 

While working as a business analyst, other skills are teamwork, interpersonal communication, and managing other activities in a group are also important. Behavioral interview questions and answers for business analyst profiles that address the functional skills of an employee are given below. 

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Relevant functional skills-based behavioral interview questions and answers for the business analyst position may involve:

  1. Tell me about the situation when you have to conform to the organizational policy terms even if you were not agreed to it.
  2. Every time when some interpersonal conflicts arise in the workplace, how did you deal with them?
  3. Explain a particular time instance when you were able to delegate a project to another team member successfully.

Self-Management Skills-based Behavioral Interview Questions for Business Analyst Position

It does not matter either you are working as a business analyst or any other profile, self-management skills are important to everyone where an employee can manage multiple tasks together efficiently. Also, he is able to work in harmony with other departments. Some of the best Self-Management Skills-based Behavioral Interview Questions and answers examples may involve:

  1. Have you ever tried something very hard but failed to accomplish your goal? if yes, how did you manage your failure or negativity at that particular instance of time?
  2. How about the situation when you had to make a biased decision and how effective it was for the Company?
  3. Sometimes, we have multiple things to do. If you also have to work on multiple tasks together then how will you prioritize the task?

Another common name for behavioral interview questions is situational interview questions that can be asked by the interviewer for future interviews. In the next section, we will give an overview of questions and prepare to answer yourself according to your past experiences. This Business Analyst Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers PDF is usually preferred by companies when conducting interviews. So, all the best for a wonderful career in the Business analyst space!

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Before we start with the Business Analyst Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers PDF, let us see who is a business analyst and his major job profile tasks. 

  • A business analyst helps companies to adopt changes, identify potential problem areas, and improve the performance of business processes as needed. 
  • He can even identify strengths and weaknesses, suggests revolutionary technological solutions so that all business processes can be executed efficiently. 
  • He must have a solid idea of QA systems and other modeling techniques. A person with amazing exceptional skills can always succeed in their career when compared to others.
  • He has to keep a close eye on company needs and requirements so that he may get an exact idea of how industries operate.

A business analyst with a computer science background can perform perfectly if he has a basic business administration experience. Ask him to showcase skills in different domains like requirement analysis, documentation, testing, and more. Also, situational interview questions can help to evaluate the way a business analyst thinks and how creative he is. 

When you are sure of the BA profile, it is the right time to discuss Business Analyst Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers PDF online.

  • Tell me the time when you have to deal with one of the stakeholders who has not participated in any of your workshops but eager to know about your product and services. How will you manage the situation?
  • Have you ever faced a time when your document was not ready or delivered on time? How did you convince your manager for the delay?
  • Explain the situation when you are done with your work and also the requirements doc is ready but the stakeholder is delaying continuously to discuss it.
  • Which type of working environment you generally like to work with?
  • Have you ever suggested some amazing business ideas for some projects? if yes, how did it help to improve the project outcome?
  • Have you ever mentored some business analysis tools or business ideas to your colleagues? If yes, how did you execute the mentoring successfully?
  • Sometimes stakeholders are not available in the same city but you have to carry on with the requirements gathering process. If you are also in the same situation then how will you prepare the requirements gathering document?
  • Have you ever used complex business analysis techniques to collect the project requirements from stakeholders If yes, which technique did you prefer to perform the business analysis activity successfully?
  • Have you ever planned or facilitated a requirement workshop? if you have to plan the same in the future then how will you proceed?
  • Sometimes, you are not in favor of project changes but you have to make changes as per client requirements. so, how will you tackle this type of situation?
  • For a few projects, changes have to be made constantly without any change control management to project requirements. So, how will you manage the situation and overcome these unpredictable changes?
  • Sometimes, a project demands to communicate with stakeholders at different levels of the organization. If the information is miscommunicated then how will you fix the issue?
  • If the workload is just embarrassing then how will you prioritize the requirements?
  • If you have to merge new changes with the existing project plan then how will you execute this type of situation?
  • Tell me the time when you have to work on multiple requirements together and it has to be distributed well among team members.
  • What is your style to deal with team conflicts? Tell me one example if you have faced a similar situation.
  • Think of the time when you have to work with one particular person to whom you did not like personally. Here, how will you execute the professional relationship with that particular person?
  • Tell me the time when you tried to achieve something but you were failed to accomplish the goal? Did you give up or choose another way?
  • Tell me the time when you have to mentor the team and how did you lead your team?
  • Explain the situation when you have to work with an upset and very demanding person. If the situation is the same with you then how can you overcome this? 
  • Have you ever executed any particular project successfully at your responsibility?
  • sometimes, we have to believe in facts more instead of user details? Have you ever used fact-based skills to solve some problem?
  • Have you ever missed some common solutions to a problem? If you have done the same then how did you overcome this?
  • Discuss the situation when identified some potential business problems and also suggested effective preventive measures too?
  • Think of the time when you have to make an improper decision that was not liked by you. How will you manage this type of situation effectively?
  • Which type of documents have you worked on in the past? Answer these questions based on your content-based skills.
  • How were you able to manage tough user requirements gracefully?
  • If someone does not obey your suggestions and wants to execute something different then how will you handle this situation?
  • How can you execute some problems or projects with a limited number of resources and budgets?
  • What is a flowchart and how can it be used by you to complete a project?
  • What do you mean by the System Requirement Document? Answer these questions based on your content-based skills.
  • Have you ever used a use-case model for any particular project? If yes, explain the concept with an example.
  • What do you mean by SaaS and why it is useful for cloud-based projects?
  • What is your approach to understanding user behavior?
  • How will you design a user-centric document that can satisfy end customers?
  • Which modeling have you used in the past for visualizing relationships with customers? Explain your answer with an example.
  • If you have to work on a budget or cost-reduction solution then how will you execute it?
  • You must have designed many use-case models in the past as a business analyst. Which was the most successful model according to you?
  • Tell us how did you manage your team effectively? Did you ever face trouble as a team leader in managing your team members?
  • Have you ever suggested any waste solution that did not work at all? If yes, what did you learn from the failed solution?

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Here is the list of senior business analyst behavioral interview questions and answers that you must practice when planning to change your company.

  1. As a senior business analyst, have you worked with people at different levels in the organization? What is your approach to work with a difficult stakeholder?

You should know how to negotiate at different levels as a skilled business analyst. He should know how to deal with people that are tough to manage. 

  1. A client started a theme-based eCommerce shop but he was not able to sell more items through his portal. how will you identify potential problems for an eCommerce project? did you need functional-based skills to solve this problem?

Here you should use your critical thinking ability and deep assessment skills to work on the project. Also, it is vital for designing some interesting offers that can attract customers worldwide. In this case, the client offers only five items that are limiting opportunities for revenues. The best solution is to increase the number of items on the portal and look for the best season to sell his products.

  1. Have you ever worked on SQL queries? If yes, can you explain the different parts of an SQL statement?

It is not necessary that an SQL expert should have advanced technical skills but basic SQL skills can deliver more benefits to him than usual. He should have basic SQL skills so that he could understand basic SQL documents without taking help from others in the Company.

  1. As a senior business analyst, what is the most important part to manage the analytical reporting?

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Your analytical reporting shows how much you are skilled as a business analyst, your business analytics capabilities, and how much could you understand tough business documents. It also shows your capability to solve problems and decision-making skills. Only data files cannot solve issues alone but you have to process them to gain meaningful insights from them.

  1. Name three types of charts or diagrams that are frequently used by business analysts and why are they considered important for business reporting?

They are flow charts, activity diagrams, and use-case model diagrams. You should know how to use them for a project. If you are not sure of implementation then you can take help from online documents when everything is given in detail.

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This blog gives you a sound idea of behavioral interview questions for a business analyst for freshers and senior business analysts. Also, we have discussed a few senior business analyst behavioral interview questions and answers for your reference. You just have to practice these questions to succeed as a business analyst in 2020. Be mindful and prepare to answer each of the questions thoughtfully. We wish you luck for a bright career in BA space with the JanBask Training team!

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