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Android App Developer Role: Job Responsibilities & Description

Android is one of the most used and popular operating systems for mobile devices. Android is popular as and most used OS as it is quite economic then iOS. Any company or business owner has to turn various ideas into the app. An Android Developer is not only responsible to develop the app for you, but he has to bear many other responsibilities as well. This article discusses the role and responsibilities of an Android Developer or you can say Android App Developer Role for any organization.

Responsibilities of an Android Developer

An Android Developer just understands the project’s specifications defined by the organization and then turn it into a tangible application. The app can be published and submitted to the Google Play Store. Any Android app has following three phases:

  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Submission Process

Today a number of mobile app developers are handling both designing and app coding phases along with the submission process. Such developers are known as “full stack” developers who can handle all of the Android app development phases. Apart from full stack developers sometimes the organizations also hire the programmers and developers for their app development team. As per current market trend the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design are the two most required skills for any Android developer. Mainly Android app Developer job description and responsibilities include following tasks:

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  • Building and Designing advanced Android applications for Android platform
  • Cross-functional team collaboration to design, define and ship new features
  • To use and work with outside APIs and data sources
  • To perform unit test to ensure usability, robustness, edge cases and general reliability
  • To work and make sure improved application performance and bug fixing
  • Continuous evaluation, discovery and implementation of new technologies to maximize the efficiency of development.

Role of an Android Developer

An Android Develop can be a designer and developer of an Android application. Mainly there are following three levels of an Android Developer. Initially developers work at the junior level. When any company determines the right developer for their organization then at that time they must employ the developer as per complexity of their app. After working for a certain period as a junior developer they move to the intermediate level. Intermediate level Android developers work independently on a bit complex projects. After working at the intermediate level for several years they become a senior level Android developer. Senior Android developers have more responsibilities along with coding like they may also have to take a decision and may have to design the app as well. The developers are expected to have familiarity with the following concepts: Android App Developer Role As per your project requirement you must choose the developer. The organizations which need to develop the app from scratch will require a senior level developer. While those who need to do small changes in any existing app may hire junior or intermediate level developer. The senior level developer should review the code before production.

The main job roles or designations that are generally required in today’s market are:

  • Mobile App Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Architect
  • Mobile Embedded Software Engineer
  • Mobile Lead Software Engineer
  • Android Developer
  • Android Engineer
  • Mobile Developer

Salary Offered to Android Developer

Organizations are providing high salary packages to the skilled professionals. The average salary for an Android Developer is around $89,000. Even over the years the salary of the Android developers has been increased steadily, it has been proved by a number of studies. The increased salary trend can be experienced and checked by seeing current salary trend of the growing Android market. The average salary for an Android Developer as per indeed.com is $117,292 per year in the US, it is shown in the following graph: Android App Developer Role Today there are approx 1.5 billion active Android Devices all over the world and this Google OS (Operating System) has around 82% market share. So for the aspiring Android Developers there are plenty of opportunities in the global market. Some facts and figures as per the studies conducted for Android platform are listed below:

  • As per InformationWeek website the increase in salary of an Android Developer is 9% in last year
  • It is one of the 20 topmost or hottest job of the year as per Business Insider
  • As U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics continues to grow over the next five year

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Job Profile or Description for Android Developer

What will be the job of Android Developer depends on the requirement of the developer. They may require the developer to edit the existing app or to develop any new one. Sometimes the organizations also hire the developers to fix any bug in any existing app. On the basis of requirement either junior, intermediate or senior level developer may be required. A standard Android Project breakdown is as:

  • Wireframes
  • Android UI design
  • Software Architecting
  • Front-end coding
  • Back-end integration
  • API
  • Testing
  • Publishing and Distribution

Mostly the companies enlist the required skill or android app developer job responsibilities toinclude following alist of skills by most of the companies:

  1. Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or any similar subject
  2. Android development skills and experience in software development
  3. Android app development experience
  4. Experience in publishing an Android app on Google Play
  5. Android SDK experience
  6. Working experience with JSON and data via REST
  7. Working experience with APIs and third-party libraries
  8. Knowledge of emerging technologies, mobile architectures, trends and landscapes
  9. Experience of mobile development life cycle

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Android a challenging and Steadily Growing Platform

It is expected that the job market for the mobile app developer will grow by 82% by 2020 and as a result of which 3 lakh's more jobs will be created. The bulk opportunities will be for Android and iOS developers. The popularity of this platform is due to its affordability and increased use for developing the applications for the mobile devices.

Mobile technology is one of the ever-changing and highly competitive technology. The challenge for Android developers is to make the app popular and to launch it on a platform which already has a number of competitive apps. Android development field is a dynamic one and has a number of challenges for those who are ready to take them up.

Final Words

Now it is a good time to pursue a career as Android Developer. Though it is quite easy to learn and practice this platform but has a number of challenges as well. This highly in-demand technical skill can offer plenty of job opportunities to the aspirants not only today but in future as well. With the help of right training and guidance you can definitely get a right career path as Android developer and even get salary hike as well. So today if you want to have a promising and leveraging technical career then Android can be the best option for you.

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