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PMP® Exam Self-Assessment Test

This exam is just to give you an idea of type of questions which may be asked in PMP Certification Exams. In examination you will get each question one by one on computer screen. 

  1. Your project managers are having lunch together and discussing their projects. Most of the time they ate just complaining about how hard projects are to manage in their company. Some complain about the stakeholders and the number of changes they cause. Others talk about how hard it is to get people to cooperate and perform. One project manager wants to focus on the advantages of the matrix—type organization they all work in for their projects. Which of the following would he mention?
    1. Improved project manager control over resources
    2. More than one boss for project teams
    3. Communications are easier

D. Reporting is easier


Explanation – Remember that if the question doesn’t state what it is comparing to, it is comparing to a functional organization.

  1. Two project managers have just realized that they are in a weak matrix organization and that their power as project managers is quite limited. One figures out that he is really a project expeditor and the other realizes he is really a project coordinator. How is a project expediter different from a project coordinator?
    1. The project expediter cannot make decisions
    2. The project expediter can make more decisions
    3. The project expediter reports to be a higher-level manager
    4. The project expediter has some authority


Explanation – The project coordinator reports to a higher-level manager and has authority to make some decisions. The project expediter has no authority to make decisions.

  1. Who has the MOST power is a projectized organization?
    1. The project manager
    2. The functional manager
    3. The Team
    4. They all share power


Explanation – In a projectized organization, the entire company is organized by projects, giving the project manager the most power.

  1. Which of the following are characteristics of a project EXCEPT:
    1. Temporary
    2. Definite beginning and end
    3. Interrelated activities
    4. Repeats itself every month


Choice D implies that the while project repeats every month. Generally, the only things that month repeat in a project are some activities. The while project does not repeat.

  1. The critical element in a project's communication system is the:

  1. Progress report

  2. Project directive

  3. Project manager

  4. Customer

Answer- C

Explanation -A project manager facilitates all project-related communication

6. A project team member is talking to another team member and complaining that many people are asking him to do things. If he works in a functional organization, who has the power to give direction to the team members

A. The project manager

B. The functional manager

C. The team

D. Tight matrix

Answer- B

Explanation -In a functional organization, a functional manager is a team member’s boss and probably also the project manager’s boss.

7. A company is making an effort to improve its project performance and create historical records of past projects. What is the best way to accomplish this?

A. Create project management plans

B. Create lessons learnt

C. Create network diagrams

D. Create status reports

Answer- B

Explanation -Lessons learnt help to avoid future pitfalls and use the good ideas of past projects. This leads to improvements in future projects.

8. A market demand, a business need, and/ or a legal requirement are examples of?

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A. Reasons to hire project manager

B. Reasons projects are initiated

C. Reasons people or businesses becomes stakeholders

D. Reasons to sponsor a project

Answer- B

Explanation -These are all reasons projects are initiated.

8. A market demand, a business need, and/ or a legal requirement are examples of?

A. Reasons to hire project manager

B. Reasons projects are initiated

C. Reasons people or businesses becomes stakeholders

D. Reasons to sponsor a project

Answer- B

Explanation -These are all reasons projects are initiated.

9.  Project scope is:

  1. All the work that must be done in order to deliver a product according to the specified features and functions, only.

  2. The features and functions that are to be included in a product or service.

  3. A narrative description of work to be performed under contract.

  4. Both A and B

Answer- A

Explanation -Project scope means all the work and only the work required to complete the project successfully

10.  Your customer asks for a small change in the project, which was not budgeted in the project. It is a small effort as compared to the total project and you need the goodwill for a multimillion dollar on the pipeline. You will

A. Refuse to do the work

B. Agree to do the work at no charge

C. Do the work and bill him later

D. Assess the cost and schedule impact and tell them you will formalize the change request

Answer- D

Explanation -Impact of every change must be assessed and should go through change control

  1. A project manager is trying to complete a software development project, but cannot get enough attention for the project. Resources are focused on completing process-related work and the project manager has little authority to properly assign resources. What form of organization must the project manager be working in?
  1. Functional
  2. Matrix
  3. Expediter
  4. Coordinator

Answer- A

Explanation -In a functional organization, the project manager has the least support for the project and has little authority to assign resources. Choices C and D are roles in a weak matrix organization

12. A project manager has very little project experience, but he has been assigned as the project manager of a new project. Because he will be working in a matrix organization to complete his project, he can expect communications to be:

  1. Simple.
  2. Open and accurate.
  3. Complex

D. Hard to automate.

Answer- C

Explanation -Because a project done in a matrix organization involves people from across the organization, communications are more complex

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13. A manager and the head of engineering discuss a change to a major work package. After the meeting, the manager contacts you and tells you to complete the paperwork to make the change. This is an example of:

    1. Management attention to scope management.

    2. Management planning.

    3. A project expediter position.

    4. A change control system.

Answer- C

Explanation -This is an example of a project expediter position because you are not evaluating the change, looking for impacts, etc. You are merely implementing others request. In this case, you are acting as the project expediter

14. . The project is in the planning process group when three stakeholders come to the project manager asking for information on the company’s new' project management methodology. They want to know where it came from and why it is different from the way they currently manage projects. These stakeholders are also friends of the project manager, and the entire group has worked together for years. The project is using some new terms like “corrective action” that are making some stakeholders nervous, as they are unsure whether the way projects will be managed is going to change along with new terms. What should the project manager do?

  1. Advise the stakeholders that she will keep them in the communication loop for the project.

  2. Supply a list of new terms and their definitions.

  3. Notify the project management office (PMO).

  4. Make sure she maintains her authority as the project manager even though the stakeholders are her friends.

Answer- C

Explanation – Some students may think that this question has more than one right answer. It does not. There are many things the project manager can do, but should be done? The company policies are managed by the project management office and the project manager should make sure the stakeholders have clear information by sending them directly to the authority on company policies for project management.

15. Which of the following methods is least likely to be used for explaining project planning guidelines to the team?

  1. Project Office Memo
  2. Project office directive
  3. Project team meeting
  4. Formal project report

Answer- D

Explanation- A report gives information about what happened and doesn't talk about planning or give guidelines or directives.

16. What is a program?

  1. An initiative set up by the management
  2. A means to gain benefits and control of related projects
  3. A group of unrelated projects managed in a coordinated way
  4. A government regulation

Answer – B

Explanation – Programs are group of related projects

 17. Lessons learned are BEST completed by:

  1. The project Manager
  2. The Team
  3. The Sponsor
  4. The Stake holder

Answer – D

Explanation – Stakeholder, as their input is critical for collecting all the lessons learned on each project.

 18. Operational work is different from project work, in that it is;

  1. Unique
  2. Temporary
  3. Ongoing and repetitive
  4. A part of ever project activity

Answer – C

Explanation – Operational work is that which is ongoing to sustain an organization.

 19. One of your team members informs you that he does not know which id the many projects he’s working on is the most important. Who should determine the priorities among the projects in a company?

  1. The project manager
  2. The project management team
  3. The project management office
  4. The team

Answer – C

Explanation – Because the questions talk about the priorities among projects which cannot be roll of other options given.

 20. The project lifecycle differs from the product life cycle in that the project lifecycle;

  1. Does not incorporate a methodology
  2. Is different for each industry
  3. Can spawn many projects
  4. Describe project management activities.

Answer – B

Explanation – the project lifecycle is different for each industry, so choice B is the best answer

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 21. Management by objectives works only if;

  1. It is supported by management
  2. The rules are written down
  3. The project does not impact the objectives
  4. The project includes the objectives in the project charter

Answer – A

Explanation – the best answer is the need for management to support the objective

 22. Which of the following is a key output of the verify scope process?

  1. A more complete scope management plan
  2. Customer acceptance of project deliverables
  3. Improved schedule estimates
  4. An improved project management information system

Answer – B

Explanation – The output of the verify scope process is customer acceptance of project deliverables. Other options happen during project planning.

 23. During what part of the project management process is the project scope statement created?

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring and Controlling

Answer – B

Explanation – The project scope is an output of the define scope process, which occurs during project planning.

 24. The work breakdown structure can best be thought of as an effective aid for ________ communication.

  1. Team
  2. Project Manager
  3. Customer
  4. Stakeholder

Answer – D

Explanation – the term stakeholder encompasses all the other choices.

 25. Verify scope is closely related to;

  1. Performance quality control
  2. Sequence activities
  3. Perform quality assurance
  4. Time management

Answer – A

Explanation – Perform quality control, checks for correctness and verify scope checks for acceptance

26. The preparation of the scope baseline can best be described as involving

  1. The functional managers
  2. The project team
  3. All the stakeholders
  4. The project expediter

Answer – B

Explanation – After customer input, project team is responsible for scope baseline preparation.

 27. Projects are initiated in response of:

  1. Stakeholder's pressure
  2. Business needs
  3. Technological obsolescence
  4. All of the above

Answer- D

Explanation- All those factors contribute towards project initiation.

28. The party that needs the change resulting from the project, and who will be its custodian on completion is the:

  1. Owner
  2. Sponsor
  3. Customer
  4. Client

Answer- A

Answer- Project owner is the custodian

29. In which type of organization is team building likely to be most difficult?

  1. Functional
  2. Projectized
  3. Matrix
  4. Project expediter

Answer- C

Explanation- The team members report to multiple managers in matrix organizations.

30. A project kicks off meeting is usually conducted to:

  1. Setup project team and announce the PM assignment
  2. To draft project charter
  3. Build up team spirit
  4. Define project scope and develop WBS

Answer- A

Explanation- A kick-off meeting gets the project team onboard and announces the manager

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